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Breathe easy Air-purifying hardwood floor a first By jessica mees


f someone told you about a floor that cleaned the air and surfaces within your home, would you think it was too good to be true?

In addition to the many lifestyle benefits it offers, Lauzon certainly isn't lacking style.

Such a floor finally does exist and it isn’t quite magic – just Pure Genius science. “Lauzon’s Pure Genius is a light-activated nanotechnology that can be activated using natural or artificial light. Pure Genius is an air-purifying agent made of titanium dioxide (ti02), integrated into Lauzon’s Titanium floor finish. Activated by natural and artificial light, it breaks contaminants on contact, turning harmful molecules such as formaldehydes, bacteria and odours into carbon dioxide and water vapour. Its constant and consistent action is so effective that over time it makes the indoor air up to 85 per cent cleaner,” explained Erin Capp, owner of The Floor Show (Regina) Ltd. “Because air flow is always happening in your home – warm air goes up, cool air goes down – it keeps the floor activated and it continues to purify the air.” The Pure Genius flooring removes the volatile

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organic compounds (VOCs) and toxins in the air caused by exhaust fumes from paint, drywall, or even tracked in by pets or people. It has the ability to break down harmful airborne toxins such as nitrous oxide and formaldehyde – comparable to having three live trees growing in your home. “The activation time takes about two to three months to work at its full capacity, but after that time, your air and floor will both be cleaner. Because Pure Genius breaks down allergens, mites, mildew, etc., it keeps the floor surface cleaner than a traditional hardwood floor.” Capp adds that Lauzon’s Pure Genius finish “only changes the flooring costs by pennies per square foot.” Lauzon owns the patent on this specific flooring technology for the next five years, so at present they are the only hardwood flooring company to offer titanium dioxide finishes. However, Capp expects to see this type of surface to be utilized in other types of products around the world, particularly in Europe.

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