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October 5, 2016

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Local Government Election coverage, Saturday October 8.

MAKING INROADS: The effect of residential development on the local landscape is perhaps most clearly illustrated from the air. At this site – the former Peninsula Golf Club in Red Beach – 500 trees were felled and the ground re-contoured into flat housing sites during earthworks. The land will eventually provide more than 500 homes and a retirement village is also proposed, capable of housing another 500. For more on local projects, see the Building and Construction feature inside this issue. Photo, Mark Yela

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Council corruption surfaces in Court George Driver

A landmark serious fraud case got underway in the Auckland High Court on September 27 with claims that corruption was widespread among transport staff at both Rodney District Council (RDC) and Auckland Transport (AT). The Crown also claimed ratepayers effectively paid for more than $1 million in bribes, through inflated invoices. The trial involves former AT and RDC transport manager Murray Noone and director of Projenz transport contractor, Stephen Borlase.

Caring for you

Mr Noone is facing six charges of corruption and bribery for receiving over $1.1 million in bribes from Mr Borlase between 2006 and 2013, while Mr Borlase is facing eight charges of corruption and bribery, and four charges relating to filing inflated invoices. Both defendants have pleaded not guilty. The third defendant in the case, Barrie George, was sentenced to 10 months home detention last month after pleading guilty to accepting over $100,000 in bribes while working for RDC and AT. In his opening statement, Crown solicitor Brian Dickey said Borlase paid for travel and entertainment for

a number of RDC and AT staff, and a culture of corruption was widespread in both organisations. “In addition to the benefits provided to Mr Noone and Mr George, Projenz provided hundreds of benefits to RDC and AT staff throughout all the charging periods,” Mr Dickey said. “This created the propensity for, and culture tolerant of, corruption throughout the team. Mr Dickey said benefits provided to staff at RDC included overseas travel of significant value, including about $25,000 for one employee, domestic travel and accommodation, and

electronics. The offending continued under AT. “Projenz provided entertainment to AT staff on a significant scale. The highest value category was on large scale meals, totalling about $69,000.” The wining and dining took place at top restaurants, including French Cafe and Heritage Hotel, and one dinner cost $3000. Mr Dickey said this created a culture where a wide number of Council employees were compromised. “There was little chance for disgruntled or principled employees speaking out,

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| Hibiscusmatters | October 5, 2016

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October 5, 2016 Issue 203

A division of Local Matters. Hibiscus Matters is a locally owned publication, circulated to more than 21,500 homes and businesses twice a month: Puhoi • Waiwera • Hatfields • Orewa • Silverdale • Millwater • Dairy Flat Red Beach • Whangaparaoa Peninsula

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Continued from p1.... as everyone was being ‘looked after’ or was compromised. The benefits had been significant for all. “The extensive provision of benefits to staff at all levels of their teams resulted in a culture where corruption flourished and was normalised, with no questions asked.” No other RDC or AT staff has been charged in the case. Mr Dickey said this was due to the relatively low level of offending compared with Mr George and Mr Noone, and “the exercise of prosecutorial discretion”. Former and current RDC and AT staff would be called to the witness box in the seven week, judge-only trial. The Crown claimed that Mr Borlase made back the cost of the bribes and gratuities by inflating the hours invoiced to Council for sub-contractors, effectively claiming back the cost of the bribes by overcharging. The increase in the invoices matched the costs of the bribes. “This demonstrates that payments to Noone and George were treated as costs for doing business with RDC.” The Crown said Projenz benefited significantly from the arrangement. The company’s net profit rose from $36,000 in 2006 to over $8 million in 2012. Contracts awarded to Projenz during the period included the Hibiscus Busway Station design in 2011, valued at $617,822, and the Silverdale Walk and Cycle contract, valued at $443,912. A long relationship Mr Dickey said Mr Noone had a successful consulting business before starting work at RDC in 2006. He was working as a sub-consultant for Mr Borlase in 2000 and was a consultant to RDC from 2004 and 2006. During that period he invoiced over $1 million for services, including $662,000 from RDC. Mr Noone was first employed by RDC as Director of Transport, where he took a significant paycut, agreeing to a $165,000 salary. However, he worked just four days a week in order to continue his work as a consultant. He soon started making monthly invoices to Projenz for about $8500 each time, but the Serious Fraud Office found no evidence any of the work was

carried out. Instead, it said the money was a retainer paid to Mr Noone to gain influence in the awarding of transport contracts. In 2008, Mr Noone got a promotion to the position of Director of Infrastructure with a salary of $231,000. A significant point in the case occurred when RDC was amalgamated into the Supercity. In early 2010, Mr Noone applied for a top-tier job at AT, but was unsuccessful. He was later offered a third-tier job with an annual salary of $220,000. At the same time, he approached a major contracting company for a job and was offered a $250,000 salary for a senior position. Four days later, Mr Borlase paid Mr Noone a lump sum of $230,000, which the Crown claimed was a bribe to entice him to take the AT contract to continue the fraudulent relationship. The following day, Mr Noone accepted the job at AT. The Court was told that Mr Noone did not disclose any relationship with Projenz to AT. Mr Noone and Mr Borlase maintain the payment was for consultancy work, but neither have offered any evidence to show what work was carried out. “The agreement is simply corrupt, with the intent of maintaining influence over Noone,” Mr Dickey said. In June 2012, Mr Noone got a further $40,000 lump sum from Mr Borlase, the day after Projenz was awarded significant AT contracts. Mr Noone also continued to file monthly invoices to Projenz. None of the payments were declared to AT. There was no evidence that Mr Noone carried out any consulting work for Projenz during the seven year period. “The invoicing by Noone is a farce,” Mr Dickey said. In June 2012, Mr Noone got a further $40,000 lump sum from Mr Borlase, the day after Projenz was awarded significant AT contracts. Mr Noone also continued to file monthly invoices to Projenz. None of the payments were declared to AT. The case is continuing.

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October 5, 2016 | Hibiscusmatters |


Gulf Harbour hosts floating classroom Ferry services

A Coastal-Marine Research Group, based at Massey University, has signed an agreement to use a new Marine Education Centre, at Hobbs Wharf. Provision of the centre was one of the conditions imposed by the Overseas Investment Office (OIO) when granting consent to Top Harbour, the multi-million dollar company owned by Chinese interests, which is developing Fairway Bay. But rather than being built next to the wharf, as was first mooted, the centre is being built on a 30-tonne floating block of concrete which is lined inside with polystyrene. Top Harbour’s development consultant Michael Webb-Speight describes the floating solution as “highly attractive and very relevant to While the words ‘marine education centre’ may conjure up a substantial structure such as the Sir Peter Blake Centre at Long Bay, the centre being built at its intended purpose”. Gulf Harbour is taking a different approach. Under the conditions set-down by the “It’s a facility that is quite exciting for experience,” she says. OIO, it was envisaged that the centre the Massey research group,” he says. would be a free facility for community The group is involved in a range of use. The Coastguard, in particular, Group director Dr Karen Stockin says research from marine mammals to was cited as a group that could use the the ability to tow the centre to research marine birds, reptiles, fish, invertebrates centre for training and storage. sites in the Hauraki Gulf makes it a bit and algae. Mr Webb-Speight would like to see a study done on the Mr Webb-Speight says that the small of a novelty. building is consistent with the ‘coastal “Even with it in situ means we can Mediterranean fanworm, which he says offer students more of a field trip is a huge problem for boaties. living’ theme of the development.

Penlink goes further down transport priority list The building of the Penlink Road has been placed even further down the transport priority list and other local projects are not even mentioned in an agreement that prioritises Auckland’s transport infrastructure. The Auckland Transport Alignment Project, an agreement between Government and Auckland Council on how Auckland’s transport system should develop over the next 30 years was signed on September 15. Auckland Mayor Len Brown had previously said that the agreement could result in projects that include Penlink, the Curley Ave extension into Silverdale Village ($25 million) and the widening of Whangaparaoa Rd ($20 million) being brought forward to “very high priority”, but this was not the case.

While the widening of Whangaparaoa Rd has been taken off the table, replaced by a trial of dynamic lanes expected to begin early next year, the suggested timeframe for Penlink in the Alignment Project is 2028-38. Previously the building of the $384 million road between Whangaparaoa and Redvale was in Auckland Transport’s plan, but with no public investment before 2025-45. However, local politicians including long-time Penlink campaigner and local board candidate Janet Fitzgerald, say those timings are flexible. While Mrs Fitzgerald says the suggested timeframe in the Alignment Project agreement is “not good enough”, she says work currently underway with the Auckland Chamber of Commerce is aimed at bringing Penlink forward –



even further forward than 2025. She says that the two leading Auckland mayoral candidates, Vic Crone and Phil Goff, are both looking at alternative ways of funding transport. As part of the Alignment Project agreement, Government has agreed with Council that road pricing may be a focus for filling a $4 billion funding gap between the cost of transport infrastructure over the next 10 years ($24 billion) and the $20 billion expected to be available. Options include congestion charges, tolls and a regional fuel tax and agreement on those issues is expected from council and government by the middle of next year. Mrs Fitzgerald says that she supports a regional fuel tax as a fairer means of funding transport.


Increased patronage is behind a decision by Auckland Transport (AT) to boost the Gulf Harbour ferry service with more sailing times and a new vessel. AT has announced that from October 17, there will six additional sailings and a new timetable. The changes are in response to local support of the services, which has grown by more than 130 percent over the last two years. The new services are being delivered in partnership with 360 Discovery, which is finalising the purchase of an additional 126-seat vessel to increase capacity. Under the new timetable, there will be three peak morning sailings at 6.30am, 7am and 7.30am, and three peak afternoon sailings at 4.46pm, 5.15pm and 5.45pm, as well as new sailings in the middle of the day at 10.30am and 12.30pm from Auckland and 11.30am and 1.30pm from Gulf Harbour. In addition, AT made changes to the bus network on Hibiscus Coast on September 26, and there have been changes to the connecting bus service to the ferry so that they meet the morning and afternoon peak sailings. At this stage, the 10.30am and 12.30pm sailings from Auckland and 11.30am and 1.30pm sailings from Gulf Harbour will not have a bus connection, but this will be reviewed at a later stage. Cr John Watson welcomes the changes, saying that the ferry has been an outstanding success. “It will continue to grow even more rapidly with more services,” he says. “People working in the city and students attending university can get to Auckland in 45 minutes on the bigger craft. “Next year we are looking at 30 sailings a day which will lift it to a whole new level. We’re also hearing a real demand for weekend sailings and that’s next on the list.”

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the record

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What’s on your mind? Readers are welcome to air their views. We do not publish abusive or unsigned letters. Letters may be abridged and full versions are at Address on p2 or

Unsafe bus

Chicken and egg

Following the discussion in this paper, yesterday morning I discovered a new ‘bus lane’ on Whangaparaoa Rd, as a bus hurtled past me on the flush median, just by Vista Motu, to turn right into Red Beach Road. Bloody dangerous! It was an Auckland Transport bus, not a school bus. Where were the police? This has to stop. Julie Baker, Little Manly

I saw a letter from a cyclist who rides along Whangaparaoa Rd in your last paper, asking about what the dynamic lane changes might mean for him, and the response from Auckland Transport, which I found unbelievable (HM September 14). Why does Auckland Transport think hardly anyone cycles along this road, even though it’s the main route and peppered with schools, shops and places of employment? Because it’s dangerous for cyclists! Then, when almost no-one rides it, we’re given that as a reason not to put in a cycle lane. Believe me, put in a cycle lane and cyclists will appear – out of nowhere. Currently they are being forced to drive. I thought that was totally the opposite of Auckland Transport’s stated policy of encouraging cycling? Ron Lee, Stanmore Bay

Disused aerial After a recent storm I found our old TV aerial dangling from the roof. Calls to several aerial services found they were all very busy with many people suffering the same fate and a 10 day wait looked likely. One firm suggested that I should contact Coast Aerials, which I did. I explained my problem and said that at 85 years old I felt unable to fix it myself. They said they would see what could be done. At 8am the following morning they arrived and within 45 minutes had completed the job, also explaining that the old aerial was not needed as we had a dish aerial. It seems that many residents in the Rodney area are in a similar situation and have an old useless aerial swaying on the roof that is likely to finish up causing damage. I can only recommend that they call an aerial service for advice. I am very glad that I did. Mac Hine, Whangaparaoa

make them give way. I am sure I have caused some frights! I have discussed this in person with a very senior Waitemata police officer who wasn’t at all interested in dealing with the issue. His response was: “We could enforce it to stop it, but they will be back doing it within a month.” My response: “So do it again, the Government needs the money!” The road has recently been redesigned and the situation is improved somewhat. The new situation now means there is no valid reason for breaking the law so it should be enforced otherwise some lawbreaker, or their passenger, is going to be hurt. Murray Sampson, Silverdale

More median trouble Regarding the Red Beach Rat Runners issue (HM September 1 and 14), I don’t have any hope that the police will care. We have a much worse problem at the Whangaparaoa Road/Hibiscus Coast Highway intersection with right turning traffic to Whangaparaoa using the flush median as a through lane. The flush median is the only way local residents can join the traffic moving to the north. I am fortunate that I have a land cruiser so can charge at the lawbreakers and

After a number of comments on how the accumulation of sand on the esplanade in Orewa was making walking or cycling along the paths almost impossible in some spots, Orewa Lions decided to do something about it. Last month eight Lions took to the paths with spades, brooms and wheelbarrows. In places, they took the sand back almost a metre. The volunteers also cleared sand off the path alongside the volleyball court, which had virtually disappeared.

When Family Doctors moved from Wade River Rd to a new clinic on Whangaparaoa Rd, they knew they would miss the spectacular view over Arkles Bay. “We wanted to take that view with us,” Dr Peter Hall said – and so they did. A photographer from Light Gallery took around seven shots from the windows of the old surgery and turned them into a panoramic image for the wall of the doctors’ new clinic. Staff also have the image printed on computer mouse pads – so the view will never be forgotten.

Chocolate – winner on the day It’s official – Whittaker’s is NZ’s favourite brand, even beating the All Blacks who finished in second place. Colmar Brunton released its 2016 Brands I Love survey last month with Whittakers a full 10 points ahead of the All Blacks. Food brands dominated the survey, with Tip Top and Cadbury’s also making the top five and many other Kiwi favourite foods in the top 20. Air NZ came in third.

Take care out there As the weather warms up, ACC recently sent out a timely reminder of the potential dangers lurking within some outdoor activities. Last spring, paddleboarding injuries increased, mostly from paddlers falling off, while falling over while jogging accounted for many of the 4500 running-related injuries. Trees also took their toll with mountain bikers riding into them, 500 people falling out of them and several walking into them. Spring last year also saw gardening claims grow to more than 6000, mostly for minor strains and sprains; 2200 tennis players were sidelined, after being struck by rackets or hit by balls; and 300 lawn bowlers recovered from dropped balls, runaway balls and pulled muscles during the delivery of balls. Nordic walking seems to be among the safest activities, with too few ACC claims to mention.

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‘Charm offensive’ needed A recent Shop Local campaign launched in Orewa is a project that Brie Edwards-Adams is 100 percent behind – perhaps not surprisingly, as Brie manages a local business and was recently elected chair of the business association Destination Orewa Beach. Aged 27, she brings plenty of energy and enthusiasm to the role of chair, as well as a love of Orewa, which she calls “the quintessential Kiwi town”. Since gaining a BCom at Auckland University, Brie has been travelling, including running hotel-like super yachts for four years. She returned to manage Beachcomber, her family’s business, in 2014 and has been on the Destination Orewa Beach board for a year; she was elected chair last month. Brie says she has been Brie Edwards-Adams outspoken at Destination Orewa board Increasing business networking will be meetings about the need for Orewa to a focus during her time as chair. carve out its own identity. “I hope to create opportunities for “Coming back from overseas I saw its businesses to connect with me and charm, yet it’s so close to Auckland,” the board. It’s easy to get focused on she says. “As the area grows it’s a balance your own line of work but it can be so that you hold onto that charm while insightful to hear what’s going on for developing into a tourist destination.” everyone else.” She says one of the biggest changes With tourism a main source of income needed is “to create a community for Orewa, particularly in summer, within the locally based businesses and Brie hopes to increase awareness of inject a bit of energy”. events held locally. She says even in “It’s about taking pride in your the last year Beachcomber has had a business, and in where you live and lot more international tourists through seeing how valuable this area is and its its doors. Location is the number one reason they come. huge potential,” she says.

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Two kinds of deliveries A former Orewa business owner Jyotpreet Mendes had a busy month last month. Just a few days after giving birth to her second child, a son called Zak, she took delivery of a brand new Holden LS Spark 1.4L automatic, worth $17,990. Jyotpreet won the car in a nationwide New World promotion run over three weeks, which attracted more than 2.1 million entries. Every store had one car to give away and Jyotpreet was presented with hers by New World Orewa owner/operator Catherine Versalko-West, who added a whole lot of extra baby products to celebrate Zak’s arrival. Jyotpreet and her husband Macneil until recently owned Cherish Bakery in Hillary Square.

Competition winner Congratulations to Toni Williams who won a copy of the bestselling book Our Boys.

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Help online for NCEA students With NCEA exams coming up next term, a resource that offers free online assistance to students is gaining traction. The couple behind the learncoach website, David Cameron and Deborah Lambie, were brought to the Hibiscus Coast last month to speak to Rotarians, the CYC Trust and schools. Deborah, 25, is a doctor at Wellington Hospital and David, 28, is a teacher; they started a very basic website four years ago to help a small group of students that they knew were struggling with NCEA exams. Within a month, 4000 students were using it and the vastly expanded site has since attracted around 60,000 unique users. Currently it offers help with STEM (science, technology, engineering and Deborah Lambie and David Cameron maths) subjects, from Level 1–3. It in other countries, particularly China includes nearly 200 free tutorials that where he says there is a big focus on go through the skills needed for each rote learning. achievement standard. Student can submit questions, and there are free “There are still some quirks, but the core is that you compete against a workbooks. standard, so whatever class you’re in, The couple fund the site themselves, you have an equal chance,” he says. through the LearnCoach Charitable “They are making it more modular so Trust and David now works on it you can do broad learning that includes virtually full-time. There is also a practical subjects – recognising that Facebook page run by comedian Dean you have done good work, even if it’s Watson, a writer for TV3 series 7 Days. not academic, and that it counts for Deborah and David put its success something. It’s nice for students to down to the fact that it’s NCEA-specific, be valued for a wide range of things and that students are most comfortable because everyone is so different.” sourcing information online. Deborah says they are finding that “We approach it from the point of view many students don’t know where to of advice from a cool older brother or start when it comes to studying for sister, not teachers,” David says. NCEA, despite sitting mock exams in He says Dean has made the Facebook Term 3, and that stress levels are rising. page fun – one of his recent, tongue- “It’s much more competitive to in-cheek headlines was ‘how to cheat get into a student’s first choice of your way through NCEA’. university and with that comes more David says he wasn’t a fan of NCEA stress and pressure,” she says. “We are when he was sitting it himself but trending towards a real focus on the thinks that it has developed over time need to get good grades.” and compares well to what is offered Info:

Recycling figures

In the last year, Auckland’s waste collection service has diverted 135,000 tonnes of recycling from landfill, of which 50,000 tonnes was from Rodney, Hibiscus Coast, North Shore and Waitakere. Paper and cardboard made up the bulk of recycling (58%), followed by glass (27%), plastics (6-9%) and steel/aluminum cans (6-8%).

Television that will change your life. Hope Channel is a community service supported by Orewa SDA Church: 123 Centreway Road, Orewa

October 5, 2016 | Hibiscusmatters |

Lily Buckley (left) and Olivia de Lautour

Teens unlock local talent

Talent shows used to be big on the Hibiscus Coast – remember Rodney Live – and they certainly brought a lot of performers into the spotlight for the first time. Hoping to recreate that buzz of local category taking in all other performance live performance are two teenagers types such as magic and juggling. from Gulf Harbour School – Olivia Proceeds from door sales will be de Lautour and Lily Buckley. donated to a charity selected by the The Year 8 students formed a charitable winning contestant. group called Embark last year with the OTT Unlock your Talent will be held aim of “making the world a better at Whangaparaoa College Auditorium place”. Recently they teamed up with on Saturday, November 12 and Coast Youth Community Trust to registrations, which are free, are now facilitate an event which they’ve called open. Auditions will take place in the OTT – Over The Top. morning, with final performances in The talent show is open to anyone, in front of the audience and judges in the two age categories – 5 to 12 years and evening. 13 years plus. To find out more, enter or to assist There are categories for three-minute with sponsorship, look for OTT Talent long performances by bands, soloists on Facebook or Instagram or email and dancers. There is also an ‘open’




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October 5, 2016 | Hibiscusmatters |


Memories of ‘back in the day’ at Pioneer Village

Silverdale Pioneer Village’s response to the Auckland Heritage Festival theme ‘Remember When’ was to take visitors on a journey down memory lane with a roomful of displays, photographs and posters. Many items are from the 1930s, which was chosen because elderly visitors will remember those times, Pioneer Village vice president Christine Carwell says. Among the items are posters dating from the 1920s advertising quarter acre beach front sections in Orewa for sale. Although there are no prices on the posters, Christine says she bought a quarter acre section in Whangaparaoa in the 1960s for £600. There is also a DVD showing the building of the Harbour Bridge. Posters advertising beach front The display has been running since sections for sale in Orewa, dating the two-week Heritage Festival began, from the 1920s, promote the beach on September 24. It ends this week, on as “less than an hour’s motor run from Auckland” October 9, with a special Open Day that includes hands-on activities such The Open Day is on at the Pioneer as wood-turning and rope making, Village, 15 Wainui Rd, Silverdale, children’s games, Devonshire teas and 10am–3pm. Entrance by gold coin donation. a sausage sizzle.

Owner sought for family Bible or contact Hibiscus Matters’ editor Terry Moore on 427 8187.

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Hard –

The search is on for the owner of this battered Bible, which contains family history.



Solution page 34

Sudoku Fill in this grid so that every column, row and 3x3 box contains the digits 1-9.

An old Bible discovered in a chest of drawers from the Salvation Army Family Store in Whangaparaoa has sent a local family on a voyage of discovery. Casey Watt, of Wainui, purchased the chest of drawers a few years ago and then stored it in a shed, unopened. Recently, one of the drawers was found to contain an old shoebox with a battered family Bible inside. The Bible contains a card saying it belonged to the family of James Spence Dickey. It has a list of family names and dates that start in the mid19th Century through to 1901. Casey put out the word on Facebook and says she also has numerous locals working on ‘the case’. “We would love return the Bible to the family,” she says. If you can help, email Casey,


| Hibiscusmatters | October 5, 2016


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Grey matters with Simmone Dyer, Hibiscus Coast Grey Power

Age-friendly or not? My husband and I recently returned from 10 weeks visiting family and friends in the United States. We travelled to several states by plane, bus and car and found our way through airports, cities, towns and rural communities. We had a great time and enjoyed every experience – even being gridlocked for three hours on a freeway in Phoenix because of a massive thunderstorm and subsequent flooding! We are delighted to be home again on the beautiful Hibiscus Coast and in catching up on the news I note that October 1 is the 25th International Day of Older Persons. This year’s theme for the day is “Sustainability and Age Inclusiveness in Urban Environments”, which is focused on making cities and their communities easier and more elder-friendly places to live in. Of course signs and information centres to facilitate easier travel is only one aspect of age-friendly communities but I trust you will see my train of thought as I pursue this topic. Nearly 25 percent of the population on the Hibiscus Coast is aged 65 or over and this age group is expected to number 1.2 million in New Zealand in 20 years. Population ageing is one of the biggest social transformations in the 21st century and adapting city structures to the needs of a growing population is a sound preparation to meet the challenges of changing demographics. The World Health Organisation has been actively promoting the concept of agefriendly cities for several decades as a way of meeting the challenges of increasing and aging city populations. It is estimated that between 2000 and 2050, the proportion of the world’s population over 60 years will double from about 11 percent to 22 percent. The City of Tauranga is leading the way in New Zealand and has become our first Age-Friendly City. A strategy has been developed, working with several local organisations and groups, to enable people to live independently and participate in all aspects of community and city life as they age. It is early days yet but issues are being identified that will enable appropriate policies, services, settings and structures related to the physical and social environment to support older people to ‘age actively’, that is, to live in security, enjoy good health and continue to participate fully in society. Auckland Grey Power associations have been pursuing Auckland Council to make our city an Age-Friendly City and although there have been some sympathetic ears, no decision has been made. We will continue to pursue this. In the meantime, let’s look at the Hibiscus Coast. Is it an age-friendly community? Do older people feel safe, supported, appreciated and cared for? Let me know what you think (email address above). Simonne Dyer is currently secretary of Hibiscus Coast Grey Power. She has been with the organisation for three years.

Staff increases Auckland Council added a further 192 full-time equivalent staff to its payroll during the 2015/16 financial year – 178 of those were in the council-controlled organisations such as Auckland Transport and Watercare. Corporate finance and property general manager Kevin Ramsay said the staff increases occurred in areas where service delivery was increasing. He noted the Council group had fewer fulltime equivalent employees than the eight legacy councils combined.

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Our best shot with Hibiscus Coast Photographic Club,

This image, by David Brittain, won Digital Image of the Night at a recent club night. It was taken in Surfers Paradise in early June, looking down from a ninth floor apartment onto the Narang River. It was about 5.15pm, the light was getting low so David used a high ISO. Nothing else has been done to the image other than cropping. The camera setup details were ISO 6400, shutter speed 1/56th of a second at f5.4, lens zoomed to 145mm full frame equivalent. David says his issue was getting a photo where the bow waves or waves from the oars did not cross and interfere with each other, as there were around six boats training plus a chasing dinghy with outboard. This image just happened to be captured when the water was still calm so the oar dip ripples remained clear while forming a triangle behind the skiff.

CCTV education mooted

The pros and cons of introducing CBD-wide CCTV coverage in Orewa will be explained more fully to business owners before a ballot is held. Destination Orewa Beach Board chair Brie Edwards-Adams says the board is working on how to best educate and encourage business input so that when the decision is made, it is the best outcome. It’s likely that the ballot will be held early next year as further quotes, best camera placement, maintenance requirements and contract inclusions and other logistics need to be investigated. A report will be written and distributed with the ballot papers, to enable businesses to make a quantified decision around this expenditure. An initial survey of businesses proved inconclusive.

Retirement living at it’s best

If you’ve reached the time in your life where quality is important, Maygrove Village offers a fantastic lifestyle for those 55+. You can live securely and independently in your own home set amongst beautifully manicured grounds with access to a range of amenities and activities including heated swimming pool, spa, indoor and outdoor bowls, croquet, petanque, restaurant and bar, movie theatre, games room, gym, library and computer room, chapel and putting green, without the worry of lawns and gardens that need maintaining. This is retirement living at its best. Visit Maygrove now and make yourself at home.

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REAL – Coaching for parents & educators A lifetime of professional and personal experience in the area of children and families is behind Diane McKinstry new business REAL – coaching for parents and educators, based on the Hibiscus Coast and servicing the wider North Auckland region. Diane is a trained and registered primary and early childhood teacher, as well as the mother of five young adults. For the past two years she has been working as a parenting group’s coordinator and facilitator. “REAL – coaching for parents and educators will be a way to share what I’ve learned in my own parenting journey, in my years of teaching and in my work in the community,” she says. “I love connecting with people and ‘relationship, communication and empathy’ will be the underlying themes of my sessions with parents and educators.” Diane says that while she is keen to help parents who may be struggling with specific issues, she also hopes parents who want to enhance their parenting will join her private sessions. “Sometimes all a parent needs is to be listened to and to be encouraged. Life is so busy these days that it is easy to forget that we still need to be connected to our families in meaningful ways. I am also a great believer in families spending time outdoors, and we are so blessed on the Coast that we have such a wonderful environment to enjoy for free.”

Digital world with Pauline Stockhausen

Know your audience

Diane McKinstry

Diane says parents should always keep communication lines open. “It’s helpful to set-up healthy, effective interactions early on before our children become teenagers, when bigger issues may kick in. They need to know that they can always depend on our unconditional love and our presence.” Diane welcomes both mothers and fathers at her private sessions. Presentations and workshops for parents, educators and babysitters are also available. “Every family is unique and I see my role is to offer guidance and solutions for parents as they develop and embrace their own unique family culture of love, security, growth, healthy interactions and special moments.” REAL – coaching for parents and educators will be officially launched on October 29.

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Last week I spoke at a Social Media conference in New Zealand where business owners came from as far away as South America and Australia to learn about Social Media. Technology has made it easier to use live streaming for these sorts of events so smaller audiences can get information from leading experts from across the globe. Getting first hand information without having to fly speakers down to New Zealand is an attractive option. I got the opportunity to interview Chocolate Johnny by live stream, a chocolatier from Sydney, who has grown his business using platforms like Periscope and Snapchat. He shared his journey on how he has built his brand using real time video from his brick and mortar store, and told us how customers from all over the world are now ordering his chocolate. “Social Media can open up your business to the world,” he said. “It has made my little chocolate shop a destination and we have visitors from around the world detouring to the store just to visit and try out our Perfection Chocolates.” Simon Young, from Syengage enthralled us with his take on WeChat. Simon has been an early adopter of WeChat which is one of the primary social media channels in China, where there is no Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. If your target market includes customers from China then using WeChat should be on your list. “It’s a different kind of marketing, but as with all social media, it boils down to knowing your customer, what problems they are trying to solve and the journey they are taking. You should try to meet them at every stage of that journey,” Simon said. “Even though the WeChat app is different you are essentially doing the same across all social networks.” WeChat has a life of its own and is like no other platform. The app provides the ability for one-on-one messaging, groupchats and the exchange of money. Auckland is an international city and we have a large Asian population so it is not a platform to ignore if you have international customers. All speakers talked about having a plan/strategy in place and also being consistent. Social media needs consistency to reach your goal. Wanita Flourie, from The Online Academy, shared how people consume information. Some people respond to audio over visual, and she stressed the importance of thinking about your audience and how they consume or like to receive information. Video is becoming the preferred medium to use and using captions in your video helps get a wider reach. One thing that came out of the conference was that technology is moving incredibly fast and what worked last year isn’t necessarily going to work for you in 2017. Paying close attention to your social media analytics and understanding your website analytics will help you navigate in the next 12 months.

Building & construction

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Under construction

Puhoi community rallies against intensification Puhoi residents are planning to launch a legal challenge to the Unitary Plan, after last-minute zoning changes opened the door to substantial housing development in the village. About 40 people attended a public meeting organised by the Puhoi Forum to voice their opposition to the changes, which could double the size of the town. The changes affect a 55.3ha block of land in the village, which has been rezoned from Rural Production to Rural and Coastal Settlement, reducing the minimum site size from 100ha to 2500m2. At the meeting there was a resounding view that the Unitary Plan process had run roughshod over the will of the community. “It’s completely counter to anything we wanted in our Structure Plan and in our submission on the Unitary Plan,” one person said. “Over the years this will eat away at the way Puhoi looks as people continue to subdivide.” It has made many in the town question the purpose of creating a Puhoi Structure Plan in 2010, if it didn’t have any impact on plans for the town. People were also concerned about the impact of wastewater from further

Puhoi residents are worried that the character of the village will be lost if rampant development is allowed to head north.

residential development. The forum resolved to form a working group to investigate making an appeal to the plan. The changes appear to be in response to landowner and former America’s Cup skipper Chris Dickson, whose submission on the plan asked for zoning changes to his 40ha block on Saleyards Road, along with a concept plan for a 24-site subdivision. Auckland Council planners opposed the changes, saying it would go against the 2010 Structure Plan, which called for no further residential intensification in the area. The plan states, “the Puhoi catchment

has little capacity to absorb any further intensification, other than that already provided for under current zoning, if it is to maintain its historic character and rural feel”. But the Unitary Plan Hearings Panel adopted the changes in its recommendations and went even further, expanding the proposed settlement zone by 5.5ha to include four additional properties. To compound matters, it recommended reducing the minimum section size for the Rural and Coastal zone from 4000m2 sites to 2500m2. Council adopted both changes last month. If all of the rezoned land was

subdivided to its maximum capacity it would allow for 221 sections, but protected native bush and topography means this is unlikely. But Mr Dickson says he has no intention of subdividing his land, despite specifically requesting the zoning changes to enable a sizeable residential development. “I didn’t have plans to subdivide it then and I don’t now,” Mr Dickson says. He says development in Puhoi has been occurring in an ad hoc manner and his submission was based on what he believes is the best location for development in the town. He says there is nothing contradictory in calling for his land to be rezoned to enable more intensified development, while maintaining he has no plans to develop the land. “Development has been happening in Puhoi for the past 15 years. It’s better it happens in a considered manner where houses are most suited. The Unitary Plan invited public submissions and I was one of thousands who took that opportunity.” Earlier this year, Mr Dickson was also granted a resource consent for a small number of sites on his land. He says he has no plan to make use of the consent.


Building & construction

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A bird’s eye view of Coast development Stanmore Bay photographer Mark Yela used his drone to capture sweeping views of a number of local developments.

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Whangaparaoa The number of homes that will be built in this Whangaparaoa development, off Karepiro Drive and behind Arklow Lane, has almost doubled. The site, which is being subdivided by Cabra Developments, was originally to include around 100 homes and a dozen commercial/industrial sites but the housing component has grown to almost 200 and the commercial/ industrial part has been dropped. Cabra has resource consent for 78 terraced houses in 25 two-storey blocks to go up on either side of the extension to Karepiro Drive, on land

that was originally zoned commercial/ industrial – this was changed through the Unitary Plan. Work, in conjunction with G J Gardner, began last month on the first block. Extensive earthworks have been underway on these hills overlooking Whangaparaoa Road for three years. Creating level housing sites has involved major earthworks including a lot of retaining walls. Cabra project and sales manager Duncan Unsworth says he expects the subdivision work to be complete in November.


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Millwater At the Silverdale entrance to Millwater, the Bonair subdivision has some of the largest sections on offer (mostly 500– 700sqm) and will eventually contain around 620 properties in total. Some parts are already complete. Pictured are the next stages (total 200 sections), which Millwater marketing manager Warren Frogley says are all sold or under contract. The majority have been sold to companies offering design and build options. Bonair is

due for completion this summer. Two other areas of Millwalter – Seaview and Ridgedale – are already finished and Arran Point will be released next year, followed by Arran Hills. Mr Frogley says Millwater should be completed within the next two to three years, providing more than 3000 sections, with a mix of medium or high-density homes. Work is already underway on the next phase, off Wainui Rd.

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Making the most The team at Shafer Design created a pop-up park.

Green park pops up in Orewa

Since 1997, we’ve helped thousands of Kiwis across the Auckland area, and beyond, make the most of their homes, work and living spaces.

It took just half-an-hour to bring a car parking space in Orewa to life by turning it into a temporary garden recently. As part of PARK(ing) Day on Shafer Design’s “pocketpark” space September 16, Shafer Design turned incorporated the idea of natural the car park outside their office in stormwater treatment techniques with Keith Morris Lane into a garden by aquatic native plants and rocks placed adding synthetic grass and a mixture alongside the drain. of potted native and exotic plants. Similar spaces were created around PARK(ing) Day is held internationally to call attention to the need for more Auckland, focused on the fact that, urban open space, to generate debate as Auckland becomes more densely around how public space is created populated, private properties will and allocated, and to improve the have less open space, placing higher emphasis on quality design for parks. quality of the urban human habitat.

Now we are rewriting our story, with a fresh new face. We’re the same friendly, experienced team; with the same focus on quality and service.

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Tricky question The one question group home builders hate you to ask, but the question they get asked almost on a daily basis is, ‘What’s your square metre (sqm) rate?’ In most cases, this is very difficult to answer. Most of us have been told that this is the way to compare new home costs as it typically takes into consideration the materials and labour for the entire home. But when you delve deeper into all the elements that factor into pricing a new build, you might start to see why builders hate this question so much and why the answer may not help you at all. It’s a bit like asking how much a car costs per sqm and then comparing a Lamborghini with a Toyota. Both offer very different looks, methods of construction, and inclusions and, of course, very different costs and products. Perhaps Toyota could make a Lamborghini if they charged the same sqm rate (royalties and copyright aside). Firstly, the size of the home changes the sqm rate (smaller homes have higher rates) due to different sized homes containing similar high cost items such as kitchens, bathrooms, windows and doors. But the problem mainly comes when you try and compare the sqm rates of homes of the same size. New home builders include and exclude different items, depending on their processes and how they want to market their wares. What you expect to be included in the rate changes everything. Some of the bigger cost items such as cladding, joinery and electrical can be easily manipulated to provide different sqm rates. Consider the number of windows and their size and type (ie bifolds are more expensive than sliding doors); number of exterior doors and their size, are they stacker doors or basic ranch sliders? It’s very easy for the same plan to have seven less units with variations in the types of doors and, therefore, change the cost and sqm rates considerably – by up to $10k. What cladding is in the sqm rate, timber weatherboard, brick, board and batten, shadowclad?  All change the sqm rate significantly. How many power points and lights are included? Again, builders can change this to be the bare minimum or many more. What insulation rating (or R value) is included? Is the garage insulated? These items are all open to manipulation – some builders put in the basic, some have it higher. What fittings and fixtures does that include? How many bathrooms and en suites are you comparing? An extra toilet and vanity can easily add significant cost onto the rate considering the unit itself, the plumber, drainlayer, electrician, mirrors, tapware, and so on. I’m going to stop there, without even touching on where you are building (its wind zoning, soil type, and contour)! If you are going to try and compare sqm rates, you need to consider three categories: Council • Specific land requirements • The materials/build of your home. You will also need to devote considerable time to comparing them, and from experience, this can be a long and frustrating exercise. Realistically, a builder can build to any sqm rate (of course some choose not to and target a particular market), but what you have in the home, and the other factors above, will create variables. So how do you compare costs if you don’t use a sqm rate? You will need to find new home builders who are open and flexible with inclusions and their pricing. Many group housing companies are restricted by their supplier agreements, and their most cost-effective pricing methods may be using materials that they have a bulk buying rate on, but you don’t particularly like. So shop around. Work through a floor plan, on your specific piece of land, with clearly labelled inclusions and exclusions, and this will help ensure you get value for money.



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“Janne is by far the best real estate agent we have ever met! Don’t bother with anyone else but ask her to sell your most precious possession” Lesley and Chris Wood.

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Opponents of this proposed development in Red Beach are seeking financial support for their fight.

Village opponents ‘lawyer up’ Red Beach residents opposed to the building of a large retirement village, on a five-hectare site on the former Peninsula Golf Club land, have formed an incorporated society and are in the process of engaging a lawyer, planner and landscape architect to make presentations at this month’s hearing. Metlifecare, which also owns Hibiscus Coast Village, is proposing to build a six-storey block with 368 apartments as well as a two-storey complex containing 25 apartments, 28 two-bedroom villas and a two-storey care home. The proposal also includes eight retail units and cafes/restaurants that will be open to the public. The company is investing around $150 million in building the village and hopes to start work in October 2017.

Opponents say that the development is not suitable for an established residential area and have a number of other concerns including the size and dominance of the tallest block, a shortfall of carparks and the potential for adverse effects on the environment. Red Beach Society Inc’s submission says that “due to the elevated position of the site, the proposal will create an ‘eagle’s nest’ towering over, overlooking and casting shadows onto other residential properties and their living spaces”. The group is seeking financial support to cover professional fees. Info: email or look for Red Beach Society on Facebook. The hearing of submissions will take place in Orewa from October 11–14.

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Red Beach intensification win Former America’s Cup skipper Chris Dickson has had partial success in attempting to have land he owns in Red Beach rezoned. Mr Dickson sought through the Unitary Plan process to have his land, located off Chenery Road, rezoned from Residential Large Lot to Single Lot, which would have significantly increased the permitted density of any potential development there. The decision made by Council was that the land should remain

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Residential Large Lot because of its landscape values. However, a change was made to the Rodney Landscape Precinct, as it applies to this piece of land that enables subdivision with an average site size of 2000sqm. Generally, a minimum site size of 8000sqm applies within the Rodney Landscape Precinct. Mr Dickson says that he currently has no plans to develop the land, but that the new zoning makes sense.

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Plaza seeks greener effect Work has started on a $200,000 upgrade of the courtyard outside The Plaza in Whangaparaoa that manager Anne Murphy hopes will produce a greener, more inviting and user-friendly space. The work on the courtyard, opposite the library, is being undertaken by landscape architects Greenscene NZ for The Plaza owners, Greenwhale Holdings. New planting areas will be established, along with more seating. Existing palms will be removed. To improve pedestrian flow, the steps in front of Esquires Café will be removed and the planter box extended. This will allow for a mound covered with synthetic lawn to be installed that will provide an area where children can play. There will also be shade sails. Anne says the aim is to provide “a friendlier environment where customers and the public can enjoy catching up with friends whilst providing the Centre with a better

integration with the library”. Town Planner Jason Evans was commissioned by the Hibiscus & Bays Local Board in April to prepare a Town Centre Plan for Whangaparaoa. The plans look at the potential for future development and cover issues such as cycleways and public spaces. However, Anne says Greenwhale Holdings decided to proceed with making changes to the courtyard now, rather than wait for that plan to be finished. “The revitalisation of the courtyard is part of our plan to introduce a restaurant precinct,” Anne says. “We’re hopeful we will have something in place before Christmas. Jason is on board with what we have done and, given the likelihood that Council won’t be in any position to look at this until midway through 2017, it is best that we lead the way.” The Plaza courtyard’s new look should be completed by early December.

Natives in, pines out

The felling of pines at Shakespear Regional Park is part of a long-standing policy to replace exotic tree species with natives – a policy which was reiterated recently by senior open sanctuary ranger Matt Maitland. On September 13, two Norfolk pines from a row of nine, on the ridge above Te Haruhi Bay, were felled as they were in poor health. In response to queries received by Hibiscus Matters, Matt said exotic species were being removed over time to manage hazards or in conjunction with other works. “These trees have a limited life and we have established native plantings as replacements for when trees need to be removed. Each year we plant over 13,000 natives as part of the revegetation of the park and open sanctuary,” he said.

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Extensions aid local SHAs Owners of a couple of local Special Housing Areas (SHA) may be breathing a sigh of relief following Government legislation passed last month that extends the timeframe for their developments to progress under the SHA rules. The rules allow development to be fast tracked with minimal consultation and appeal rights for the community. SHAs must also contain a component of affordable housing. Government passed legislation to extend the Housing Accords and Special Housing Areas Act last month. The provisions of the amended legislation include giving existing SHAs a further year from the date they were established before they will be disestablished. Had this not been passed, SHAs owned

by developers who had not applied for resource consent by September 16 would have lost their SHA status. Locally, resource consent applications for the SHA at 85-89 Brightside Rd (owned by Colin Craig’s Centurion Management Services) and 6-8 and 7-9 George Lowe Place, through to 6-8 Hillary Square in Orewa, where around 100 apartments are proposed, were not yet into Council when this issue of Hibiscus Matters went to print. An Auckland Council spokesperson says that because those two developments were gazetted in Tranche 9 and 10 respectively, they have extensions under the legislation until February 15, 2017 and May 19, 2017 respectively to enable development consents to be lodged.

Caravan spreads sustainability message

Students at Orewa Primary will be challenged to consider their environmental impact when the Tread Lightly Caravan visits the school this month. As well as answering questions about how they dry their washing, get to school and use water, they will be generating their own electricity by pedalling the Power Bike. There is also a focus on e-waste that includes a cross section of landfill, demonstrating that even after 100 years much of the contents are still intact including mobile phones, plastics, electronics and polystyrene. The caravan, which is described as “Auckland’s only mobile environmental classroom”, was developed by the Urban EcoLiving Charitable Trust and its visit to Orewa is supported by the Hibiscus & Bays Local Board, which gave the Trust $1000 in its last grants round. It began making the rounds of schools and community events in 2010 and has so far visited more than 125 schools across the Auckland region. Inside the caravan are interactive displays showing how everyday choices such as what we buy, how we travel, what we eat, how we use energy in our homes and how we manage waste, impact the natural environment. The key messages are that everyone’s choices have environmental consequences, that resources are limited and that small changes in the way we live help save resources, prevent pollution and protect our plants, animals and their habitats. The Tread Lightly Caravan will visit Orewa Primary from October 17 to 21.

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Building consents issued on the Coast over the past five years.

2012 2013 2014


2015 2016

300 250 200 150

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Council promises speedier building consent process Auckland Council has put the wheels in motion to make building consents easier and faster to obtain with a project that involves upgrading its building and resource divisions. A Council spokesperson says that the key objective for the consenting services in future is that they are more efficient and deliver consents faster. He says that this should also mean that consents cost less. Currently, the upgrade is still in its development stages. Implementation will take place next year, with further information on specific timeframes to be provided later this year. The aim is to deliver a consenting process that is tailored to the different types of projects. This will focus on four areas: Simple projects that can be processed quickly. • Large complex projects where a project management approach is beneficial. • High volume and largely standardised residential new builds where there are established relationships with an agreed quality assurance plan. • Ensuring a seamless service across all consent requirements for all other projects. Online solutions are being developed with the aim of increasing efficiency.

The process will include providing information and tools that will enable customers to make informed decisions early, and highlights step-by-step what they can expect; information tailored specifically to the project to help with applications; online receipting and processing of applications as well as online issue of consents and payments; an ability for customers to manage their compliance activities online including booking inspections and providing feedback. Building control general manager Ian McCormick says that the ability to process basic applications within five to 10 days online will make a huge difference to customers. “Instead of taking potentially 20 working days for consent, you’ll be able to start work on your project faster if it meets the criteria and the correct information is supplied in the application,” he says. “Over the past year we’ve seen massive growth in building consent applications, with a 12 percent increase and well over 100,000 building inspections. These demands are putting pressure on our business and, as a result, we need a more efficient consenting service to process the heavy volume.”


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Janice Boag won the fun section Step Into Spring. Floral art is being encouraged at the Garden Club’s shows and members responded with more entries than usual in this category.

On the last day of the challenge, participants, from left, Rachel and Anais Haythornthwaite, Kiran Rai and Anna Ackerman were looking forward to returning to a normal diet.

Vineyard team takes on food challenge Hunger pains and the tedium of eating similar food every day were two of the challenges faced by the team from Coast Vineyard Church, which completed a Live Below the Line fundraiser last month. The event was organised by Tearfund whom hunger was a normal part of Kiran said the support of the rest of to raise money for victims of human their life. the church members had been integral trafficking in South East Asia. “It helped me put things into to the success of the event. Participants were required to live perspective,” she said. According to Tearfund, 21 million on $2.85 a day for five days. This Kiran Rai said it made him realise how people are trapped in slavery today – involved spending a lot of time on a calculator, costing out the day’s food much meal times were part of how be more than at any other time in history. planned his day and he found time Most of the victims are vulnerable on a portion-by-portion basis. went more slowly. women and children who are living Eleven members of the church took in poverty. Money raised will help “I also found it hard to focus at times part, including eight-year-old Anais Haythornthwaite, and had raised just which made me realise what it must run empowerment and education under $4000 when Hibiscus Matters be like for children in NZ who go to programmes, assist authorities to break criminal networks, and give went to print. The team was the school without breakfast,” he said. second highest sponsored team in NZ. Anna Ackerman said she’d felted survivors a place to heal and recover. Team member Rachel Haythornthwaite exhausted and lacking in energy, but Donations to the cause are still being said that when she felt really hungry, refocusing on why she was doing it accepted. Info: Go to coastvineyardnz she would think about the people for helped. of Facebook.

50% off Pilates intro session + first class FREE!

*Must present voucher. New customers only. Offer expires 20.03.16


Only on presentation of this advert. Applies to new customers only. Valid until 30/11/16 Two Locations on the Coast ACC Physiotherapy • Over 60 Pilates Mat and Reformer Classes per week Sports Massage • Acupuncture

Red Beach 426 9644 • Millwater 959 0211

Good entries in spring show There was a strong showing at the newly renamed Hibiscus Coast Garden Club’s Spring Show, with a good number of entries and a turnout of more than 40 people at the members’ meeting that followed the show. The show, which was open to the public, was at Whangaparaoa Hall on September 19. It included categories such as floral art and spring fever with plenty of quality fruit and vegetables, as well as plants from local gardens. President Marion McCracken says that along with the change of name from Whangaparaoa Horticultural Society to Hibiscus Coast Garden Club, meetings are held once a month. The next flower show will be held in November.



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Bowen Therapy is a powerful but gentle form of body work using very subtle and gentle moves over the muscles and connective tissues designed to aid in the healing of a wide range of conditions from sciatica and back pain to sporting injuries, arthritis, digestive and respiratory problems. Because the technique is so gentle, it can be used to treat newborn babies, the elderly and everybody in between.

New Clients receive $5 off your first visit. Refer someone get $5 off your next visit.

Book anytime online

Full time clinic – 2 late nights • Ph 027 292 3604 A/hrs 09 424 8519 •

Put the free bowel screening test on your ‘to do’ list every two years

Early detection a life-saver

People living on the Hibiscus Coast are being urged to make the free two yearly bowel screening test part of their regular health routine. Scott McWilliams, who worked in Waitemata DHB’s bowel screening pilot team for several years, is passionate about raising awareness of how easy bowel screening kits are to use and how much of a difference they can make. As a cancer survivor, he places extra value on a test that can help detect and prevent bowel cancer. “My message to people sitting on the fence about taking the bowel screening test is to just do it,” he says. “The test is easy and hassle free. It’s not just about finding out if you have cancer, Scott McWilliams it’s about finding potential cancers New Zealand will start rolling out early and removing them before they bowel screening nationally next year have a chance to grow.” after the success of Waitemata DHB’s The bowel screening test is an iFOB pilot. So far more than 316 people (immunochemical faecal occult blood) who have taken part have been found test. It can detect tiny traces of blood to have cancer. in your bowel motion that can’t be Clinical Director, Mike Hulme-Moir, seen by the naked eye. This may be an says the great news is that bowel early warning that something is wrong screening is finding cancers at an early and further investigation in warranted. stage when they are just beginning to Scott has recently done his third bowel grow, and before they have had the screening test which tested positive, chance to spread. after both his other previous results “About 70 percent of the cancers we two and four years ago were negative. are seeing through the bowel screening “If blood is found in your sample, it’s programme are early stage, which called a ‘positive result’. So I, like more means a much higher chance of being than 8,000 other people who have done cured by surgery alone. The patient the test as part of Waitemata DHB’s doesn’t need chemotherapy which is bowel screening pilot, was referred for a huge benefit. Bowel screening not a diagnostic colonoscopy at Waitakere only saves lives, it costs the country Hospital. There was no cancer but I less for treatment.” had quite a few polyps removed and If you live in the Waitemata DHB still nothing to worry about. Polyps area, are aged between 50 and 74 years can develop into cancer over time, so and are eligible for publically funded the bowel screening test is preventing health care you may be able to do the free bowel screening test. cancer as well as finding it.”

Blind Week appeal

Regular bowel screening helps find early signs of cancer Most bowel cancers found early can be successfully treated You will be invited to do a bowel screening test every two years if you are; • aged between 50 and 74 • living in the Waitemata DHB area • eligible for free public health care If you have not received an invitation, or you have moved house, please call 0800 924 432, text YES to 3022, or email See your doctor now if you have any bowel symptoms that concern you.

Volunteer collectors around the country will take to the streets on October 7 and 8 for the Blind Foundation’s annual Blind Week street collection. The money will be used to provide practical and emotional support for Kiwis with sight loss. Chief executive Sandra Budd says that every day, three more New Zealanders will turn to the Foundation for support with sight loss, and public generosity means they will be able to lead full lives with as much independence as they need. Donations can also be made online at

Stanmore Bay Pharmacy

0800 924 432

Best forfor Everyone BestCare Care Everyone

Check Yourself Out

Open 7 days: Mon–Fri: 8.30am-7pm • Sat–Sun: 9am-5pm Shop B2, 570 Whangaparaoa Rd, Stanmore Bay

ph 09 424 2717 | fx 09 424 2977


October 5, 2016 | Hibiscusmatters |

Where there’s a free Will, there’s a way

In a campaign called Exercise your Free Will, which runs throughout October, local solicitor Nola McGowan is offering to draw up a Will, free of charge, in return for a bequest to Hibiscus Hospice. By including a gift to Hibiscus Hospice, you will be able to get a simple Will drawn up free of charge, or amendments made to an existing Will or Memorandum of Wishes (in the case of a Family Trust). Nola McGowan of Vlatkovich and McGowan has not only left a gift in her own Will to Hibiscus Hospice, she has acted as honorary solicitor for the organisation since its inception in 1992, volunteering her time and services. She says she has a very personal Solicitor Nola McGowan attachment to hospice. “If you have ever been in the position Nola says making a Will is important where you needed hospice for your because conversations about bequests family then you will know what to family, the guardianship of children a truly worthy organisation it is,” and whether you’d like to be buried or Nola says. “When Dad was dying, I cremated can be difficult to have. remember a hospice person came to “A Will provides a way of sit with him through the night so I communicating your wishes and could get some sleep. I believe that we, ensuring they are carried out, after as a community, need to make sure you’ve gone,” she says. the future of our hospice is protected.” Info: phone Allie Downing, Planned Gifts made in a Will come in all Giving Coordinator on 09 421 9180, shapes and sizes from money in small or large amounts, to a specific item or before October 31 to receive a voucher a percentage of the estate. for your free Will.

Manly brigade sleeps rough for food truck fundraiser Volunteers and supporters of the Manly Fire Brigade will be sleeping rough on Friday October 7 as part of a fundraiser for 14 Hours Homeless, based in West Auckland. Brigade support officer Cerise Jordan says the NZ Fire Service was challenged to join the event and 10 Manly brigade members were quick to sign-up. She hopes more will do so before the event starts. “We hope to raise at least $750,” she says. “This will go towards buying a mobile food truck, which will cost $50,000.”

The volunteers will be sleeping in the brigade carpark on couches, in cardboard boxes or in cars. The overnight event will start at 6pm and finish at 8am the following day. Members of the public are welcome to attend. The fire station will be open and there will be information about home fire safety checks.




Have you or any of your loved ones been told you need to get some hearing aids? Did the costs quoted for doing this make you think twice, or even put it off for later? With untreated hearing loss being proven to contribute towards social withdrawal, family friction and even the early onset of dementia, we need to overcome this for you!

WE ARE COMMITTED TO GIVING YOU THE VERY BEST CARE “I’d put this off for years, but you made it a breeze!” Mr. H. (Silverdale) “This is unreal! It’s just like having my own ears back!” Mr. T. (Manly) “You guys are so lovely, I always feel welcome.” Mrs. B. (Stanmore Bay)

WE ARE KIWI OWNED & FULLY INDEPENDENT Hearing devices have hugely improved over the last few years. We give you a full choice of all the very best technology available from the world’s leading manufacturers. This includes rechargeable; made for iPhone; invisible in the ear; Bluetooth connectivity; open fitting: all makes, all styles: your choice.

To support the bridge, go to facebook. com/ManlyFireStation To join the sleep out, register at





Terms & conditions apply

Dentists • Specialist Orthodontist Unit 21, Millwater Central, 175 Millwater Parkway, Silverdale

Phone: 09 972 1518

09 4246035


Experience gentle care Experience technology Experience value

Special: Exam & 2 bitewings X-rays $70

Steve Foster MANZAI Alison Vautier MANZAI NZAS Audiometrist Audiometrist

* Terms & Conditions apply, please enquire for full details. Offer assumes you are eligible for a government subsidy of $511.11 per hearing aid. The government subsidy is available to all New Zealanders aged 18 and over, once every 6 years. ACC & Veterans’ Affairs fittings are not included in this offer, but we can beat any quote for these. HPHHM1016

VALID UNTIL: 31/12/2016



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Health with Dr Peter Hall

Is it normal? “Everybody is normal – until you get to know them,” the saying goes; or, in medicine, everybody is normal until you’ve done enough tests to prove that they are not! When talking about blood tests the “normal range” generally means the results from the middle 95 percent of the population. That is, the 2.5 percent at either end of the scale are “abnormal” by definition. It’s easy to see that if we do 20 tests for a patient there is a high statistical chance that one of them will be abnormal, but that doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you. For instance, the normal range for the number of white cells in the blood is from 4.0 to 11.0. So what does it mean if your white cell count is 3.9? Probably nothing, but it depends on the clinical context. In that case a better question to ask might be whether the result is “significant”. This issue is becoming more important as patient portals allow access to notes, engendering some concern if the results are not explained. Beware the uninterpreted test! Then what about blood pressure? When we say blood pressure is “normal”, what we mean is that it is at a level where health complications are minimised. Every now and again authorities review the evidence and move the goal posts, so the blood pressure that was acceptable last year might not be now. And, once again, context comes into play, with much lower targets being set for patients with diabetes and heart disease. The same applies to cholesterol results that might be okay until you have a heart attack and then we prescribe statins. So a better word for ‘normal’ in this situation might be “desirable”. And some conditions are purely a matter of definition. For instance, the test for diabetes is called an HbA1c. Below 40 is “normal”, 40-49 is pre-diabetic but as soon as you hit 50 you are a diabetic and we throw the book at you. It’s a bit like the road rules: there is not much difference between 99 kph and 101 kph but technically the latter is speeding. The situation is even more complicated when we are talking about behaviour, where normality is often defined by culture and fashion, rather than science. So, being normal might be harder than you think. You could need a highly trained health professional to know whether you have achieved it!

Charities get in the swim The satellite Rotary Club of Orewa-Millwater last month nominated the two principal recipients of the funds that it hopes to raise at its Swimarathon, which will be held at the Stanmore Bay Leisure Centre on February 26. They are: Hibiscus Hospice and Orewa Sea Scouts. Other local charities are invited to apply for a share of the funds and are asked to send a letter of application, stating the specific uses to which the funds will be put (if their application is successful), the amount requested and whether they are willing to enter a six-person team into the event. Applications should be emailed to Paul Conroy or Applications close on January 31. Sponsors for the event are also invited to get in touch. Support the businesses that support Hibiscus Matters


October 5, 2016 | Hibiscusmatters |

Dave Mullan

On the road with Hibiscus Coast community patrol Dave Mullan of Red Beach is a keen volunteer with the Hibiscus Coast Community Patrol. Although he is in his eighties and has advanced prostate cancer, he continues this work, believing it provides a valuable service to other residents. The patrol acts as extra eyes and ears for the police, driving around the Dairy Flat to Puhoi and Red Beach to Waitoki areas and reporting potential issues to police. Dave explains how and why he got involved: “During my working life as a patrols were routine. We “showed the Methodist minister I was heavily flag” and helped businesses and the involved in all kinds of social and general public to become aware of the community service. Those concerns patrol and its contribution to their also shaped my life in 20 years of own safety and security. retirement. Three years ago my developing cancer About 10 years ago, when I was living dictated the move to Red Beach in the Bay of Islands, the community where we have family support. I was was experiencing a fairly high level determined that somewhere in my new of petty crime. There were a lot of life there must be some opportunity thefts in tourist car parks but also to try to make a difference in my three or four very serious attacks community. The local patrol was an on individuals. Part of the problem easy decision. was that there were too many aftermidnight liquor outlets and eventually I avoid most night shifts but usually the most irresponsible proprietors lost do one or two day shifts a month. Yes, their licences. We locals were also it’s sometimes boring, but always very challenged to do something about satisfying. The strong affirmation and the situation and the formation of a support of the local and regional Police Community Patrol was one outcome. staff is always an encouragement. I believe the patrol contributes greatly Within a month of the patrol starting, to the security and safety of our there was a dramatic drop in car park Hibiscus Coast communities. incidents. My medical future remains uncertain. Over the next few years my wife Bev and I, who usually patrolled But new drugs seem to be causing the together, were involved in quite a few cancer to take a less aggressive course incidents, one or two at the direct than we were led to expect three years request of the Police who did not have ago. I’m not planning to drop off the resources immediately to hand. One Community Patrol roster yet!” incident got quite confrontational as The community patrol is always for volunteers. Info: neighbours on both sides of a road looking safety issue weighed in and had their phone 022 012 9526 or visit www. say. But most of the time our daytime

Insect life explained Educational signs have been installed in Eaves Bush that focus on insect life. The signs were provided by the Auckland branch of the Entomological Society. Two signs are in place, near trees where the insects make their home, with more to come.


Brushing, flossing and regular check-ups are three simple steps you can take to keep your teeth and mouth healthy. But are you using the correct techniques to make the most of your daily routine? EFFECTIVE BRUSHING: Brush twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste to remove plaque from your teeth - this is the “furry” film that builds up on your teeth over the course of a day. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush at an angle, so the bristles are in contact with your teeth and gums. Gently sweep the brush away from your gum line and down your teeth. Make sure to brush the inside, outside and chewing surfaces of your teeth, and remember your tongue! Brush it gently to remove built-up bacteria and freshen your breath. Rinse your toothbrush and allow it to drain and dry in an upright position. Avoid using a closed container for your toothbrush, as this will encourage the growth of bacteria and mould. When the bristles start looking frayed, replace your toothbrush. EFFECTIVE FLOSSING: We recommend flossing a couple of times a week, if not daily! Regular flossing will clean out areas of your teeth and gums where your toothbrush cannot reach. To floss effectively, use about 40 cm of dental floss. Floss one tooth at a time, using a fresh part of the floss regularly. Gently guide the floss between your teeth and follow their natural curves using a rubbing motion. When you reach your gum line, allow the floss to slide under your gums, then gently sweep the entire tooth. If using floss is uncomfortable, try a pre-threaded flossing stick available at any supermarket, or contact us for other flossing solutions we can provide! VISITING A DENTIST: Regular visits to your dentist will help stop problems before they develop. We recommend having a check-up once a year, or more often if you have dental problems which need careful monitoring. During check ups we also take X-rays of your teeth. X-rays are a simple way of detecting dental problems not visible to the naked eye, and can help an issue from developing into something more serious. Additionally, regular dental cleanings are an important step in maintaining the health of your gums. This is a simple procedure and is usually done in one 60 minute appointment! Contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your daily dental routine, and we’ll be happy to help you out!

p: 426 5262 | e: or talk to us on our Facebook page Suite 6, 44 Silverdale Street, Silverdale



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         See FACEBOOK group PXP ROYALE INFORMATION for more information & testimonials. Phone 027 680 2701

Milford Eye Clinic

Rotary members, from left, Paul Conroy, Jaimee Durham, Jennifer Palmer and Brian Mullan with crocuses.

Affiliated Southern Cross Healthcare provider

Polio immunisation highlighted

Red Beach Branch

• Dr Michael Fisk • Dr Brian Sloan • Dr Jo Koppens • Dr David Squirrell • Dr Rasha Altaie • Dr Nadeem Ahmad

Serving the eye needs of North Shore and Rodney for over 35 years Cataract, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, Retina, Cornea, Laser, Oculoplastics, Paediatrics. Consultations available at our Red Beach, Warkworth and Milford branches.

• Coastcare, Red Beach Shopping Centre, Red Beach • Milford Eye Clinic, 181 Shakespeare Road, Milford • Warkworth, Unit 3, Warkworth Health Centre, Cnr Alnwick & Percy Streets, Warkworth

For all appointments phone 09 489 6871 L S AL ICE EE RV FR SE RE A

The fight against polio is one of medicines’ big success stories, with fewer than 75 cases confirmed worldwide last year. However, no-one is resting on UNICEF, the Bill & Melinda Gates their laurels and there is an annual Foundation, and governments of the campaign to raise awareness of the world. need to eradicate it entirely. In some countries, children who have World Polio Day will be held on been immunised have their little October 24 and the new Rotary fingers coloured with purple dye, to Satellite Club of Orewa-Millwater is indicate to volunteers that they have leading a local awareness campaign received their dose. This is why the in Silverdale and Orewa, by selling purple crocus was adopted as a symbol the purple Rotary Crocus and raising of the campaign by Rotary. funds to end polio. Rotary Satellite Club chair, Paul In 1985, Rotary started its global polio Conroy says polio could be just a eradication initiative at a time when plane ride away from New Zealand, so the world saw about 1000 cases of it’s vital that funds are raised to help polio a day. The initiative, formed in end polio forever. 1988, is a public-private partnership The club will be at the Silverdale that includes Rotary, the World Market on Saturday, October 22, and Health Organisation, the US Centres Rotary Crocuses will also be available for Disease Control and Prevention, in local florist shops this month.

Warkworth Birth Centre

quality maternity care Orewa Community Church

Breast Feeding Support Group

Discovering God Sharing Christ’s Love Sunday Family Services 10am + Kids Journeys

First Wednesday of each month @ 10am


FREE pregnancy tests Prenatal classes, birth venue & post-natal stay Own room in peaceful rural surroundings Excellent equipment and atmosphere Water birth a speciality Midwives on call at all times, and as backup for your caregiver (LMC)  Full post-natal hospital stay  24 hour Registered Midwives/Nurses to care for you and your baby  You can transfer from your birth hospital within 12 hours of normal birth or 24 hours following a Caesarian      

Available to all women and their caregivers

For further information talk to your LMC/Midwife or Warkworth Birth Centre

Phone 09 425 8201 56 View Road, Warkworth

9 Oct: 1 Corinthians – Unity & Maturity Speaker: Mike Sinclair 16 Oct: Mission Sunday Speakers: Fiji Mission Team

All Welcome Amorino Drive, Red Beach Ph 426 7023 |


October 5, 2016 | Hibiscusmatters |

HORIZON RADIOLOGY OREWA Students of Red Beach School removed rubbish from streets around the school as part of Clean Up Week.

Red Beach students learn environmental lesson

When registrations opened for Keep NZ Beautiful’s Clean Up Week in August, Room 21 from Red Beach School was among the first to sign up. Their teacher, Lisa Davies, says her students were “on a mission” to clean up the streets around the school as part of the class focus on Nurturing our Nature this year. Clean Up Week ran from September 12–18. On Friday September 16, 27 students from Room 21 set off in small groups, armed with rubbish and recycling bags. “We were surprised at how much rubbish was around,” Lisa says. “The “Stinky wet” rubbish is never nice good news is that lots of it could be to handle, but students still bagged plenty of it. recycled.” Recyclable items were a mixture of witch’s hat and an old slipper! bottles, paper and cans. The children After around an hour, the students also picked up lots of cigarette butts and had filled five bags with rubbish and bottle tops. Unusual items included a six with recyclable materials.

Ultrasound Scans Ultrasound Guided Steriod Injeccons ACC Scans General and Obstetric Scans Musculoskeletal Musculos Scans For and appointment PH: 0800 746 853

HORIZON RADIOLOGY LIMITED 320 Hibiscus Coast Highway (in Tamariki Ave) Referrers Ph: 0508 397 7377




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Driving School Ltd Services offered for the GDLS: Street Talk Driver Education Program • Defensive Driving Course • Pick-up and drop-off • Lessons for Learners to Restricted License • Instructions for Restricted to Full License • Mock Test Practice/ Assessment • Overseas License Conversion

Clifford Santa Maria NZTA Approved Driving Instructor, Street Talk Driver Education Provider (NZTA Approved) ph: 09 413 5018 • mb: 0210 553 275 • em: • •

Women remember A group of women gathered for breakfast in Orewa to mark Suffrage Day, on September 19. Around 22 women attended the breakfast, which was held by the National Council of Women’s local branch at Emi Deli. It also marked 120 years since the formation of the National Council of Women and 123 years since NZ women got the vote. As well as members of the National Council of Women, there were representatives of other women’s organisations such as Zonta, Soroptimist International and Destiny Rescue. Kingsway teacher Caroline Watson spoke about the five months she spent on language immersion in Chile, saying that although the country has a female president, many Chilean women do not have parity with men, especially in employment.

Orewa lifeguards recognised

The Orewa Surf Life Saving Club brought home the Gudsell Trophy at the 2016 Surf Life Saving New Zealand Awards of Excellence held last month. The award recognises the club with the highest number of surf lifeguard awards gained, with Orewa registering 45 new lifeguards. Christiaan Maarhuis, from Waihi Beach Surf Life Saving Club, was named Lifeguard of the Year. Last season, NZ lifeguards saved more than 1500 people from life-threatening situations.

Your Ultra fix for joints!

50% off Now only $37.97 Hurry! While stocks last. Helps maintain healthy joints Supports comfort and mobility.

Davina ph 558 8222 027 286 6668 | Arkles Bay



Hibiscus Health Shop

3 Tamariki Ave, Orewa | Everyday 5% discount for

HNZ Registered Hypnotherapist


Your Foot Specialist 23/175 Millwater Parkway Silverdale • Ph 427 9997 Book online:


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Donation supports mobile mentoring service A mobile caravan used to support young people at Coast high schools has received a donation from Harcourts Tandem Realty via The Harcourts Foundation. The caravan is run by the Coast Youth Community Trust and is staffed by a team of youth workers. Trust director Allan Robertson says the caravan operates as a mobile drop-in centre to create a fun, easily accessible, and safe environment for youth to not only hang out, but also to access older role models. “It’s often an environment and a place where young people feel relaxed that they will open up about something they have going on, where they might not feel comfortable doing that in a formal school environment or with their parents,” he says. Harcourts Tandem Realty owner Nick Langdon says the Trust is doing fantastic work in the community, helping youth find the support and mentoring they may need. “It is amazing to see the difference they can make in young people’s lives and we feel privileged to be able to help them do what they do,” he says.

Harvest begins

Love Soup has started to harvest plants from the community garden planted at Whangaparaoa Hall in mid-August. The vegetables are being served as part of its free community meals service at the hall. At a recent meal, volunteers prepared a cheese sauce to go with silverbeet and broccoli picked fresh from the garden. Bok choy and herbs such as parsley and coriander are also being used in the meals.


turning to Nicola Shanks is re th locum. Kinetics for a 4 mon after She is highly sought skills and for her diagnostic hieving passionate about ac Please call treatment results. pointment. the clinic for an ap



I DID IT FOR... THE GRAND Seniors Club KIDS A special discounted membership for those aged 60+ who have plenty more life to live. Pop in & see us today!

Northern Arena, 8 Polarity Rise, Silverdale. TO SWIM | GYM |Highway SWIM | GROUP FITNESS | PERSONAL TRAIN cnr Whangaparaoa Rd &LEARN Hibiscus Coast

09 421 9700

09 421 9700 Limited time only. Conditions apply.


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Silverdale performer hitting her songwriting straps GRAB A WHOLE RACK OF RIBS FOR ONLY $26! Available from 5pm

Open 7 days: 11am–8.30pm Phone 426 7369 Silverdale Centre (Next to Mozaik) keep up with what’s smokin’

Shop 4/1 Alice Avenue Hillary Square, Orewa

Ph 09 426 1691 Mon–Fri: 8.30am–5.30pm Saturday: 9am–4pm

Local • National • International delivery. Petals & Teleflora

Email: |

Present this voucher to receive $5 off any purchase over $10. ✁ Valid until 19.10.16



SPECIALS! 10% off

any Colour/ Cut/BW or Perm/Cut/BW

Buy any sham & get a se npoo d product ofco your choice FR E (excl gift paE cks) *Conditions apply

Mon–Fri: 9am–5pm, (late night Thurs) Sat by appointment

19A Moenui Ave, Orewa |

Ph 427 8511

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Singer and musician Henrieta Tornyai, of Silverdale, has many years of performing under her belt, but says that with the release of her debut EP last month she can, for the first time, also call herself a songwriter. Her six-track EP was produced by Andrew Buckton, who has worked with bands such as Midnight Youth, Silverchair and Shihad. It is getting rave reviews and Henrieta, who uses the stage name Henika, is being compared to Kate Bush and PJ Harvey. Henrieta has a jazz degree from Massey University and is a working musician, playing in a number of bands and teaching music, but says that finding the confidence to write her own Henrieta Tornyai material was “a long journey”. attitude, as well as the time she spent “I’ve always wanted to do it, but there playing in a band with a songwriter were the harsh realities of making a called Blair Clark, encouraged her to living,” she says. “Also, I was surrounded give writing her own material a go. by so many brilliant musicians that I She put her first songs together in her felt a bit inadequate and not sure if my home studio, put them online and last work would be good enough. Because year, by popular vote, she won a NZ On I’d played so many different styles of Air ‘The Audience’ grant that enabled music, it made it hard to imagine what her to produce a single and video. my own might sound like.” She says that although she loves Inspiration came after a couple of years studying with jazz bass player Richard performing live, she finds songwriting Davis, an 82-year-old Afro-American, the most satisfying part of being a at the University of Wisconsin. professional musician. Henrieta says Richard was there ‘when “At the end of the day, I’m doing this jazz happened’ and he has played with for myself. I could make a living doing Nina Simone and Bruce Springsteen, other things, and I’m not trying to be as well as on one of Van Morrison’s the next Lorde – I just want to express most famous songs, Moon Dance. myself and connect with other people. The 28-year-old, who was born in The creation is the pay-off.” Slovakia and moved to the Coast as Look for Henika on YouTube or follow a child, says Richard’s teaching and the link in this story at

October 5, 2016 | Hibiscusmatters |


Estuary Arts smashing exhibit The fun and creativity of assembling small or broken pieces of glass or porcelain into something entirely new has made mosaic an increasingly popular art form in NZ. More than 100 works are on display at the National Mosaic Exhibition, at Estuary Arts in Orewa. It’s the fifth time the exhibition has been held and organisers say this is by far the largest to date – this is the first year that the show, which is also a competition, has come to Orewa. Work by established artists features alongside work by emerging enthusiasts and entrants. A range of two and three-dimensional pieces made from many different materials including ceramic tiles, glass and stone are on display. Plates are among the items that feature in quirky works by Whitianga artist Anne Bowden. Estuary Arts Centre manager Kim Boyd says there is always a question mark over whether this ancient practice, that has both functional and decorative roles, is art or craft. The exhibition, which opened on September 30 and runs until October 23, makes a bright and colourful impact for summer, filling the Breaking good downstairs gallery. Among the local artists contributing Kim says that last term’s mosaic classes to the exhibition is Sandra Cowley at the centre were popular and there of Stanmore Bay and her 10-yearwill be more in Term 4, taken by Jo old daughter Madison. “Mosaics are Luker. good therapy,” Sandra says. “When Info: Estuary Arts, phone 426 5570 you’ve got three young children, it’s nice to smash stuff. Being able to make something takes you out of today’s hectic life and away from a screen.” Sandra’s background is in ceramics but she began making mosaics, using glass, around 18 months ago. “I wanted to work with glass, but couldn’t get regular access to a glass blowing studio,” she says. She has made a large ceramic koru using ceramic, paua and glass for the exhibition along with a 2D work. Madison enjoys working alongside her mother and has picked up mosaics easily in the past year. She used tiles she made herself from a Beatrix Potter book for the work she’s entered in the Youth Section. Anne Bowden with ‘Mildred’.

Term 4: October 19 – December 9 Wednesday 9.30am–2.30pm 8 weeks – $360 The Art Lab, Whangaparaoa Hall Tutor Heather Matthews BFA, MBE

Ph 428 5495 or 027 390 8578


Suggested by “The Story of the Trapp Family Singers” Directed by David Adkins Musically Directed by Catherine Carr Choreography by Claire Murphy

28th October 19th November For tickets call 09 426 7282 or go to

“The Sound of Music” is presented by permission of ORiGiN™ Theatrical on behalf of R&H Theatricals:



| Hibiscusmatters | October 5, 2016

NZ lacrosse rep faces funding challenge Lacrosse player Megan Archer describes her sport as “like hockey, but with the ball in the air”. Funding, too, is very much up in around the field at great speed. Players College when she was 14. A Canadian the air for the NZ Women’s Lacrosse must cover a lot of ground and the biology teacher at the college, Anne team, the NZ Blax – members must game gets intensely physical. Goggles Rowlands, started the first team and find more than $10,000 each in order and mouthguards are worn. Megan says many other NZ Lacrosse to represent NZ at the World Cup in “You get a lot of bruises and I’ve had players have come through the college England next July. quite a few black eyes from the sticks over the years. Megan represented NZ Ex-Whangaparaoa College student of opposing players,” she says. in the U19 World Cup in Germany in Megan, aged 23, was selected for Lacrosse involves a lot of running 2011. the NZ Blax squad, after competing and a high level of fitness. The squad Lacrosse has its origins in a game against hundreds who took part in the is currently training six days a week played by native Americans. The US trials. and also plays build-up matches in and Canada, along with England, She says the sport is growing rapidly California and Melbourne. For Megan Wales and Australia, are currently the in NZ, especially in Auckland and (and others in the team), it’s like Waikato, but receives no government having two fulltime jobs. Megan has top international teams. funding. put her goal of a career in genetics on In the last Women’s World Cup, the A stick that has a net-like basket on hold in the meantime and is working Kiwis came 11th and Megan says they the end is used to pick up, carry, in IT to help fund her World Cup are chasing a top five placing next year. throw, catch, and shoot the ball. campaign. Info or to donate: look for NZ Women’s This allows the players to get the ball She started playing at Whangaparaoa Lacrosse World Cup on Givealittle.

Representing her country in Lacrosse will cost Megan Archer more than $10,000.

Hibiscus Coastguard boat needs costly refit Maintenance work on Coastguard Hibiscus’ busiest vessel Hibiscus Rescue 1 got a shot in the arm from a fundraising auction night last month. A record $33,500 was raised which will be used to buy a new navigation system. Altogether, Coastguard needs to raise $130,000 for the refit, which will include two new motors. Hibiscus Coastguard president Dan McGowan says a business case was put forward to Coastguard’s Northern Region seeking money for the rest of the refit. How much it will provide is not yet known.

Hibiscus Rescue 1 is almost five years old. Dan says it has had a lot of hard wear during that time with more than 3000 hours at sea, much of it in rough conditions. It’s the go-to boat for more than 90 percent of the Coast operations, taking part in around 500 callouts to date. Regular maintenance work is undertaken on the half-million dollar vessel, but wear and tear – and plenty of water crashing about as the boat hits speeds of 40 knots or more – has taken its toll on internal wiring and carpet. The boat needs repainting and

Hibiscus Rescue 1

the pontoons that buffer the outside also need replacing – a part repair of one of these had the boat off the water for 10 days. Coastguard can offer promotion, including signwriting on the boat, in return for support and sponsorship. If you can help, email president@

Sign here, Ritchie

Coastguard Hibiscus thanks all who attended its fundraising auction on September 10. The amount raised includes $2000 for a signed All Blacks shirt provided by Rodney MP Mark Mitchell. The shirt was signed by Jerome Kaino and Charlie Faumuina, as well as the US ambassador to NZ and former White Sox baseball player, Mark Gilbert. Mark offered on auction night to also obtain the signature of any All Black that the successful bidder wished to add to the shirt. Naturally, he is now seeking that signature from former captain, Ritchie McCaw.

Santa’s Secret! Santa’s Secret! Going to the market before Dec 15? Call us and we’ll explain more. Going to a the market before Dec 15? We have special, confidential, Call us and we’ll explain more. financial incentive that could We have a special, confidential, change your thinking. financial incentive could offering This is in addition tothat our standard change your thinking. of a $6,000 Marketing Package FREE. This is in addition to our standard offering of a $6,000 Marketing Package FREE.

09 426 6216 09 426 6216 Area Sea by Watch HibiscusAuckland Matters Seawatch – Sponsored Mike Pero, Orewa Mike Pero Real Estate Ltd Licensed REAA (2008)

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4:42am 0.6 5:19am 0.7 5:57am 0.7 12:39am 2.9 1:22am 2.8 2:10am 2.7 3:04am 2.7 4:04am 2.7 5:06am 2.8 6:07am 3.0 12:40am 0.5 1:33am 0.3 2:24am 0.2 3:14am 0.1 4:04am 0.1 4:55am 0.1 5:46am 0.2 11:07am 3.1 11:45am 3.0 12:24pm 2.9 6:38am 0.8 7:23am 0.9 8:14am 0.9 9:13am 1.0 10:16am 0.9 11:17am 0.8 12:14pm 0.7 7:04am 3.1 7:57am 3.3 8:49am 3.5 9:39am 3.6 10:30am 3.6 11:21am 3.6 12:14pm 3.5

Tide 4:59pm 0.7 5:38pm 0.8 6:21pm 0.9 1:07pm 2.9 1:55pm 2.8 2:49pm 2.8 3:48pm 2.8 4:47pm 2.9 5:43pm 3.0 6:37pm 3.1 1:07pm 0.5 1:57pm 0.3 2:48pm 0.2 3:38pm 0.2 4:29pm 0.2 5:22pm 0.3 6:17pm 0.4 7:29pm 3.3 8:21pm 3.4 9:12pm 3.5 10:04pm 3.6 10:56pm 3.5 11:49pm 3.4 7:07pm 0.9 7:59pm 1.0 8:54pm 1.0 9:52pm 0.9 10:50pm 0.8 11:46pm 0.7 Times 11:20pm 3.0 11:59pm 2.9 6:52am 7:28pm

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First Full Quarter Moon Rise 9:15am Rise 9:53am Set 12:02am Set 12:53am Set 1:42am Set 2:29am Set 3:14am Set 3:57am Set 4:37am Set 5:17am Set 5:56am Set 6:35am Set 7:17am Set 8:02am Set 8:50am Set Set 11:10pm Rise 10:34am Rise 11:20am Rise 12:10pm Rise 1:04pm Rise 2:02pm Rise 3:04pm Rise 4:09pm Rise 5:16pm Rise 6:25pm Rise 7:36pm Rise 8:48pm Rise 9:59pm Rise 11:07pm *Not for navigational purposes.


Good Fishing


Fair Fishing


Not So Good

Your local Mike Pero Team - Lane Sanger, Anita Yahya & Sophia Ellender

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9:43am Rise 12:11am Set 10:39am

Graphic supplied by OceanFun Publishing Ltd.

For the latest wind and swell information for the Auckland area go to:

Your local Mike Pero Team - Lane Sanger, Anita Yahya & Sophia Ellender

6:30am 7:43pm


October 5, 2016 | Hibiscusmatters | Red Beach head coach Jack Gavin with Pippa Nicol who won two gold medals in the U11 division at the Oceans ’16 event in March.

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Hibiscus Coast Athletics Club, based at Metro Park, will hold registration days on Wednesday, October 5 (7yrs+) from 5.30pm-6.30pm and Wednesday, October 26 (3-6 yrs) from 6pm-7pm. Info:


High calibre surf coaches line-up for summer Red Beach Surf Club’s young lifeguards will have the benefit of a highly qualified line-up of surf coaches this summer. for JuniorSurf Putting the club’s 4-13 year old Registrations JuniorSurf members through their membership will be held at the Red paces will be head coach Jack Gavin, Beach clubrooms on Sunday October along with Vaughan Skiffington and 9 and Sunday October 16, from 11am Michael Smith. to 2pm. Administrators will be on Stepping in to assist will be a number hand to provide information on age of skilled parents with surf coach groups, activities, training days and qualifications, as well as the club’s top surf carnival competition. senior competitors, many of whom Info: have won national titles. Meanwhile, the Red Beach Boomers “We will have in place the same coaching open men’s surf boat crew of Jed expertise which won Red Beach the title Wright, Hayden Smith, Charles of top club at the SLSNR JuniorSurf Graham, and Shamus and Shane Championships last summer,” club O’Halloran claimed bronze in the chairman Dylan Turner says. interclub competition of the 2016 “Our young lifeguards will be getting Lifesaving World Championships, the very best coaching that’s on offer.” held in the Netherlands, last month.


Hibiscus Coast Cricket Club is planning to enter a girls team in the Junior Hearts – U12 competition this season. First time cricketers, aged up to 12 years as at September 1, are welcome. Each team needs eight players, but no less than six. Season starts on October 29. Info:

Surf Life Saving

Red Beach Surf Club will hold a sign-on for JuniorSurf members over the next two Sundays, October 9 and 16, from 11am-2pm. Administrators will be on hand to provide information on age groups, activities, training days and surf carnival competition. Info:


The Silverdale Squash Club in the rugby club rooms, on Hibiscus Coast Highway, holds club nights on Thursdays from 7.30pm. New members welcome. Coaching is available by appointment for anyone new to the sport.


Orewa Tennis, in Victor Eaves Park, will start its junior coaching programme on October 15. Sessions are based on age groups, and start at 8.30am. New players welcome. Senior tennis is held on Wednesday evenings from 5.30pm and Sunday mornings from 9.15am all year round. Info: Michelle on 424 3652.

To list sports news for FREE email:

ToTalspan Rodney 229 sTaTe HigHway 1 waRkwoRTH pHone 09 422 3149




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YARD WITH THESE GREAT DEALS Visit us in-sto re for thes e and more grea t of offers offers. Offers valid 01 Octobe r to 31 December 2016 2016. Only while stoc ks last last. Term Te Terms and conditions apply.

Love Your Land STIHL SHOP SILVERDALE 6 Flexman Place, Silverdale | Phone 426 5414 Mon–Fri: 8am–5pm; Sat: 8am–1pm; Sun 10am–4pm



| Hibiscusmatters | October 5, 2016

Hibiscus Coast Athletics Club 2016 - 2017 Season Beginning Wednedsay 5th October: 7yrs+ and Wednesday 26th October: 3 ­ 6yrs.

REGISTER ONLINE 3 - 6 years : 5.30pm - 6.30pm 7 - 17 years : 6pm - 7.30pm Metro Park Sports Grounds Millwater Parkway.

BADMINTON PLAYERS wanted, badminton social group needs players, Thursdays 9am–11am, $4. Green Shed, Victor Eaves, Orewa. All welcome. CAFE CONNECT, 10am, 2nd Monday of each month @ Orewa Community Church. For the retired age group to meet in a cafe style atmosphere, while enjoying a variety of music, entertainment & guest speakers. Ph Terry & Noelene Bradley 424 3159 DUTCH COFFEE MORNING every 2nd Tuesday of the month from 10 am-12 noon. Community House Hibiscus Coast Highway 214 E (behind Estuary Arts Centre). Ph 427 6556 or 0210 227 1324 FRIDAY ART GROUP, Friday 10am - 1pm @ Orewa Community Church. Exercise your artistic abilities and meet with like minded people in a relaxed and friendly environment. Ph Alan Smith 09 962 4929. HIBISCUS STITCHERS Meet a woolly crew at Whangaparaoa Library fortnightly. Embroidery, crochet, knitting etc. Thursdays 1pm–3pm. Ph Jean 428 5207 or Jan 424 2492. OREWA LADIES GARDEN CLUB MONTHLY MEETINGS 2nd Thursday of the month, with guest speaker or garden visits. Trading table, competitions, afternoon tea. 12.30pm at Orewa Catholic Church Hall, 180 Centreway Rd. Ph Ann 427 8377. THE HIBISCUS COAST BRANCH OF THE ROYAL NEW ZEALAND AIR FORCE ASSOC invite members or exmembers of the British Commonwealth Airforces or their allies, to join our local branch. Meet every second Friday of the month. 12pm–2pm, Hibiscus Coast Community RSA, 43A Viponds Rd, for lunch and a chat. Any person interested in Aviation is welcome, military experience not essential. Ph 428 2544 or 426 4277.




New gardens, clean ups. Specialising in maintenance & improvement. Phone Dave 021 950 154


decks, fences, painting, foot paths or any other odd jobs. Phone 021 115 5233.


your local cleaning team is ready to deliver our 5 star shine in your home for weekly cleaning, spring or moving cleans. For a FREE quote ph 09 415 0028 or 0800 297 253 SECURITY ALARM SERVICING $99 (+parts & GST). Local technician, 20 years experience. Ph 027 553 3032 or 09 428 5887

SECTION SERVICES All Tree and Hedge Work. Experienced. Quality job. Phone: 027 222 1223 COMMUNITY NOTICES


THE THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY presents a talk on Thought Power. Hear how our thoughts can become reality. October 9, Forest Glen Rd. All welcome donation $5. Ph 428 3691.


FOR SALE ELECTRIC BIKES, smartmotion brand ph 424 0334 for a free demo NZ designed


Nights and weekend Drivers required for Orewa, Whangaparoa and Warkworth areas. Must have Min Class 1, P endorsement would be an advantage. Warkworth Taxi and Bus Services

Ph 09 425 0000


Hibiscus Matters is looking for a cartoonist who is versatile enough to turn out an original and humorous cartoon once a fortnight. The successful candidate will be given a choice of two or three topical issues which, hopefully, will provide some inspiration. We are not seeking a cartoon strip. For more information, contact Terry:


Hibiscus Matters is growing and we are in need of a journalist for 16 hours a week. This position is based in Orewa, with set hours. If you have at least three to four years experience as a general news reporter, then we would love to hear from you. Contact the General Manager on 021 263 4423 or email

A PUMP DOCTOR will keep you pumping. Ph 0274 430 654. A SMART REPAIR Service for F&P smartdrive washers, F&P/Simpson dryers. Same day service 423 9660/021 168 7349. BAY APPLIANCE REPAIRS – All major laundry/kitchen brands, small appliances, & power tools. Work guaranteed EWRB reg. Ph 09 947 0333/ 022 600 9919. BUILDER SEMI RETIRED – GENERAL PROPERTY MAINTENANCE & SMALL JOBS. Good rates. Phone/txt Rob 021 167 2155 or 09 426 2960. CABINET MAKER – JOINER (RETIRED) Custom furniture etc. Anything in wood. Very low rates. Ph Derek 426 3541. ELECTRICIAN – SEMI RETIRED affordable rates, no job to small. Call Bruce 021 241 0000. GARDNER Does your garden need a tidy up? Phone Debbie 021 101 4913. GIB STOPPING, SKIM COATING, wallpaper stripping. Phone Reg 021 0823 8329. HANDYMAN Small Jobs, carpentry, rubbish removal etc. All jobs considered. Phone or txt Dave - 022 015 4032 HOME HANDYMAN with a wide range of skills. All jobs considered. Reasonable rates. Ph Neil 021-0242 9876 anytime. PAINTER, DECORATORS Renovation specialists. Phone Kevin 022 0291 056. PLASTERING, GIB STOPPING All aspects of stopping. Skim coat specialist. 25 yrs exp. Karl 0210 42 42 96 or 428 7127. PLASTERING, SOLID, GIB STOPPING, Painting/repair work. Small jobs. Trade Cert. Keith 424 8841 or 022 682 4760. WATER FILTERS Underbench filters & whole house Ultra violet filters – Kill and remove ecoli/bacteria. FREE site visits. Ph Steve 09 945 2282, 027 478 7427, email: or www. WATER PUMPS Low water pressure? Get it sorted. Sales, service and installation. Work guaranteed. Ph Steve 09 945 2282, 027 478 7427, email: steve.reynolds@ or WINDOW CLEANING 30 years exp, local owner operator, reasonable rates. Ph David 426 2253.

Painless Stop Smoking Now is always the best time to quit Phone Bill Parker NZAPH 424 7610 MOBILE HAIRCUTS European trained hairstylist to visit you at your time, your place. Sabine Ph 426 9652 021 149 8598 SPRING SPECIAL! HANDS & FEET Nails cut & filed, includes hand & foot massage. $25 each (footspa & nail polish extra). I will come to you. Ph 424 0676.

TUITION Quality local courses for Professional Nanny & Childcare Careers Start January or July Free info pack - Call 021 040 9311 Ashton Warner Nanny Academy (Stanmore Bay)

ANNOUNCING DANCE LESSONS IN NEW VOGUE beginning Thursday nights 7pm, Silverdale Hall. Including Merrilyn, Swing Waltz and Carousel. Ph 427 5542. VIOLIN TUITION Stanmore Bay Vacancies available. Stanley Bolton ARCM (Hons Perf.) Ph 424 7868 or 021 530 680.

RECORDING STUDIO WHANGAPARAOA RECORDING STUDIO reopened, by appointment only. Phone Dennis 021 115 5233.

PICTURE FRAMING Orewa Picture Framing 2015 Ltd. We are your One Stop Shop for all professional Custom Framing, Reframing, Matt Cutting, Tapestries, Sport Shirts, Medals, Ready-made Frames, Glazing, Repairs, Hardware. All those bits & pieces, plus heaps more. (All framing completed onsite). PROTECT YOUR PHOTOS, PICTURES, HANDCRAFTS PLUS ALL ART by using “Plexiglaze”, the Ultimate UV Non-Glare & Optical Clear, Protective Glazing & Reglazing for Clarity Safety. Lightweight and cut to any size or shape, and only available from Orewa Picture Framing 2015 Ltd, Shop E Tamariki Plaza, Cammish Lane, Orewa. Phone 427 8124 (opp Hibiscus Matters).

TRANSPORT DRIVING MISS DAISY, safe, reliable, Ph Brenda HBC 428 4490.

Sudoku - the solution

9 8 3 2 5 6 1 7 4

6 5 2 4 7 1 9 3 8

4 7 1 3 8 9 2 6 5

8 6 5 9 1 4 3 2 7

1 9 7 8 3 2 4 5 6

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 9

5 2 8 6 9 3 7 4 1

7 4 9 1 2 5 6 8 3

3 1 6 7 4 8 5 9 2

October 5, 2016 | Hibiscusmatters |


More events online, list your event:

October 2016

Til Oct 23 5–9 6 7 8 8&9

National Mosaic Exhibition, Estuary Arts, Orewa (see story p31)

Robin Hood and Maid Marian, Centrestage Theatre, Centreway Rd, Orewa, 10.30am and 1pm each day. Bookings at Centrestage Theatre, phone 426 7282 or from Basketball on Hibiscus Coast, Rotary House, Hibiscus Coast Highway, Silverdale, 6.30pm–8pm. All welcome. Manly Fire Brigade sleeps rough for a night to fundraise for West Auckland food truck (see story p23) Kowhai Festival, Warkworth, 9am onwards. Canoe showdown on Mahurangi River, dog show, and local food and entertainment.

Hibiscus Coast Artists annual art sale, Whangaparaoa Community Hall, 717 Whangaparaoa Rd, by the Plaza, 10am to 4pm. Featuring over 30 local artists. Free entry, painting demonstration throughout the weekend. All welcome.

We’re so lucky to live on the Coast surrounded by such incredible wildlife. Just recently a pod of dolphins spent hours playing at Big Manly beach. They were still there towards the end of the day, when many schoolchildren joined them for a swim. Rachel Hart

What makes the Hibiscus Coast special to you? Coast Gems uncovers and celebrates the people, places, businesses and events that give the Coast its unique flavour and spirit. Email terry@ (subject line: Coast Gems) with a brief description of your Coast Gem, and a photo, together with your daytime phone number and postal address. Please send photos as a medium or high-resolution jpg. Publication is at the discretion of the editor. Every Coast Gem published earns the person who sends it a $50 voucher to spend at New World, Whangaparaoa.

9 9

Proudly Sponsored by

Silverdale Pioneer Village special open day, 15 Wainui Rd, Silverdale, 10am–3pm. Hands on activities and children’s games. Part of Auckland Heritage Festival. (see story p9) Movie ‘The Girl on the Train, a fundraiser for Life Education Trust Rodney, Hoyts Cinema, Link Crescent, Whangaparaoa, 5.45pm. Tickets $20. To book, email your name and number of tickets to


Noel Crawley Memorial Jazz/Swing Concert, Centrestage Theatre, Orewa, 7.30pm. Features Voxnova, Jane Horder, Sam Swindells, Ray Woolf and The Mike Walker Trio. Tickets $40 from www., Hospice shops in Orewa and Whangaparaoa or from Orewa Lions, 426 0586. All proceeds to Hibiscus Hospice.

12 12 15 16

Author Lindsey Dawson presents a talk, Orewa Library, Moana Ave, Orewa, 10.30am–12 noon.

Travelling through the Lens of Eastern Europe, Estuary Arts Centre, Western Reserve, Orewa, 3pm–4pm. Images of Eastern Europe from freelance travel writer and photographer Lorraine Brown. Dairy Flat School Ag Day, 9am–3pm. Fun for the whole family. Fundraiser for the school. All welcome.

Peter McDermott – Memorial Concert. Centrestage Theatre, 2pm. Celebrating the life of Peter and his significant contribution to Dalewool Brass. A diverse range of music – both traditional band music and arrangements of both ‘classical’ and modern pieces. www. or ph 426 7282

2016 A Festival of Fun for the whole Family in the Warkworth Region Coming soon! 2 to 16 October

2nd October

Warkworth Museum Open Day Historic Walk

9th October

Rodney Marine Raft Race Historic Cruise Warkworth Music Concert

13th October

The Great Debate Ascension Wine Estate, Matakana

With the



November 2016

Music, Food and Stalls Canoe Showdown Dog Show Kids rides and entertainment Rodney Art Award Exhibition

Silverdale School Country Show Day, 4 Longmore Lane, 10am– 2pm. Great food and craft stalls, rides, auctions, White Elephant and entertainment including local singer/songwriter Phil Madsen. Fun for the whole family. Info:

12 13

OTT Talent show, Whangaparaoa College auditorium, Unlock your talent – four categories of dance, band, singing and open. Auditions during the day and finals in the evening. (see story p7)

Book Lovers’ Afternoon Tea for Hibiscus Hospice, Whangaparaoa College auditorium, 2pm–5pm. Join NZ authors Karen Breen, Lindsey Dawson, Tracy Elliot, Sam Mannering Karen McKenzie, Sam Pease, Fiona Sussman and Hannah Tunnicliffe for an entertaining afternoon. Prizes, books for sale and signings. Tickets $40pp, including afternoon tea, from or ph 421 9180.

LOCAL MARKETS: Silverdale Markets, every Saturday 8am–1pm • Orewa Farmers’ market, Orewa Square carpark, every Sunday 8am–12.30pm • Puhoi Farmers’ market, Puhoi Sports Club, last Sunday of the month 8.30am -12.30pm • Hobbs Wharf Market, Fairway Bay, Gulf Harbour, last Sunday of the month from 10am– 2pm • Crystal Visions Holistic Market, St Johns Ambulance Hall, 36 Silverdale Rd, Silverdale, second Saturday of the month 10am-3pm • Waitoki Village Market day, Waitoki Hall, Kahikatea Flat Rd, first Saturday of month 8.30am–12pm.

15th October

Openair Cinema, Shoesmith Domain, Warkworth “Hunt for the Wilderpeople”

OCTOBER 8th 2016


36 | Hibiscusmatters | October 5, 2016

Top walker At 76 years of age, John Kingdon of Arkles Bay is still making his mark in walking competitions. On September 11, he strode into first place in the Open Men’s section of the North Shore Half Marathon walking event, despite being the oldest participant, in a time of 2hrs 36 minutes. Encouraged by this success, John has entered the New Zealand Masters, which will be held next February in Wanganui. He is pictured with his prize after the North Shore event.

Racing in 420 class boats, Wentworth (pink sails) narrowly edged out Kerikeri to finish third.

Close finish for Wentworth in inter-school sailing place, followed by Westminster School of Australia second and Wentworth College snatched third. “The lack of wind was disappointing,” Team Schools Sailing committee member Mike Wright said. “At least it was very competitive in the open grade, with the placings being so tight.” If the last race of the day had been completed, Kristin would have remained in first place, Westminster would have been second, but Kerikeri

A matter of seconds decided the open grade placings in the 2016 Pacific Rim Inter-Schools Team Sailing Championships held at Algies Bay, from September 26 to 28. Sailing in varying conditions, the open grade was set to be decided across four round robins before a lack of wind meant the last race of the day was too slow to count. As a consequence, the results were drawn only using the first three round robins. This put Kristin School in first

would have pipped Wentworth for third place. Ten schools competed in the event, involving more than 80 sailors. Mike says despite the poor weather, event organiser Ross Sutherland had done a great job. The competition was held under a new name this year. The Inter-Dominion had involved only Australia and NZ since 1984. The new name of Pacific Rim reflected the inclusion of a Cook Islands team this year.

“Having another country involved will open up the competition,” Mike says. Kristin school team manager Chris Baker says he hopes more teams will be introduced to the event in future. As well as the open grade which is mixed, the tournament also runs a girlsonly division which was this year won by New Plymouth Girls High School. New Zealand won both the InterDominion Trophy and the new Pacific Rim Trophy based on team placings.

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Manly Care Chemist

53B Rawhiti Road, Manly Village, Whangaparaoa Ph (09) 424 7708, Fax (09) 424 7427 Email:



your health care coach

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Hibiscus Matters Issue 203 5 10 16  

Hibiscus Matters Issue 203 5 10 16

Hibiscus Matters Issue 203 5 10 16  

Hibiscus Matters Issue 203 5 10 16