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Forward thinking By jeannie armstrong


issue. Through our expertise and capabilities in modular construction, we realized we could contribute to improving that rental vacancy rate by bringing on multi-unit rental apartments faster than a developer who used traditional stick-build methods,” said McDougald.

here’s the way things have always been done... and then there’s forward thinking. Forward thinkers are innovators who look towards the goals of tomorrow and find the methods to achieve them. It’s an apt description of the novel approaches to residential construction being taken by the team at Deveraux Homes in Regina.

“That facet of our business is something that sets us apart in the industry. People realized that we at Deveraux aren’t afraid to take some risks in finding solutions to problems and issues.”

The company was formally established in 2009 by principle owners Dennis Jones and Kevin Gelsinger. “We had a humble start with a handful of custom homes initially. Now we’re building 30-plus homes a year,” said Jamie McDougald, Chief Operating Officer of Deveraux Homes. “We also have established Devereaux Developments, with a multi-family focus. We’ve built over 600 apartment units in Regina in the past three years.” McDougald says that Deveraux Homes likes to challenge industry standards, whether they’re building introductory or custom homes, or multi-family projects. “We call it the ‘Deveraux Difference.’”


Forward thinkers are innovators who look towards the goals of tomorrow and find the methods to achieve them.

The ‘Deveraux Difference’ has three tenets: quality craftsmanship, masterful design and superior customer service, he explains. The Deveraux Difference is also apparent in the innovative approaches the company has taken in providing solutions to perceived areas of need in Regina’s housing market. “We identified that Regina had a very serious rental vacancy 50  You’re home  Summer 2014

Deveraux Homes is now embracing another new construction technology: Bone Structure. Based in Montreal, Bone Structure is the brainchild of Marc Bovet, a former executive team member with Bombardier Inc. “His experience is in aerospace construction. He was renovating his own home and had an epiphany. There was concrete and steel construction for commercial purposes; why not for the residential market? He developed Bone Structure, a product for the residential market that was strong and robust, yet affordable,” said McDougald. With Bone Structure, there are no nails, no cuts and no waste. The patented construction system utilizes pre-cut pieces of strong, lightweight steel which quickly clip together to frame a house.

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