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The Essence Captured Award To

Robin Gruver December, 2011 Lori Steed Sortino

Owner, Essence Captured

The Essence Captured Award recognizes any business, person, organization, or environment who or which captures the essence of alignment with their or its purpose. They or it stand(s) out as a shining light in a world of diversity as someone, a collective of someones, or a whole environment whose attitude, behavior, energy, actions, words, and overall whole existence prove that they have found their calling, know what they are here to do, and are doing it, being it, and loving it. This “award� is recognition, observation, and witness to the genius that has been expressed.

Robin is clearly friendly and outgoing at first meeting. The next thing that comes through is how much she loves what she does. The next thing I noticed is how much of an impact she makes on the people she works with. It is my pleasure and honor to proclaim that Robin has captured the essence of what many people besides myself agree is the model childbirth coach and yoga instructor. Robin, thank you for being who you are for and in this Conejo Valley community.

Lori Steed Sortino Photo by Mi Belle Photography

The following pages include testimonials and photos from a few of Robin’s clients.

Photography by Lori Steed Sortino

I owe so much to Robin. She provided me so much support and love through my pregnancy. It is wonderful how she brings mothers to be together. I will have life long friends that I have met through her. In her yoga class I had a sense of community, support, strength, and balance. In her birthing class she gave my husband and I the tools to make the pregnancy and birth of our son what we wanted it to be. She is a good friend. Anne Marie

Dear Robin, Your Natural Childbirth classes really helped us prepare for our marvelous journey towards parenthood. You are such an amazing and caring person, and your encouragement has brought us such a wonderful birth experience that we will forever cherish. We cannot express how grateful we are for everything that you have done for us. We are truly honored to have met you. With love, Nathan and Andrea

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Co-Creating Community Award - Robin Gruver