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DVR Security: A How To DESCRIPTION: Digital video recorders are a vital component of a robust security camera system. By storing large numbers of video images on hard drive, a DVR and analog camera can deliver a cost effective approach to video security. DVR recorders are available as standalone or PC based systems. ARTICLE: Standalone DVRs are designed for a single purpose as an all-in-one solution using embedded hardware for compression and operation. The operating system is stored in the hardware rather than on a hard drive. Since it is not cloud based, it is far less vulnerable to hackers and viruses. This type of DVR is small, reliable and usually plug and play. The disadvantage to this type of DVR is the proprietary nature of the software which may be difficult to replace, and cannot be used with different PC based security software. A standalone digital video recorder can be purchased fromonlineretailers, auction sites and through security companies. The cost for thisDVRtends to be â…” less than the price of a PC basedDVRwith the same features. Long term, this means that a PC baseDVRrecorders are three to five times more expensive over a ten year period. The higher cost is the result of operating system andantivirusupdates. Installing a standaloneDVRto a viewing screencan be accomplished in four steps: Connect the plug and play cable to the standalone VCR. Attach one end of the tvcable into the security camera. Attach the power adapter cable to the power input slot of the camera. Plug the other end of the power supply into a standard power outlet. PC based digital video recorders have a cabinet containing a motherboard, network card, video board, hard drive and memory, along with a capture board and camera. PC basedDVR recordersare upgradeable and expandable. This flexibility makes it easy to add hard drives, CD burners and advancedInternetsystems. This option is recommended to meet complex security needs. PC based digital recording videos require installing a customized DVR card into a PC. This installation is demonstrated by the selling source. Generally, installation and/or tech support is offered by the seller. The card allows recording from home directly into a PC hard drive. The account can be accessed by multiple uses and viewed on a PC, tablet or smartphone. Whether choosing a standalone unit or PC based system, DVR security is a popular and cost effective option for creating a safe and powerfulsecurity system.

DVR Security: A How To