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LETTER FROM THE EDITOR o t e m o c l e W e m o H e You’r


fter our long, cold, snowy winter, the arrival of spring has never been more welcome!

With a focus on ‘Outdoor Living,’ this edition of You’re Home magazine offers great suggestions for making the most of the warm, sunny days ahead. We begin by exploring some of Regina’s newest urban parks, talking to the developers of The Creeks, The Greens on Gardiner and Harbour Landing about their strategies for creating inviting green spaces that bring the whole neighbourhood together. Discover how to transform your back yard into an amazing outdoor living space. Look inside for expert advice on designing and landscaping a new yard. Read about the newest comfort options for enhancing your deck or patio. Then turn up the fun with a hot tub or swimspa! Spring marks the return of barbecue season. You’re Home offers expert tips on selecting the right grill for your family’s needs, along with several mouth-watering recipes. We also take you into the great outdoors, exploring some of the newest acreage developments surrounding Regina. See why a growing number of Regina families are choosing to live large in the country.

Jeanni e .

Come on in!

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park place

Exploring Regina's green urban spaces by Jeannie armstrong ThE GREEns on GaRdinER


hen it comes to green space, Regina has plenty to boast about!

Regina is home to acclaimed Wascana Centre, one of the largest urban parks in North America, covering a total area of 2,300 acres. The city’s passion for parks is also evident in individual neighbourhoods, particularly in its newest subdivisions. Explore the new neighbourhoods of Harbour Landing, The Creeks and The Greens on Gardiner and you’ll see an abundance of green - by design!

ThE cREEks

THE GREENS ON GARDINER Urban parks are a priority for Lorne Yagelniski, president of Yagar Developments Inc., the developer of The Greens on Gardiner. “Green space in a development is very important. I call it the heart of our community,” said Yagelniski. “That’s where people get to meet their neighbours. Children meet other children. You go to the park and it’s a joy to see different nationalities mixing together. Most of that happens in the green space. It’s a very important aspect of social function.” The Greens on Gardiner is a popular new subdivision located in southeast Regina, just 15 minutes from downtown.

haRbouR landinG When totally developed, The Greens will feature over 40 acres of green space plus environmental reserve. At 16 acres, Green Meadow Park is not only the largest park in the subdivision, it’s one of the largest new parks to be built in the city, said Yagelniski.

the park concept. “As a developer we try to figure out how to create the most pleasant experience possible. We decided to go with extra large trees – four years more mature than what would normally be planted,” said Yagelniski. The planting of mature trees, as well as select plant species, effectively offset the development’s carbon footprint.

Extensive research went into developing You’re home Spring 2013 11

The Greens on Gardiner Children’s play structures were selected with the same diligence. “It was important that the play structures be totally accessible,” said Yagelniski. The playground area at Green Meadow Park is designed to meet the needs of a diverse range of children, both in age and physical mobility. The imaginative play structure features a number of safety features and is set up on a surface constructed from engineered wood fibres designed to cushion falls. An extensive system of walking paths extends throughout the park and across The Greens. “We want to encourage people to be more active and enhance their lifestyles. We try to consciously design that into our parks. To make walking even more interesting, we try to incorporate 12 You’re home Spring 2013

the city’s passion for parks is also evident in individual neighbourhoods, particularly in its newest subdivisions.

water wherever possible so that we can attract birds and nature. Some of the areas right around the water have been naturalized with prairie fescue grass. That reduces the need for maintenance and also creates a really nice natural environment for the residents to enjoy,” said Yagelniski. “We want to create nature in people’s back yard.” The water features also act as catch basins for excess storm water. Yagelniski says rain water from the storm sewer is cleaned by going through the park first. The water is filtered and aerated; native vegetation further cleans the water before it eventually drains into Wascana Creek. The park features a linear design to maximize the number of houses that can either face or back onto green space. “Instead of having one big square in the middle of the development,

we stretch it out from one end to the other,” said Yagelniski. “From our first phase to our last phase, everybody is almost as close to a park entrance. We’ve really tried to open it up.” By design, The Greens on Gardiner offers a diverse mix of lot sizes in close proximity to the park. “We have some amazing houses being built around the park – everything from small houses on 30-foot lots to higher end homes,” said Yagelniski. “How the park functions, how it looks in the development, and ultimately what people think about it, is one of the most important parts of the development to me. If you haven’t thought that part out, your development is going to be ho hum,” said Yagelniski. “I know people love our park. We get compliments every day about our green space.”

The Creeks

THE CREEKS It’s easy to feel close to nature at The Creeks. Located adjacent to Wascana View and Chuka Creek in southeast Regina, The Creeks not only features 12 acres of neighbourhood parks, the development also borders a nature reserve - the Mckell Wascana Conservation project. At the heart of The Creeks is Ripplinger Park, an 11-acre landscaped park that was completed in 2012. Kevin Reese, general manager of The Creeks, says that developing the park space was one of their first priorities. “We like to get the park done as early as we can,” said Reese. “We wanted to build it early on in the development so people wouldn’t have to look at a drawing and wonder what it was going to be like. While they’re looking for a home to purchase, their kids can be playing in the park.” The park is named after the family who originally owned the land where The Creeks is now situated. “Dale Ripplinger, who grew up there, is a prominent real estate person in Regina and the former president of the Canadian Real Estate Association. His cousin, Henry Ripplinger, is a well-known artist in the province. James Ripplinger was the owner of the land in recent years. We felt it was appropriate to dedicate the park to the Ripplinger family,” said Reese. Ripplinger Park was designed to invite a wide range of community activities. “We have walking paths, enhanced park lighting, play structures, a plaza for gathering and conversation. There is also a large open play area for unstructured

play – from little kids’ soccer games to flying a kite,” said Reese. “All of our park spaces and linear parks are connected by walking paths which also connect to other nearby neighbourhoods.” The park is beautifully manicured, with lush grass, colourful flower beds and lot of trees and shrubs. While visually appealing, the park also serves a very practical function. “It helps to manage storm water from the development. We have some drainage areas that have been landscaped with more native types of vegetation,” says Reese. “You don’t really know it’s there. It’s just part of the park, yet it’s performing an important function in getting that storm water out to the creeks. It blends in seamlessly.” The park’s innovative design resulted from collaboration between in-house landscape architect Mary Bermudez, an outside landscape architecture firm and the City of

Regina. “We consult extensively with the City. They try to make sure that different areas have different amenities. For example, the City didn’t want to have a large athletic field in this neighbourhood; they wanted a less structured play area,” said Reese. A wide selection of choice lots in The Creeks back onto green space and environmental reserve areas. “We have some lots that are park-backing, as well as some walk-out lots around the perimeter of the park. All of the lots that back onto the park will have gates that allow direct access to the park,” said Reese. Ripplinger Park is already a centre of activity in the neighbourhood, said Reese. “People were using it even before we had our official opening. There were kids’ soccer teams playing out there. There were football games going on. There are all kinds of people using it, from across the city. It just builds community!” You’re home Spring 2013 13

Harbour Landing HARBOUR LANDING Located in southwest Regina, the community of Harbour Landing is living up to its theme of “live, work and play.” “In total, we have about 120 acres of open space out of 800 acres at Harbour Landing. That includes a mix of 11 formalized park areas, manicured parks, environmental reserves and greenway paths,” said Paul Moroz, land development manager with Dundee Developments. Each of the 11 parks has something different to offer, said Moroz. “Some of them are passive, some are very active. Some have gigantic play structures, while others have quiet sitting areas. Some of them have yoga spots. The big park we are constructing this summer, which is adjacent to the future school site, will have an outdoor skating rink with a concrete surface and a warmup shack. In the summer, that space will be converted into basketball courts. Right 14 You’re home Spring 2013

with the City of Regina. Everything we do is ultimately approved by the City. When we’re done building it, they inherit it and maintain it, so they have significant input into how the parks are developed,” said Moroz. “There’s a lot of diligence and experience that goes into developing park space,” said Moroz. “Just like the housing industry, there are always new ideas and concepts. A lot of time is spent in meetings figuring out exactly what we ultimately want to build and develop – including the selection of plant species, and the types of trees and grasses we’re going to plant.”

beside it is a big soccer pitch and football field.” A large environmental reserve runs from north to south through the middle of Harbour Landing. The linear green space serves two purposes. “It acts as a storm water management area. In the spring, the water collects and flows through the channel that has been created,” said Moroz. “There are walking paths on each side (of the channel). Pedestrian bridges cross the channel at three locations, connecting the neighbourhood from one side to the other.” While the community’s formal parks feature manicured landscaping, the environmental reserve has been naturalized with plantings of native grasses. Dundee Developments works closely with the landscape architects at two firms in Regina: Stantec Consulting Ltd. and AECOM. Both firms work in consultation with the City of Regina. “It’s a joint effort

With so many acres devoted to green space within the development, home buyers who wish to purchase houses with park adjacency will have many lots to choose from. Dundee Developments is taking an innovative approach to lot placement around park space, including Norseman Park which will be constructed this summer. A number of the homes will front the park completely, with no street running between the park and the front of the house. “We’re calling it a ‘green street’. The back of the house that faces the park is designed to look like the front of the house, with a porch, sitting areas and picket fences separating the park from the private property. It hasn’t been done yet in Regina, but I’ve seen examples of it in other cities. I think it will be very attractive. We’ve got a builder who is very excited and has developed some unique plans,” said Moroz. Park space is a very important part of the urban fabric, added Moroz. “You just have to travel around to places that don’t have good open space. They feel completely different than neighbourhoods that do have it.” n

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MASTER AWARDS including 2012 Best New Home - under 1499 sq. ft. and most importantly 2012 Customer Satisfaction Award!

Harmony Builders can build homes in any of the following communities: Harbour Landing, The Greens on Gardiner, Greenside Terrace, Lakeridge, Skyview, Fairways West, White City, Rock Pointe and Mission Pointe. If you don’t see the area of your choice, please feel free to inquire.


HARBOUR LANDING SHOWHOME — 4777 James Hill — Monday to Thursday 7:00pm - 9:00pm Saturday and Sunday 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Future will



be inspired by the

by tammY mclean


ave you ever wondered why neighbourhoods are designed the way they are? Why are some on a grid system and others designed with curvilinear streets? Have you ever noticed that older neighbourhoods are designed differently than newer ones? Before the automobile became a common mode of transportation, neighbourhoods were built so that one was always within close walking distance to one’s place of work and to retail amenities. Back in the early days, streets were set up on a grid system of connectivity which allowed pedestrians the shortest route to their destination, and houses were built very close together. The interconnected street system consisted of arterial streets and narrower residential streets. One need only take a look at some of the archival photos of Regina in its very early days to get a picture of what early neighbourhood design looked like.

means and Regina was no exception. This is when we experienced the birth of such neighbourhoods as the Cathedral Area and old Lakeview. Neighbourhoods in this era were constructed so that individual dwellings resided no further than a five minute walk to catch the streetcar. The grid system of connectivity continued to provide the most efficient system to relay pedestrians to the streetcar line, offering

pattern was more tree-like in nature, with the main arterial road as the trunk, and the residential streets like the branches and twigs. This allowed for wider residential lots and garages could now be attached in front which became a great convenience. The back lane was no longer necessary and fell out of fashion in most North American cities. This new tree-like design caught on and became the model for development right through to today. One need only look to many of the neighbourhoods built in Regina from the 1970s right through to the present, for examples of this type of neighbourhood design. Indeed, many of us in Regina live in these types of quiet, family-friendly communities. And it is no wonder, for they do have many advantages, including the tranquility that comes with being removed from the hustle and bustle that accompanies city life - something much desired at the end of a long work day!

One need only take a look at some of the archival photos of Regina in its very early days to get a picture of what early neighbourhood design looked like.

Then along came the streetcar - yes, Regina did have a streetcar system. The new neighbourhoods that were built to accommodate the streetcar continued to follow the grid pattern, which lent itself well to this mode of transportation. However, now single family dwellings could be spaced further apart as the streetcar could be relied on to take one a further distance than one could achieve by walking. Cities grew and expanded by this 18 You’re home Spring 2013

more than one route to reach the main arterial streets where the lines were located. Along came the automobile. In the very early days of the automobile, before common usage of traffic rules and street lights, pedestrian fatalities became a concern in some of the larger North American urban centres. One of the responses to this was the development of a neighbourhood design that removed residents from the busy arterial streets and created a pattern of roads that were more curvilinear in nature, eventually including cul-de-sacs, with the idea that with fewer through roads, there would be less traffic, therefore making streets quieter and safer. This design

There is however, a new urban design movement which is taking us back to the use of the grid system because of the advantages offered by the principle of connectivity. The neighbourhood designs of the ‘80s and ‘90s and right up to the present, offer us many parks, and walking and cycling paths for recreational activity. However, the movement now is for neighbourhood design to do more than facilitate physical activity as a recreational means. Connectivity allows for a through

2012 Regina & Region Home Builders’ Association


"EST.EW#USTOM(OME flow of traffic, therefore more easily accommodating walking and cycling as a mode of transportation, just as it did in the early days, through the grid system. Nevertheless, the modern curvilinear style is still very popular because of the many advantages that it also offers.


So, what are we seeing today in Regina’s newest neighbourhoods? A snap shot of these neighbourhoods reveals a mix of both designs. Just take a tour though the communities of Harbour Landing or The Greens on Gardiner, for example, and you will see for yourself. Regina’s community developers are creating designs that have something for everyone. They offer everything from the curvilinear system that offers wider lots to accommodate the single family home with the front attached garage, to two-storey homes on narrower lots with veranda in front, and garage that backs onto a lane, very reminiscent of the streetcar style community. However, it is uncertain at this time what the future will hold. The City of Regina’s Official Community Plan (OCP) will determine what our future neighbourhoods will look like. When a community developer begins the process of developing a concept plan for their new neighbourhood, the first thing they consider is the OCP; their concept plan will not be approved unless it adheres to the guidelines laid out by the City in this plan. After a lengthy consultation process with the public and stakeholders, which included our community developers and home builders, Regina’s new OCP is in the process of being finalized. What direction in design will our future neighbourhoods take? Though connectivity was not specifically identified by the City as a guiding principle for the OCP, “promoting all forms of active transportation� and “making it easier to get around,� have been identified as underlying priorities. Will this mean a return to the grid system? Will our future neighbourhoods look more like those from the past? We will have to wait and find out - for the new OCP holds the answers and it is not expected to be finalized until 2014. n


 s2EGINA 3+


or over 20 years, the Westridge name has stood for quality in construction. That focus has defined Westridge Homes and was recognized by the Regina and Region Homebuilders Association’s presentation of the Master Awards which include the Best Condominium Project and the Customer Choice Multi-Family Award in 2009 and the Best Condominium Project Award in 2011. It’s easy to understand why prospective homeowners with an eye for excellence choose Westridge Homes. Features that many builders offer as extras are often standard in a Westridge home, creating a more personalized product for the discerning homebuyer. Such inclusions as piles under the foundation and higher-end finishes reinforce the durability and style while ensuring a comfortable, well-built home for many years. Custom-built homes with features such as a high efficiency furnace and water heater and R50 attic insulation all contribute to savings. The standard triple pane, low-E windows allow ample natural light to accentuate the comfortable interiors while creating better insulated living spaces. For a builder that offers energy efficient homes, quality construction and professional service throughout the building process as well as after possession follow-up, contact Westridge Homes today. Check out the website at for more information.

Westridge Homes


De Marco Pointe TOWN HOMES As the newest development from Westridge Homes, De Marco Pointe Townhomes continues the tradition of quality and efficiency that the builder has maintained since its establishment. Each townhome offers a beautiful interior that includes a wellappointed kitchen with an island, eating bar and pantry; a master bedroom with walk-in closet and en suite; and upgraded cabinetry, lighting, plumbing fixtures and floor coverings. The three-bedroom, two-storey plans are complemented by an insulated attached garage with concrete driveway, an attractive low maintenance exterior and a rear deck surrounded by a park-like yard. Currently, the City of Regina is offering tax abatements for new homes in various zones throughout the city. As part of Zone 2, an owner moving into the De Marco Pointe Townhomes will qualify for a three year, 90 per cent tax abatement. Paying only 10 per cent of the assessed property taxes for three years isn’t the only savings earned by residents of the development however. Features such as a high efficiency furnace, an on-demand water heater, triple-pane, low-E windows and R50 attic insulation all contribute to savings. These superior building techniques and materials also increase the comfort level for the residents. For greater tranquillity and privacy, Westridge has included enhanced soundproofing to insulate each home from noise between adjoining units as well as a sound fence and established trees which create a buffer from traffic to complete the peaceful atmosphere outdoors. Be sure to visit the website at for more information.

Marketed by:

Meriel Gordon


RE/MAX Joyce Tourney Realty

Celebrity Style: By Jeannie armstrong

Tommy Smythe a Canadian design icon Tommy Smythe has emerged as one of Canada’s most beloved design personalities. Fans know him best as Sarah Richardson’s debonair sidekick on the hit HGTV series: Design Inc., Sarah’s House, Sarah’s Cottage and Sarah 101. However, Tommy’s passion for design, impeccable style and clever wit have made him a star in his own right. In a recent email chat, I asked Tommy to share a few tidbits about his upcoming design projects with You’re Home readers. 22  You’re home  Spring 2013


You and Sarah Richardson make such a fabulous team. How did the two of you go from being high school buddies to becoming an internationally acclaimed TV design team?


Sarah and I had been on parallel career tracks (sort of) for a couple of years and while I was working with one of my early mentors (Youssef Hasbani) who has a very beautiful shop in Toronto, Sarah was a frequent visitor. Eventually when I was ready to move on from that experience, Sarah asked me to join her team (behind the scenes) on season 2 of her first hit show for HGTV: “Room Service.” After several successful seasons of that show Sarah had a very inspired idea. What if we pulled back the curtain to reveal what goes on in a real-life design firm - warts and all! The trials and the

triumphs, the clients and the trades who make it all happen would all become players in the story of the makeover of a given space. It was a maverick idea and Sarah and her producing partner Michael Prini have enjoyed much “flattery” ever since “Design Inc.” hit the airwaves. When we said goodbye to “Design Inc.” and moved on to “Sarah’s House,” I ended up all by myself on camera with Sarah for a really basic and simple reason…everyone else was pregnant! The result became a duo, rather than a cast. It just works. Call it chemistry. I am so fortunate to be working with the most talented woman in BOTH design and television.


What design projects are you and Sarah Richardson currently working on together?


Those touches are already there! Co-incidentally, Emerald Green happens to be one of my top three favourite colours.

What other colour choices and decorating trends stand out this year for you? There’s a lot of gold! I’d advise using it (to add richness to a room), but use sparingly!

What inspires your designs? What influences your creative thought process? Everything! It can be an insect or a skyscraper or anything in between. Travel is a big one too.

We have a lot coming down the pipe! There's a book in the works as well as a few different product development projects that we're really, really excited about.

Every design or reno project requires a budget. What advice do you have for our readers for getting the most impact from your design budget?


This is a tough one, because decor is a lot like most other things - you get what you pay for. I'm sorry to say, but I don't believe you can get the look for less. If it's not the look…it's less. I believe in making a reasonable plan and executing it slowly as you can afford to. Or saving until you can afford to do it well. Impatience is the enemy of beauty.

When will your next series begin airing on HGTV in Canada?

Sarah and Michael Prini are working on development of a brand new series. Stay tuned to Sarah's website for updates and perhaps even a casting call soon!



Not only are your TV shows very popular in Canada, your international audience keeps growing. Where are your series currently airing? Why do you think the shows are so universally popular?


We are in 54 countries around the world (isn't that crazy?) The difficult thing for our international viewers is that it's hard for them to see episodes online due to something called 'geo-blocking'. So, we're working on lots of original content for Sarah's own website that will be accessible to anyone anywhere. Isn't that democratic?


When you’re not filming with Sarah, you’re busy doing your own design projects. Are there certain types of design or reno projects that really capture your imagination?


I'm really proud of the high-rise condo I've just completed with an assist from Lindsay Mens (who your readers will remember from “Design Inc”) It’s a really lovely and glamorous home, soon to be published in magazine format.


2013 is shaping up to be a colourful year, especially with Pantone’s choice of Emerald Green as the colour of the year. What’s your take on Emerald Green? Are you planning to incorporate any green touches into your home décor this year, and if so, how? You’re home  Spring 2013  23

Splash Zone

Swim Spas turn up the fun By ashleigh mattern


ow families don’t have to choose between the relaxing properties of a hydrotherapy hot tub or the fitness features of a swimming pool. A swim spa delivers the best of both worlds to your home or back yard!

training environment, where users can do a variety of fitness exercises, including walking, jogging and water aerobics. The resistance factor of exercising in water will make your workout even more effective and beneficial, while protecting joints from damaging impact.

Duane Hunt, owner of Halcyon Spas in Regina, says that swim spas are gaining favour with swimmers, party hosts and families alike.

After your workout, you’ll appreciate the therapeutic massage offered by the swim spa’s hydrotherapy jets and comfortable contoured seats. Some models include a hot tub on one end for a full range of targeted massage at warmer temperatures.

The versatile pools are large enough to accommodate a full range of swimming motion, yet small enough to fit easily into a compact back yard. Swim spas can even be installed indoors! Located at the corner of Albert Street and Fifth Avenue, the Halcyon Spas sales centre offers 10 different styles of swim spas and over 30 different models of hot tubs. Halcyon Spas features carefully selected swim spas, available in many different sizes, starting at 12 feet in length. Halcyon’s swim spas are designed with specialized jets on one end that allow you to swim with or without a tether or harness against the current, “like a treadmill in water,” explained Hunt. The resistant swim current can be adjusted to suit the individual’s skill level, creating a swimming experience superior to that of any inground or aboveground pool. Turn off the current and your swim spa becomes a kidfriendly splash pool! Instead of fighting the crowds at the nearest community swimming pool, your kids can have fun in the comfort and safety of their own back yard.

Hunt says there is no better way to relax. “People like having a tub at home because it’s a refuge, a place to go to start or end your day. You can soak away any pains or aches… it’s like your own little spa. It’s a way of treating yourself at home the way you would want to be treated if someone else was looking after you,” said Hunt. “It’s almost addictive,” he added, “because when you’re in a hot tub, your blood vessels open up and your body starts to release chemicals like dopamine and you get a really natural euphoric feeling.” And with a Hydropool swim spa, you’ll have ample time to relax. Hydropool swim spas feature the world’s first self-cleaning technology, purifying the water in the pool every 15 minutes. At Halcyon Spas, there’s a hot tub or pool option for every budget and every family, from compact twoperson hot tubs to the newest swim spas. Visit the show room at 1070 Albert Street or call (306) 525-2100 to reserve a ‘test soak.’ Complete details are available at n

With the swim-in-place harness and the specially designed anti-slip floor, a swim spa becomes the perfect

You’re home Spring 2013 25


Master Mas ter award a ward winner inners s

Home Builder of theyear

“The Regina & Region Home Builders’ Association recognizes the quality of work performed by its members.”

Harmony Builders Ltd.

best new home: 1500 - 1799 sq. ft. Homes by Deveraux

best new home: 1800 - 2099 sq. ft. Pacesetter New Homes Ltd.

best new home: over 2100 sq. ft. Homes by Dundee

Regina & Region Home Builders’ Association


best new home: under 1499 sq. ft.

master award winners Regina is growing quickly, and part of that build includes new homes in and around the city. The Regina & Region Home Builders’ Association recognizes the quality of work performed by its members. Every year the Master Awards recognize the achievements of RRHBA members in new home construction, home renovation, sales, and community development. This year’s winners all showcased the terrific style, design, and builds taking place here in Regina. We’ve provided a snapshot of our city’s best.

best new custom home: under 2100 sq. ft. Fiorante Homes and Commercial Ltd.

best new custom home: over 2100 sq. ft. Ripplinger Homes

best new condominium project Fiorante Homes and Commercial Ltd.

new home under 1499 sq. ft.

harmonY builders ltd.

best new home kitchen Century West Homes Ltd.

best landscape project Paramount Plantscapes Ltd.

new Home Warranty Program of saskatchewan Customer Choice award small single family builder

new home 1500 - 1799 sq. ft.

homes bY deveraux

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NEW! -  

20’-53’ Sea-Can Containers

Renovation and spring cleaning provide excellent opportunities to discard the junk that accumulates in any household, but removing that rubbish can present a problem, even for professionals. Fortunately, PV Disposal provides disposal bins affordably and conveniently for residential do-it-yourselfers, home builders and general contractors. “We’ve been operating since 2009 and, every year, we just get a little bit bigger,” said Karen Allan, co-owner and co-operator of the company. With her father, Dave Wellings, Allan has grown PV Disposal exponentially since its foundation three years ago. “We started with two employees, and we now have five. We started with one truck and eleven bins, and we’re now up to two trucks and what’s soon to be 65 bins and growing.” The staff at PV Disposal earned that expansion through their exceptional customer relations. “A lot of our new business has come from the referrals of our existing customers,” Allan said. “In today’s fast-paced world — especially in Saskatchewan, where everybody’s busy — that’s been lost a little bit and it’s one thing that we really pride ourselves on.”

Convenient disposal ÊÊÊ܈̅œÕÌÊÊ ÊÊÊÊÊÊʅˆ}…ÊVœÃÌ

Those relationships are maintained through a direct and personal line of communication between the staff and its clients. “We’re open seven days a week, and we’re easy to reach,” said Allan. “If you want something done, we can get it done right away, and people are always going to get me on the phone — me, or Shawn, or Ken — to answer their calls. There’s no answering machines or dispatch service or anything: you’re always going to get us.” As an example of PV Disposal’s responsiveness to customer concerns, it now provides more secure disposal options so that its clients can focus on their own disposal needs. “We also provide lids on our bins,” Allan said. “The city has removed all of those containers in the back alleys that used to be everybody’s dumping grounds. Now that they’ve removed those bins, we’re finding it an increasing problem, so we provide lids on our bins if necessary for customers to reduce the amount of unwanted neighbourhood junk in their disposal bin.” Another result of PV Disposal’s immediate and responsive interaction with clients is a very versatile approach to pricing. “We have multiple fee schedules that fit everybody’s varying needs: some people need long-term, monthly rentals, some people only need a bin for a week or two weeks, so we provide flexible fee schedules that suit what customers are doing,” said Allan. “I can talk to people who are doing a kitchen renovation or a bathroom renovation about what bin’s going to work for them and how long I think they’re going to need it for. “I can help them so that they don’t go for something that’s going to cost them too much money. I can direct them to what their cheapest option’s going to be and help them work that out. We provide that expertise.”

Open 7 Days A Week

306-522-7770 Fax: 306-721-5118

We provide 9-20 yard disposal containers which are perfect for:

UÊ,i˜œÛ>̈œ˜ÃÊÊUÊi˜iÀ>Ê i>˜Õ«ÊÊ UÊ,œœw˜}ÊÊUÊ-VÀ>«ÊiÌ>

Ài>ÌÊ,>ÌiÃÊUÊÀi>ÌÊ-iÀۈVi For more information visit our website at

My Space


reimer residence

For the whole Family

by You're home staff photos by Shawn Fulton


hen custom home builders design their own homes, it allows them to integrate the best ideas of their clients with their own wish list. Rob Reimer, owner of Reimer Custom Homes & Commercial Inc., and his wife Jocelyn did just that when they were developing a plan of their own. “People are so creative and many of our clients have such great ideas,” said Rob. “There‘s an opportunity to say, ‘Hey, I kind of like this,’ or sometimes it sparks a new idea.”

Rob and Jocelyn Reimer, owners of Reimer custom homes & commercial inc.

32 You’re home Spring 2013

The Reimers have included some of their clients’ innovative designs, but have also added some unique touches of their own. They created a stone theme throughout the house including a fieldstone fireplace, granite countertops featuring a mosaic of rocks and a backsplash inlaid with polished stones from a dollar store. It goes to show some of the greatest ideas don’t need to cost a lot!

when custom home builders design their own homes, it allows them to integrate the best ideas of their clients with their own wish list.

Jocelyn also worked with a designer in selecting the colours for the interior and exterior of the home. She found the opportunity of this creative expression quite rewarding. “We really do enjoy our whole home. The basement is a partial walkout and we have French doors with direct exposure to the south and the back yard — wonderful light comes in. The lower level is home to a cozy fireplace, games tables and a kitchenette with a serving and sitting area for entertaining,” said Jocelyn.

Visit our large showroom to see the latest designs in home lighting.

Their kids, Joy-Lyn and Austin, as well as the family dog Nacho, bring a lot of life into every room. “It gets a little wild and crazy around here at times!” said Jocelyn.

From traditonal to ultra-contemporary, our friendly and helpful staff will find the right lighting solution for your needs.

“We are a very close family and our space was designed such that we can spend a lot of time together,” said Rob. "We are really thankful that God has given us the opportunity to create and live in this space." Their favourite room for family time is a feature that was added after they had moved in. They found that, on most days, their south-facing outdoor deck was either too hot or too windy to enjoy, so they

2101 - 7th Avenue, Regina Phone: 525-8301 Fax: 525-0753 You’re home Spring 2013 33

Rob and Jocelyn with their children Joy-lyn and austin, as well as the family dog nacho


decided to have it converted into a glassed-in sunroom. It’s a spot where the whole family can get together and participate in activities like board games, or individuals can spend quiet time studying or reading while overlooking the nearby park. The rustic four-season sunroom allows the Reimers to enjoy a summer-on-thedeck-like atmosphere in the middle of winter. “It’s about 500 square feet and is highlighted by a large slate covered wood fireplace with basically floor-toceiling windows and a lot of southern exposure. When the weather is favorable in the summertime, the glass doors can be opened up and the space becomes an open-air deck. “The four-season sunroom is enjoyed so much that we incorporated (the design feature) into our Cornerstone Heights condominium project in Harbour Landing,” Rob explains. “Each unit has its very own private sunroom.”

667 Park St. 34 You’re home Spring 2013


The Reimers get a lot of satisfaction out of sharing their home with a variety of different groups of people. They enjoy hosting business and church functions and they have also helped several students by allowing them to live with them. “The most important thing for me is that it can be used to bless others,” said Jocelyn. “It is who you share your home with that makes it truly feel beautiful!” n

Our Showroom is Your Showroom

Our luxury plumbing showrooms offer a wide selection of plumbing fixtures, faucets, and accessories from the industries top quality names. We display the latest trends and cutting edge styles, and our showrooms feature expansive open concept vignette displays, demonstrating a wide array of products in realistic settings. Our knowledgeable Consultants understand the building and renovating process, and are able to provide personalized service for all our clients. Our commitment is to assist you in making the home building, design or renovating process an enjoyable journey. Be inspired by stepping into one of our showrooms and see the endless possibilities that await you.

Canada’s most interactive kitchen & bath showrooms. With hundreds of products, one on one appointments and the latest trends.

Regina t 306-565-2284 1176 Hamilton Street

Saskatoon t 306-933-2237 649 - 51 Street East

Visit Us


BETTER OUTDOOR LIVING Suncoast Screen Enclosures offers a screened-in, outdoor area, that allows you to enjoy your deck, pool, spa or patio without the sense of being enclosed in an indoor space. These esthetically pleasing and durable sunrooms protect you from the wind, hot sun, rain and the nuisance of annoying and dangerous insects. The roof can be made of screening to allow an uninhibited view of the sky with other roof options available. Each of our screen enclosures is custom built on-site and offer year round use even in the winter to keep your deck area free of snow for the enjoyment of your spa and bar-b-cue all year long. In addition, there are several features that we can add such as custom colors, power retractable screens, 3 season windows, powered louvered roof and of course a doggy door.



One of the greatest things about a deck enclosure is the ability to leave doors and windows wide open into the enclosed area (you can even permanently remove the screens from the windows). This truly adds an outdoor room to your existing home and creates an outdoor feel in any adjacent room to the enclosure. Every 3 SEASON SUNROOM is custom designed and built to fit and match the architecture of each unique home. We can frame around changes in roof heights, bay windows, fireplaces - everything about our building process is custom to meet the specific needs of our customers and their homes or restaurants.


306.761.1801 N Toll Free 1.877.449.5106


ine FA rts Scott NicholSoN

By miranda Burski Photos by Vienna Di Ruscio


cott Nicholson Fine Arts is a unique company in Saskatchewan; in fact, it’s the only one of its kind in Western Canada.

“We’re the only art consultancy firm in Western Canada. The only other art consultancy firms are located in… Ontario,” said Scott Nicholson, executive director of Scott Nicholson Fine Arts. The company provides original works of art to a variety of clients, including businesses, architects, interior designers and private collectors. Nicholson and his team acquire pieces from Saskatchewan artists and offer services in curating, installing, leasing and asset management. While the company is still fairly new, it has done quite well in its first year. Two of the business’s biggest partnerships are with the 1621 Albert St. Development Corporation and Government House. The 1621 Albert St. Development Corporation called Scott Nicholson Fine Arts in the interests of setting up an exhibition in Regina Centre Crossing. The exhibition, which can be found in the lower level of Regina Centre Crossing, opened in August, 2012, and runs until August 16, 2013. The partnership with Government House is to be held over a three-year period. The 38 You’re home Spring 2013

first exhibition ran in January and February of this year, and the last two will be held in January and February of each 2014 and 2015. Nicholson said that 17 artists will be featured in each exhibition, totalling 51 pieces of art per year.

Scott Nicholson Fine Arts has also expanded in terms of private and community collectors. For example, the team works with private collectors to assist with the cataloguing and financial planning of their collections, as well as with corporations to assist in the expansion of their corporate art collections. Nicholson credits at least part of this growth to the company’s membership in the Regina & Region Home Builders’ Association (RRHBA), gained in the spring of 2012.

“I was talking with Tammy McLean, and we started to talk about how it would be a really good fit for the [RRHBA] because it’s a very unique company and we operate in a very unique way,” said Nicholson. “[The RRHBA is] a fantastic Association in terms of support to their members. They have given us, in particular, fantastic support and great advertising through them; we’ve received so many calls when the Association put in an ad and our company name appeared in that ad… It’s brought a lot of really great opportunities that we wouldn’t have had otherwise.”

The response from ads has included calls from home builders and other members of the RRHBA, as well as the general public, and has allowed the company to be a corporate sponsor for Association activities. All of this has led to Scott Nicholson Fine Arts being able to expand in other areas. Plans are in place to develop a magazine and a series of online television programs. Nicholson is also looking forward to a time when he can expand the company outside of Saskatchewan.

“Our expansion, of course, would go into Saskatoon, and then the major Saskatchewan cities,” said Nicholson. “Then we’ll be able… to apply for business licenses in all the other provinces. So eventually, our plan is to be able to practice business in every province and to give Ontario a run for its money.” Scott Nicholson Fine Arts works with both new and professional artists in a variety of mediums, including painting, photography, and fine fashion, jewelry and accessory designers. For more information about the company, visit www. or call 501-3808. They can also be found on LinkedIn, Facebook ( scottnicholsonfinearts) and Twitter (@ scottfinearts). n



205 - 1945 SCARTH ST. REGINA, SK 306.205.2549




esigning a home requires both experience and innovation, qualities that the staff of KRN Residential Design have developed through its hands-on role in countless building projects.

Over his 15 years in the field, Kelly Nadler, KRNʼs owner and operator, has played a role in designing buildings for both commercial and residential purposes. “I started in the industry back in ʼ95, and I was designing homes for some of the major builders in the city,” he said. The projects became increasingly large and commercial, including restaurants, bars, care homes, special needs housing, offices, shops, strip malls and apartment buildings.

Five years ago, Nadler decided to shift his attention and founded KRN Residential Design. “Our firm focuses on living spaces for individuals,” he said. “Our primary goal is single-family homes, but we do a lot of condominium complexes as well.” The company now boasts four full-time and two part time staff, and five consulting engineers. “We are the design representatives for over 30 builders in the city,” Nadler said. “If a builder were to come to us and have us

represent them as a design firm, we would take their design criteria, their specifications, and we would adapt them into our communication with their clients, who would meet with us at our office. “We would also work with the builderʼs budget, square footage numbers and limitations, and we would work with their client to consult with them to design their house around their family needs and lifestyles, and to try to maximize use of space and functionality of the home in order to deliver something to the builder and to their client thatʼs going to meet the budget.”

Nadler emphasizes the importance of discretion in working with builders and their clients. “The builders share their plan, their information, their inside budgeting and their numbers with us so that weʼre able to work with the clients — obviously, thatʼs all confidential.” That said, the expertise gained through working with builders also benefits the individuals and families who enlist KRN to design their homes privately. “Having access to that information from builders really helps us to cater to these individuals, because we can help them understand the pros and cons of different types of building materials,” said Nadler. “Weʼre also exposed to the actual building costs, so we can make our client aware of what to expect in this growing industry.”

“Weʼll be able to work with them personally to solve design challenges and come up with new ways to maximize use and space based on personal family needs and lifestyle,” said Nadler. “We get to know the people on a personal level and we design the house around them.” Nadler finds KRNʼs greater focus on residential design, rather than commercial work, personally rewarding. “I feel a greater sense of giving back to the community, because Iʼm dealing with a lot of people on a personal level,” he said. “I really enjoy dealing with people one-on-one.”

Cracking Basement foundation repair includes prevention


ook down, look down. Look down and save your basement if you can.

That might be the tune sung by Larry Miller, owner of Regina’s SlabMaster Ltd. Through the company, Miller has been helping homeowners with concrete troubles for more than 30 years. He says people can easily recognize when they might have foundation problems. “You’ll find doors and windows not closing properly because the house is settling. There may also be cracks in the walls, ceiling and floor.” In the basement, homeowners should look for cracks in the wall – these can be either horizontal or vertical, which means different things. “Horizontal cracks in the wall mean you have ground pressure from water,” Miller explained. “Vertical cracks means the house is settling.” With basements that are already finished, Miller says owners can look at the exterior of their homes. “Look at the parging, which is the mortar coat on the wall. If the corners of the house are level with the parging but the centre is in an inch or so, then you know you’re getting ground pressure. You can also tell if you have two cracks – one in each corner of the outside wall.” Like most home problems, he says, these problems can be prevented. “In many cases, problems happen because water gets in due to the home not

40  You’re home  Spring 2013


Some repairs can be as drastic as building a new wall at which point engineers should be involved, Miller said. “If you’re doing anything major, you want an engineer’s report because it will help if you ever decide to sell your house.” While it may be more common in older homes because of time and wear, Miller has seen several newer homes where floors have had to be re-poured and walls rebuilt. “Many people move in and don’t think of the landscaping until they have a problem.” Problems are commonly the result of extra moisture in the ground but he says they also can happen during dry years. “If the ground

is too dry, the dirt around the house will turn to powder, which may also cause shifting and settling problems. “About 80 to 85 per cent of what we do is mudjacking,” Miller reports of SlabMaster. This is the process where concrete that has sunk can be lifted to slope away from the foundation. “Patios, driveways, garage and basement floors can be lifted this way. We also offer compaction grouting, which is inserting pipes under the footing or piles to lift it back into place,” said Millar. For more information, visit . n

By tom eremondi

being landscaped properly. I recommend a good clay-based material underneath the topsoil and sod.” After that, he says to make sure the ground around the house is sloped properly to ensure that runoff from rain and melting snow is being directed away from the home. The sloping should run 10 to 15 feet away from the house – homeowners also need to be sure they’re not just draining the water into a neighbour’s yard. Miller isn’t a huge fan of weeping tile. “If water gets into the ground and starts creating pressure against walls, the weeping tile really won’t help until it gets to the bottom. It also won’t deal with all of the water, so there will still be problems.” Clay-based material around the house and proper sloping, again are the answers. If water is pooling anywhere in the yard, it’s a sign that the home wasn’t properly landscaped. By properly draining their yards, he notes homeowners can save themselves much money. “Foundation repairs can start at $6,000 to $7,000 and can be over $30,000 when you’re talking about lifting a house with a double-car garage. One wall alone can be over $12,000.” You’re home  Spring 2013  41

Explore Kensington Greens, a community of homes with classic architectural charm and enduring craftsmanship. Choose from a selection of affordable and spacious oor plans expertly designed by Regina’s most established home builders. Many homes feature front street verandahs, attached garages, larger back yards, rear lane access and wide lots, making for an inviting streetscape and friendlier neighbourhood. Located in north Regina, Kensington Greens is an architecturally styled development including park spaces, play areas for children and lit pedestrian walkways. Choice park facing sites are available for executive styled homes. Regina’s Ne South Ea west Neighbou st rhood!

The Greens is Growing! — Exciting News for 2013:

— New Phase of Lots — Neighbourhood/Mixed Use Centre Commencing Construction — Chuka Boulevard Connection to Arcola Ave. — New Show Homes Opening spring 2013 — Spring is Coming Soon. Enjoy Regina’s Largest Completed New Park!


Membership in RRHBA advantageous for

FrieS tallmaN lumber By andrew livingstone

Joan and Kevin Stricker, owners of Fries Tallman Lumber Ltd.


ince 1956, Fries Tallman Lumber Ltd. has provided its quality products and services to the Regina area, building a reputation for reliability within the home building industry. That reputation has been enhanced by its longtime membership in the Regina & Region Home Builders’ Association (RRHBA). Through its RRHBA membership, Fries Tallman enjoys recognition, education and dialogue with its peers in the industry that it serves. “We’re a full-service lumber and building supply dealer,” said Kevin Stricker, president, CEO and owner of Fries Tallman Lumber (1976) Ltd. “We have a staff of approximately 80 people, a fleet of 15 trucks and two locations — one here in Regina and one in the Qu’Appelle Valley in the town of Fort Qu’Appelle.” That workforce is kept busy serving retail and wholesale customers and in constructing many of the products that it carries. “Obviously, our core product group is lumber and building materials, but we do a very brisk, strong business in windows and roof trusses. We also have our own door pre-hanging shop, so we’re able to pre-hang doors,” said Stricker. Although southern Saskatchewan is its home, 44 You’re home Spring 2013

Fries Tallman has demonstrated the value of its products and expertise elsewhere on occasion. “Our core market is Regina and region, but we have done projects in northern Saskatchewan as well as Alberta and BC,” said Stricker. “We’ve supplied a couple of cottages on Lac La Ronge, where we’ve actually used helicopters to set the trusses in place, and some care homes in Alberta and BC.” “We pride ourselves on a knowledge-based staff,” Stricker said. “We’ve got many, many years of experience on our sales counter, which is extremely useful and helpful. We truly care about our customer and their projects and we’re very proud to be in business in Regina and a member of the Home Builders’ Association.” As a consequence of Fries Tallman’s longevity, it has had the opportunity to proudly participate in the RRHBA as long as the organization has existed under that name. Indeed, Stricker traces the business’s membership to a previous incarnation of the Association, called the Housing and Urban Development Association of Canada. Over the years, Stricker has had ample occasion to observe the value of membership in the Association. “One benefit is to the consumer,” he said. “I think it gives them

comfort and reassurance that they’re dealing with a reputable firm. I think it would be fair to say that there’d be a similar advantage to being a member of the Home Builders’ Association as to being a member of the Better Business Bureau.” For businesses within the Association, on the other hand, membership can be very educational. “There is also some different training and things like that that are very beneficial,” said Stricker. “They have different seminars from time to time and different speakers that are very interesting.” Perhaps the greatest benefit for businesses that participate in the RRHBA is social. “On the contractor side, it gives us an opportunity to network on a monthly basis at the general meeting,” Stricker said. “If you’re a new company in a very busy environment, it helps you to be made aware of the business that you’re in. They publish a roster which includes all the Association members and it’s a good reference point. You may not know everybody in the Association but, if you know a few people, you can bounce ideas off each other as well.” Fries Tallman Lumber is located at 1737 Dewdney Avenue in Regina. For more information, visit n



































Liveit up R

emember when outdoor decor was limited to patio sets? Today, if you can imagine it inside, you can bring it outside. Fashionable outdoor furniture choices include sofas and love seats, club chairs, swivel chairs, rockers - even rugs! Eleisha Lanz, sales manager with Paradise LeisureScapes in Regina, says outdoor living rooms have become more popular in the past five years because people are staying at home more and want to create an oasis in their own back yards. “A lot of people are not able to get away in the evenings or the weekends as a family,” she said. “When you’re home, you can all spend quality time together outside in your back yard.”

She says the first decision to make about your outdoor space is whether you’ll be using it for relaxing or entertaining. For a relaxing outdoor space, think day beds like you might see at a resort, complemented by folding screens to create privacy and even 46  You’re home  Spring 2013

in your Outdoor

weather-proof recliners. Canopy umbrellas can continue the relaxing resort theme, and don’t forget a side table to hold your mojito. If planning a space for entertaining, consider one of Paradise LeisureScapes’ inviting chat set groupings or luxurious L-shaped sectionals. Both are great choices for larger groups and are designed to keep the conversation going. Accents like a tabletop fireplace or a water feature can also make an outdoor space feel more homey. “You can create different areas, too,” said Lanz, “such as a lounging area, dining area, play area.” You don’t need a big backyard to create an outdoor living room. “Maybe you don’t have room for a 42-inch table, but could accommodate a bistro set, with chairs and a smaller table,” said Lanz, adding that outdoor furniture-style sectionals can also be custom built to fit any space. Mirrors can also help a small space feel larger and will reflect the natural beauty of the yard.

No matter what type of outdoor space you’re creating, incorporate sufficient lighting into your plans so the space is comfortable and useable at night. Ensure the path from the house to the seating area is well-lit. Consider lanterns and spot lights to brighten the space. When choosing fabrics and colours for accessories and accents, Lanz suggests extending your interior décor style into your back yard. “It’s about creating that outdoor living space just like your inside space and even trying to incorporate similar colours.” Grey remains a popular choice for outdoor furnishings, accented with bold colours and patterns, says Lanz. Stripes have also carried over from last year. When buying for spring 2013, Lanz found that stripes were in all the designers’ showrooms. Wicker is a classic choice for decks, sunrooms and patios. Woven from weather-resistant synthetics, today’s outdoor wicker furniture will easily withstand temperature extremes

Today, if you can imagine it inside, you can bring it outside.

Living Room By ashleigh mattern


and resist fading. “It’s more of a timeless texture, not something you’re going to get sick of,� said Lanz. For tables, Lanz recommends faux wood tops with wrought iron or aluminium bases. These tables offer the rich textures and colours of wood, but last twice as long and are maintenance free. Because the furniture will be outside, exposed to nature’s wrath, Lanz strongly recommends investing in higher-quality pieces. While more expensive, they will look great for years and also tend to require less maintenance. Fabrics are dyed right through so colours don't fade and materials are specially designed to dry quickly. Still, she doesn't recommend leaving furniture out over the winter. “It's an investment,� said Lanz. “Think of it just like your indoor furnishings. You’re not going to change your sofa in your house every two years, you’re going to invest in something that shows your personality, so you can have it for a long period of time.� Lanz invites home owners to explore the vast array of outdoor furnishings now on display in Paradise LeisureScapes’ Regina showroom, located at 1250 Osler Street. For details, visit n

Choosing a builder who belongs to the New Home Warranty Program ensures your new home is protected from problems that can occur with new buildings. You’ll be covered for*: s9OURINITIALDEPOSITUPTO IFTHEBUILDERDEFAULTS s$EFECTSINWORKMANSHIPORMATERIALSFORTHElRSTYEAR s%XTERIORWATERPENETRATIONFORTWOYEARS s-AJORSTRUCTURALDEFECTSFORlVEYEARS 0LUS YOUCANGETEVENMORECOMPREHENSIVECOVERAGEWITHTHEOPTIONALEXTENDED COVERAGEFORSINGLEFAMILYHOMES 4OlNDOUTMORE VISITOURWEBSITE ORCONTACTUSTODAY This is not a comp;lete description of coverage. Contact the Ne Home Warranty Program of Saskatchewan for warranty details.

* #201 - 1801 MacKay St., Regina

(306) 546-5220 You’re home  Spring 2013  47

The list of awards that Homes by Dundee received at the Regina & Region Home Builders’ Association Master Award Ceremony was long and fitting. Honoured by their peers in the industry, Homes by Dundee is well respected and boasts a history that no other home builder in Regina can. This year’s awards included the 2012 Safety Award, The Environmental Leader in Housing Award, The Customer Choice Award for large single-family builder, Best New Home over 2,100 square feet, and the prestigious Home

Builder of the Year Award. These awards are a significant consideration for anyone looking to purchase a new home in Regina, because it means that Homes by Dundee cares about the work that they do. Quality and customer service are the key factors that they focus on and it’s a successful strategy because they have been doing it for over 60 years in the Regina market.

Known for being Regina’s leading homebuilder, Homes by Dundee has a long history in Regina with a philosophy of providing the best total value to their clients. Amazingly, along with their predecessor company, they have built more than 10,000 homes in Regina — more than any other builder in the history of our province! There is something to be said for a company that has been here as long as

N 2012 Home Builder of the Year N2012 Safety Award N2012 Environmental Leader in Housing Award N2012 Customer Choice Award For Large Builder N2012 Best New Home: Over 2100 Sq. Ft.

105 - 1230 Blackfoot Drive, Regina, SK N (306) 347-8100

The lifestyle you want. The price you can afford.

Homes by Dundee has. They have seen the ups and downs of homebuilding in this city, as there were years that there were less than 200 housing starts when the economy wasn’t as strong as it is today. Now in this vibrant economy, in this past year Homes by Dundee had more than 200 starts, and has recently expanded its business to include multi-family projects. Multi-family projects ensure that the company can meet the needs of a broader range of homebuyers. Being able to adapt

to the market changes has contributed to the longevity of Homes by Dundee. Behind the scenes, Homes by Dundee employs over 30 staff members and contracts hundreds of tradespeople on site in areas like Harbour Landing, The Greens on Gardiner, The Creeks, Edgewater and Lakeridge Addition. When asked about their success, vice president Dave McEachern said, “Our people are the lifeblood of our organization as we have some of the most experienced

and qualified professionals in the industry. With them we are able to continue being innovative, and we are very proud of that.” Homes by Dundee is known for exceptional customer service throughout the building process and long after. Their new-home sales consultants have helped many families turn their dream homes into reality. Stop by to see one of their seven show homes throughout the city. For locations and hours, visit


319,900 (GST & land included)


email: N


Small Town



aving lived and worked in the White City – Emerald Park area for the past 20 years, the Sawchyn family thinks the communities’ small town atmosphere, fresh air, wide open spaces, lower property taxes and larger lot sizes are a good buy for the money.

By jessica mees

Not only are Garry and Lorena Sawchyn themselves long-time residents of the area, they’re helping many other families enjoy small town living as the co-owners of Emerald Park Homes Ltd. Most of the builder’s custom homes are constructed in the communities of White City and Emerald Park, conveniently located just 10 minutes from Regina. They are also busy doing

50  You’re home  Spring 2013

has its advantages

acreage and rural builds within a one-hour drive of Regina. Emerald Park Homes has just opened a new show home in White City, located at 102 Emerald Ridge East. The 1,618 square foot three-bedroom home features an open concept design with all the trimmings, including exquisitely crafted kitchen cabinets, built-in bookcases and window seats. Two covered decks take full advantage of the fantastic view presented by the builder’s choice lots. “Our new model home is fashioned after our last model home, with modifications to the floor plan as requested by our past customers. They asked for three bedrooms on the main floor; low maintenance; a larger

Whether designing a new show home or doing a custom build, the Sawchyns pay close attention to their customers' requests. garage; unfinished basement; spray foam insulation to lower the monthly utility bills; appliances; built-in cabinetry; a jet tub and custom tiled shower. So that is what we did!” said Lorena Sawchyn, co-owner and manager of Emerald Park Homes. Whether designing a new show home or doing a custom build, the Sawchyns pay close attention to their customers’ requests. Garry Sawchyn personally meets with every customer to find the lot and plan of their dreams, also ensuring it suits their budget. The hands-on builder is present on each job site daily to ensure everything is on schedule and built to Emerald Park Homes’ exacting standards. Garry brings over 30 years of experience in all aspects of construction to Emerald Park Homes. “He has poured concrete foundations, slabs, grade beams, driveways, sidewalks. He has framed homes from start to finish. He has installed kitchen cabinets and vanities,” explained Lorena. “Aside from

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construction, Garry grew up on the family farm where he learned the importance of hard work and long hours. He learned how to farm, weld and fix vehicles and equipment. Garry has played many team sports including pitching for the former Regina Molson Fast Ball Team, and many other fastball teams that played throughout Saskatchewan and Canada which taught him how important teamwork is to the end result.” Long-term relationships have been established with a core group of local sub-trades and this enables Emerald Park Homes to deliver consistent service. “Most of the sub-trades have family members working with them to achieve quality results,” said Lorena. “This is one of the keys to our success. Garry wants each home he builds to be fun for the customers by encouraging them to meet the craftspeople who work on their home to ask questions, obtain advice and have a few laughs.” The caring family attitude keeps many customers coming back for more. Several families have built more than one home with Emerald Park Homes because they enjoyed the experience. Repeated compliments are that clients appreciated the attention to detail and personalized service they received and that the builder is extremely trustworthy. “The more informed and decisive the customers are, the easier it is to build the home on budget and on schedule,” she said. To check out current builds by Emerald Park Homes, visit their website at or explore the new show home at 102 Emerald Ridge East in White City. n

The caring family attitude keeps many customers coming back for more.

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U A fresh new look without a major renovation U No hidden plumbing or electrical costs U No need to redecorate or change flooring U New cabinet add-ons U Custom made doors and drawer U Large selection of styles and colors to choose from U Better for the environment



U Installs in existing cabinets U Easy, Affordable upgrade to any cabinet U Never have to get on your hands and knees again

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Photos by Shawn Fulton “WE LISTENED TO YOU! You loved our last show home’s floor plan but young families needed three bedrooms on the main; a larger garage; unfinished basement; spray foam insulation to lower the monthly utility bills; appliances; built-in cabinetry; a jet tub and custom tiled shower. So that is what we did!” CLOSE TO THE NEW SCHOOL Backing the pond with no backyard neighbours; 1618 sq. ft. Bungalow c/w 25’ x 30’ attached garage. 2 covered decks, exposed aggregate driveway. 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, main floor laundry Cabinets & Vanities are Full Height, Gun Metal Ebony Echo Wood and stainless steel uppers with lami glass and granite countertops.

Given the Thumbs up by

ENERGY EFFICIENT FEATURES GARRY SAWCHYN: “As we are becoming more aware of the effect that our choices have on our environment, making our homes more energy efficient is becoming a priority. Since the greatest consumption of energy is in the heating and cooling of our homes, we must minimize energy waste by creating a well sealed home. This can be accomplished with a high quality, energy efficient air barrier and insulator. Features: SPRAYJONES.COM - Full Walltite Spray Foam System. High efficient furnace, Durabuilt Hybridex 920 series, windows”. Thick, ruggedly beautiful Woodcrest® shingles create the look of a wood shake. Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

W H I T E C I T Y / E M E R A L D PA R K

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POSTED ON FACEBOOK LAST WEEK: LYNN BLACKWELL: As a past employee of Emerald Park Homes I can assure you that Garry and Lorena are great people to deal with. Not only do you get to deal directly with the owners of the company but Garry is on the job site daily to make sure that you are happy. Building a new home is kind of like getting married.... you want to make sure that you picked the right partner. With the respect that Garry and Lorena show their customers you will have many happy anniversaries with them. GARRY SAWCHYN: “We moved out to Emerald Park over 20 years ago and the small town atmosphere, fresh air, wide open spaces, lower property tax, and lot sizes are a good buy for the money. We have a great selection of fully serviced lots including some of the only walk-out lots left in Bower West.�


Custom Builder, Our Quality Shows

W W W. E M E R A L D PA R K H O M E S . C A


By Carson arthur Landscape Designer, Author and Television Host of Green Force on HGTV and Global's Room to Grow

5 Steps to a Healthy Yard


e all want our yards to inspire fun and relaxation for guests and ourselves. With the arrival of the warmer weather, lawn care and gardening is top of mind. Read on to find five helpful tips to help you get your yard summer ready.

1. Clean up the winter wreckage: Pick up all sticks and debris that blew into your yard during the winter. Pay extra attention to clumps of leaves that can smother the new growth on your favourite flowers and shrubs. Cut out some of the hard labour with powerful, energy-efficient lawn products like Black & Decker’s electric leaf blower, a lightweight alternative to using a gas powered unit.

2. Rake your lawn: It is important to rake away thatch (excess grass clippings that build-up above the soil) in order to make room for new growth. You may want to invest in a de-thatching rake or use a stiff-tined rake for best results.

3. Feed and seed your lawn: Use compost or organic fertilizer mixed with grass seeds to provide your lawn with a solid foundation for healthy growth. Use a red fescue blend as it requires less water to perform well in sunny or in shaded locations.

4. Mower maintenance: Make sure your mower is ready for action. Consider investing in a corded or cordless electric mower; reduced noise pollution, zero smog emissions, less than half the operating cost of gas powered mowers, no maintenance and easy storage makes energy-efficient mowers a no-brainer for yard care.

5. Think before you snip: Don’t be too quick to prune, some flowering shrubs flower on last year's growth, not new growth. Pruning them in the spring means no flowers later. Make sure you study your shrubs' growth habits before pruning them. A quick and effective test is to scratch the bark with your thumbnail; green means it's live wood and is best pruned in the fall. By following these simple steps and using the proper tools, getting ready for summer has never been easier; you may not even consider it a chore. n

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We are committed to bringing your vision to life

The Kekuli Bay Cabinetry experience always starts with you. A discussion centers on you and your speciďŹ c needs. Our team of designers and our master craftsman then work to manufacture those dreams in our state-of-the-art facility.

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Backyard liss B

Hot tubs offer the ultimate in

ReLaxaTiOn By ashleigh mattern


ew places in this world are better than home after a long day of work. Everyone has their favourite way to unwind, but at Sunset Bay Leisure, they’ve mastered the art of relaxation!

For over 14 years, Sunset Bay Leisure has provided Regina and area families with premium quality hot tubs, including its signature line: Arctic Spas®. Renowned for their world-class and cutting edge designs, Arctic Spas hot tubs are designed and manufactured to conquer Northern Canada’s harshest climate conditions. Swim spas are the most recent addition to the Arctic Spa product line. Tory Morissette, general manager of Sunset Bay Leisure, describes swim spas as “all weather pools.” He finds most people interested in swim spas are looking for “a big, wide open, family friendly hot tub” - a size that’s also great for entertaining guests. Sunset Bay Leisure is also proud to carry is Coyote Spas, designed to maximize the therapeutic benefits of hot-tubbing. Coyote Spas feature up to 114 jets for extreme massage therapy. These tubs not only offer more jets than other brands, they are strategically positioned to target major muscle groups. 58 You’re home Spring 2013

Over the years, Sunset Bay Leisure has expanded its product line to include other luxury products designed to make your home more relaxing, including saunas, steam showers, jet tubs, walkin bathtubs, outdoor gazebos and massage chairs. A visit to their spacious showroom, located at 1333 Albert Street, will offer endless inspiration for ways to make your new or existing home more inviting. When shopping for a hot tub, it’s important to consider ease of use. “Everybody wants low maintenance,” said Morissette. “You buy it to relax in, so we’re trying to make it more userfriendly.” Chemicals like chlorine still need to be used to keep water clean, but newer systems work to keep chemical use to a minimum. An ozonator produces ozone to help purify water while ultraviolet systems use a high-intensity germicidal light. Salt water has natural sanitizing

and cleansing properties, and enzyme-based systems naturally break down organic waste. With all the different types of pools and cleaning systems, sometimes choosing the right hot tub can seem daunting. Morissette highly recommends people come in for “wet testing” before buying. “Would you ever just go and buy a vehicle without test driving it?” said Morissette. “When you're spending that $10,000 to $30,000, you want to make sure it's something that you like.” Sunset Bay Leisure usually has three to four tubs running at all times on the showroom floor, but Morissette says you can book a wet test after business hours if you’re uncomfortable hopping in a tub in the middle of a showroom. Just call (306) 525-0546. For more details, visit n

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CENTRE SQUARE PLACE Sophisticated. Stylish. Distinctive. Floors 10 Condos 71 1 Bedroom from 1017 sq.ft. 2 Bedroom from 1389 sq.ft. Townhouses from 970 sq. ft. Finishing Hardwood floors, granite countertops, stainless steel Energy Star® appliances Amenities Rooftop patio and fitness centre, green roof, underground car and bike parking, amenity room Bonus 3 year tax exemption

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at Canyon Creek estates


By jessiCa mees

ave you been searching for the perfect place to build your dream home? Canyon Creek Estates is a unique equestrian master-planned community, located only 15 minutes away from Regina and just outside of Lumsden. The 500-acre development was annexed into the Town of Lumsden in February 2010 and is fully serviced up to the lot lines. Treated water, sewer, hydro, natural gas, phone and cable services are accessible. Residents are seconds away from the town’s four restaurants, elementary and high schools, two banks, hotels, grocery and drug stores.

Complete with a meandering river and 20 kilometers of scenic trails, Canyon Creek estates is a horse owner's paradise.

Complete with a meandering river and 20 kilometers of scenic trails, Canyon Creek Estates is a horse owner’s paradise. One of the focal points of the extensive 500-acre site will be an equestrian centre. Canyon Creek Estate residents will have access to the 25-stall stable and barn facility and much more. The privately owned equine resort will be a one-stop facility, featuring everything needed to stable your horse and store all the accoutrements of the sport. Future plans for the equestrian centre include an indoor riding arena, outdoor riding ring and paddocks. Fulltime caretakers will provide 24-hour supervision. Full boarding services will also be available to non-residents of Canyon Creek Estates. The stalls for lease will include daily stall and paddock cleaning and three hay feedings per day. Non-horse people will also delight in

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the Canyon Creek lifestyle. Walking the nature trails will keep you entertained and happy for a lifetime. “We already have our two horses out there and they are really enjoying it,” said developer Steve Croft. “The land is just as exciting in the winter as it is the summer, with plenty of places to ski and enjoy the snow.” The project is divided into four phases, with the average lot larger than most city lots. Instead of the standard 50 x120 foot lot, the average lot at Canyon Creek Estates is 80 by 250 feet, giving you plenty of privacy and landscape options. Phase One of the project features 17 lots, phase two has 18 lots, phase three 13 lots and finally phase four will host 11 lots. Architectural design guidelines will be strictly adhered to at Canyon Creek Estates. “Living in B.C. and working in real estate there, it was very common to see communities following the same standards,” said Croft. “When I began my project in Lumsden, I wanted to bring those ideas to Saskatchewan.” Homes at Canyon Creek Estates will interpret two different architectural styles: Craftsman and Edwardian farmhouses. Taking into consideration the site’s natural surroundings, each home will incorporate design features using natural materials including stone, hardieplank siding and dash-type stucco. As for colours, earth tones are preferred, with dark base walls and complementary lighter accents being recommended. Brightly coloured homes will not be permitted in the neighbourhood.

Croft also plans to set new standards for sustainable green housing at Canyon Creek Estates. Homes in the development will feature products and systems that reduce energy and water consumption. Home owners will be encouraged to respect the natural environment in their landscape design, blending in the natural prairie grass wherever possible.

Although the rules are strict, they are well worth the extra thought. Welldesigned homes in well-designed communities demonstrate higher long term values than in unplanned communities, added Croft. For more information about the unique equestrian lifestyle at Canyon Creek Estates, visit n

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Light up

the night

Outdoor lighting amps up style, safety, security

By wendy livingstone


trategically placed outdoor lighting is a very effective means of increasing a home’s safety and security, as it guides pedestrians along pathways and eliminates dark areas where intruders could hide. Outdoor lighting shines most brightly, though, when it is used to enhance the beauty of a home’s exterior and highlight the best features of the landscaping.

approximately 35 years.

around your home at night?

“Inside, the light fixture is part of the house and is a very prominent part of the styling,” said Don. “Basically, landscape lighting is used to highlight or accent the landscape features or the architectural features of the house.”

Lighting up the outdoors requires different considerations than indoor lighting. “You’re not focusing on the style of the light, like you do inside the house,” said Don Richardson, of Richardson Lighting in Regina. Richardson’s father, Ernie, founded Richardson Lighting in 1967 and still oversees the business. Don, who manages the day-to-day operations, has been involved with the store for

The first consideration is its purpose. Most often, there is more than one reason for installing exterior lights. Do you want to light up areas that are used for work or recreation? Do you want to show off a special feature of your home or add drama to your landscaping? Do you want to light up entryways and dark corners to deter criminals? Do you want to illuminate pathways so that you and your visitors can safely move

Care must be taken when planning the placement of outdoor lights. For most locations, the ideal time to make the decision and install the fixtures is while the house is being built. This is particularly important if you wish to install recessed lights in the soffits of your home, which is a great way to light up a deck or barbecue area. “On your patio and deck, you could use recessed lights or wall lights, or a combination thereof, but that would pretty much have to be done at the time the house is being wired,” said Don. “You could use wall lights to set the mood or the look you want.”

Several factors should be examined when planning a home’s outdoor lighting.

Dimmers could be installed to create different light levels for various activities, such as bright lighting for playing cards, or a dim, moonlight effect for a more intimate atmosphere.

The location and purpose of the lights should be taken into consideration when determining the type of fixtures and the direction that they face. Don recommends floodlighting to brighten up an entryway or to provide an artistic touch to a home by accenting its special architectural features. Lights should be placed so that they point away from your windows and those of your neighbours, and not shine directly in anyone’s eyes. To prevent light pollution, lighting should be subtle and shine downward, rather than into the night sky. For safety’s sake, lighting should be placed alongside pathways or borders. Pagodastyle lights, mounted on small posts driven into the ground, are designed to shine downward, showing the way and illuminating any hazards that might be present. To prevent walkways or driveways from taking on the appearance of a runway, the lights should not be located too closely together or directly across from each other. Lights that are staggered or are placed in a zigzag pattern are more pleasing to the eye. Regardless of the function or location of outdoor lighting, a decision must be made regarding the source of light, and there are now more choices than ever. The lowly incandescent is making way for its much more energy efficient competition, such as light emitting diode (LED) lights and compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). “The focus is on energy savings,” said Don. “LED lighting is starting to become more popular in fixtures as well as bulbs. In the last year, they have come out with an LED that is equivalent to the regular 60 watt bulb and it will screw in just like a 60 watt bulb.” While the new LED bulb is convenient to use, particularly as a replacement bulb in

existing fixtures, it is expensive to purchase. “That’s the only downside to it,” said Don, “however, if you do the math, and do your calculations as far as power consumed and the length of life, they still do make sense. [Compared with a regular incandescent light] they would run at about one quarter of the price to run – similar to a CFL — but they can last five to six times as long as a typical CFL, which is in the area of 40 to 50,000 hours.” “In landscape lighting, LED is becoming a lot more common and makes a lot more sense since it uses a lot less power. Since

they last longer, you don’t have to worry about changing bulbs. They give you more light for less watts, which costs you less money and you can put more of them on a transformer,” he explained. He said it is very important to plan carefully when installing LEDs because “they last for a long, long time, and they are quite expensive so you don’t want to be buying the wrong one and not be happy with it.” CFLs, which are now widely used in indoor lighting, present advantages and disadvantages when used outdoors. They are more efficient than incandescent lights and their purchase price is lower than that of LEDs. However, they do require time to warm up, and that time is increased when they are in the cool outdoor air. This makes them impractical for an entryway light that

is not kept turned on when it is dark outside. “If you were using it in a location where you were going to switch it on and off and somebody came to the door, a compact fluorescent doesn’t make sense because it wouldn’t fully warm up before the person is gone,” said Don. If, however, that light was on a timer so that it didn’t have to be turned on and off, that disadvantage would be offset. Don described a timer that self-adjusts as sunset and sunrise times change. “You enter your geographical location, and it basically determines when your sunset hours are. You can have a varying on-time and then a fixed off-time, for example, midnight or 1 a.m. It would always go off then, and would always come on at dusk.” Solar lights, on the other hand, do not need to be told when the sun has set, and they are becoming a viable alternative for outdoor illumination when a bright light is not needed. They do not require any wiring because each unit contains a small solar panel that absorbs the energy of the sun and stores it in a rechargeable battery that switches on when darkness falls. The disadvantage of this type of light is that the amount of power that can be stored in the battery is limited. “There‘s not a lot of solar lights that are actually capable of giving you the equivalent of a 60 watt light bulb,” said Don. “It’s more lowlevel, pathway lighting or accent lighting. The issue is, when you are charging a battery and that’s running the light for 12 hours, maybe, through the night, you can’t have too much wattage or it won’t last through the night.” n

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Petite and Perfect: How to create a big impact in your small yard By carol todd


igger doesn't always mean better. When it comes to yards, a small pocket garden can offer as many delights as a larger parcel of land.

These days, there is a growing trend toward smaller outdoor spaces, especially in some of the new housing developments. The key to a yard that is attractive and functional, whether large or small, is proper planning to ensure you make the most of the space you have. Today’s modern yards are more than just large expanses of lawn. They have become extensions of the home, with outdoor rooms de rigueur. Landscaping involves more than deciding where to put the lawn. Planning 66  You’re home  Spring 2013

an attractive yard means considering numerous elements ranging from, yes, the grassed areas, to play structures for the children, to patios and entertainment areas, water features and, of course, the myriad of plants available. Long-time gardeners and others may take it all in stride, but for most of us, the assistance of a professional landscape designer can be the difference between a pleasant summer and a nightmare. Brent Waliduda, owner of Paramount Plantscapes Ltd., is a horticulturalist as well as a professional landscape designer and landscaper who has worked on many new developments in Regina. While everyone

can benefit from the advice of a professional landscape designer, Waliduda believes that homeowners with smaller yards will find the help especially useful. “When trying to design and install a new yard, it’s a wise choice to use a credible and reputable landscaper,” he said. Designers like Waliduda will not only draft out the hardscape features of your yard, like fences and patio stones, but will also design flower beds and suggest the best trees, shrubs and smaller plants, both perennial and annual, to plant. He takes into account the climatic requirements of the plants to ensure they will grow and thrive, and also considers bloom times to give you a yard full of continual colour. The benefits also




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extend to the homeowner’s wallet, as having a professional design not only results in a more attractive yard, but can save money by avoiding expensive mistakes or last minute changes once the contractor is on site. His first word of advice is to start from the bottom. Citing Regina’s heavy clay soil, Waliduda recommends having the soil completely removed before starting any outdoor work. “It’s a challenge to work with the clay soil. Removing the top layer of clay and replacing it with clean topsoil will save money in the long term, and the plants will grow better,� he said. While fewer homeowners are opting for long expanses of lawn, a well-placed grassy area can help make a small yard look larger by drawing the eye forward. Use line of sight to make the space seem larger by deceiving the eyes. Laying out paths, patios and lawns diagonally or along an S-curve can make a yard seem larger by allowing it to unfold gracefully. “Curves make for a more natural, seamless look and help make a smooth transition from the house to the rest of the yard,� Waliduda said. Encourage that transition by choosing hardscape features that complement the colour and design of the house. As well as considering the climatic needs of trees, shrubs and smaller plantings—things like light and water requirements— Waliduda said it is also necessary to consider the mature size of the plantings. For smaller yards, he suggests avoiding really large trees like maples in favour of smaller trees, especially those with attractive features like Ivory Silk Lilac or Thunderchild Crabapple, with its bronze foliage. These compact trees can be great focal points, front or back. Place larger specimens in a back corner of the yard and surround them with other, smaller plantings. “Choose a few shrubs as your feature plants and work around them in groupings. Have it all seamless with the lawn,� he said. 68 You’re home Spring 2013

For front yards, Waliduda recommends limiting hardscaping and avoiding large trees and shrubs. “You don’t need much more than a sidewalk out front, with small planting beds around the porch and sidewalk,� he said. Again, a single feature tree, if there’s room, will add to the property’s curb appeal. Strategically placed smaller shrubs like the Dwarf European Cranberry or the smaller Junipers will also look great alongside the entrance. Depending on the amount of light available, roses will also do well in most gardens, with the added bonus of providing a summerful of colour, depending on the variety. Like

the Dwarf European Cranberry, Old Garden Roses also do well in partial shade, though they have a limited blooming period. Fully hardy roses like the Morden or Parkland series will add colour and aroma to the front or back of your yard and make wonderful feature shrubs. Regardless of the size of your yard, proper planning and preparation will ensure you have an outdoor space that is attractive, inviting and functional - a space you and your family will consider an integral part of your home and that friends and neighbours will envy. n

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get A

jump on Spring! By Carol todd


ou don't need to wait for April showers and May flowers to start getting ready for summer. Early spring is the perfect time to review plans for the coming year and get everything ready to grow. Get into the mood by pulling out your seed catalogues and decide what you want to add to the garden this year. From seeds to trees, most seed catalogues offer a vast array of options to give you a jump start on your garden or flower beds well before the garden centres open. McFayden and McKenzie Seeds out of Brandon, Manitoba, T&T Seeds in Winnipeg and Early's Seeds in Saskatoon are all excellent sources of seeds, with several also offering perennials, bulbs and even shrubs, all geared to prairie growing conditions. The T&T Seeds catalogue features snippets of useful information scattered throughout its pages. Most seed companies also offer online shopping. Once you have an idea of what you are going to do this year, you can start getting ready. If you didn't do so last fall, clean, sharpen and oil all your garden tools and tune-up the roto-tiller and lawn mower; clean them and replace the gas and oil mixture with fresh fluids. This is the best time of year to prune trees and shrubs. Once the branches start to turn green, you can easily see where winter has taken its toll. Remove all dead stems and branches, and take out the heavy older growth from the centre of shrubs to encourage fresh, strong growth. Spring cleaning needs to be done both inside and out! Clear all leaves and other debris from under trees and shrubs and in flower beds. Throw it all into the composter to make a great addition to the garden later in the year. You can get growing even if there's still snow on the ground! Sprinkle some lettuce seeds on top of the snow in an area of the garden. As the snow melts, it will carry the tiny seeds down onto and into the soil, where they will sprout and begin to grow. Mark the area where you've strewn the seeds and once the snow is gone, scatter a light layer of soil on top. Experiment with other little seeds to see what works in your yard. You'll have your 70 You’re home Spring 2013

first "crop" long before your neighbours! Got an asparagus patch? Sprinkle a thin layer of manure on top of the snow covering the patch. The melting snow will dilute the manure and give the young spears just the right amount of fertilizer to help them get growing.

Whether you're an experienced gardener or just a "seedling," whether you have a huge garden or just a few pots, always enjoy going out to play in the dirt! n - Carol Todd is a Regina area horticulturalist

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Country living in city-like subdivision By tom eremondi Images courtesy of Mindsight Studios


&S Homes Ltd. is providing buyers in Regina with the best of both worlds in its newest subdivision, Spruce Creek Estates.

“Spruce Creek is a city-like subdivision of half-acre lots located just five minutes from Regina,” says D&S president Dennis Slater. “It’s country living a short drive from the city.” Location aside, built-in amenities will make Spruce Creek an attractive place to live. “The centerpiece of the development is a running lake, Spruce Creek Lake, with two water fountains that offer stunning views,” Slater says, noting 33 lots will be built around the lake.

D&S Homes is offering 200 lots in its Spruce Creek Estates. Just five minutes from Regina, the subdivision offers country living, water views, walkout basements and spacious acreages.

That lake, though, also will have creeks running from it and throughout the entire subdivision. With embedded rocks, sloped terrain and trees, the creeks will be natural looking and offer the serene sound of running water. “These run by many homes,” Slater says, “so wherever you are there will fantastic views of water and creek beds. “Because of that, every lot at Spruce Creek is designed to be a basement walkout,” he adds. “This is what makes it a very unique offering. In addition, those with lakefront lots can use it for canoeing or other activities.” The creeks are some of the new neighbourhood’s most striking features, looking more like European canals. Slater says the concept started with Saskatoon’s Greenbryre community. “Unlike Greenbryre, Spruce Creek isn’t built around a golf course, so the architect decided the creeks would be its main attraction. In today’s market, we know people are looking for different, so that’s what we hope we’ve given them with the design of Spruce Creek Estates.”

All homes built by D&S will be a minimum of 1,600 square feet, with double car garages and basement walkouts. 72  You’re home  Spring 2013

The company is also giving Spruce Creek a mature look by planting 1,500 spruce trees that are all eight to 10 feet in height. Other amenities include paved roads, street lights, treated water from Emerald Park, wrought iron fencing and a community centre.

Giving CLEAN a New Meaning The Nilfisk central vac line combines Swedish style and quality with power, durability, low operating noise and HEPA filtration, and longer life.




The development is offering 200 lots in three phases, with 100 currently available. “Phase One was already 40 per cent sold just before Christmas,” Slater reports, noting the project received total approval on December 18. “All of the 33 lots around the lake will likely be sold first.” The lots are sized from .38 acres to some that are a full acre but most are about a half-acre – approximately 22,000 square feet. These are ideal for backyard additions such as luxurious swimming pools, sport courts and other possibilities. Prices for land range between $225,000 and $260,000. Complementing the lot sizes are architectural controls – homes must be a minimum of 1,600 square feet and all must have two-car garages.

"people who build with us at spruce Creek can be assured of complete satisfaction," slater says. To give potential buyers an ideal of what their dream home at Spruce Creek can look like, Slater says the company is building a 2,000 square foot showhome. “With the walkout, though, it will have 3,600 square feet of developed space and be priced at roughly $1.4 million.” The showhome will open this fall. The first homes at Spruce Creek should be completed and ready for homeowners to move in also by this fall. Based in Saskatoon, D & S Homes has been a builder of premium homes since 1977. The company was founded by Slater, whose three sons are now involved. Other prestigious D&S developments in the Regina area include Mission Pointe, Rock Pointe, and Stone Pointe Estates. “People who build with us at Spruce Creek can be assured of complete satisfaction,” Slater says. “Buyers work 74 You’re home Spring 2013

large lots present space for endless possibilities. closely with our draftsperson to ensure they’re getting the home they envision.” Customers are allowed total access at any time to check on the progress of their build, he adds. “Upon completion, the keys aren’t handed over until we’ve done a walk through and ensured that the new home meets with total customer approval.”

For more information, visit or visit the sales office at Spruce Creek. You can find it just five minutes east of Regina at the Pilot Butte access road. You can also watch a computer animated video on YouTube – just visit the site and search for Spruce Creek Estates. n

Don’t relocate, RENOVATE

You love your neighbourhood. You know your neighbours. Don’t relocate, renovate. For over 34 years, people have relied on All Weather Windows and their extensive dealer network to help choose the right windows and doors for their renovations.

Regina & Region Home Builders’ Association

Visit to find a dealer near you.



GARAGE TRANSFORMATION Spring is here! Now is the perfect time to breathe new life into that tired garage floor. At Superior FD Coatings, we install one type of garage floor coating. This allows us to perfect the installation process. We know that our coating is the best one available today, so why would we offer you any less? Superior FD Coatings will turn your garage floor into a beautiful, durable, slip-resistant surface in one day – even if your floor is cracked and chipped. We start by filling surface irregularities and cracks and the grinding the surface smooth with a diamond disc. Then, we apply four coats of our patented polyaspartic coating in your choice of six standard colours. Your garage floor is now 4x stronger than commercial epoxy coatings, looks gorgeous, and will last for decades. Call us today to learn more about making your garage as beautiful as the rest of your home, or stop by booths 311 and 312 at the Spring Home Show.







Many more colour choices available.

BEFORE “2013 Major Door Prize Sponsor”

Superior FD Coatings 306.205.7900

a new coat for


he time you spend in your house cannot be replaced by the time you spend anywhere else. It’s when you unwind from a busy day, come together with your family, or get to know yourself and your loved ones. So why spend that time surrounded by colours that don’t welcome you into your home and reflect who you are?

By miranda Burski

76 You’re home Spring 2013

Colour trends for 2013 are taking quite a turn away from hues made popular over the past few years. While 2012 saw a lot of bright colours, blacks and jewel tones, many recent designs have also been pretty sombre. “We’ve had a pretty heavy Victorian influence, with a lot of really heavy brocade patterns and fabrics, dark walls and taxidermy, and even skulls,”

Shannon Kaye is a national colour expert and works extensively with national brands including CertaPro Painters.

said Shannon Kaye, national paint and colour expert for CertaPro Painters. This year, however, designs are expected to move toward soothing, bright colours that will offer more of a calming atmosphere. “It’s not as garish and dark, but more about feeling good,” said Kaye. Kaye is expecting to see three particular sets of colours emerge this year. The first involves various shades of blue being paired with bright, vibrant colours such as reds and purples. Second, many designs are incorporating what Kaye calls “chalky or rustic colours.” This could be anything from greyish-white to “a driftwood kind of greyish-brown.” It focuses

2013 The time you spend in your house cannot be replaced by the time you spend anywhere else. largely on the natural quality of the colours and would pair well with bright colours that would offset the muddy tone of the base colours. Finally, Kaye expects that there will be a lot of “sun-kissed colours.” This colour set ranges from shades that have a bit of a golden glow in them to shades that look as though they’ve been faded by the sun, particularly reds. “They go towards pinky or an orangey tone, but they’re just soft and pretty. I think it’s kind of a softer version of a lot of the primary colours that we’ve been seeing.” While most of the recent trends in colour focus on the inside of the home, Kaye has

also seen some shifting in colour trends on the outside of the home. While most house exteriors are still painted according to region trends, Kaye has seen an increasing number of people taking steps toward more personalized exteriors. “I’m starting to see more people being willing to try some colour,” said Kaye. “Just little by little, little bursts around the neighbourhood, and a lot of people have really started doing that by painting their front door. So I’m seeing a lot more bright yellow front doors … I’m seeing lime green and bright blue, and to me that’s kind of an indicator that maybe people are starting to get ready for a little more colour on their exterior again.”

But, added Kaye, none of these trends matter if you don’t feel they reflect your personality. “Colour trends all kind of come and go, but the homes that feel the most welcoming and the looks that last the longest really are based on personal expression,” she said. So while this could mean incorporating the popular colour trends of the year, it could also mean personalizing to make them yours, such as bursts of your favourite trend colour to a single room or the whole house. For more great ideas on transforming your home with colour, contact CertaPro Painters in Regina at (306) 757-6151 or visit the website at n

You’re home  Spring 2013  77

Ask an expert Your home

in Design By Brenda gordon, launa koch & donna souliere

donna d onna souliere, window Covering specialist launa koch and Brenda gordon, design Consultants alford Floors & interiors (1967) ltd. 306.522.5651

ask the designers… Q: aT WHaT STaGe OF HOMe RenOVaTiOn OR cOnSTRUcTiOn SHOULd YOU BeGin TO cOnSideR YOUR WindOWS? A: The expert design team at Alford Floors & Interiors (1967) Ltd. recommends that window treatments be addressed as early as possible during the initial planning stages. Window finishings should be carefully integrated into the entire project to achieve a cohesive design. The right window coverings will not only balance and soften the overall design, they have the potential to enhance architectural features or create a feature of design on their own. The Alford’s design team and drapery specialists encourage clients who are renovating or building to explore all aspects of window treatments, from style to budget, as early as possible. Determining the right window solutions is just as important as selecting the flooring, cabinets and any other finishes for your home.

ask the specialists… Q: WHaT TYPe OF cOVeRinGS aRe aVaiLaBLe FOR MY WindOWS? A: Window coverings are broken into two general categories:

78 You’re home Spring 2013

1) HARD coverings include blinds or base coverings and are used primarily for function, light control, UV protection, heat control and privacy. With a diverse variety of styles to choose from, hard coverings are both functional and decorative. 2) SOFT coverings include fabric panels (stationary or functional), roman shades and valances. Soft coverings are used most often as decorative finishing touches to complete a room’s décor.

Q: aT WHaT POinT OF THe BUiLd OR RenO SHOULd i SHOP FOR WindOW cOVeRinGS? A: It is always best to start as early as possible. Just like the flooring, cabinets and wall colours, window treatments - especially hard coverings - are an integral part of the home. Having an expert team of specialists at your side when making your initial selections will ensure your experience is rewarding.

You will be sure to have the right look and function to meet all your needs.

Q: THeRe aRe SO ManY OPTiOnS in WindOW cOVeRinGS. WHaT QUeSTiOnS SHOULd i aSK? A: When choosing window coverings, it is important to understand what your needs are. Do you require privacy, heat control, light control, UV protection, safety features, view, ease of operation or all of the above? Your window covering specialist will ask a series of questions to determine what type of blind will best suit your needs. It is always a good idea to spend a bit of time going over our variety of samples to see all of the styles and options that are available. There are always many options that will work for you; being informed will make it easier to narrow your selection.

Q: OUR HOUSe HaS SeVeRaL UniQUeLY SHaPed WindOWS. WHaT OPTiOnS aRe aVaiLaBLe? A: Not all windows were meant to be covered. Transoms, skylights and arched windows, to name just a few, are most often considered architectural features and will not always require a covering. If issues of privacy, light control or heat control need to be addressed, many treatments are available for even the most challenging windows. Most specialty shaped coverings will have limited function or may even be in a fixed position. Your window specialist can help you determine the best approach to these windows.

Q: iS iT neceSSaRY TO TReaT aLL WindOWS THe SaMe? A: With open concept floor plans so prevalent today, this is a question frequently posed by home owners. An open concept design dictates the use of similar window treatments in the main areas. To create visual interest, select counterparts from different collections. For example, the windows in the living room and the patio door in the dining room could have different styles of shades, fashioned from the same fabric.

Q: WHaT can i dO TO MaKe MY WindOWS MORe eXciTinG? A: When purchasing blinds or hard window coverings, it is usually best to stay with more neutral shades. Pops of dramatic colour can then be used to further define the space and express the attitude of each room. Among the final touches that will add special impact to your window and room decor are fantastic end panels or valances.

Q: i HeaR a LOT aBOUT MOTORiZaTiOn TOdaY. iS THiS WideLY aVaiLaBLe? A: Yes, with today’s innovative technologies, almost any shade can be motorized. Horizontal or vertical shades, vanes or slats can be conveniently adjusted, rotated, opened or closed with the touch of a button, using infrared or radio frequency technologies.

Many motorization systems can be interfaced with existing home automation systems and even operated with your home computer or iPad. Motorization is often necessary as some windows are impossible to reach easily. n



& Design

IMG Recliners feature unsurpassed comfort with high-quality components and space-efficient design. Their unique construction ensures comfort, bodycorrect support and durability.


SWIVEL Glider-Recliner



You’re an Alford’s Customer...


You’re home Spring 2013 79

Automation systems put your home at your fingertips By miranda burski


n today’s world, ease of use and functionality are two of the biggest sellers in the housing market. And what could be easier or more functional than being able to control all of the technology in your home from one point?

Whole home automation systems are a relatively new asset in Regina’s housing market. While the concept behind the technology has been around for nearly a century — in fact, ideas similar to the modern form of whole home automation started to appear at world’s fairs in the 1930s — suppliers in Regina began offering the systems within about the last 20 years. But it was only within the last two or three years that the systems have seen a surge in popularity in the city. “More people are aware of what they can do and that it’s not as expensive as it used to be,” said Kent Magnuson, owner of ON AV. “It used to be unheard of to do it because it was just so much money. Now with products that we offer, like Control4, you can do a lot of these really neat things for a reasonable amount of money.” D.J. Surring, manager of Audio Warehouse’s AVI department, says that a person can install a home automation system for just about any price; it all depends on what you want included. “It can be starting at, let’s say, $1,000 for somebody that wanted to do something simple, and it can max out to a couple hundred thousand dollars,” said Surring. Some of the simpler home automation installations involve connecting items such as a TV, speakers, thermostats and lights to a central system, usually located in the basement, that is controlled by a single touch pad. Connecting these devices together can allow you to do such things as set your lights to turn on or off at certain times of the day, or have the 80  You’re home  Spring 2013

temperature in your house vary according to the time of year and who’s at home. More advanced systems can include alarm systems, as well as large home appliances such as refrigerators and stoves.

Lifest yle

A Model for Every s(/445"3 s37)-30!3 s'!:%"/3


See our Huge Selection of 2013 Models on Sale March 21-24 at the Spring Home Show


“There’s certain appliances that you can purchase, such as fridges and washers and stoves, that you can link into our system that will tell you when your milk’s expired and email you when you should be having grocery updates and that type of thing,” said Surring. “The possibilities are endless.” Most of ON AV’s and Audio Warehouse’s customers are people building a new home, largely because during the build is the easiest time to install the systems. Installers can go in when the house is framed and wire the home, preparing it for each of the items that will be connected. Then, once the customer has taken possession of the house, the installers go back in to hook up all of the devices. The wiring stage usually takes about three to five days to complete, while the finishing stage usually takes about a week, possibly more depending on the extent of the project. Retro-fitted systems can be a bit more difficult to install, but are an option. The systems that require wiring would involve the installers having to work with already-installed drywall, which can extend the length of the wiring process. But suppliers also have wireless options that customers can choose from, simplifying the installation process. “A lot of the products we sell are wireless, as well, so they basically have a circuit that talks to the main controller. For instance, if we wanted to put a lighting control system into an existing house, one of the products we sell allows us just to change those switches out and use the existing electrical,” explained Magnuson. Both Audio Warehouse and ON AV offer the full spectrum of the whole home automation process. They meet with customers to discuss options, design what works best for the customer and install the systems. More information about each of the stores can be found at and n

Ease Popularity Functionality

Hillside Park - Pilot Butte’s newest subdivision - Located within 6 minutes of the city of Regina.


789-0136 82 You’re home Spring 2013



19SQFT $ $RIVEWAYS xx 15SQFT $ 50 06#&ENCE x 38 2UNNING&OOT




QUALITY & PRICE CAN’T BE BEAT! A Company well equipped with the skills to INFORM, CREATE and FINISH any job you may have.

1035 - 5th Ave. North, Regina, SK Ph: (306) 545-6242 Fax: (306) 545-3900


for the evans Family

Home Building a 60-Year

By jessiCa mees

evans development is a family business that treats you like part of the family.


eal estate and building have been traditions of the Evans family for over 60 years. As Regina grows, Evans Development Group Inc. has grown with the city. Leading in the development of outstanding communities, innovative designs, and quality construction has been the company’s hallmark from its inception over 25 years ago. Evans Development owner, Merna Evans is confident that the tradition will continue as it was passed down to her from her family. Nash Evans, the fifth generation of her family is now in the picture. Her mother, Venetta Evans, and Venetta’s brother, Glen Sleightholm, inherited the passion for real estate and building from their mother Mae. Moving to Saskatchewan in 1902 from Ontario, at the age of two, Mae always had a flair for home design. Together with her husband, Wilfred, they renovated houses from the late 1940s to the 1960s. Mae achieved success by developing creative solutions which met the changing residential needs of Regina’s growing population. Venetta’s brother Glen founded Monarch Homes Ltd. in the 1950s. Mae’s daughter Venetta went on to establish Venetta Evans Realty, and Venetta Evans Homes in the early 1970s. Venetta became the first woman president of the Regina Real Estate Board and Director of the Canadian Real

84 You’re home Spring 2013

Estate Association. Merna says, “The most frequent question I am asked is: ‘How did you get into this business?’ The answer is simple – ‘I grew up in it.’” As President of Evans Development Group Inc., Merna has built on her family’s extensive involvement in real estate, her university education in urban planning and her hands-on construction experience of over 25 years. Saskatchewan born, Merna truly believes in the product she is offering. Her clients agree that Merna’s genuine interest in her business and her natural friendly manner make her a pleasure to work with. Past projects such as Mount Royal West condominiums, Lakeview Manor on Hill Avenue and Queens Park in southwest Lakeview are recognized today for their timeless appeal. After two decades the residents are enjoying their homes as if they were brand new. There is never a dull moment in the life of an Evans! The family business is currently finishing up Phase I of its most recent development: Evans Court on Wascana, located on 23rd Avenue one block east of Albert Street.

aLL in THe FaMiLY When buying into an Evans Development community, your best interests are paramount. Evans Development is a family business that treats you like part of the family. When visiting a show home, Merna's brother Bruce, who looks after sales, is happy to chat with you. Behind the scenes, Morley takes charge of the website and the fast changing electronic world. Matt, a fourth generation Evans, is Merna’s right hand man on the construction site. “He looks after everything that I throw at him,” says Merna.

Leading in the development of outstanding communities, innovative designs, and quality construction has been the company’s hallmark from its inception over 25 years ago. eVanS cOURT FOUnded On FaMiLY TRadiTiOnS Amidst the scenic beauty of the Wascana Centre is Evans Court, the newest community to be established by Evans Development. Its distinctive architecture and elegant ambiance are unique to Saskatchewan. Evans Court is close to Regina’s downtown, with the city’s best restaurants, entertainment, and shopping are located within walking distance. Following the same principles as all Evans Development projects, this community was founded on family traditions. Offering homes for every style of living, dreams of every extent come true at Evans Court. Whether you are looking for a townhouse, single family detached home or an apartment condominium, you could be calling Evans Court home.

With the completion of Ramsgate Hall, the 36 unit apartment condo, and Covent Garden, comprised of 22 townhomes, Phase Two construction of Evans Court is well underway. Phase Two features the stylish Birkshire Court townhomes, located on the southwest corner of the development. Birkshire offers a choice of three different styles, with floor plans from 1,886 square feet to 2,317 square feet. Buyers can select units with single or double garages. In addition to the Birkshire townhome properties, selected single family lots are also available for Evans Development to build your new home. Stay tuned for Phase Three! n For more details, call Merna at 584-5378, or visit

ONE FREE GATE Decking and Balcony Railing

Solid Privacy Fence

Semi-Privacy Fence with Lattice Accent

1 Gate per household*

(minimum purchase of 24 feet of fence)

s#,%!.).34!,,!4)/. s"5),44/,!34!,)&%4)-% s-!).4%.!.#%&2%% s"%!54)&5,349,%3!.$! 6!2)%49/&#/,/23!6!),!",%

Privacy Fence with Picket Accent




Weather or not…

Motorized screens blend indoor and outdoor spaces By jeannie armstrong


t’s an idyllic summer day on the prairies. You are reclining in your lounging chair, basking in the sun’s warming rays, fanned by the occasional light breeze. Just as you begin to relax, an annoying buzzing sound fills the air followed by hot pinpricks piercing your skin. Slap! Slap! Slap! The mosquito brigade has arrived in full force, driving you back indoors! This scenario is experienced daily in Saskatchewan from spring through autumn. Thanks to mosquitos and other pesky pests, it’s difficult to make the most of our beautiful outdoor living spaces. Phantom Screens has the answer: recessed motorized retractable screens that will transform your deck or patio space into an inviting, bug-free living environment, at the touch of a button. Phantom Screens was founded in 1992 in Abbotsford, B.C. and is now North America’s leading provider of retractable screen solutions. Randy Aramenko is the authorized distributor for Phantom Screens in Saskatchewan. Phantom Screens has three main products. The company’s bestseller is the Phantom retractable door screen which can be manufactured to fit any home’s front door, back door or sliding patio door – “virtually any opening up to ten feet high and three feet wide.” The Serene window screen is equally adaptable and can be custom made to fit almost any window opening, up to six feet wide and six feet tall. “The unique thing about the Serene product is that we can 86  You’re home  Spring 2013

also do a solar mesh which can block up to 90 per cent of the sun’s rays, but doesn’t obscure your view,” said Aramenko. Seven years ago, Phantom Screens introduced its line of Executive motorized retractable screens for use on decks and patios. “The motorized screens can be made up to 25 feet wide and 16 feet tall without any bars or posts. It’s just a phenomenal product. Sales of our Executive power screens have been really strong across North America, even in the U.S. where the economy has been down,” said Aramenko. The Executive motorized screen is the perfect accessory for any deck because it is retractable, said Aramenko. “If you have a fixed screen deck, the screen is there all the time. In this country, where you only need it for four or five months of the year, you have to look through that screen all of the time. It takes away from the look of the house and darkens the interior of your house. A lot of these decks are off the kitchen and most people don’t like a dark kitchen. In the middle of winter, when you want to encourage as much light as possible, you have a dirty screen to look through.” When not in use, the Executive screen retracts away and out of sight into its recessed mount. “It’s only there when you need it. On a nice summer evening, when the bugs are out, you just hit the button and the screen comes down. It protects you from the bugs but still allows the summer breezes to come through. You can enjoy your outdoor space more,” said Aramenko.

A lifetime of memories star t in your kitchen. Begin making memories today. From our showroom to your home, FLOFORM is committed to ensuring that your countertop will be the centerpiece for a lifetime of memories.

C O U N T E R T O P S F O R T H E W E S T 530 Henderson Drive Regina, SK S4N 5X2 | 306.721.2220


“Statistically speaking, we have found that people will use their decks a lot more with a screen than without a screen.” A wind-free day on the prairies is the exception rather than the norm. The Executive screens can block 40 to 50 per cent of the wind, said Aramenko. “My customers tell me they use their decks a lot more because of that feature. It also extends their outdoor living season, especially into late summer and early fall.” Home owners also appreciate the ease of operation, said Aramenko. “Basically, you have a button that goes up, a button that goes down and a stop button. Anybody can use it.” The screen’s motorized system can be programmed to come down and retract with sun and wind sensors, and can also be integrated into a home’s whole automation system. “You can control it from anywhere in the world with your laptop computer,” said Aramenko. “Almost every high end home, a million dollars and up, is home automated now. It’s very common. It’s important to have products that integrate into an automation system if you want to sell into that market. The nice thing about home automation is that the costs have been coming down a lot over the past couple of years so we’re even seeing builders in the mid-range – the $500,000 to $600,000 range – using home automation now.” Phantom’s screen solutions are custom made according to each individual home’s specifications. “Every product that we sell, we install ourselves. We don’t even subcontract the work. We do it all. I have my own crews. We do the measure, we do the install, we do the after-sales service,” said Aramenko. The demand for Phantom’s Executive motorized screens isn’t limited to back yards in Regina. “We’ve installed units all over Saskatchewan, as far east as Kamsack, as far south as Estevan. I’ve gone as far north as La Ronge and west to the Alberta border,” said Aramenko. Phantom Screens’ innovative products have been creating a sensation at home shows across Canada and the United States, as well as right here at home at Regina’s Spring Home Show. For more information about Phantom Screen solutions, visit or call (306) 352-9415. n

88 You’re home Spring 2013

Loraas Disposal is the preferred supplier of waste and recycling services for members of the RRHBA and many other businesses, municipalities, organizations and individuals in Saskatchewan. We are locally owned and operated, serving Southern Saskatchewan since 1973. 306-721-1000


NOW OPEN 4757 James Hill Rd Harbour Landing

2012 RRHBA MASTER AWARD WINNER “Customer Choice” and “Best New Custom Home Over 2100 sq. ft.” THINKING OF A NEW HOME? Building a new home is exciting. At Ripplinger Homes we make creating your dream home enjoyable! Visit a Ripplinger showhome to see the quality products and workmanship that go into every single home we build. Love your new home - quality craftsmanship, superior design and personalized service all work together to ensure your satisfaction.

Building Custom Designed Homes in Regina and surrounding areas for 15 Years!

Ken Ripplinger 306.596.2204 Carolyn Zaryski 306.533.9698

Ask an expert Your home

greg murphy miller thomson lawyers/advocates 306.347.8314

and the LaW By greg murphy

Q: aS an eMPLOYeR, i aM HaVinG ReaL diFFicULTY FindinG SKiLLed WORKeRS in SaSKaTcHeWan. WHaT aRe MY OPTiOnS? A: First try and recruit from outside the province. Advertise on government job banks – it’s free of charge. If you still cannot find suitable workers, you should consider bringing in temporary foreign workers. Depending on which type of position you are trying to fill, the process is slightly different. Unless the worker or the position is LMO exempt, an employer will usually have to apply to Service Canada for a Labour Market Opinion (LMO). This is a determination made by the government that there is in fact a legitimate need for foreign workers in order to fill a labour shortage in the area you are requesting. If you receive a positive LMO, you can move on selecting foreign workers. The foreign workers will have to obtain a work permit authorizing them to work legally. Through NAFTA you can bring professional workers such as Engineers and Architects from U.S.A. and Mexico. For some types of professionals you do not need a government approved LMO and the process is much faster. Canada has international agreements with other countries as well to facilitate bringing in workers. Saskatchewan also has specific programs designed to help fill labour shortages.

Foreign workers cannot start working until they hold a valid work permit. It is illegal to hire workers without a legal status and employers who hire undocumented workers can be charged under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. If convicted, they can be imprisoned for up to two years, and they can also be subject to fines of up to $50,000.

Q: aS an eMPLOYeR, WHaT OBLiGaTiOnS dO i HaVe TO a FOReiGn WORKeR? A: Essentially, your obligations to foreign workers are the same as your obligations to Canadian workers. You have to pay your foreign workers similar wages and provide all other benefits you provide to your Canadian workers. If your employee is on an LMO based work permit, you must ensure that you are meeting your commitments

        &("'($!*) +)!%)),!)!*&(,!)) ($%%*()!%. ''#!*!&%)  !##( &$)&%)$$!(*!&%(&+''(&,!),!% ))!)*%- %!*&$)*&.&+(!$$!(*!&%#-$**()

Q: WHaT SHOULd i LOOK FOR iF a FOReiGneR aPPLieS FOR a jOB WiTH MY cOMPanY? A: The first thing to look at is whether the applicant needs or already has permission to work in Canada. Applicants with valid work permits will usually possess a time limited “open work permit.� Foreign applicants without a work permit are typically seeking an employer willing to obtain an LMO. Generally visitor and student visa holders are not authorized to work in Canada. However, many people hold an “open� work permit that allows them to work for any employer. Typically open work permit holders are students who have completed post secondary education in Canada or accompanying spouses of foreign workers. Employers should ask to see the work permit and verify the date of expiration as well any conditions and restrictions imposed. If an applicant is already holding a work permit from a previous employer and you want to hire them, you and the potential worker have to go through the appropriate process of getting the conditions of their work permit changed, and possibly obtain a new LMO.

+(#-.()!%)"* -%%&0(.&+* )&#+*!&%)&*  #(%)$##* *.&+($%+*+(!% &%)*(+*!&%&()(,! +)!%))%)         !##( &$)&%)"*&&%

!##( &$)&%!%

     $!(/ $!##(* &$)&% &$    

   '&+#!%$!##(* &$)&% &$    









90 You’re home Spring 2013 MT_Your Home Magazine Ad_v2.indd 1

1/29/2013 1:46:19 PM

to the temporary foreign worker regarding wages, working conditions, location of work as listed in the job offer. There are new audit measures designed to ensure that employers are offering genuine jobs and complying with their obligations and undertakings. Also, it is illegal to accept payment in exchange for a job to a foreign worker. These are only a few of the legal issues employers must be aware of in dealing with foreign workers.

Q: Who can assist me with immigration applications? A: Since the Cracking Down on Crooked Consultants Act, the Federal Government restricted who can assist individuals in the preparation of their immigration applications for remuneration. The effect is that only licensed lawyers or licensed immigration consultants registered with the ICCRC are allowed to charge a fee for immigration related advice or application preparation. The changes include the creation of a specific offence punishable by fines and/or imprisonment and were made to protect those who seek the assistance of qualified immigration professionals. In general, friends or family can still assist with immigration matters as long as they are not remunerated in any way. n

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imberstone has come a long way in a short amount of time. The company is now very proud to announce that, having outgrown its original location in just two years, it has moved one block east to 485 Sixth Ave East. The finishing touches are now being put on a brand new, 20,000-square-foot showroom and warehouse facility. Timberstoneʼs owner, Darrell Kennedy, always dreamed of one day having his three sons work alongside him. The company, a true, family-owned-and-operated Saskatchewan business, was formed when Kennedy had the idea of starting a business that could someday be a place for his boys to hang their hats. Timberstone has quickly become the place to go for masonry, landscaping supplies, beautiful tile and flooring products as well as siding, deck railing and fencing. A host of great new products is available at the new facility, including Imasco Stucco products, Trex Decking, Certain Teed Vinyl Siding and Fencing, as well Timberstoneʼs own line of tile flooring, TS Stone Collection. Also new to the product line is the new Select Collection of Natural Stone Ledgestone products for both exterior and interior applications. Truly a beautiful line of product, Kennedy proudly says he is excited that his customers have modern options to choose from such as travertine, marble, onyx and limestone. It is clear that Kennedy is passionate about everything he does. Having spent many years in the construction and sales and service industry before acquiring Timberstone, Kennedy knows how to build and maintain relationships. “Most of the builders, contractors, retailers and customers are business owners themselves and relate well with us. When your goals are similar to those of your customers, it makes developing lasting relations easier.” Said Kennedy, “We pride ourselves on our operation, which includes 24/7 service and accessibility and an ability to deliver high-quality and value-oriented masonry, tile and landscaping products to our customers.”

— Building a Legacy “Our goal was to build trusting relations with our customers, and then to offer them as many products as possible. Most people like to support people they know and trust. We feel we are beginning to accomplish this with the introduction of our own line of flooring.” Kennedy chose to open Timberstone in Regina because he is a Saskatchewanian who believed in this province all along and never left — even when many Saskatchewan people did. He felt strongly about staying here through thick and thin. Celebrate this Saskatchewan success story and Timberstoneʼs grand reopening coming soon!

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zone By jeannie armstrong


erry and Oksanna Zwarych are dedicated to helping Regina and area home owners make their outdoor living areas more inviting and comfortable – rain or shine!

The owners of Posh Patio Deck Covers Inc. have introduced a state-of-the-art roof system for decks and patios using a high-tech acrylic product originally developed in Europe for the greenhouse industry. The Regina business is the exclusive dealer in Saskatchewan for Natural Light Patio Covers. Natural Light Patio Covers are constructed from Acrylite® acrylic sheets, which provide shelter from rain, hail and snow while allowing soft, filtered light to illuminate your patio or deck. “It’s a rigid aluminum and acrylic canopy that goes over top of your deck or patio,” said Terry Zwarych. “Unlike other awning products, Acrylite blocks 100 per cent of the UV rays, while letting the sun in. It provides a nice cool, white light, but protects you from the sun’s harsh rays. You will not get a sunburn underneath it. If you have children or grandchildren, they’ll be completely safe playing under it. Your patio furnishings will also be protected from fading,” said Zwarych. A coating also reduces the transmission of infrared heat by 75 per cent, making even south- or west-facing decks or patios more comfortable on hot summer days. “You’ll be nice and cool sitting under your Natural Light Patio Cover,” said Zwarych. The patio cover will even make the interior of your home cooler and more comfortable on hot summer days, added Zwarych. “Your air conditioning costs will be reduced.” He says home owners really appreciate the fact that the softly tinted clear patio covers don’t block the natural light from illuminating both exterior and interior spaces. The roof system filters the sun’s harsh rays to create a soft, diffused glow. Even adjacent interior rooms in the home will be brighter. 96 You’re home Spring 2013

The Acrylite product comes with a 30-year warranty against discolouration and a 10-year warranty on manufacturing defects. “It’s basically a lifetime warranty. It’s not like the old fiberglass panels. Acrylite never gets brittle or cracks. It’s just a wonderful material to work with,” said Zwarych.

Home owners can choose from a variety of structures, including attached, freestanding and cathedral style roof systems. The metal framework for each system is made of powder-coated aluminum for durability and lasting good looks.

Patio covers outsmart the elements The Natural Light Patio Cover roof system can also be enclosed with a variety of wall, window, screen and door options, to create a three-season sun room. “The nice thing about it is, you can start with a deck cover now. Then four or five years later, you can decide to enclose it and turn it into sun room. It’s not like you have to enclose it all at one time. It all depends on your budget,” said Zwarych. Posh Patio provides professional installation of its roof systems. “We can usually install the structure in a day or two. It’s madeto-measure for your particular house,” said Zwarych. Maintenance is super easy, he adds. “You just spray it with your garden hose.” Although initially focusing on residential applications, Zwarych foresees the use of Natural Light Patio Covers extending to rural and lake properties, restaurant patios and other commercial businesses. To learn more, contact Posh Patio Deck Covers at (306) 216-1361, or visit n

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Stone Age Designs for Today's Home By michele tYndall

Decor 8…Ing

4HEULTIMATESATISFACTION in your surroundings will be achieved by gradual IMPROVEMENTSBASEDONA long-range plan.


ince the days of the Pyramids, home builders have been choosing to use stone for its durability and availability. Stone is sustainable and can provide a comfortable home for many years. But today, stone has become more than just the strong choice—now it is a beautiful and versatile choice as well, and one that is increasing in popularity.


Brick was the exterior masonry material of choice up until the mid-1970s, influenced by Saskatchewan’s rich history of brick manufacturing. Brick was mainly used because of its durability and colour variety. However, in the late 1970s, brick began to give way to other materials including manufactured stone products. Manufactured stone products have continued to evolve ever since, as the desire to combine home building and home design began making stone more affordable and versatile than ever. “The choice to use stone, whether quarried real stone or manufactured stone is heavily influenced by design—how does it look in the home today?” said Kim Digney of I-XL Masonry Supplies Ltd. in Regina. Natural or quarried stone is real stone that is collected and then cut to the desired thickness and weight, while manufactured stone is a concrete mix molded and coloured to resemble real stone. Both choices are environmentally friendly, use sustainable products, and can be utilized in many design choices inside and outside the home. And although both products offer many advantages, including long wear with minimal care, manufactured stone is lighter and less expensive than quarried stone, opening up many more options for the use of stone in home design. 98 You’re home Spring 2013

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The art of home design has grown more prevalent and many home builders now make consulting with a home designer a part of their client’s overall house-building experience. Today’s home designers are growing more comfortable in working with and recommending stone to their customers as a way to create long-lasting beautiful homes. Exterior stone trim on windows and doors has a natural beauty that doesn’t require ongoing maintenance. Incorporating brick or stone into decks and patios can create an outdoor oasis and complement landscaping. And the appearance of a stone chimney on a house evokes a sense of enduring warmth as well as creating great curb appeal. Inside many of today’s newest homes, there is a stone to fit every style. No longer is stone just the building material of choice for a fireplace. Now, both manufactured stone and natural stone have become the popular choice for a variety of applications. Stone arches can create a timeless and stately classical look, while the natural browns, reds and greys of stone can create an outdoorsy, back-to-nature feel to feature walls.

today's home designers are growing more comfortable in working with and recommending stone to their customers as a way to create long-lasting beautiful homes. The array of colour, texture and pattern choices that stone provides can create a unique look to every room in your home. Whether it’s a waterproof stone veneer in the shower, a wall panel in quarried slate or colourful manufactured stone, or stone trim to elevate a drab exterior and make a house stand out on the street, the use of stone in house design is sure to enhance a home’s beauty, comfort and even marketability. Manufactured stone is easy to install, lightweight and inexpensive, making it a great choice for a wide variety of applications. And since manufactured stone is not reliant on local availability, the options for size, shape and colour have increased dramatically, allowing for a wide range of designs for homeowners to choose from that will complement all architectural styles.

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The range of uses for stone in home design is only limited by the imagination of the designers. With suppliers like Timberstone Distribution Regina bringing in high quality masonry and landscaping products, the enduring brick and stone materials at I-XL Masonry and the guaranteed rich and lasting colours of the stone from Caveman Stone Products Inc., designers and architects are free to explore new directions and collaborate on bright new visions with today’s homeowners. “Manufactured stone has continued to increase in popularity due to its affordability, durability and fantastic appearance. Because of the continually changing colours and styles of stones the manufacturers are producing stone that will continue to increase in popularity for decades to come,” said Dennis White of Caveman Stone Products. Eye-catching and long-lasting, beautiful and practical, versatile and affordable - today’s quarried and manufactured stone has all the traits of a building material sure to meet the demands of today’s designers as they bring homeowner’s ideas to life. And once in place, the enduring quality and esthetic qualities of stone are sure to delight those same homeowners for decades to come. n 100 You’re home Spring 2013

The staff at The Mortgage Centre - Design Mortgages are experienced, accredited and professional mortgage specialists who work with people from all backgrounds, including the self-employed and those who are new to Canada. They offer financing and mortgages for purchases, refinances, rentals, renovations, secured lines of credit and new-home building projects. Give them a call today and let them help you achieve your dream.

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edge New options in lawn and garden products By andrew livingstone


andscaping equipment has enjoyed a long history of continuous advancement, as evidenced by the 175th anniversary of the venerable John Deere Company in 2012. South Country Equipment Ltd., a dealer of many modern lawn and garden products including those of John Deere, has made it a priority to remain abreast of the physical and social advancements within the field in order to secure its own place in the landscaping market. The changing demographics of Canadian society at large have driven developments in the sort of machinery that South Country Equipment provides. “With the onset of the acreage community growing by leaps and bounds over the last 10 to 15 years, there’s been more and more need for a compact utility tractor,� said Greg Watson, central division sales manager and corporate turf manager at South Country Equipment. “That is basically a smaller-size version of a John Deere tractor that can run attachments such as front-end loaders, snow blowers, mowers and tillers.� Small enough for private use but powerful enough to manage a large property, the new generation of equipment is increasingly simple and convenient. “With something like that,� Watson said, “you can put on hundreds of attachments - something for every chore - allowing an acreage owner to develop their entire property with just one unit.� “With more people moving towards the prospect of tractor ownership, they’re turning mundane yard care into more of an enjoyable project,� said Watson. “Whereas, back in the day, you had to put on coveralls and grab a toolbox of wrenches in order to switch from a mower to a tiller or to remove the front-end loader, now it is a matter of a couple of pins and, in some cases, you don’t even have to get off the seat.�

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That ease of use is complemented by the degree of comfort built into many of the models. In order to meet the challenges of prairie weather, “We can now get fully-pressurized, heated, and airconditioned cabs on these compact tractors,” said Watson. Comfort and simplicity are not strictly rural desires, of course, and modern yard care machinery caters to urban clients too. “Another advance would be John Deere’s large selection of lawn tractors and

Zero-Turn Mowers, which are being purchased by people who have a property in the city and don’t want to use a walk-behind mower,” Watson said. “With Deere’s low entry-level pricing on lawn tractors, they are becoming more popular with the urban crowd. It seems like there are more and more people that are buying them for their slightly-larger residential yards.” Physical technologies are only the most obvious developments showcased at South Country Equipment. However, the company is proud of its organizational structure, a managerial technology with numerous benefits. “It’s about continual development,” said Watson. “As a management team, we’re always challenging ourselves to constantly grow with plenty of annual training and continued education. John Deere continues to introduce new products, so we need to make sure our management team as well as all our employees stay on the leading edge. “South Country is managed in a unique fashion,” Watson said. “We have a corporate management structure, which ensures that there is consistent pricing, policies and procedures throughout all eight locations. Whether a customer walks into our store at Emerald Park or our store in Moose Jaw, they will have a very similar experience. “We’re trying to adhere to an enterprise approach where we’re not nearly as sole department-focused. We’re looking at it more as the South Country experience: not only a sales, parts or service experience; instead all departments working together to deliver a total company experience. This way, we can work towards ensuring that the customer is looked after before, during and after the sale,” said Watson. “At our company, we’re always trying to maintain our slogan, ‘A Leap Ahead’ with our people, products, and services.” n

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All Fired Up! Backyard grills usher in warmer weather By wendY livingstone


osting a backyard barbecue is one of the best ways to celebrate the arrival of spring. Firing up the grill and preparing some mouth-watering, smoky meats to enjoy outdoors with friends and family is one of life’s greatest simple pleasures. Working with a barbecue that is not suited to your needs can be frustrating and costly however, so it is important to find the best grill for your style, tastes and budget. One of the first considerations when selecting a barbecue is determining your preferred source of heat and fuel. Choices include natural gas, propane, electricity and charcoal, each of which has qualities that could make it the best — or the worst — option for you.

and other away-from-home get-togethers for this reason. Propane barbecues can also be easily moved from one part of a backyard to another to enjoy the sun, shade or take shelter from the wind. Electric grills are often the best option for apartment dwellers. Electricity eliminates the need for combustible fuel, and the barbecues are usually smaller and easy to move. “We have sold several to elderly couples living in condos with small decks,” said Husli. “They didn’t have gas lines and didn’t want to carry propane tanks up and down the elevator.”

Natural gas, the relative newcomer to the barbecue scene, is the fuel of choice for Tony Husli, manager of Northern Fireplace Ltd., a Regina company that sells Weber and Broil King barbecues. He finds that using natural gas is a safe, convenient way to prepare meals outdoors because the barbecue’s fuel line is hooked up directly to the home’s natural gas supply. Propane, the more traditional but now less-popular fuel for barbecuing, requires that tanks be taken to a filling station to be replenished. Currently, natural gas costs less than propane to purchase, so the additional expenses incurred in hooking up natural gas are offset over time. “It costs a little bit more to do the hookup, but over the course of several years, that will pay itself back quite easily,” said Husli. “The biggest reason that you would want to use natural gas is the convenience of it. You have the convenience of not storing a couple of tanks — of not running out to a garage to fill up your tank. There’s nothing more irritating than putting a roast on and finding out you had run out of gas about a half an hour or 45 minutes before you checked it.” Due to its portability, propane can be more convenient than natural gas in some circumstances. Natural gas appliances must always be tethered to the local utility’s gas line when they are in use. Natural gas barbecues are sold with a ten-foot fuel line that can be replaced by a longer one, to a maximum of 20 feet. An additional underground gas line can be run from the house if the barbecue needs to be any further than 20 feet from the source. Propane appliances and their fuel tanks, by contrast, can be moved to almost any location. Propane barbecues, lights and heaters are often very popular at outdoor sporting events 106 You’re home Spring 2013

Willow Place is a newly released Mission Style inspired luxury adult condominium project located in popular Southeast Regina at the corner of Willow Road and East Haughton Road. Located within one block of the beautiful Prince of Wales Park, Willow Place is also close to various amenities along Quance Street as well as throughout the booming East end. Willow Place has 2 bedroom and den options. Sizes range from 1063-1434 sq.ft. Suites feature modern


open floor plans with 9’ ceilings and lots of windows for natural light, granite counter and vanity tops with undermount sinks, maple or oak cabinets with clients choice of stain, stainless steel appliance package, ensuite bathrooms have 5’ glass enclosed showers. Features of the building include: amenities room, exercise room, heated ground level garage parking and storage, elevator service and wheelchair accessible. For complete information call 539-7628.

style and simplicity With Kitchen Craft, visionary style gets easier and easier. We have many new ways to help your freshest ideas come to life. Styles, woods, finishes and features that complement the works of your imagination in a very practical way.

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Hosting a backyard barbecue is one of the best ways to celebrate the arrival of spring. The original barbecue fuel, charcoal, has been used for centuries to cook food. In modern times, charcoal briquettes are used for outdoor grilling. “A lot of people still like the flavour that you get with the charcoal barbecue,� said Husli. But, while this fuel creates a distinctive taste in the food grilled over it, it takes a lot of time to prepare a bed of coals for cooking. “Maybe one per cent of our sales are charcoal barbecues. In our society, a lot of people just don’t have the time.� Most large barbecues are now available with a variety of accessories, including sear stations. This popular feature is a small, hightemperature side burner that is used to brown the surface of the meat, which allows the outdoor chef to seal in the juices, making the meat more attractive to the taste buds and to the eye. “It sears those nice lines into the meat. Just a couple of minutes or a couple of seconds on the searer and then you can flip it around then cook your steak normally,� said Husli.

reputation, and one whose manufacturer has replacement parts readily available in your area. “Some of the better names in barbecues have been around for a long time, so we know how they are going to react after five or 10 years of use,� he said. “An investment in a good quality barbecue, unlike some technical devices, will leave you satisfied for years to come, since it is not something that will become obsolete in a year or two. There aren’t that many new features to a barbecue — it’s like re-inventing the wheel. How much better can you make the wheel?� n

Rotisserie burners, also available on large barbecues, are located at the back of the barbecue rather than under the meat, thus eliminating flare-ups caused by drippings on the burner. Other popular barbecue accessories include lights, trays, griddles, woks, rib racks, heat-proof gloves, smoking boxes and trays, pizza stones, and baskets designed for specific foods, such as fish and vegetables, to prevent small pieces from falling through the grates. When deciding which barbecue and accessories to purchase, Husli suggests asking yourself some questions about your barbecue habits and style: How many people do you normally cook for. Do you really need a side burner? If you only do one roast a year, do you need to spend an extra two or three hundred dollars to get a barbecue with a rotisserie? Do you want to assemble it and set up yourself? How much space do you have for a barbecue? “Consider your budget too,� said Husli. “You can come into the [Northern Fireplace] store and start looking at $1,400 or $1,500 barbecues, when you came in looking for a $500 barbecue. It’s nice to look around, but set yourself up with a budget and try to buy something within that price range.� He said that today’s well-constructed barbecues, which have a liner in the lid, don’t need to be any higher than 40 to 43,000 BTUs because they retain the heat well. A good quality barbecue can last for many years. Husli recommends choosing a brand that has developed a good 108  You’re home  Spring 2013

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New thrills for your

Grilled Sweet Potato and Red Pepper Salad Prep time: 15 minutes Grilling time: 20 minutes Dressing: 1â „4 cup extra virgin olive oil 2 tablespoons fresh lime juice 1 teaspoon minced garlic 1 teaspoon minced jalapeĂąo pepper 1 teaspoon kosher salt 1â „2 teaspoon ground cumin 1â „4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper

Turn up the flavour and excitement of your backyard grill, with these delicious recipes, courtesy of Weber Barbecues!

1 1⠄2 pounds sweet potatoes 4 large red bell peppers 1 cup thinly sliced celery 3 green onions, white and light green parts only, cut diagonally into thin slices 1⠄3 cup roughly chopped fresh cilantro leaves 1. To make the dressing: In a small bowl, whisk together the dressing ingredients. 2. Trim the ends off the sweet potatoes. Peel and cut them crosswise into slices about 1⠄2 inch thick. Lightly brush both sides with some dressing. Grill the sweet potatoes along with the bell peppers over direct medium heat, turning occasionally. The sweet potatoes are done when they can be easily poked with a knife, about 20 minutes. The bell peppers are done when the skin blackens and blisters all over, 12 to 15 minutes. 3. Cut the sweet potatoes into 1⠄2-inch pieces and put them in a large bowl. Add enough dressing to moisten them (you may not need all of it). Place the peppers in a small bowl and cover with plastic wrap to trap the steam. Set aside for at least 5 minutes, then remove the peppers from the bowl and peel away the charred skins. Cut off the tops and remove the seeds. Cut the peppers into 1⠄2-inch pieces. Add the peppers to the bowl along with the celery, onions, and cilantro. Mix well. If desired, add some of the remaining dressing and mix well. Serve at room temperature. Makes 6 servings Š2005 Weber-Stephen Products Company. Recipe from Weber’s Real Grilling™. Used with permission.






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bathfit 1734 D McAra St., Regina, SK

D ISCOVER W HAT M I LL I ONS AL RE ADY HAVE t Professional 1-day installation t Custom designed to fit your bathroom t No mess, no demolition t Wide range of colors, finishes, and styles t Brand name accessories, like MOEN ® faucets (See locations for details)

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Glaze 3/4 cup soy sauce 1/2 cup balsamic vinegar 1/2 cup brown sugar 1 tablespoon minced garlic 1 tablespoon minced fresh ginger 1 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes 1/4 cup toasted sesame oil 10 skinless chicken thighs (with bone), 5 to 6 ounces each

Sirloin Steak with Pizzaiola Sauce Prep time: 15 minutes Grilling time: 15 to 21 minutes Sauce 2 1⁄2 pounds plum tomatoes 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 1 tablespoon thinly sliced garlic 1⁄4 cup thinly sliced oil-packed sun-dried tomatoes 1⁄4 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes Kosher salt Freshly ground black pepper 2 tablespoons finely chopped fresh oregano 1 top sirloin steak, 1 1⁄2 to 2 pounds and about 1 1⁄2 inches thick Extra virgin olive oil 1. To make the sauce: Grill the tomatoes over direct high heat until lightly charred on both sides, 3 to 5 minutes. When cool enough to handle, peel away the skin, halve the tomatoes crosswise, remove the cores, squeeze out the seeds, and then rough chop the tomatoes. 2. In a medium saucepan over medium heat, warm the oil and cook the garlic until golden brown, 1 to 2 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add the tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, and pepper flakes. Reduce the heat and simmer for 15 to 20 minutes. Season to taste with salt and pepper, then stir in the oregano. 3. Allow the steak to stand at room temperature for 20 to 30 minutes before grilling. Brush or spray both sides of the steak with oil. Season with salt and pepper, rubbing the seasonings into the meat. Sear over direct high heat for 8 to 10 minutes, turning once, and then grill over indirect high heat until cooked to desired doneness, 4 to 6 minutes for medium-rare. Remove from the grill and let rest for 3 to 5 minutes. Reheat the sauce over medium heat. Cut the steak into thick slices and serve over a pool of the sauce. Makes 4 servings

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©2005 Weber-Stephen Products Company. Recipe from Weber’s Real Grilling™. Used with permission.

cedar-Planked chicken thighs with Soy-ginger glaze Prep time: 30 minutes Way to grill: direct and indirect medium heat (350° to 450°F) Grilling time: 40 to 50 minutes Special equipment: 1 untreated cedar plank, 12 to 15 inches long and ½ to ¾ inch thick, soaked in beer or water for at least 1 hour

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At Alfords dressing your windows means every bit as much to us as any other item on your decorating list. We offer unlimited possibilities in selection, style and types of window fashions for the home. We welcome you to visit our showroom to see the extensive line up of the most current fabrics, blinds and draperies. Our experts will help you design window coverings to satisfy your every need.


Alford’s window covering specialist, Donna Souliere has years of expereince in window coverings. Visit our showroom or call for an in-home appointment and have Donna work with you to create your perfect custom window coverings.


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1. In a small, non-reactive saucepan over medium-low heat, combine the soy sauce, vinegar, and sugar. Cook until reduced by half, about 20 minutes. Remove from the heat and add the garlic, ginger, and red pepper flakes. Cool slightly and then whisk in the oil. Reserve ½ cup of the glaze for basting the chicken.

Open Up Your Living Space

2. Put the thighs in a large bowl, pour in the glaze, and toss to coat. Refrigerate until you are ready to grill.

Let fresh air into your home without unwelcome insects or glare of direct sunlight. Designed for doors, windows and large openings, Phantom Screens remain out of sight until you need them.

3. Prepare the grill for direct and indirect cooking over medium heat. Place the soaked plank over direct medium heat and close the lid. After 5 to 10 minutes, when the plank begins to smoke and char, turn the plank over.

Call your local Authorized Distributor at

4. Remove the thighs from the bowl and discard the glaze. Arrange the thighs on the smoking plank and cook over direct medium heat, with the lid closed, for 5 to 10 minutes. Then move the plank over indirect medium heat and continue cooking, with the lid closed as much as possible, until the juices run clear, 35 to 40 minutes, basting occasionally with the reserved glaze during the last 10 to 15 minutes of grilling time. Remove from the grill and baste with the glaze once more before serving.

1-888-PHANTOM (742-6866).

Serves: 4 to 6 ©2008 Weber-Stephen Products Co. Recipe from Weber’s Way to Grill™ by Jamie Purviance. Used with permission. n

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Firepits extend the outdoor


By Wendy livingstone


voking memories of get-togethers around a crackling campfire, the mesmerizing flames of a fire pit create a natural gathering spot and provide a warm ambiance for outdoor entertaining. Fire pits, fireplaces, lights and heaters can help create a warm, cozy outdoor living space, even during the cool evenings of springtime and fall.

The increasing popularity of fire pits during recent years has generated advancements in their designs. Simple, wood-burning, metal containers are still popular, but glamorous, gas-fuelled models are taking over the showrooms and are becoming the focal point of landscape designs. Many gas-fuelled fire pits require merely the push of a button for an instant fire. Some fire pits are designed so that the flames are reflected off pieces of coloured glass; others include a bed of artificial rocks or lava rock, and the flames dance upon them, giving the appearance that the rocks are ablaze. Fire pits may be sunken into the ground or raised to any level, including coffee table or dining table height. Gas-burning fire pits are often built right into tables, making them an ideal setting to enjoy outdoor meals or drinks. Some homeowners prefer the look of outdoor fireplaces, which differ from indoor fireplaces only in that they must be made from stainless steel materials — so they don’t rust — and they do not require vents or chimneys, since unburned gasses are vented out through the appliance itself. While fire pits may be wonderful to look at, the warmth they supply may not be enough to maintain comfort on particularly cool evenings. Outdoor heaters, which are available in electric, natural gas or propane models, can provide the extra heat needed. Due to its ease of accessibility, natural gas is the most popular fuel for outdoor heaters. One heater is often enough to heat a patio, since some commercial-grade heaters will provide warmth to an area as large as 22 feet in diameter. n 116  You’re home  Spring 2013


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UÊʈÀiÊ->viÌÞÊEÊ Ý̈˜}ՈÅiÀÊ 1Ãi UÊÊ* -/Ê­*ˆ«iˆ˜iÊ œ˜ÃÌÀÕV̈œ˜Ê->viÌÞÊ /À>ˆ˜ˆ˜}®

UÊÊœLˆiÊ/À>ˆˆ˜}Ê-iÀۈViÊEÊ -ˆ“Տ>̜Àà UÊ-˜œÜ“œLˆiÊ->viÌÞ







South Country Equipment

JD 1023E Compact Tractor

JD 2320 Compact Tractor


0% Financing for 60 mths


JD RSX 850i Trail Edition Gator




0% Financing for 60 mths

*Offer ends April 30, 2013. See Dealer for details.

S A S K AT C H E WA N ’ S L A R G E S T J O H N D E E R E D E A L E R !


ASSINIBOIA, SK 306-642-3366

MOSSBANK, SK 306-354-2411

SOUTHEY, SK 306-726-2155

MOOSE JAW, SK 306-692-2371

MONTMARTRE, SK 306-424-2212

RAYMORE, SK 306-746-2110

WEYBURN, SK 306-842-4686


Two Accomplished Regina Builders Two of Regina’s finest custom home builders, Munro Homes Ltd. and Sthamann Homes, have combined their talents and skills to create a Regina neighbourhood that offers an incomparable lifestyle. Detached, singlefamily condominiums are being constructed on a quiet bay nestled in The Creeks, an area known for its peace and tranquility. These beautiful homes provide the advantages of both detached-home and condominium lifestyles. Residents will be able to experience independent living in their own detached homes — complete with spacious yards and two- to threecar garages — and the maintenance-free, secure lifestyle of condo living that allows the freedom to enjoy extended travel and vacations.

This is the development that many Regina home buyers have been waiting for – the opportunity to take advantage of two fine builders’ combined 62 years of experience. The homes in this luxury development start at 1200 square feet. Professionally-designed landscaping will complete the homes and, together with easy access to local parks, connect them with spaces of natural beauty. To ensure a cohesive appearance, some characteristics of Timber Creek will be guided by architectural controls, but residents still have the freedom to custom design and build the bungalow of their dreams.


Located in









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You’re home  Spring 2013  121

closing remarks By stu niebergall, president & Ceo regina & region home Builders’ association

Benefits of Buying a New home: the obvious and the more subtle As much as there are many housing forms in a housing market, there are really only two types of homes to choose from: resale or new. In 2012, for the first time in 30 years, the number of resale homes sold and the number of new homes started were close to one-to-one. Energy-efficiency, warranty (always make sure your home builder has third party new home warranty), and open layout are often cited as factors that drive the new home buyer’s choice. In addition, selecting design elements like flooring, paint colors and selecting appliances also seem obvious benefits in choosing to build a new home. Having said that, there are also many not so obvious factors that can draw buyers to a new home.

while they were preparing appetizers for their guests in the kitchen, and you never felt closed off from the host. These new homes also incorporated higher ceilings and additional windows that brought more light than the older homes; this enhanced the feeling of spaciousness in the new home layout.

a cleaN Slate

buildiNg a commuNity together

If the idea of spending your time stripping dated wallpaper or repainting to suit your sense of style is unappealing, the appeal of new construction lets you create your own home décor from the get-go. There is also something really attractive about parking the car in a sparkling-clean garage or being the first to cook in a brand-new kitchen.

Many new homes have the built-in benefit of being in a brand new community. Lasting bonds and friendships often develop right away when families move into one of Regina’s newest neighbourhoods. There is no “new kid on the block” when new home owners meet and connect.

Even your new outdoors extends the advantages of being the first home owner. You don’t inherit precariously or inconveniently placed trees and there are no overgrown shrubs to tear up. You can plant the lawn and garden you want or take advantage of the great new designs in full or partial xeriscaping and create your perfect outdoor space.

Popular amenities like new parks, walking trails and playgrounds offer additional opportunities for neighbours of all ages to interact. Community pride in the new neighbourhood is often exceptionally high.

everywhere aN outlet

eNtertaiNiNg My wife and I recently attended four different house parties over a two night period. One party was in a subdivision built in the ‘70s, one in the Crescents, one in Harbour Landing and the other in The Greens on Gardiner. As much as all were fun and the hosts very gracious, it clearly demonstrated the challenges of entertaining in an older home compared to entertaining in a new one. With their often numerous small distinct rooms, entertaining in an older home makes it difficult to entertain guests in one large space, while new homes feature more open space and rooms that more easily flow into each other. A great example of this is the popular great room in many new homes. Even new homes with small square footage are designed in a manner that makes them easier to entertain than homes much larger that were not designed with such form. What I noticed in the new home was how the host, while entertaining, still enjoyed conversations that were taking place in the family room 122 You’re home Spring 2013

If you have ever lived in an older home (the older the home the worse it gets) you can attest that there are never enough outlets, inside or out. Home builders in the ‘70s or prior, could not have been expected to anticipate high-definition television in several rooms, the need to charge several smart phones, iPads and iPods by the family, desktop and laptop computers, PVRs and the numerous electrical requirements of today. Today’s new home is designed with advanced technology like structured wiring, integrated lighting plans and security systems that can be tailored to meet the individual home owner’s needs. The result is you can safely operate the wine cooler, the Christmas lights and your computer while plugging into the power grid in convenient places. To learn more about the benefits, design and things you should think about when considering a new home, go to our website at where we have over 70 articles on buying a new home, and our New Home Locator, with the largest selection of new homes on-line covering Regina city and area. n

Enjoy living smart in this comfortable and conveniently located community in the northwest of Regina. Check our website and find out what our builders can do for you.

You’re home spring 2013 The official magazine of the Regina & Region Home Builders’ Association


















You're Home Spring 2013  
You're Home Spring 2013  

The official magazine fo the Regina and Region Home Builders' Association.