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Cactus Chatter Sphinx Court #65 - Phoenix, Arizona May 2014

High Priestess Recorder

Lady Jan Hiebert - Grand High Priestess Celebrating 100 Years of LOSNA

The High Priestess’ Message This past month has been quite a whirlwind! I’ve enjoyed attending the Units and Clubs’ installations along with some OVs. Your hospitality was greatly appreciated. The Jan’s Explorers Initiation Classes are such an inspiration. As I attended the Units and Clubs installations and OVs, I was so impressed to see so many members of the new classes in attendance. Some joined one or more Units and some were shopping around for the best fit. Please continue this trend. With so many new ladies attending court each Unit and Club has an excellent opportunity to sell themselves. If a lady happens to sit in your Unit/Club section, introduce yourself and any other members seated with you, explain what your Unit/Club does, give her the date and time of your next meeting and invite her. This could help your membership grow. Speaking of newcomers, we have a Membership Tea on May 3rd. First Ceremonial Lady, Iris Colbert is working very hard to make this a success. I’m looking forward to meeting new prospective members to become Bea’s Graceful Swans. Don’t forget the ol’ timers who haven’t been to court for some time. The contest of bringing someone for 3 consecutive months, which started in April, can win a $50.00 gift certificate. There’s an entry form on page 2 and some will be at the sign in book. My first court meeting is under my belt. I appreciate everyone’s help and patience as I travel this last leg of my journey. And you ladies looked lovely in your bonnets. I know it was a small gesture, but wearing the bonnets brightened up the room. Let’s continue with the jocularity for May’s meeting, which is the day after Memorial Day and the beginning of several Patriotic Days, by looking patriotic. Yes, the officers and aides already are patriotic looking, but the rest of the court can join us. Let’s see: Uncle Sam hats, Statue of Liberty Crowns and torches, or whatever comes to mind. A bit of trivia: What is another name for Memorial Day? Answer will be revealed at the May court meeting. Grand Council is just around the corner. We have quite a few ladies who will be traveling with me. I am so looking forward to watching the Sphinx Court Units and Clubs perform at the drills. They have been working very hard on their acts. The bumble bee charms are selling well. They are $25.00 and make excellent Mother’s Day, graduation or Continued on page 7

May 2014

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Officers’ Offerings Princess Congratulations to all the officers and aides. We are starting a new year and High Priestess Gina has some great activities planned for the Court. I will be looking into hiring a bus to travel to San Diego for WAOUM in September. Please let me know if you are interested in going by bus. I need your opinions before the May Court meeting, so we can secure the transportation.

Dragonfly Luck, Lab Licks, and Lighthouse Love, Lady Mimi Bohlman Home: 480-946-6292 Cell: 602-738-3628 email:

MAY STATED MEETING TUESDAY, May 27, 2014 Associate Princess I’d like to extend a big THANK YOU to all of you that got my Special Project off to a great start at the April meeting! This year I chose, as my Special Project, to fund two entertainment budgets at the Salt Lake City Hospital. The first part is a general entertainment budget that is used to take the children on outings from the hospital like to the movies or a baseball game. It also funds children to participate in the Courage Reins Program which I believe started during Trish Whelan’s year as Associate Princess. The second part is a fund for the Un-Limb-ited Amputee Activity Camps. Each year patients ages 12-17 with amputations can participate at one of two camps. In the winter they are at Park City, Utah, for adapted skiing and snowboarding. Or they can experience class-three rapids on the Green River and camping in the Utah wilderness. With your help we will be able to send some of the children on an adventure out of the hospital. I will have pictures at the May meeting and more information at my station for you to look at. I also found out that the hospital would love to receive some of the “no sew” fleece blankets. They give one to each child in post-op and send the blanket home with them. These blankets are simple to make and will be a great summer project. I’m planning a “no sewing” party during the summer so that we can crank out some blankets for the children. I’m looking for volunteers that would like to help. We will probably be doing this down at the Shrine Center sometime in July. If you are interested in participating, please give me a call at 623-873-7988. I MEMBERSHIP CONTEST Your Name Your Phone Number Returning Members Name The three consecutive months: 1.



May 2014

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will send out an email or call when I have a date set. If you can’t attend the party, you can still help by making a donation to purchase fabric. We will be contacting some of the fabric stores to see if we can get a discount or donation from them also. So sign-up to join the party or bring a donation to the May meeting!

Yorkie Hugs and Dark Chocolate Kisses, Lady Karen MacDougall

Home: 623-873-7988 Cell: 623-337-3226 email:

Recorder ROSTER CHANGES New Addresses and/or Telephone Numbers: Dee Berkebile-Wright – Telephone #623-225-7342 Orabelle Bulkley – 2002 W Sunnyside Drive, Apt #3212, Phoenix, AZ 85029-3556 – Telephone #602-971-2968 Mary Ann Castell – 1010 E Maryland #14, Phoenix, AZ 85014-1675 Betty Dabagian – 2002 W Sunnyside Drive, Apt 2115, Phoenix, AZ 85029-3585 – Telephone #602-943-4383 Linda Gillis – PO Box 5112, Yuma, AZ 85366-2456 ATTENTION: 2014 DUES ARE $25.00 AND ARE DUE APRIL 1, 2014 Your self-addressed, stamped envelope for return of your dues card is greatly appreciated.

Lady Linda Curry, PHP 480-941-2070 email:

First Ceremonial Lady Our Membership Tea was fun, and we will have candidates for our Ceremonial in October. We will be having our next Membership Tea on January 17, so keep sending me names as you find someone you think would make a good member, Have a great summer.

Tinker Bell Fairy Dust Blessings, Lady Iris Colbert Home: 480-990-1298 Cell: 602-622-6381 email:

If you would like to receive your Cactus Chatter online, please send me a message and I’ll send it to you via your email account instead of the US Postal Service. Lady Linda DuBois

CACTUS CHATTER PRICES Personal Ad or Message - 1 Issue $10.00 Unit or Club Ad - Yearly $45.00 Make checks payable to Sphinx Court and send to: Lady Linda Curry, PHP, Recorder

May 2014

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Second Ceremonial Lady Congratulations, Lady Gina, on your first meeting as High Priestess! It was a great meeting, even though we all got “Hat Head” from wearing our Easter Bonnets. Because of the Memorial Day Holiday, the May Court Meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 27th. Same time, same place – just one day later. Ginny Fain will be cooking Barbecue for dinner before the meeting, so make plans to be there. Call me at (602) 503-6045, or send me an email at if you are going to join us. Lady Gina has requested that we all wear red, white, and blue in honor of the patriotic holidays coming up. Let’s all join in and celebrate! Still Your Mushroom,

Mary Lou Burger Home: 602-503-6045 email:

Unit and Club Happenings Ceremonial Pageantry We are so looking forward to travelling to Grand Council with our High Priestess, Lady Gina. What a great job our Court officers did at our April Sated Meeting. Here’s to a safe and healthy summer. See you in September!

Lady Jean Glover, PHP, President

Director Staff We are busy getting ready for Grand Council. So many of us traveling belong to more than one Unit and Chief Andie has requested that Director Staff wear their Court Vest, white shell, and black pants for the business breakfast and or lunch as the vests will identify us as Sphinx Court members. Just a reminder, if you haven’t already done so, be sure to get your room reserved for WAOUM in San Diego – that date is coming fast – we’re there from September 18 – 20 -- leaving the 21st. So keep busy, happy, safe and well and keep working for the kids!

Lady Linda DuBois, PHP, Assistant Chief

Clowns Welcome to our newest member Lady Sandy Gordon, aka "Shamrock". Also a BIG thank you to our recently installed officers, President; Lady Marsha Young, Vice President; Lady Lisa Gilbertson, Secretary; Lady Marie Tressler, and Treasurer; Lady Kay Akers. All the Clowns are grateful and happy for the wonderful service these ladies provide for the good of our Unit. We invite new and any member to come and attend our unit meeting. Our May meeting is on the 8th at 7:00, no dinner beforehand this month. We have so much fun! We love to clown around!! Just a thought, "A purpose is not something that you're going to find. It's something that will find you. And it will find you only when you're ready and not before."

Lady Lisa Gilbertson, Vice President


SATURDAY NOVEMBER 1ST Freaky Tiki Steak Fry Help your Sphinx Patrol go to Grand Council!

May 2014

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Greeters Unit The theme this month is friends: At our April meeting at Bobby Q’s, Lady Lynn Hatch did a marvelous job installing the officers for the next year and we welcomed three new members. We were hoping to welcome our new Amah, Lady Mimi, but she was unable to attend so we will postpone our welcome until September. Our Un-Birthday party will also be at Bobby Q’s restaurant (I-17 and Dunlap) on July 19th. Please RSVP to Lady Kathy Kelley by email or phone. Looking forward to Wichita and having fun with everyone there. Travel well ladies.

Bear Hugs, Lady Kathy Kelley, President

MAY STATED MEETING TUESDAY, May 27, 2014 Sphinx Patrol Here we are -- getting stuff together to go to Grand Council. We’re looking forward to having a great time and renewing our ties with the many friends we’ve met through the years. And don’t forget – WAOUM is close on Grand Council’s heels – if you haven’t reserved your room you should really do so ASAP. The meet is from September 18-21 in San Diego. I hope some of our new ladies will be able to join us. This is the really fun meet! Our last Court meeting is on May 27th. We will be contacting our members during the summer about participation in the El Zaribah Corn Fest. If all of us volunteer just a little time to helping out, no one will have to over exert themselves. So stay well, safe, happy and keep working for the Kids!

Lady Linda DuBois, PHP, Captain

Dinner 5:30 PM/Court Meeting: 7:00 PM 4th Monday of Each Month (Except June through August) El Zaribah Shrine Center - 552 N 40th Street Phoenix, AZ 85008 - Phone (602) 231-0300

PHP Club The Past High Priestesses wish everyone a happy and safe summer. Our next meeting will not be until September, but it is on the second Wednesday, the 10th. Please watch the calendar for all the Court Functions happening this summer and help support Lady Gina. Stay safe and stay well.

Lady Trish Whalen, PHP, President

WAOUM 2017 BID At our February Stated Meeting we voted to submit a bid to host WAOUM in 2017 and to submit an intent to bid for WAOUM 2018. At a meeting of our unit members held prior to our April stated meeting we voted to submit the bid package. We have selected a hotel, and Grand Directress and have had a date approved. We are asking for ideas for themes. Here are a couple that have been submitted but we are still looking - Desert Dreams Under the Arizona Sunset, Hoe Dow at the High Chaparral, and Sunset Over Camelback Mountain. We will make a decision before Sept. 1 so that we can get our presentation together for WAOUM in San Diego. Please either call me on my cell phone 602-40-5671 or email me with you suggestion Bobbie Balthazor, PHP

May 2014

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MAY STATED MEETING TUESDAY, May 27, 2014 Sphinx Court Membership

Membership 3-24-2014 Initiated Suspensions Demits Deaths Membership 4 - 28 -14

277 -5 272

AVAILABLE FOR DONATION 15 Choir/funeral robes for a Church or organization. Dusty Rose in color with extra fabric. Suggested Donation $65.00 Call Valerie Calvin 480-221-1309

Be A Lady in Red Join the

Ceremonial Pageantry

Sunshine Report Lady Trudy Mullins, PHP, Chairman Sympathy Lorraine Pierson - husband Linda Smith - mother Illness Neva Thompson - husband had stroke, now in rehab Gloria Leppert - broke clavicle and had cataract surgery Kay Allen - fell - broke rib, bruised liver, and abrasions Lois Hansford - not feeling too well Dee Berkebile-Wright, PHP - hospitalized - blood pressure issues Lisa Gilbertson - Dad fell

El Zaribah Shrine Outreach Clinics All Clinics are held at Maricopa Medical Center, 2525 E. Roosevelt St., 3rd Floor. Salt Lake Clinic May 9, 2014 July 11, 2014 November 7, 2014

Los Angeles Clinic September 5, 2014

Contact LADY JEAN GLOVER, PHP—602-957-6871

Ladies Oriental Shrine of North America Sphinx Court No. 65 Phoenix, Arizona NOTICE OF MEMBER DUES Name Address City



Current Dues are due and payable on April 1 of each year. If you haven’t paid yours, please forward. The Current Dues for 2014 - 2015 are $25 per member. PLEASE MAKE YOUR CHECK PAYABLE TO Sphinx Court No. 65 and mail to: Lady Linda Curry, 1550 N. El Camino Drive, Tempe, AZ 85281-1426

May 2014

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(High Priestess cont) birthday gifts. Remember fund raising is the responsibility of the entire court. High PHP Donna Yorston will be in charge while I am at Grand Council. Her phone number is 480-9478126

Director Staff Fez Cases $30 Stabilizers $8 Can Cozies $3 Andie Lacombe 480-357-6411

Swan Love, Angel Hugs and Schnauzer Kisses, Lady Gina Baird Home 602-953-0210 Cell 602-791-0925 email:

Cactus Chatter Editor Lady Bobbie Balthazor, PHP 602-237-5526 Email: 5915 E. Woodridge Dr., Scottsdale, AZ 85254

NOTICE * NOTICE * NOTICE To avoid being charged for your Dinner if you are unable to keep your reservation, notify Lady Mary Lou Burger, 2nd Ceremonial Lady, Home: 602-503-6045 email: by the Thursday prior to Stated Meeting.


SPHINX PATROL Water Bottle Holders - $5.00 Designer T-Shirt Sleeve Pins $3.00 small / $5.00 large See any Patrol member Need a face painter? Need fun balloons? Need tricks? Just need giggles in your life? Contact the Sphinx Court #65 Clown Unit Marsha Young, President @ 623-266-6099

Have a Safe and Healthy Summer The Past High Priestess Club Has Your Address changed? Old Address: Name Address City



New Address (please print): Name Address City



New Telephone # ( ) Send this form to: Sphinx Court #65 Recorder Lady Linda Curry, 1550 N. El Camino Drive, Tempe, AZ 852811426

Sphinx Court No. 65 Ladies Oriental Shrine of North America

Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage PAID Phoenix, Arizona Permit No. 369

Linda Curry 1550 N. El Camino Dr. Tempe, AZ 85281-1426 ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED

Calendar of Events for 2014 - 2015 UPDATED April 28, 2014 MAY OCTOBER 3 Membership Tea @ 2 3 Greeters 5 Director Staff - Dinner 5:30 Mtg 7:00 6 Director Staff 6 Patrol - Dinner 5:30 Meeting 7:00 7 Patrol 8 Clowns - Meeting 7:00 9 Clowns - OV 11 - 16 Grand Council, Wichita, KS 11 GHP Official Visit & Court Stated 27 Court Stated Meeting Meeting 23, 24


2 Patrol 6 Greeters 8 Director Staff 11 Clowns 12 Sun Unit 18 - 21 WAOUM, San Diego 22 Court Stated Meeting

NOVEMBER 1 3 14 16 17 19

Steak Fry Director Staff - OV Sun Unit Gift Wrapping Class Court Stated Meeting PHP - OV

DECEMBER 12 Sun Unit Holiday Party 14 Director Staff Holiday Party 15 Court Stated Meeting 19 - 21 Christmas Gift Wrapping JANUARY 6 Patrol OV 17 Membership Tea (tentative date) 19 Court Stated Meeting FEBRUARY 21 Ceremonial & Election of Officers MARCH 14 Carnival 23 Court Stated Meeting

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