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Dudley’s MASH Lab facilitating creative collaboration bet ween communities and Dudley Council

The final in a series of reports from a MASH Lab event held on 18 July 2012 at INSIGHT House



Background to What is the MASH Lab collaboration?

3. What makes collaboration empowering?




A draft template for collaboration

Community wellbeing outcomes

Feedback, next steps and support

Feedback from participants

Feedback was captured when groups shared the discussions around their emerging projects Some feedback from participants about applying the first version of the template for collaboration was captured “It was interesting in terms of trying to apply a task to the template (model) as we know there are already constraints around the project. I found that quite challenging - in a good way - it makes you think harder about what you’re doing - it’s not how I would have approached the project traditionally.” “The model might fit better with something more clear and boundaries clear, but it’s useful to look at things in a different way. It could help to define some boundaries.” “It wasn’t intuitive, not something I would have used myself - but you always learn something from different techniques. I would have done a typical project plan - thinking about constraints and challenges.” “Maybe the fact it was a little uncomfortable was good - we were pushed to think differently.” “If MASH can come up with a process that can apply to any idea, would be really good.” One group had found that being forced to think about collaboration turned their original idea on its head.

Closing remarks from facilitators Jill Bedford suggested that the template for MASH and collaboration as a means of doing it has something going for it, but needs some work. If it was developed further by people in Dudley for their own use it could provide a really useful mutually agreed format for people to have those conversations. Jill reflected that there was lots of discussion during the morning session about previous experiences of collaboration and looking at empowering approaches, but the afternoon session felt more uncomfortable for participants. Thinking about how to do things differently is a whole new ball game, it is about changing cultures and doing things

differently. Jill acknowledged that it is challenging trying to do things differently, and recognised that some people don’t have the authority from their organisations to do things differently. Sal Hampson added that the afternoon session was more difficult for the facilitators too, as it was about participants, people working and volunteering in Dudley doing it themselves, not being directed (that’s the normal way things are done that people are accustomed to).

Next steps It was agreed that the next steps following the MASH Lab included: leads to progress activity as appropriate. ‣ Project Anyone interested would be invited to join a group to ensure links between projects ‣ and to consider what is needed to enable collaboration and embed an empowering

approach. The MASH Lab activities and outcomes would be written up, and a blog created to host such resources and share progress with projects.

MASH Lab participants We are grateful to the following for their participation in the MASH Lab Andy Barry Brendan Bridget Chris Dawn Dennis Dick Donna Faye Geoff Gillian Jason John Kate Kate Katriona Lorna Louise Marc Martin Matthew Melissa Menna Mike Ruth Simon Sue Tony Wendy

Wright Hutchinson Clifford Brickley Morrey Bonnick Hodson Jeavons-Fellows Roberts Conroy Thomas Lloyd Whyley Cheadle Green Warren Lafferty Prescott Clarke Carter Baines Smith Guest Flavell Wood Heeks Manson Haywood Laycock Fryatt

Dudley MBC Dudley MBC Dudley MBC Dudley Community Partnership Dudley Community Partnership Dudley MBC Dudley Community Partnership Stourbridge Rugby Dudley MBC Dudley Community Partnership Dudley MBC Dudley Borough Interfaith Network Dudley Council Dudley Table Tennis League /Bromley TT Club Dudley CVS Public Health, NHS Dudley DMBC Community Safety Team Dudley CVS Dudley MBC INSIGHT for Carers Dudley MBC Dudley MBC Dudley CVS Dudley MBC Dudley MBC Autism Outreach Service Dudley Council Dudley MBC - Community Safety Team Stourbridge Hub & Social Transformation Black Country Foodbank

The event facilitators were: Sal Hampson and Jill Bedford from changes and Nick Bird

MASH Lab report no 6  

Dudley's MASH Lab report no 6 of 6

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