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“Mortgages are very personalized, because if you said to me … ‘I’m expecting to work in Regina for three years and then I’m moving to Saskatoon,’ that will affect the decisions made in terms of what type of mortgage you want and for how long,” said Lavonne Melle, a mortgage broker at The Mortgage Centre - Design Mortgages. “There are so many factors that affect your choice of a mortgage.” These factors include: plans to move to another neighbourhood or city in the near future; plans for renovating your home or landscaping changes to your property; adding a garage; divorce and separation requirements; expanding families; and the need to consolidate debt.

large role in what mortgage amount you qualify for, which is why it is important to completely disclose all your information in your interview with the mortgage broker or bank mortgage specialist. If, after looking at your financial information, you don’t feel you can afford to buy a house quite yet, your mortgage broker or bank mortgage specialist could help you formulate a plan to save money for a down payment or to pay down debts, putting you on the right track to owning your own home.

Once all of your relevant personal and financial information has been covered in your initial interview with a mortgage broker or bank mortgage specialist, you should be well on your way to Some of the most important purchase your home with your factors that will need to be pre-approval. Remember, a considered when looking at pre-approval is pre-approving a mortgage are your current you and not the property you financial information and your choose; the property will be credit rating. While working reviewed once the offer is through the pre-approval It's important to personalize your mortgage, based processed. “It sets appropriate process, mortgage brokers and on your individual circumstances, says the team at expectations for people,” said bank mortgage specialists need The Mortgage Centre - Design Mortgages. Gorius. “If your expectations to know how much money are realistic then you more you earn, where you spend your money (current obligations), and likely to find the home that suits you, suits your budget, and fits your credit strength and history. There could also be other financial into your future plans.” n factors that may not seem significant but could actually play a

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Youre Home June 2014  
Youre Home June 2014