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20, 2014

Welcome back Riders! Team returns to defend its Grey Cup title



Pep Band Profile

Fan Profile

Riders donate to the community ...............................E4

Introducing Susan Bazin ...............................E8

The lady who helped start it ............................ E10

ningInside the pages on some Saskatchewan Roughriders literature this issue

Welcome back to another S INSIDE football season

Leader-Post / N  Advertising Feature N Thursday, October 27, 2011 N Page AA1

s on AA6-AA8

Rider Fandemonium



said it?

“I have been visited special events thatRiders raised donations in the From the Pages in Yorkton and and awareness for local charities. Writer Community of Rob Vanstone Humboldt at Another example is Bleed Green, a JUDY BIRD partnership with the Canadian Blood The economy will The Roger Aldag- dinners and you Services to encourage individuals emerge to victorious in Bob Poley Writer would swear donate blood. Those who donate have the the 2013 Grey Cup relationship MATT STONE opportunity to participate in a special AA12 that the Riders AA3 time show. Columnist were based there We’ll be continuing some of the popular JENNIFER JACOBY-SMITH features of the past. Find out who made because of all of the Cheer Team this year and what it Turning the pages on some Saskatchewan Roughriders literature. takes to make the team. We’ll also be the green and Cover Photo Credit: profiling members of the Pep Band and Stories on AA6-AA8 Courtesy of the Saskatchewan Roughriders white.” (Hint: he the contributions they make to the team’s Contents of this publication are protected by copyright and success. The Rider Chick will also be WHAT’S INSIDE may be used only for personal, noncommercial purposes. All played with the returning with her regular column. Don’t other rights are reserved and commercial use is prohibited. Riders from 1973forget to clip the game day roster and bring it with you to the game so you ‘76 and is now know who you are cheering for (and against!). reached the part of the Riders’ e of suWe’ve s i A couple of new features to t x e N administration watch for this issue are a special Greenlast chapter e d i s n I feature on historic dates in Rider team; www. 5 June 2 history. Perhaps you were there when these things happened. Assistant Editor NICOLE WILLIAMS

By Pat Rediger For L-P Specialty Products What’s green and white and read all over? Why, Inside Green,Tubman’s of course. Myrna It’s back for another season Rider button artto help you make the most of your game day AA2 experience. We’ll be focusing on team match-ups, player profiles, the cheer team, the Pep Band, discover Riders in the community, game day promotions, rosters, 1 and so much more. This year, the writers at Benchmark Public Relations will be working closely with the Riders, The StarPhoenix and the LeaderPost on creating Inside Green before each game day. And, we’ll be looking for your ideas and suggestions to make each issue a souvenir to mark the season. We’ll be on the lookout for fans that go above and beyond the call of duty to show their Rider Pride. In this issue we feature Susan Baszin of Balcarres, who attends most Rider practices and even presents the players with her homegrown roses. The Riders also play a vital role in our Watch for our Who Said It feature communities. They generously donate and see if you can identify the their time and talents to numerous causes By Jonathan Hamelin speaker. and charitable programs throughout the For L-P Specialty Products We’re always on the lookout for story province. The recent Grey Cup Tour is involved Green season was similar to fan this profiles, and other ways to ensure an excellentBeing example of how thewith RidersInside ideas, Inside Green is a must-read before the connectsuiting with theirup fansfor andthe make a Saskatchewan Roughriders. There was a lot of contribution. practice time logged, countlessgame. rolls of game film and sheets of If you think you have what it takes to be After winning the Grey Cup last year, notes examined, of blood, sweat tears. profiled as a fan, pleaseand let us know by players game took it on the road — visitingand 30 plenty emailing, us @ communities and travelling more than 8,000 OK, maybe the blood came from a paper cut, but it follow was hard Benchmark_P_R or leave us a Facebook kilometres. Along the way, they attended work nonetheless! message. banquets, made school presentations and


Av onl ens Cup



We’ve reached the last chapter Rider Fandemonium

Riders in the Community

From the Pages of Rob Vanstone

Myrna Tubman’s Rider button art

The economy will emerge victorious in the 2013 Grey Cup

The Roger AldagBob Poley relationship AA2 AA3

By Jonathan Hamelin For L-P Specialty Products Being involved with Inside Green this season was similar to suiting up for the Saskatchewan Roughriders. There was a lot of practice time logged, countless rolls of game film and sheets of game notes examined, and plenty of blood, sweat and tears. OK, maybe the blood came from a paper cut, but it was hard work nonetheless! Like the Green and White, we’ve had some struggles this season building a perfect lineup – with our lineup involving articles. Unlike the Roughriders, though, we never had to fire anyone. There was some thought given to releasing Inside Green writer Ed Kapp, but don’t tell him that. At the end of the day, we had a much happier season than the Roughriders. This was my first year as editor of Inside Green, and it was my goal to create a program that would appeal to both hardcore and average fans. From the feedback we’ve received, I think this goal was accomplished. Now, like a member of the Roughriders would, I will give credit to my teammates. There’s no ‘I’ in team. I couldn’t give 110 per cent without my teammates. Ed Kapp and Dietrich Neu helped provide interesting articles all season long. The team at the Leader-Post was extremely positive to work with, creating a visually appealing product and helping to bring in advertisers, whose support of Inside Green is invaluable. But it is perhaps the readers of Inside Green who deserve the biggest pat on the back. Without people taking the time to go through and read each issue of Inside Green, there would probably be no Inside Green. So whether you commented on an issue, read each one or browsed occasionally, thank you. Because there have been a lot of articles to read this season in Inside Green, we thought it would be fitting to finish things off with a Rider-themed literature issue. The Roughriders have marketed just about everything over the last several years, books being no exception. The majority of these books have sought to illustrate the rich history of the Roughrider organization, highlighting the notable teams, players and stories. This tradition continues with George Reed: His Life and Times, co-authored by Reed and John Chaput. As the title suggests, the book gives fans a glimpse into the life of the greatest running back to ever suit up for the Green and White. But, as Ed Kapp discovered after reading the book, the book covers far more than just Reed’s athletic accomplishments — it delves into Reed’s childhood, his work outside football and his personal life. With strong writing by Chaput and direct quotes from Reed, it’s a book all Rider fans could benefit from reading. The other set of books examined in this issue of Inside Green are in no way conventional Rider history books. They are children’s books. What better way to initiate the next generation of Rider Nation than through a book about the Riders that has been written for children? That’s the thought that went through author Holly Preston’s mind when she teamed up with illustrator Val Lawton to create The ALWAYS Team and The ALWAYS Team: Trouble in Riderville. But don’t let the label “children’s books” fool you. While there are plenty of images like Gainer the Gopher to keep children entertained, there are messages about teamwork, faith and tradition embedded in the text. It’s not always easy for Rider fans to put the meaning of their team into words for their children, but Preston has done just that. As we also learn in the feature, it’s not just Rider fans that have gotten something out of the book. Speaking of Rider literature, From the Pages of Rob Vanstone brings fans the latest excerpt from

Like the Green and White, we’ve had some struggles this season building a perfect lineup – with our lineup involving articles. Unlike the gh, we never had to fire anyone. There was some thought given to releasing r Ed Kapp, but don’t tell him that. AA12

The 13th Man

A victory is the only way to ensure a true Grey Cup party AA13

the Leader-Post sports editor’s collection of Rider history books. This one discusses the unique relationship between former Riders offensive linemen Roger Aldag and Bob Poley. They were both experts at the sport, but have very different personalities. It could be that we at Inside Green decided to talk about Roughrider literature to distract fans from the team’s dismal season. Currently sitting at 4-12-0, the Saskatchewan Roughriders are going to miss the playoffs for the first time in 10 years. It’s not all bad news though. Earlier this month it was announced that the province would host the 2013 Grey Cup. The province previously hosted the 2003 and 1995 Grey Cups. Inside Green brings you coverage of the Grey Cup announcement in this issue. In Riders in the Community, we examine the benefits that hosting the Grey Cup will bring. It is estimated the event will bring $45 million to $50 million to Saskatchewan, with $30 million to $35 million going to OUR TEAM Regina. The event will also be a great chance for the province to celebrate the glory of Canadian football. INSIDE GREEN is The 13th Man examines what the Roughriders need brought to you by: to do to ensure booking their spot. If the current season EDITOR is any indication, it will be a long shot for the Green and JONATHAN HAMELIN White to pull off the rare feat of being the host city and winning the Grey Cup. However, with some careful WRITER ED KAPP tweaking to the roster, it could be a true party in the prairies. CONTRIBUTOR Also in Inside Green, we meet Myrna Tubman, who is DIETRICH NEU showcasing her love for the Saskatchewan Roughriders in a unique way. Tubman’s Rider pictures, whether they are of Ken Miller, the team or the fans, have one Cover Photo Credit: Courtesy of consistent feature: buttons. For eight years, Tubman has Don Healy been unlocking the essence of the button and working Contents of this publication are protected by them into her artwork. She has sold her works across copyright and may be used only for personal, noncommercial purposes. All other rights are the province — including to NHL head coach Mike reserved and commercial use is prohibited. Babcock — and has even written a children’s button book. Christopher Milo, who has locked himself in as the Riders’ starting kicker after some early struggles, chats with Kapp in Rider One-On-One about the life of a kicker. Slotback Jason Clermont reflects on his time in Regina so far in Breeding Green and White. The interesting career of Steve Mazurak is examined in Rider Flashback. Mason Lanigan talks about why football is A FKMZ I^ friendly to him in Young Roughriders. For a Roughrider 5URAK9RR season review, turn to Rider Report Card. D~™ik T~Œ…|k™ If you have any final questions or comments about Inside Green, email me at:

the Leader-Post sports editor’s collection of Rider history books. This one disc Current Rider home game: a. Jim Hopson relationship between former Riders offensive linemen Roger Aldag and Bob Pole Saskatchewan b. Brendan Taman experts at the sport,vs. but Edmonton have very different personalities. June 20,be 7 that p.m.weMosaic c.toJeremy O’Day It could at InsideStadium Green decided talk about Roughrider literatu from the team’s dismal season. Currently sitting at 4-12-0, the Saskatchewan d. Gene Makowsky Roug Next Rider home game: to miss the playoffs for the first time in 10 years. It’s not all bad news though. Ea Saskatchewan vs. Hamilton See2013 page Grey 6 for Cup. the answer was announced that the province would host the The province June 29, 5 p.m. Mosaic Stadium the 2003 and 1995 Grey Cups. Inside Green brings you coverage of the Grey Cup announcement in this issue. In Riders in the Community, we examine the benefits Ü&»ŸÄÜ}} that hosting the Grey Cup will bring. It is estimated the ”””1s~™ik‹~Œ…|k™1i~y



Friday, June 20, 2014


Another season begins With a number of roster changes taking place in the off-season, there has been considerable interest in the Riders’ training camp this year. Training camp began on June 1 at Griffiths Stadium at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon. The team stayed in Saskatoon until June 13, when they returned to Regina to focus on their first pre-season game against the Ottawa Redblacks the following day. After the June 20 home game against the Edmonton Eskimos, the Riders will pare down their roster in time for their regular season home opener on June 29 against the Hamilton Tiger Cats.

The Riders travelled to the University of Saskatchewa n campus to hold training cam p this season.

t through their

e pu The Riders wer

paces at camp.

Defensive coordinator Ritchie Hall provides instruction to his team.

Formal NFL running back Keith Toston is one of several players vying for Kory Sheet’s former position.

t gets in a few reps.

Quarterback Darian Duran Photos by Jeff Lyons/The StarPhoenix





Fr i day, J une 2 0 , 2 0 1 4

Grey Cup on tour

Venerable trophy touches down in almost 30 communities Photo by Michelle Berg/The StarPhoenix

By Pat Rediger For L-P Specialty Products They had a long way to go and a short time to get there, but the Riders managed to get it done. After winning the Grey Cup last year, the team had about three months to showcase the trophy to its fans throughout the province. This led to the Grey Cup Tour from January to March, in which more than 50,000 people saw the cup in almost 30 communities. The cup travelled more than 8,000 kilometers during that time. “We wanted as many people in the province to see the Grey Cup as we could,” said Dan Plaster, manager of Community Relations. “We started by picking 10 towns to tour and it just took off from there.” The tour began in Saskatoon when 12 Riders visited Ronald McDonald House to show the cup to the patients, their families and volunteers. It later made its way to the Royal University Hospital, where kids in the play room were surprised to see their favourite players with the cup. Later that day, it made its way to a Saskatoon Blades game. From there, the cup appeared in places like Lloydminster, North Battleford, Prince Albert, Macklin, Kindersley and Rosetown. “In many cases, the towns used the opportunity to raise funds for special projects. The Grey Cup was featured at banquets, hockey games and other fundraising events,” said Plaster. In Estevan, for example, 15 Riders played a charity hockey game against the local Screaming Eagles team to raise funds for minor football in that community. The Riders won that game 10-8. “This will be something that people will remember

for a lifetime,” said Plaster. “It is really important for everyone in this organization to see how fans connect with this team. The players were able to see how much this team means to them and that was the best part.” One of the most memorable parts of the program was a special northern tour in which running back Neal Hughes and lineman Brendon LaBatte visited five northern communities, covering 2,000 km in less than two days. It began with a stop in Cumberland House, where the players visited the school and signed autographs. They then headed to La Ronge where they tossed a football with kids in the gymnasium and posed for pictures. In Stony Rapids, they received a huge standing ovation as they walked into the school. The final stops were in Pinehouse and Buffalo Narrows where the players were greeted with a chant of Go Riders. “Every community we went to, it was like Christmas all over again,” said Neal Hughes, one of the players who made the tour. “We brought smiles to people no matter where we went.” He added that the northern trip was unforgettable for many reasons. There were days when the temperatures dipped close to -50°C with the wind chill and it was a wonder that the plane would even start. After coming to a landing near Pinehouse, Hughes recalls the sparse number of homes in the area and wondered how many people would actually be there to greet them. “When we entered the school, there were hundreds of people in the gym and that doesn’t include all the kids,” said Hughes. “They really came from all over to see us.”


1035 5TH AVE NORTH (306) 545-6242



SINGLE GAME TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE. Game Day Fan Fest at 4:00 / Gates open at 5:30

RIDERVILLE.COM 1-888-4-RIDERS (474-3377) Arrive early on game day to avoid delays. New Game Day Policy: Tickets are required for exit & re-entry. Security will be checking all bags. REG31302697_1_1



Friday, June 20, 2014


Rider fans really do bleed green

Canadian Blood Services program underway for another season


Rider players and blood donors celebrate.

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variety of items that are sure to make this a memorable and special season for every junior Rider fan. Kids Club members will receive an exclusive Ben Heenan OYO Sports Figure, a membership card, letter and hat, newsletters, a kid ticket voucher for a 2014 Rider home game, a drawstring bag, a Ben Heenan poster, contest invites, and a Conexus Kids GO Club voucher. Your child will also RIDERS! receive a special message from delivered to the Riders on their birthday and be your door. invited to private Kids Club events GREEK FEAST and parties throughout the year. • Souvlaki • Greek Style Riblets • Dolmathes • Chicken Wings • Gyros with Tzatziki • Greek or Kids Club members can proudly Caesar Salad• Garlic Toast & Baklava 25.95 For 2 • For 4 47.95 call themselves honorary members of the Green and White. Show their PIZZA & FINGER FOOD COMBO Rider Pride and pick up a one• Pizza • Riblets • Chicken Fingers • Meatballs • Deep Fried Mushrooms • Potato Skins • Onion Rings • Zucchini Sticks • Caesar Salad • Garlic Toast year Kids Club Membership for 25.95 For 2 • For 4 48.95 only $25 (which includes shipping) See Yellow pages 1134 & 1135 for menu today at 1953 Scarth St. 1958 Hamilton St.

By Nicole Williams For L-P Specialty Products Getting the next generation of Rider fans excited about the new season is easy, thanks to the Rider Kids Club. Parents and guardians can now buy a 2014 membership for their child, and they will receive a




Photo courtesy of the Saskatchewan Roughriders Football Club


Local • Long Distance • International

Barry Woolhether Branch Manager/Partner Email:

Rider fans truly do bleed


Since 1927

Regina Agents For Atlast Van Lines

n Blood Services

explode and the crowd roars and the stadium shakes as the players take the field! That is the experience to be won. “There is gigantic 50-foot flag, and it takes 50 people to hold it. The people around the flag are blood donors, volunteers and people associated with Canadian Blood Services,” said Topinka. “We are able to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts that people take by giving them the chance to win that opportunity.” Anyone who visits a blood donor clinic during the campaign can fill out a ballot and enter to win; no donation is necessary. There is also one grand prize consisting of sideline passes, Pilsner Place box seats and a full player-experience package at the final home game. Ballots for this prize will only be available at the Rider Store, and at the Canadian Blood Services tent when it is set up at community events. Topinka said that, from June 1 to October 30, about 22,000 units of blood will be needed in Saskatchewan. Blood donations help people undergoing cancer treatment and surgery, accident victims, and so many others with medical needs. Fans attending a home game can take a look around the stadium and know that about half, if not more, of the people in that stadium have been affected by a blood donor by themselves or a family member.needing the donation. For information on donating blood, for clinic locations and times or to book an appointment, visit, download the mobile app GiveBlood or call 1-888-2DONATE.

Photos courtesy of Canadia

By Judy Bird For L-P Specialty Products The Saskatchewan Roughriders are ready to kick off Bleed Green once again, with Canadian Blood Services to raise blood donations and awareness of the need for blood donations in our province. Bleed Green began in 2010 as a way for the Riders to continue the momentum generated by their 100th anniversary and to create a life-saving community partnership with Canadian Blood Services. It has become an amazing success, and is now a model that other football clubs in the league are considering to raise their profile and enhance community connections. Last year, Bleed Green had a goal of collecting 101 donations per month, a play on the 101st Grey Cup and celebrations in Regina. Rider fans obliterated that goal, and more than doubled the amount of donations. “It shows the true fact that the people in this province really do bleed green and understand that, by coming in and donating blood, they are making a real and physical difference to their neighbour. People understand that we need each other to help each other,” said James Topinka, territory manager with Canadian Blood Services in Regina. This year, the campaign runs from June 1 to Oct. 30 and has different components. In the pre-season and in bye weeks, players and others associated with the club will visit blood donor clinics as a way to thank those who are donating blood. Another component is the flagbearing ceremony. Imagine being on the field as part of a group holding the Canadian flag when the national anthem begins, then the fireworks



Football Express





Fr i day, J une 2 0 , 2 0 1 4

This month in history The month of June Each month, Inside Green will look back at historical moments in Roughrider history that occurred during that month. We’ll also include a photo of former players, coaches, Mosaic Stadium (formerly Taylor Field) and other significant milestones in Rider history. June 30, 1912 – The fence and grandstand at Dominion Park, where the Regina Rugby Club played, was destroyed by a tornado. The Regina Rugby Club was the Saskatchewan Roughriders’ original name. June 7, 1966 – The Canadian Rugby Union officially turned over the Grey Cup trophy to the CFL. June 9, 1973 – Riders announced that Roger Aldag would attend the team’s training camp but play for the Regina Rams that year. June 4, 1974 – Rider greats Andrew Currie and Martin Ruby were inducted into the CFL Hall of Fame. June 18, 1979 – George Reed joked during a tribute dinner to Rider quarterback Ron Lancaster that “[He] probably could have been the greatest defensive back or linebacker in the CFL . . . [He] got a lot of practice saving touchdowns from all the interceptions Ron threw.” June 19, 1979 – Due to the high traffic volume around Taylor Field on game days, the City of Regina officially designated parking in the area encompassed by Albert Street, Pasqua Street, Dewdney Avenue and CP Rail mainline for residents living in the area only. June 20, 1979 – Only minutes before the Riders’ pre-season home opener, crews finished laying the new SuperTurf at Taylor Field. June 30, 1979 – George Reed was inducted into the CFL Hall of Fame. Reed played 13 seasons with the Riders, resulting in 10 All-Western All-Star and nine All-Canadian All-Star titles. He was also the top rusher in professional football history. June 9, 1982 – The Leader-Post reported on the Riders’ training camp breakfast and lunch needs for 94 players. A typical breakfast included: 80 pieces of French toast, 50 orders of scrambled eggs, 17.5 dozen fried eggs, 20 pounds of sausages, countless bran

The 1989 Grey Cup Championship team (pictured above) was inducted into the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame on June 17, 1995. The Riders defeated the Hamilton Tiger-Cats 43-40 with “The Kick,” a last-minute field goal by Dave Ridgway, on Nov. 26, 1989. Photo credit: Bill Dubecky, Royal Studios. muffins, cereal and toast, 20 litres of milk, 250 ounces of tomato juice and 27 litres of juice. A typical training camp lunch included: 75 macaroni and cheese meals, 100 beef on a bun meals, 60 cold plates, countless servings of salad, 10 pounds of veggies and 20 pounds of potatoes.

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June 16, 1984 – Sandy Archer was inducted as a builder into the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame. He was the Riders’ head trainer for 30 years starting back in 1951 and also helped establish the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association. June 13, 1987 – The Riders held a 16-hour telethon to sell tickets and memberships to ensure the team would not fold due to bankruptcy. A total of 77,138 tickets were sold through the event. June 3, 1989 – Ted Urness, offensive lineman for the Green and White from 1961 to 1970, was inducted into the CFL Hall of Fame. June 4, 1991 – Richie Hall, the Riders’ defensive back, received the CFL Players Association Tom Pate Memorial Award in recognition of his outstanding dedication to the CFL, the local community and his on-field performance. June 5, 1995 – Hinckley Archer, the Riders’ equipment manager from 1961 to 1966, passed away. June 17, 1995 – Wayne Shaw — a 12-year Rider defensive lineman who played in four Grey Cups, including the 1966 Championship – was inducted into the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame. June 17, 2006 – Roger Aldag, the Riders’ offensive lineman from 1976 to 1992, was inducted into the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame.

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5-425 Victoria Ave. E 306-525-8554 facebook

Hours: Mon,Tue,Wed, Fri, Sat 10-6,Thur 10-8, Sun 1-4 REG31302743_1_1 1-888-4-RIDERS (474-3377) Mosaic Stadium | Northgate Mall | Grasslands | The Centre @theriderstore





Friday, June 20, 2014


who 1

said it?

“Sometimes I would get stubborn. If I got intercepted, I’d come back and call the same play. If the guy intercepted it again, I’d call it again until we finally beat him.” (Hint: this quote was found in the Saskatchewan Roughriders First 100 Years book and is from a famous Rider player.) a) Gord Barwell b) Kent Austin c) Ron Lancaster d) Dave Ridgway


“Everybody who retires still wants to play football. But you can’t turn back the calendar. The selfish part of me wants to come back and win another Grey Cup.” (Hint: this Rider great retired in March 1993 and he played in the 1989 Grey Cup; Regina Leader-Post.) a) Dale West b) Roger Aldag c) George Reed d) Marcus Crandell


“I expect to win every game… But I won’t say how many games we’re going to win because then you have to say how many you’re going to lose.” (Hint: he is a former Riders’ Head Coach; Regina Leader-Post, 1992.) a) Joe Paopoa b) Don Matthews c) Richie Hall d) Eagle Keys


“I owe a lot to [Jack Gotta]. He opened the door and I made sure I shoved my foot in that door and wouldn’t let it get closed on me.” (Hint: he played defense for the Riders in the 1989 Grey Cup; Saskatchewan Roughriders First 100 Years.) a) Bobby Jurasin b) Ray Elgaard c) John Chick d) Roger Aldag

Tyron Brackenridge Photo credit: Saskatchewan Roughrid er Foot

ball Club


“I’m very humbled at the fact I’ve had the opportunity to play in three Grey Cups and win two of them. It’s tough enough for a player in this league to win one, but I have two and hopefully I will have a chance at a few more before I am done.” (Hint: he recently returned from playing in the NFL; a. Mike McCullough b. John Chick c. Chris Milo d. Ben Heenan


“I always thought when I left football I’d miss that adrenaline rush… on game day… but broadcasting gives you that rush.” (Hint: He played in the 1989 Grey Cup; Regina Leader Post.) a) Kent Austin b) Don Narcisse c) Ron Pederson d) Glen Suitor


“When George [Reed] was on, he could control a whole game all by himself. There were times, though, when I wondered if I was going to kill him out there. We would have drives where he would carry the ball almost every play, and he was as strong at the end of it as he was when we started out.” (Hint: he is a former Rider player and coach; Saskatchewan Roughriders First 100 Years.) a) Ron Lancaster b) Dale West c) Eagle Keys d) Ron Atchison

Ron Lancaster of Fame Photo credit: Saskatchewan Sports Hall

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“I’m excited to be the head coach of one of the best professional organizations in North America.” (Hint: he is the sixth Rider Head Coach to win the CFL’s Coach of the Year award; www. a) Kent Austin b) Corey Chamblin c) Ron Lancaster d) Don Matthews

CrHOne-Day fo




“I appreciate [Henry Burris] throwing that to me. As a defensive back, you don’t get a lot of [interceptions].” (Hint: he currently plays safety with the Riders;, 2012) a) Andy Fantuz b) Stevie Baggs c) John Chick d) Tyron Brackenridge

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AdvicreLife fo

Answers: From front cover: Jim Hopson 1. Ron Lancaster 2. Roger Aldag 3. John Chick 4. Glen Suitor 5. Ron Lancaster 6. Corey Chamblin 7. Tyron Brackenridge 8. Don Matthews 9. Bobby Jurasin


remiere Spor ts Bar! P s ’ a n i g Re

No Cover Ever!



Riders vs Edmonton, Friday, June 20 7:00 p.m.


Your Official



909 ARCOLA AVE E. • 525-8338





Fr i day, J une 2 0 , 2 0 1 4


GAME DAY ROSTERS Saskatchewan Roughriders

Edmonton Eskimos

(as of June 17, 2014) # Name Position 0 Bews, Preston R 1 Green, Marshay * DB 2 Smith, Ryan * WR 3 Harris, Macho * DB 4 Durant, Darian * QB 5 Weber, Adam * QB 6 Bagg, Rob WR 7 Doege, Seth * QB 8 Sunseri, Tino * QB 9 Lalonde, Andre RB 12 Sisco, Jordan WR 13 Mark, John K 14 McCoy, Greg * DB 15 Etienne, Jade SB 16 Swain, Brett * WR 17 Bartel, Josh P 18 McHenry, Scott WR 19 Milo, Chris K 20 Maze, Terrell * CB 21 Woldu, Paul CB 26 Allen, Anthony * RB 27 Peters, Brian * LB 28 LeGree, Mark * DB 29 Stoudermire, Troy * DB 30 Isaac, Brandon * LB 31 Hurl, Samuel LB 32 Hughes, Neal FB 33 Anderson, Dwight * DB 35 Brown, Weldon * LB 37 Williams, Rod * DB 38 Jackson, Tristan * DB 39 Thomas, Jermaine * RB 41 Brackenridge, Tyron * S 42 Toston, Keith * RB 43 Régimbald, Kevin LB 46 Webster, Matt DB 47 Ivy, Mortty * LB 49 Whitehouse, Brandon LB 50 Kilgore, Chad * LB 51 Black, Tristan LB

# Name Position 52 Wellman, Ryan DL 53 Vonk, Matt OL 54 Paterson, Kyle OL 57 LaBatte, Brendon G 58 Fulton, Xavier * T 59 Taylor, Hilee * DL 61 Tyler, Devin * OL 62 Steinhauer, Levi DL 64 Adcock, Levy * OL 65 Heenan, Ben OL 66 Best, Chris G 67 Clark, Dan G 68 Picard, Dominic C 69 Watman, Corey OL 70 Walker, Derek * DL 71 Thompson, Mitch WR 74 Bastien, Kristopher WR 77 Pierzchalski, Alex WR 78 Bent, Travis LB 79 Eddins, Robert * DE 80 Moore, Spencer FB 81 Schilens, Chaz * WR 82 DePalma, Dan * WR 83 Anthony, Alex WR 84 Sweeney, Isaiah * WR 85 Riley, Eron * WR 86 Sampson, DeMarco * WR 88 Smith, Taj * WR 89 Getzlaf, Chris SB 90 Ainsworth, Dylan DL 91 Lee, David DE 92 Guyton, Trevor * DL 93 George, Tearrius * DT 95 Foley, Ricky DE 96 Sumlin, Richard * DT 97 Chick, John * DE 98 White, Markus * DL 99 Williams, Shomari LB

(as of June 17, 2014) # Name Position 2 Stamps, Fred * SB 3 Miles, Jamal * RB 4 Bowman, Adarius * SB 5 White, Pat * QB 6 Lewis III, Myron * DB 7 Charles, Hugh * RB 8 Crompton, Jonathan * QB 9 Watkins, Patrick * DB 11 Shaw, Grant P/K 13 Reilly, Mike * QB 14 Medeiros, Zackary P/K 15 Rwabukamba, Chris CB 16 Nichols, Matt * QB 17 Chambers, Shamawd WR 18 O’Neill, Hugh P/K 19 Hartmann, Raye DB 22 Burnett, Joe * CB/KR 23 Young, Marcell * DB 24 Thomas, Tyler * RB 25 Miller, Mike LB 27 Dubuisson, Mike DB 28 Milton, Aaron RB 29 Sands, Robert * DB 30 White, John * RB 31 McCarty, Calvin FB 32 Wright, Smith FB 33 Dublanko, Curtis LB 34 Hinds, Ryan S 35 Curran, Rennie * LB 36 Grymes, Aaron * CB 37 Foster, Otha * DB 38 Samuels, Eric * LB 39 Sharun, Corbin LB 40 Lacey, Deon * LB 41 Willis, Odell * DE 44 Gesse, Joash LB 45 McCoil, Dexter * LB

# Name 46 Kanya, Nathan 47 Sherritt, JC * 48 Norris, Kyle 53 King, Ryan 54 Capers, Selvish * 55 Ngoyi, Elie 58 Washington, Tony * 60 Sorensen, Justin 62 Mercer, Christopher 63 Ramsay, Brian 64 Jones, Andrew 65 Rottier, Simeon 66 O’Donnell, Matthew 67 Batiste, D’Anthony * 68 Coleman, Thaddeus * 69 Baboulas, Adam 73 Barrett, Anthony 77 Boulay, Mathieu 78 Harris, Ra’Shon * 79 Dadzie, Michael 80 Edwards, Nicholas * 81 Bailey, Devon 82 Guyton, AJ * 83 McRae, Brandon * 85 Coehoorn, Nate 87 Robertson, Patrick * 88 Foster, Akeem 90 Sewell, Almondo * 91 Howard, Marcus * 93 Oramasionwu, Don 94 Sheffield, Cameron * 95 Alexandre, Gregory 96 Ross, Daniel * 97 Steele, Eddie 99 Jefferson, Willie *


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Sue (right) with other Rider fans at Mosaic Stadium


b j ^ c d b Z Y c V ; Susan Bazin is hooked on the team

Top: Sue Bazin with Saskatchewan Roughrider legends Geroy Simon (left) and Don Narcisse (right) Bottom: Sue Bazin with her husband Brent.

By Matt Stone For L-P Specialty Products Sue Bazin had no interest in the Saskatchewan Roughriders or in football at all, for that matter. Until just a few short years ago, this resident of Balcarres had never attended a Roughrider game or even watched one on TV. But after meeting former Saskatchewan coach Ken Miller, Bazin was convinced to check out a Rider practice and come see what all the fuss was about. Having recently retired, she was searching for new interests to supplement her regular hobbies of gardening and volunteering at the hospital. She accompanied her friend to a Rider practice, and she says it was love at first sight. “I’ll never forget that feeling of walking out onto the [practice] field,” said Bazin. “It was just an incredible, magical feeling. I could just sense all the excitement and the emotions that were out there. I felt like Cinderella.” Bazin has a tough time explaining why she took to the Roughriders so quickly, but a lot of it has to do with the generosity of the players, staff and fellow fans. While at that first practice, Bazin was speaking to Miller, and revealed to him that she had never actually even been to a Roughrider game. Later that day, Miller came up to her with an envelope in his hand. Inside were two 50-yard-line tickets for the upcoming Labour Day Classic against the Winnipeg


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Blue Bombers. “If I wasn’t totally on board after that first practice, my first game had me totally hooked,” said Bazin. “I think it really helped to get to know the players and coach Miller before watching them out there on game day. Seeing those players on the field, I could just tell their hearts were all about football.” It might have taken Bazin a little while to get all the rules and complexities of Canadian football down, but she knew from the start how special the Roughriders players, staff and fans were. She continues to attend practices regularly, getting to know many of the Roughriders, such as current coach Corey Chamblin, quarterback Darian Durant and former receiver Weston Dressler. Bazin continues to be in awe at how friendly and accessible the players are to their fans. Their passion for the game is beautiful in her eyes, especially considering that many of the players leave their homes and family to come play football in an unfamiliar land. Bazin said she prays for the Roughriders and their families every day. To her, the Roughriders are like family, and she feels like a part of it. “For years, I’ve been growing roses in my garden,” said Bazin. “I always bring my roses to town with me when I when I visit sick people at the hospital. Now, I make sure to bring roses for the Roughriders too. I think it’s important for them to know that they are loved by their fans.”



Bring your camera phone to a Rider game and find out how. See all Rider Fan Photos at REG46406380_1_1



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Friday, June 20, 2014


Rhonda Kerr-White The band’s administrator since Day 1 By Judy Bird For L-P Specialty Products They’ve been an iconic part of Rider games for just over 20 years. They help to get the crowd ready to cheer on the team. They play outside at pre-game rallies and inside the stadium, have played at every Grey Cup game since 1993, and were named the official Pep Band for the CFL. They are the 620 CKRM Saskatchewan Roughrider Pep Band. Typically known as the Rider Pep Band, it is one of only two pep bands in the CFL (the other is the Toronto Argonotes). From the first note when the band began in 1993, Rhonda Kerr-White has been a member and serves as its administrator. All players in the Rider Pep Band are volunteers, and must be at least 19 years of age. “We started out with about 28 members in our first year,” said Kerr-White, a trumpet player with the Pep Band. “We were involved with the Prairie Winds Adult Band and, at the time, the Regina Lions Band. The Lions Band at that time graciously gave us some drum equipment to go with, and everybody else, of course, had their own horns.” The band includes brass instruments, saxophones and drums. Musicians are expected to be able to play well to make the most of the band’s limited practice time. “We’re not teaching. We give you the music, we practice it and you’re expected to learn it and know how to play it.” Members have come and gone over the years, but what keeps the band going is the camaraderie, the love of music and, of course, they are all die-hard Rider fans. “The pep band is a wonderful experience. We’re having fun. It’s seeing the excitement in the fans. Game day experience here in Regina is amazing. It’s just a sea of green even two or three days before a game,” she said. The job of the Rider Pep Band is to get everyone going, including the teams. “We actually play the fight songs for the teams. The Argonotes, which we know and love

dearly, play a lot of jazz tunes and that kind of stuff, whereas we are more geared to the various teams. Most of the teams have their own fight song, but some teams don’t, so we’ll assign them a song or a singer. We have a vocalist who will give words to the song and then at Grey Cup or when they’re in town, we play the song for them. We play other songs as well, like ‘Sweet Caroline’ just to get the crowd going,” said Kerr-White. The band adds new songs each year to keep things fresh. “Our most recent one is “Paint the Whole World Green.” We were delighted that Jason Plumb joined us and sang with us at Riderville at Grey Cup. This year, of course, we’ve got to add something for Ottawa. We’re working on a new piece and, between the musical director and myself, we usually try and find something out there from one of the colleges. Another thing we’re doing is all the players come from a college or university somewhere, so we’ve been writing their colleges and asking for their fight song so that when they’re on the field or close to us, we’ll play it for them. Again, we’re all about the fight songs and the college atmosphere and just game day experience.” Taking part in every Grey Cup has certainly left Kerr-White with many memories, but two in particular stand out for her. “This year’s Grey Cup was amazing. First of all, being here in our hometown, because this is our third hometown Grey Cup, is amazing in itself. Having the Riders in it was even better. It was just beyond anything,” she recalled. “Other than that, I think it had to be in Toronto in 2007. We played lots there. We were going through the Eaton Centre and people were looking at us like, ‘What are these guys doing?’ because, of course, we were wearing green the whole time at Grey Cup.” They played at the end of the game, then headed back to the hotel, unaware that they were leading their own parade. “All of a sudden we looked behind us. We

had like three blocks of people behind us. We looked up and we see this on the screen. It was like, ‘Wow!’ ” Each Grey Cup brings its own experience and memories, but KerrWhite also cherishes the warm reception the band receives at home. “They bleed green in some of these small towns. It’s just a sea of green out there, and we are so well-received. It’s just amazing seeing Rider nation across the country.” Kerr-White handles the administrative tasks related to the band, including advertising and managing booking requests. The Pep Band plays at other functions, and often receives requests to participate in community events. “We’ve played at weddings, beer gardens, parades and other celebrations. We’ve done just about everything,” she said. “The requests come in and if we are able to do it based on our instrumentation, we will often agree to go and do whatever is asked of us. We may have enough players but if we don’t have a trumpet player or a drummer, we can’t really do it.”

Getting an entire band to Grey Cup events across the country is an expensive endeavour. The pep band raises money by playing at community events, holding hot dog sales, selling Grey Cup pool tickets and a CFL Loser pool, and through sponsorship. “We have a wonderful sponsor in CKRM. They help us out tremendously. The Riders do, of course, as well. We usually take an average of 35 to 40 people to Grey Cup. It will be quite costly flying this year to Vancouver. Our budget for Vancouver the last time we went, it was in the neighborhood of $55,000. With the help of our sponsors and the Riders and our wonderful people — family, friends and citizens — we managed to raise enough money to go,” she said. “We appreciate the support that we get from our sponsors’ camp and the Riders. The Riders are amazing and we look forward to the guys being on the field again and, of course, our new stadium in a couple of years.”

258 Shillington Road Edgewater

5768 Pearsall Cres. Harbour Landing

5262 Aviator Cres. Harbour Landing

4925 Wright Road Harbour Landing OPEN WEEKENDS ONLY!

4245 Green Olive Way Greens on Gardiner HOURS: Saturday – Sunday 1-5pm Monday – Thursday 7-9pm

After the Riders won the 2013 Grey Cup, they took the trophy on an 8,000-kim tour of Saskatchewan so that fans throughout the province could have an opportunity to see the cup. See story on page 3.

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The Rider Chick They’re baaaack…! Jennifer Jacoby-Smith, a professional writer living in Saskatoon, goes by another name: The Rider Chick. In each issue of Inside Green, this passionate Roughrider fan will give her insight on the Green and White and relate her experiences as a fan living in Saskatoon. Feedback can be emailed to jsmith@

Left: Dena Hoyseth and Alice Chabuck enjoyed watching most of the Rider training camp practices in Saskatoon. These season ticket holders take a shuttle to Regina for every home game, despite both being in their 80s. (Photo by The Rider Chick) Top: The Rider Chick at training camp. Apparently, training camp is a serious business. Photo by Jeff Lyons/StarPhoenix

By Jennifer Jacoby-Smith For L-P Specialty Products Did you miss it? Was your winter one long football-less nightmare filled with snow, snow-blowers, snowballs, and snowstorms? With no first downs to gush over and no pass interference calls to question or field goals pinging off the goal posts, and only a pleasant memory of November to keep you warm? Yeah, me too! It’s been six long months since the Saskatchewan Roughriders hoisted Earl Grey’s Cup in Mosaic Stadium. As far as I’m aware, the stadium is still standing after the epic party that was the 101st Grey Cup, so today’s game against Edmonton is a go. Of course, this off-season brought many changes. It always does. There were many departures. Some were painful and involuntary like Keith Shologan being nabbed by the Ottawa RedBlacks. Plus there was the retirement of all-roundgood-guy Mike McCullough and Superman. I admit Geroy Simon’s retirement caught me off guard. Everyone knows how excited I was to welcome him to Riderville. He remains one of my favourite signings of 2013 off-season. I immediately knew the old goat would

make our entire team better. Especially the receivers. And he did. Not only that, but he saved his best game (and his only career Grey Cup touchdowns) for Grey Cup in Regina. For that, I, and all of Rider Nation, will be forever grateful. Others partings were inevitable like the defection Weston Dressler and Kory Sheets to the NFL. Yes, folks, the refrain, “Durant looking for Dressler, deep...” is now a thing of Rider history. And I get a freaking lump in my throat every time I think of it. Oh sure, Dressy could make a return to the CFL if his dreams fail to materialize south of the border, but you, me and the goal post over there, know that’s not likely to happen. He’s about to burn up the NFL and, if the Chiefs knew what a gem they have, they’d lock him up for years to come. Each year the team changes, and I met grandmas at Fan Fest in Saskatoon during Training Camp who’ve seen a lot of them. Dena Hoyseth and her friend Alice Chabuck attended practice nearly every day while the team was in Saskatoon, despite both being in their 80s. Dena’s had season tickets for over 30 years, Alice for 25 years. They both take a shuttle bus to and from every home game. “I saw every home game last year, but the big one!” she shakes her head. Due to a hospital stay, Dena never got to see that

magical Grey Cup win at Mosaic Stadium. Alice was there with her son. “Oh the atmosphere in that place!” Dena has been to her fair share of Grey Cups as one of the founding members of the Grey Cup Grannies. Starting in 1995 she and two other friends started the Grey Cup Grannies. Dressed in old fashioned green bonnets and white bloomers they had a blast at five different Grey Cups. She’s rated them. Edmonton was number one. Vancouver was good, too. But don’t ask her about going to the Grey Cup in Cowtown. Dena looked at the horde of Green and White on the field (goodness we’ve got a lot of players this time of year) and exclaimed more than once, “We’ve got some really great players.” She clutched printouts of the roster so she could follow all the new guys. She told me who she liked and who she was worried about. “One thing is for sure, we’re going to have some excellent backup quarterbacks.” Over the decades, Dena’s attended training camp practices in Saskatoon going back to the ‘80s. She admits some of the names and numbers get a little fuzzy, but other names stand out. “I remember when Richie Hall was trying out and hoping to make the team,” she laughs as the Rider defensive coordinator walked by. “Him and Dave Ridgway.” Seems it worked out okay for both of them.

Training camp is a poor substitute for real football, though. Dena, Alice and myself — just like the rest of Rider Nation — are patiently awaiting kick off. We’ve polished up the game day transport. We’ve dry cleaned our jerseys. We’ve stocked up on watermelons and green face paint. And we’ve printed off rosters so we can figure out who’s who. We’re ready. Bring it. It’s time for a new season, a new team and new adventure. You know, I used to say the longest offseasons are the one when the Riders don’t make the playoffs, but, as it turns out, if we win the championship it doesn’t make a difference. The off-season is killer when we win, too. Mostly because I can’t wait to do it all over again. Can you say… repeat? I knew you could!

Got a beef? A story idea? Or just something to say? Pop me an email: Or Tweet me @SaskRidersChick. Your Tweet could be featured in a future issue.

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WHO SAID IT? “Sometimes I would get stubborn. If I got intercepted, I’d come back and call the same play. If the guy intercepted it again, I’d call it again until we finally beat him.” (Hint: this quote was found in the Saskatchewan Roughriders First 100 Years book and is from a famous Rider player.)

a) b)

Gord Barwell Kent Austin

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Ron Lancaster Dave Ridgway

Enter at No purchase necessary. Contest open to legal residents of Saskatchewan. Entrants must be over the age of majority in their province or territory. Odds of winning depend on the number of entries received. Enter online at (the “Contest Website”). One entry per person per email address per Segment during the Contest Period. Winner must correctly answer a time-limited skill-testing question. Contest starts June 20, 2014 and ends November 14, 2014. Winners will be selected on June 27, July 7, July 21, August 5, August 25, September 8, September 29, October 14, October 17, and November 17, 2014 in Regina, Saskatchewan. There are ten (10) prizes available to be won each prize consisting of one (1) gift card to the Rider Store valued at One Hundred Dollars (CDN $100.00). Full Contest Rules can be found at the Contest Website. REG46406400_1_1

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HEIGHT: 5’10” WEIGHT: 185 lbs. BORN: May 12, 1987 Shreveport, LA IMPORT: Louisiana Tech YEARS PRO: 8 YEARS IN THE CFL: 8 YEARS AS A RIDER: 2 ACQUIRED: Signed as free agent in February, 2013 TOTAL GAMES PLAYED: CFL: 61 GAMES PLAYED IN 2013: 14 PLAYOFF GAMES PLAYED: 5 GREY CUP: 1 (Sask — 2013)

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