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in the writer’s room or giving notes on scripts. “And then there is usually a moment also where they do kind of just take flight mostly on their own, and I realize that they don’t need me as much anymore. And by then I’m usually dreaming something up with somebody else.” This is the first time Gamble wrote a script with Berlanti and loved the collaborative experience. “Greg is such a good writer, and he writes men brilliantly and he writes women brilliantly,” acknowledged Gamble. “So, really, the process between the two of us was much more about egging each other on.” Gamble was delighted by the playful competitiveness they shared, which pushed her to bring her A game.

“The fun thing about writing with a writer that you admire is that they send you pages and you’re like, ‘Shit. Now my pages have to be better.’ Or darker or more interesting. Or I have to surprise him before I send it back. I have to figure something out that he’s not going to see coming,” Gamble said. Berlanti is also executive producing “Batwoman” starring lesbian Ruby Rose, which is currently in development for the 2019-20 television season. The DC Comics character is an out lesbian and will appear in the CW’s DC Crossover event in December. Next month brings a particularly noteworthy moment for the uber-busy producer. Along with his longtime love, former soccer star turned producer, Robbie Rogers, Berlanti is being honored by the Los Angeles LGBT

Center’s upcoming Gala Vanguard Awards. The happy couple will be celebrating their one year wedding anniversary in December. Berlanti has been an inclusive force to be reckoned with in the television industry. He’s responsible for the first gay superhero to headline a TV series, (“Freedom Fighters: The Ray”) the first romantic kiss between two gay characters, (“Dawson’s Creek”) and the first legal gay marriage on network television, (“Brothers and Sisters”). He also brought the first transgender recurring character to primetime television, (“Dirty Sexy Money”) as well as the first gay African-American male and female superheroes (Echo Kellum as Curtis Holt playing Mr. Terrific in “Arrow” and Nafessa Williams as Anissa Pierce in “Black Lightning”).

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