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You need to feel comfortable in your home. It's your palace; the place where you spend most of your time and the place where you can truly relax.

“Now, Bryan has independence, which means I can go visit my mom for a couple of days,” added Bev. Much of this added independence comes from the home itself. Bev and Bryan – along with the Munro Homes’ team and the various tradespeople who worked on the house – designed the home so that it would be entirely accessible without the institutionalized look that usually accompanies such a home. Some of the couple’s favourite parts of the design are the elevator, the layout and the fully automated nature of the house. The elevator opens up on each side, allowing Bryan to enter and exit it without having to turn around or back up. Each opening has two doors – an inner door that opens accordion-style and an outer door that opens and looks like a bedroom door. This design allows Bryan to easily move between floors, without the presence of a conspicuous elevator.

Bev and Bryan Wilson

The spacious layout not only allows for plenty of family visits, but also gives both Bryan and Bev the space and access they need to use the house in nearly the same way anyone else would. For example, the mechanical room downstairs contains the fuse box, furnace, water heater, work bench and air conditioner, among other things. Each of the items is placed so that Bryan can reach it without having to stretch, and so that Bev can reach it without having to bend. The fully automated nature of the house allows Bryan to control just about every part of the house without having to get out of bed. He can turn the lights or music on or off, adjust the blinds, and even open the front door for visitors. There is also a camera and intercom connected to the front door so that he can see who his visitors are before letting them into the house.

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Youre Home June 2014