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Gil Cisneros Photo by Karen Ocamb

Mike Levin Photo by Karen Ocamb

Katie Porter Photo by Karen Ocamb

Katie Porter energizes race against Mimi Walters Katie Porter is California’s Elizabeth Warren. If she thinks something’s wrong, she not only persists but she fights. Just ask her Establishment-endorsed 45th CD Democratic primary opponent. And Porter refuses to just ignore the outlandish claims by House Speaker Paul Ryan’s SuperPAC, the Congressional Leadership Fund—she produces an ad calling them out. “We must restore sanity to our politics. We must stand up for what’s right for the American people and reject politics as usual,” Porter said on her Facebook page after appearing at the Sept. 9 rally with former President Obama. During a Sept. 8 debate hosted by CNBC, Porter’s Republican opponent, Rep. Mimi Walters, noted that Porter was a law student of Warren’s at Harvard—as if that alone should disqualify the Democrat. Asked if she thought President Trump is dangerous, Walters said: “No I do not believe that. I think he has a very good team around him. I believe he’s doing what he thinks is right.” Walters added: “I can’t be held responsible for his actions. I can only be held responsible for my own actions. The one thing about this president, he certainly communicates with the people of this country and lets them know what he thinks.” Porter feels differently. “I think that some of Trump’s actions represent a real threat to our democracy,” she said. Part of Congress’s job is to be a check on the presidency. If you’re not asking the right questions, if you’re not looking at the evidence of the corruption, you won’t see it even when its there.” Walters, Porter told the Los Angeles Blade, “is a supporter of Trump’s hateful agenda. She is anti-woman, anti-family and anti-environment. I have spent my whole career fighting for families. I’m a single working mom myself. I understand how hard it is for families to make ends meet and to get along and to take care of each other.” KAREN OCAMB

Gil Cisneros fighting for more Mike Levin wants to bring than a congressional seat science back to Congress Democrat Gil Cisneros is running to replace anti-LGBT

Republican right wing stalwart Rep. Ed Royce, who is retiring. Royce’s handpicked successor for the 39th congressional district seat is Young Kim, a former state legislator. But Kim is not well-known outside the Orange County area so House Speaker Paul Ryan’s SuperPAC, the Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF), is running campaign ads maligning Cisneros, a decorated former Naval Officer who won the California Mega Millions lottery in 2010 and became a philanthropist. His foundation is dedicated to improving education for Latinos; he also serves on former First Lady Michelle Obama’s Reach Higher Initiative advisory board. CLF is trashing Cisneros’ honor, touting an allegation of sexual harassment made by onetime Democratic Assembly candidate and documentary filmmaker Melissa Fazli who accused Cisneros of being drunk and propositioning her in an elevator during the California Democratic Party Convention in San Diego last February. Cisneros denied the allegations at the time. Nonetheless, CLF is grotesquely highlighting the allegations. On Aug. 23, Cisneros issued a long, detailed account fighting back harder against the “patently false allegations of misconduct. The allegation has been discredited by multiple eyewitnesses and an Emmy award-winning Fox News television reporter.” Lost in the cacophony is the praise for Cisneros’ accomplishments and plans, including a 4-page pamphlet aimed at veterans with much of the fourth page dedicated to LGBT rights in the military. “In Congress, we need leaders who have the courage to stand up to the divisive Trump agenda,” said out Rep. Mark Takano, Chair of the pro-LGBT Equality PAC in endorsing him. “I am proud to join organizations like VoteVets in supporting former Lt. Commander Gil Cisneros, because we can count on Gil to promote diversity in all branches of government and oppose the ban on military service by transgender Americans. As a lifetime educator, I know how important it is to champion equity and equality. When Gil gets to DC he will join me in reinforcing these values for our community and country.” KAREN OCAMB

Mike Levin has a broad smile, even when talking about the need to fight for clean energy against the Trump administration and the Republican-controlled Congress. Levin, 39, son of a Mexican-American mother and a Jewish father, has degrees from Stanford and Duke University School of Law and founded CleanTech OC, a clean energy trade association in Orange County. He’s also a longtime Democratic Party activist, having served as the executive director of the Democratic Party of Orange County for several years. Three days after announcing his intention to challenge longtime anti-LGBT GOP Rep. Darrell Issa, Levin confronted Issa at a March 11, 2017 town hall. As the two talked over each other, Issa yelled: “Ask your question, young man!” “Why do you blindly follow Trump in gutting the EPA and [ignore] science?” Levin hollered back, followed by general uproar, the OC Weekly reported, adding the town hall “didn’t go well” for Issa. In January, Issa announced he would not seek re-election in the 49th CD. Republicans put up Diane Harkey most polls have the district leaning Democrat. The Human Rights Campaign notes that Harkey supports so-called “conversion therapy,” among other anti-LGBT policies. Recently, the Levin campaign produced an eight-and-ahalf-minute documentary detailing how Harkey “has funded her campaigns with the profits from a real estate Ponzi scheme that defrauded scores of seniors.” Levin is a pro-LGBT record, including posting tweets such as his short tweet on March 23: “Dear @realDonaldTrump: The LGBT community is fit for service. YOU are the one who is unfit for service.” “Imagine waking up after the morning of the November election and Donald Trump has lost control of the House,” says out “Star Trek” actor George Takei in a 50-second YouTube video in his May 22 endorsement of Levin. “Oh myyy. NOW imagine you have played a part in that defeat by helping elect Mike Levin in one of the most competitive seats in America!” KAREN OCAMB

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