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Tammy Shaklee says it’s never too late to find love. Photo courtesy H4M Matchmaking

This matchmaker can help you find The One ‘There’s someone for everyone’ By SUSAN HORNIK

Finding the right person that is going to love you for who you are—the good and the not so good—can be a wondrous and yet elusive thing. What does it take to find that magic in a bottle, that one person that changes everything by bringing you long lasting, romantic love? As difficult as it is to meet someone, relationship expert Tammy Shaklee realized dating in the LGBTQ community was even more challenging due to the lack of matchmakers. “As a straight ally, I was stunned when I couldn’t refer a gay friend to the same matchmaker who introduced me to my husband,” acknowledged Shaklee, president of H4M Matchmaking. “It never occurred to me that certified matchmakers did not serve LGBT singles.

After extensive research and focus group interviews, I designed and launched a matchmaking company to serve gay and lesbian singles from coast to coast in the U.S.” H4M is exclusively designed for the LGBTQ niche, and only provides same-sex matching. “We are even a national resource for other matchmakers who may take an occasional gay or lesbian client, as we may collaborate and match our clients to each other, if compatible,” she enthused. Shaklee and her team have been successfully introducing thousands of gay singles seeking long-term committed relationships since 2012. An LGBTQ ally and advocate, Shaklee well understands the challenges singles face when looking for a suitable mate, and has great advice for any prospective client. “A personal matchmaker is ideal for a

shy or more introverted single,” she noted. “We get to know our clients personally, and then represent them in setting them up with a compatible match. There is no need to complete a profile, or put a photo out there, as our introduction service does all of the work. We prepare each single with talking points and details to help enjoy a quality first date.” To draw romantic love in, Shaklee recommends people work on themselves emotionally and mentally, so that they are ready for a relationship. “There’s nothing sexier than to meet a person who is happy within, and who is authentic and genuine in wanting to know more about you. I encourage our clients to be healthy, happy,

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