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toots mcskibum

once upon a time, in a little village, far far away, lived a girl called Toots. toots loved all things colourful and bright. it was understandable therefore that she also loved to draw. toots would spend many a happy hour with a sketch pad and her coloured pencils. toots was perfectly content with the idea of drawing things when she grew up... until one day when everything changed....


nor up


der n un

...toots DISCOVERED SKIING! ‘this is THE BEST THING EVER’, SHE THOUGHT! FROM THIS DAY ON, toots’ WORLD TURNED UPSIDE DOWN... QUITE LITERALLY! toots headed off down under, where she qualified as a ski instructor with the nzsia (that’s the new zealand ski instructors alliance to you and me) and with that her new career was born. She hopped from hemisphere to hemisphere, endlessly chasing the snow.

toots was really happy living in the mountains and she filled her days playing joyfully in the snow. some days she did stop to think what life would have been like if she’d kept drawing instead and not discovered skiing. then a thought struck her... what about the long winter evenings, of which there are so many?! Toots suddenly realised, she could do both things at once! skiing by day, designing by night. It was perfect!

and so it was, toots managed to combine her two favourite things in life - skiing and designing. and from this, toots mcskibum was created. and of course toots lived happily ever after, because she was living the dream.


Toots Mcskibum  
Toots Mcskibum  

How it all began