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Acronyms for the New Internet Marketer You’ve decided to be an internet marketer. You’re doing everything right. You have a mentor or have joined a very good community where you can get some education and guidance. When you start reading the material and watching the instructional videos, they’re peppered with what sounds like vegetable soup. Undecipherable acronyms are confusing to say the least. Here is some help. When we start in a new career, there are always things to learn. Some of the most frustrating are acronyms or abbreviations. These get tossed about in documents and videos without much thought by the person using them. However, to someone new to the field, they can be a source of confusion. I will attempt to explain some of the most common acronyms to you. Here are some of the acronyms that I encountered in my first few weeks of internet marketing: SEO

Search Engine Optimization – This is the process of improving the traffic to your site, either for volume or quality of the traffic. This involves unpaid methods of manipulating your web page with keywords to increase search engine visibility of your website.


Search Engine Marketing – A paid method of increasing your search engine ranking by advertisement or paid placement.


Uniform Resource Locator –The web address of your website or page. It is what you type into the address bar in your browser.


Cost Per Click – The cost of advertising where you pay for each click on your link or website.


Cost Per Lead –The amount you pay an advertiser for traffic that is sent to your site that actually signs in to your capture form.


Click Through Rate – The percentage of visitors to your website or page that actually click on something.


Pay Per Lead – A method of advertising where targeted traffic is sent to your site and you only pay for those that sign into your capture form.


Pay Per Click – An advertisement method where you pay for each click on your link or website.


Return On Investment – The profit you make after you deduct any cost involved in making a sale of goods or subscription.


Conversion Rate – The percentage of people visiting your website or page that actually buy your goods or subscribe to your service.

There are many more acronyms related to internet marketing. As your career progresses, you will be able to figure them out from context. Some of the ones you encounter will have to do with your specific mentoring community or system you are using. Good luck in your new career.

Author, Lorraine Ballard, is an internet marketer working with the Six Figure Mentors. She currently lives in the mountains of North Carolina, where she shares her small farm with a flock of hand raised chickens and a small herd of silly goats.

Acronyms for the New Internet Marketer