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Of course, there are many flooring options, but what about fabric for your furniture? “My option for fabric is to keep your pets off of it,” she laughed. “No, that isn’t realistic in most cases. My dog lives on my furniture when we are not home, of course!” Obviously training your pet to stay off the furniture is the best way to keep your fabric looking good longer. Dunbar suggests a high quality leather as the prime contender. It may be the most costly but it will repel moisture, hair, dander and pet smells. It can be wiped easily. Leather can also be cool to the touch which isn’t as comfortable for some of the smaller, less hairy breeds of dogs which in itself is a good deterrent. Distressed leather is another great option since it will hide the imperfections left behind by your pets. “If you can’t afford leather, you can always choose faux leather or vinyl. The problem is you might see holes and scratches a little easier with these because they are a less forgiving fabric,” she said. The benefit to this type of fabric; it can be wiped down and will not hold the smell and dirt. Another fabric option is to incorporate patterned fabric as opposed to a solid fabric. “Patterned fabric tends to be a little more forgiving; it will hide surface stains a bit

better,” she said. For those who are creative, good with a sewing machine or love having a unique piece that is strictly their own, the option of slip covers and reupholstering always exist. “You can purchase indoor/outdoor fabric. They have come such a long way. This type of fabric is built to resist fading and water. They are very durable and science has now made it that they are much softer to the touch,” she concluded. ”If you are ordering furniture you can also ask the supplier to apply a (coating of) Scotch guard. Scotch guarding your fabric will help protect it longer especially from spills. It also prevents the fabric from soaking up unwanted moisture.” As a rule of thumb, you should always take the time to weigh the pros and cons of pet ownership: Who is going to walk the pet, what kind of furniture is suitable to your new friend and who is going to clean up any potential messes? If you are wondering what you can do to make your home more pet-friendly, visit Christy Dunbar is sure to answer all your questions. n

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