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can be life-changing

Building a home that's accessible and comfortable


By miranda burski

ou need to feel comfortable in your home. It’s your palace; the place where you spend most of your time and the place where you can truly relax.

But what if something unexpected happens? What if you find out that, soon, you won’t be able to enjoy every area of your home anymore – may not even be able to access every area of your home? That comfort would be jeopardized, and suddenly your home isn’t the palace you always felt that it was. Bryan and Bev Wilson found themselves in such a situation about six years ago when Bryan was diagnosed with an illness that would leave him in a wheelchair. At that time, they were living in a house that they liked, but that they knew wouldn’t be suitable for them in the future. They decided the best way to handle the situation would 34  You’re home  Summer 2014

be to build a new, custom home. “We approached Munro Homes Ltd. with an idea of a wheelchairaccessible house that is non-institutional, something that is energyefficient,” said Bryan. The couple also wanted the house to be open concept and to have enough space for visiting family. Four years after that initial decision, the house was complete and the couple was ready to move in. Nearly two years have passed since that time, and Bryan and Bev have no regrets about their decision to build the house. “It’s life-changing for Bryan, but it’s also life-changing for Bev,” said Heather McGinnis, project consultant at Munro Homes. “Bryan used to be very dependent on Bev for doing things, because he couldn’t function in his own house.”

Youre Home June 2014  
Youre Home June 2014