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A Prayer for 21 Beings All

A Note From the Editor Three Things to Connect Spiritually by L.Bogedin

There are only three things you need to do to be spiritually connected! Yep! Only three…now I am not saying you can't go deeper or have a long-standing spiritual practice, but if it comes right down to it, remembering three simple things WILL help to create a better life, a better you and a better world. WOW, that's a fairly big promise to live up too, but I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to expand your level of consciousness, joy, and love. We are all experiencing life differently, and our point of view is just one perspective, but frankly to us, it is a critical one. We are also, all of us, one part of an infinite all-aware, allpresent power. Some call God, others love and still other energy. Every single minute "thing" is part of creation. This energy called, "you", this love, this experience is God made physical. One grain of sand does not make a beach but add endless grains of sand, and a beach appears. Every grain is different, but all adding to the sum of one beautiful beach. Our heart center is our connection to the awesome power of all creation and energy of infinite, endless possibilities. Now the three things you need to do every day to spiritually connect to the whole of what is life are as follows:

May all beings be free from suffering and causes of sufferings! May they enjoy long-lasting happiness derived from the practice of altruism! May they experience the calm, clear and empty nature of all things! May they be guided by qualified masters on the right path life after life Until all sentient beings are happy and safe! With sincere prayers Lama Choedak T. Yuthok Sakya Losal Choe Dzong, Canberra “Fire-Ox Losar” 1997

Universal Unconditional Love - Know that you ARE unconditionally loved and live from your heart center. When things get tough, and it seems the world is against you, move to your heart center. Do this by saying, "I am unconditionally loved!" and point to yourself. Where did you point…That's right to your heart. You don't have to do this only during tough times. Practice this technique often, and soon you feel the connection to the greatest power in the universe. Universal Unconditional Gratitude - Take time every day, if only for a second, to become totally and totally aware of your surroundings, the sights, sounds, smells, and physical feelings. Take notice of the beauty around you or remember a time that nature took you by surprise with her brilliance. A sunset, a mountain, a newborn baby, you get the idea, recreate the feelings you had then, close your eyes and take a moment or two, just for you. Store all those wonderful feelings in your heart center filling it up with joy. Your heart will carry these feeling forever, but if you can write down the experience, so you don't forget. Universal Unconditional Service - When you open your eyes and look at life through your heart center you start to see that there is joy even in seemingly simple events. Make it a goal to bring this happiness and joy to one person every day. It can be as simple as opening a door for someone or not getting mad when someone cuts you off (or not cutting someone off), to volunteering time and donating to a worthy cause. Whatever it is you do, do it with genuine, heartfelt joy and happiness. You and the recipient will be better people for having experienced this act of kindness! Remember practice makes perfect, try doing these three simple things once a day and watch how easy it switches into a lifestyle. You can make a positive change in the world by connecting to your heart area the energy will heal the world.

"Love... It surrounds every being and extends slowly to embrace all that shall be. Kahlil Gibran”

issue 2 | February

Dead Children’s Playground “Truth is stranger than fiction” was first coined by Lord Byron in the poem Don Juan. So is the case in the heart of Dixie, where a graveyard and a playground coexist. Founded only one year prior than the satirical poem penned by Byron, the Maple Hill Cemetery is the oldest and largest final resting place in the state of Alabama. Among its 100 acres of tombstones is a lovely - but eerie group of swing sets encapsulated on three sides by rocky cliffs. The public has access to the swings during normal visiting hours, but after dark they are reserved for Huntsville’s permanently prepubescent ghostly residents. It is a common occurrence for the swings move by themselves and in sync with one another. Some late night visitors have seen sand shooting up from the ground as if someone jumped off the swing. Giggles and innocent chatter radiate from the area, according to eyewitness accounts. Activity in the area, some say, is attributed to events decades before. In addition to its regular cast of creepy crumb crunchers, the 1960s brought unforeseen doom and gloom. Several child abductions led to a dispersion of bodies throughout the site. Fast forward to 2007 when the

local town government took it upon themselves to make room for more markers. The playground equipment was removed overnight. That is, until voters admonished the council and had them install new swings in the playground/graveyard. Twelve months later, the Alabama Paranormal Society investigated DCP. The search came up empty handed, other than the voice of a woman and child. A snapshot

captured a blurry image of a woman surrounded by several orbs of light. Sometimes children are ignored or not taken seriously. This is quite the opposite in Huntsville. Children, both dead and alive, will always have a place to rest and play. In the middle of 100 acres, encapsulated on three sides by rocky cliffs, swing sets are swinging and spirits are lingering. The children are playing.

issue 2 | February

Here’s some FUN Homework for the upcoming month to try out what you've learned.

Psychic Fun! Ask the Universe to bring you something with your mind. Asking out loud adds energy, but so does writing it down. So your assignment is to ask the Universe to show you something that you would probably not see on a regular basis.

I requested to see a woman in purple pants. I chose purple because I figured there was little chance of that happening. I wrote it on a notepad, dated it, looked at it for a while, and then put it away. The trick is to forget about what you requested and realize it could show up in many forms. Be a little daring to start, but don't ask for something that does not exist or could never happen. For example, it would be unrealistic to ask to see a half-bird person smoking a pipe while riding a comet through the sky. Have fun with it and if your request happens quickly, try again! Oh, and yes, I did see a woman in purple pants! Next month we will go over how to ask and receive! See you on the Astro Plane!

It's All In Your Head!

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issue 2 | February

The Pink Lady Phantom


issue 2 | February


There are just some things a reasonable mind can’t explain. Barrington Hall, a Greek revival mansion built in 1842 in Roswell, Georgia, offers a sense of mystery. Its tall columns, lovely gardens and pre-Civil War décor takes one back to a time that battles and bloodshed nearly eliminated. There is a reason why historic Barrington Hall is featured on the annual Roswell Ghost Tour, sponsored by Roswell Georgia Paranormal Investigations. The reason became abundantly clear while taking the 2015 tour. Tour guides encouraged the group to take multiple pictures while walking around the grounds and listening to various family stories of the home’s history. So, I clicked away on my cell phone. Around the side, my husband wanted to look in the dining room window. The antiques and overall beauty of the room were overwhelming. I clicked some more. At one point, I thought I saw a green-blue mist drifting down the visible staircase. I didn’t mention it, thinking it was merely my imagination. My husband and I took a gander at the pictures sitting in a nearby parking lot once the tour was over. What we saw made my eyes bug out of my head. Clearly on two pictures, someone was sitting at the front door and a woman was coming down the stairs, as if checking to see who was looking in the window.

Robert Winebarger, Barrington Hall historic site coordinator, said his volunteers haven’t heard stories of ghostly experiences at the place. However, he knows stories exist and has heard them from others, namely self-professing psychics who claim to connect with someone named Catherine. “We always ask how to spell it because we have several Catherines connected with the home,” he said, adding that several are spelled differently. Winebarger said a resident living across the street from the preCivil War home reported a couple of incidents looking over at the Barrington mansion. “Right across from Barrington Drive, there’s a row of houses built around 1940,” Winebarger explained. “A lady used to say she would see a woman walking with a baby like she was trying to calm it down.” “When windows are open in the spring and fall, she would hear wagons rolling by her window. The thing that is interesting is that home is right where the barn used to be.” Some visitors reported to the paranormal group they encountered a woman gardener on the grounds, who offered good advice on flowers. There is no gardener at the home.

Gateway Ford | Montrose Motors issue 2 | February

Where a Handshake Still Means Something! Montrose Motors 56 Grow Ave. Montrose, PA 570.278.1118 Gateway Ford Rt. 6 Tunkhannock, PA 18657 570.836.3135 One Great Company w/Two Convenient Locations | The home has an interesting history even without any spirits. Barrington King, the primary owner of the area textile mill, built the home on land estimated to be between 1,200 to 1,500 acres. King’s father was Roswell King, the founder of the city of Roswell. “They were very connected here,” Winebarger said. The property was not a plantation because they only grew items used by the family, rather than for public sale. The King family did own slaves to manage the property. One of those slaves made it into a family story, the historian said. Roswell King, who lived in nearby Primrose Cottage, died at Barrington Hall. He was put on a cool board for viewing on the second floor, according to the story. “A male slave was assigned to look after the body. Supposedly, (King) let out a bellow, which was air escaping out of his lungs, and the slave was frightened so badly, he jumped out the window and broke his neck,” Winebarger said. The historian is skeptical of the story because there are no records of the incident. He questions why King was placed on the second floor when tradition holds a body be put on the first floor for better access to guests. The home survived the War Between the States because Union General Kennar Gerrard, who was in charge of the march through Roswell, was given

issue 2 | February

orders not to destroy private property, Winebarger said. He and Union troops occupied the home for a short period. The King family left before the troops moved in and returned when the war ended. The family soon saw tragedy in 1866 when Barrington King died after being kicked by a horse. Their daughter Eva and her husband, Presbyterian minister Rev. William Baker, moved back to Georgia in 1883 to care for her widowed mother, Catherine. Catherine King died in 1888. A granddaughter, Evelyn Simpson, raised money to purchase her aunt and uncles shares of the estate in hopes of restoring it and keeping it in the family. Her sister, Katharine Simpson, became the owner after Evelyn’s death in 1960. Katharine willed it to a woman she adopted, who then gave it to a friend before her own death. The friend, Sarah Winner, began restoration in 2002, Winebarger said.. Barrington Hall is now owned by the City of Roswell and operates as a historic museum. For more information about the home, tours, or to see pictures, please visit

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FULL OF GHOSTS AND HISTORY Those applying for the post of police officer in Shepherdstown, W. Va., should be prepared to deal with anything. The job posting for an additional police officer is posted on the town’s website. It describes the town of 1,700 people as a vibrant community that has a constant influx of tourists. It does not mention Shepherdstown’s most recognized feature: its ghosts. Shepherdstown, named after the founding Shepherd family, is the perfect epicenter for paranormal activity. It is one of two oldest

towns in West Virginia, founding in 1762. It is on the Potomac River and has a Town Run where water flows through the town. It also has clay soil, as Shepherdstown was once noted for brick making. Both minerals and water are, theoretically, connected to the paranormal. Shepherdstown is also noted for tragedy, from major floods to the Battle of Shepherdstown, a defining Civil War battle in 1862. Battles in Maryland and surrounding areas resulted in 5,000 to 8,000 casualties sent to Shepherdstown. The wounded and dying reported filled every building from houses to churches. Even alleys and streets became home to those trying to survive

their injuries. The town, which is only .37 square miles on land and roughly 1,700 residents, reportedly is one of the most haunted towns in America with every building having paranormal activity from voices to apparitions to physical attacks. This makes a police officer’s job an unusual one, if you can believe reports, in that the station gets many calls related to paranormal activity. What makes for the perfect storm for paranormal activity also makes for great television. Destination America introduced the

issue 2 | February

series Ghosts of Shepherdstown last year. The show stars famed paranormal researcher Nick Groff of Ghost Adventures along with Elizabeth Saint and Bill Hartley. But not everyone is buying the idea the show’s paranormal research and findings are real. Even Groff ’s fans are dubious. The show’s premise is the number of paranormal calls to the police department forces Shepherdstown Police Chief Michael King to turn to a paranormal research team for help. Since there are only four officers in the department, they don’t have capabilities of truly







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investigating every call other than to check for safety. Critics find it difficult to believe any law enforcement would consider consulting with a paranormal research team. Skeptics also think the cases are just too convenient and solved too effectively. Some say it is “obviously fake.” While King said on the show that paranormal activities has slowed since the team wrapped up its work, the publicity has also brought more living souls to Shepherdstown to enjoy its art, music, restaurants and perhaps ghosts. It could be surprising for a police chief to call in a paranormal team, but Shepherdstown is full of surprises. After all, it was the site for a meeting of Israeli and Syrian leaders in 2000 to discuss peace between the two countries. Yes, a Shepherdstown police officer must be prepared for anything.

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CREEPY CLOWNS ARE NOT CHILD’S PLAY A fury of clown sightings in the Carolinas have people on edge, officials in New Jersey on alert and others speculating as to the reason for the sudden creepiness. Even a horror author is offering an opinion. Residents of Greenville, S.C., began reporting suspicious activity after seeing clowns standing along the roadside without reason, hanging around businesses and even approaching children with offers of money and candy as a lure into wooded areas. Reports spread to North Carolina when a Winston-Salem man reported a clown tapping on his home window, alleging he chased the clown. He was arrested after police determined the report was false. A Greensboro, N.C., man said he chased a clown with a machete after seeing the clown coming out of a wooded area. An emergency dispatcher calmed the man down. No one, neither man nor clown, was injured in the incident. More clown sightings were reported in Georgia in September. The reason for fear is understandable. It reminds

us the best horror comes from a comfortable place. It happens when we least expect it, and sometimes from the ones we trust the most. Horror author Stephen King utilized these elements when he wrote the book “It” In the 1980s. The book was made into a mini-series and immortalized Pennywise the Clown, a demonic entity that preyed on small children. King said in a recent interview that clown sightings - like what was occurring in the Carolinas - would unhinge him. “If I saw a clown lurking under a lonely bridge (or peering up at me from a sewer grate with or without balloons), I’d be scared too,” King said in an interview with a Bangor, Maine, newspaper. Today’s adults may also remember the case of John Wayne Gacy, who dressed as Pogo the clown and sexually assaulted and killed 35 young boys in the Chicago area. Before being arrested, Gacy was quoted as saying, “You know, clowns can get away with murder.” Gacy wasn’t that lucky. He was imprisoned and later

issue 2 | February

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322 N. Penn. Ave., Wilkes-Barre Easy off-street parking executed. Gacy would wile away time during his incarceration by painting pictures of clowns, some were self-portraits of Pogo! The history of clowns may surprise you. There’s nothing fun or whimsical about it. Clowns have always possessed a darker side that dates back thousands of years. Chinese, Native Americans, Egyptians, Europeans and a host of multifaceted cultures have tolerated, and largely accepted, the imp-like qualities personified by what would otherwise be defined as comedic. Anyone suffering from bouts of coulrophobia, an excessive fear of clowns, will confirm one thing to be true: all clowns are creepy. Clowns didn’t start as we know them to be today. They didn’t begin costumed in bright colors with unnatural hair and red noses that honked. Clowns originally started as a comedic mocking of a town drunkard or idiot. It was common for them to wear rouge to complete the impression. Not until the most famous of all clowns, Joseph Grimaldi, did all clowns wear garish costumes, heavy make-up and

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colorful wigs. Grimaldi himself was a study in tragedy. His father was abusive, his wife died during childbirth, his son died of alcoholism and his own variety of violent slapstick left him physically disabled. If there were ever any foreshadowing, one might note the first four letters of his surname spells g-r-i-m. Clowns can easily be associated with murder and mayhem. Following where Grimaldi left off in the clown world, Jean Gaspard-Deburau was accused of killing a young boy with a

issue 2 | February

walking stick. Then, there was the Gacy case. Clowns were often portrayed as ghastly killers or tragic characters in literature and theater. The 1892 Italian opera, Pagliacci, centers around a clown killing his wife onstage. The Charles Dickens novel, Pickwick Papers published in 1836, had an unemployed, drunken clown as its primary character. Clowns were considered a positive character in modern America overall, thanks to 1950s television that brought wholesome images via children’s programming. Clarabell and Bozo were household names generating tons of sponsors for their respective networks. Circuses, like the Ringling Brothers-Barnum Bailey Circus, showed clowns to be harmless and fun. However, it didn’t take long for creative television and screenwriters to alter those iconic characters. The 1960’s spawned the already popular Batman comic book into technicolor episodes starring Caesar Romero as the Joker. The 1970s saw the proliferation of fast food included food produced under Golden Arches with Ronald McDonald as

the pitchman. Although Ronald was always smiling, there remained something pretentious about selling Happy Meals with the help from sidekicks Grimace and Hamburgler. The 1980s not only had King writing about clowns, but also saw horror movies like Poltergeist and Killer Clowns From Outer Space. Homey D. Clown, a 1990s character played by Damon Wayans, was portrayed as an African-American ex-con that would hit adoring kids in the head with a sock and a tennis ball! Maybe the good clowns get a bad rap. It’s always fun to see two, then three, then four or five or six clowns get out of a little bitty car only to be chased by the ring leader. But it’s most enjoyable when the spectator is in charge of what they are seeing, unlike South Carolina residents who have fallen victim to random sightings. Popping up like jack-inthe-boxes in a quiet sanctuary, these agents of the damned should never be befriended. For many the rule is that all clowns are and forever will be creepy!

issue 2 | February

MERLIN The Rock Wizard By Louis R. Jasikoff

This coming month I will be making my way to the largest rock and gem gathering in the world. Every year since 1955 rock and gem enthusiasts make their way to what is known as “The World’s Greatest Treasure Hunt” the Tucson gem, mineral, and fossil show, held this year January 28th through February 12th. While Tucson becomes a playground for the world’s international gem and mineral trading, collecting, and bargain hunters, I will take the opportunity to connect with my old friend Merlin Deshaw.

For over 30 years Merlin has attended the Tucson Rock show, and this year will be no different. Merlin caught the “rock bug” watching his grandfather cut stones back in the 50’s in Sydney, Montana, and has been collecting stones ever since. He currently owns and operates the Windy Way Rock Shop in Livingston, Montana, with his wife, Barbara. Before the Windy Way Rock Shop, Merlin operated his rock shop in Gallatin Gateway, Montana, for

issue 2 | February

20 plus years in the double garage that was part of the Cottonwood Motel, and the later added on restaurant and bar. He was there when I got married and watched me and my wife raise our family. He was there through the good times and bad, and was there for all the ups and downs, along with the craziness that surrounded the wild-west bar and restaurant known as the Fifth Ace Saloon. Folks would come from far and wide to buy Merlin’s jewelry, and while most marveled at the exquisite work he still produces today, I remember Merlin as the rock guy who slept for almost 15 of those years in his sleeping bag on the cement floor of that rock shop. In fact, when he finally upgraded to a cot we all thought something might be wrong, or he was sick. I remember Merlin as a reliable and trusted friend. We had some good years. When mentioning this to my family, I would be heading to Tucson my daughter told me she was so jealous. “Merlin gave me my first job. When

not watching his shop while he ran to town, I would be tying knots on Merlin’s turtle necklaces.” I remember, “Dad,” she said, “when I was small I would bring gravel into Merlin’s shop, and he would take the gravel and bring it to the back of his shop and come back and give me some shiny rocks. I used to think he would take that gravel and polish it. I loved it. I know better now but Merlin is known as the rock wizard, so maybe he really did turn that gravel into shiny polished stones.” My daughter must have enjoyed herself in that rock shop because she is set to open her own rock shop later this month in Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania. The Tucson Rock show is more than one show, and according to their website. “The Tucson gem show actually includes more than 40 different shows at dozens of locations around town, from exhibit halls to hotels and sprawling camps of roadside

issue 2 | February

exhibit tents. The mix is slightly different every year, and most shows are open to the public with free admission. It is family-friendly and not just for the pros. “The Tucson Gem and Mineral show mobs the downtown convention center over the final weekend of mineral madness, pulling in thousands of treasure hunters from around the globe. Free seminars and a Junior Education Area with hands-on activities make this show a big draw for families.”

dinosaur bones. You can catch Merlin, and his world famous matched pairs during the Tucson Gem Show, at the Days Inn Gem Center, booth #14, or find him on Facebook under the Windy Way Rock Shop.

“While this event brings serious collectors from around the world, it’s the “cool” factor that makes it one of the biggest and best events of its kind. Thousands of people from all walks of life come to gawk at gold, oooh over opals, and dig 24/7 Email Responses ACCESSIBLE, AFFORDABLE AND RELIABLE LEGAL CONSULTATION

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1. Ghosts typically are in places where

there have been traumatic and painful events. Many investigators find that paranormal activity occurs most often in places like hospitals, mental health facilities, prisons and homes where there have been tragedies. Age of the structure on the property also seems to play a role in a haunting. The older the structure, the more likely it is to be haunted.

2. The most significant paranormal activity

occurs in areas where there is water or certain rock formations. Most agree that rushing water, such as an ocean, river, or stream, contribute to energy that fuels paranormal activity. Minerals and sedimentary rock, like quartz and limestone, also tend to be catalysts for spiritual energy. The best situation for those wanting to document paranormal activity is to investigate a property located over or close to such minerals and rocks with nearby water, or on a rainy night.

3. Not all ghosts are intelligent hauntings.

While there is some documented evidence that spirits can and do communicate with the living, it is much more common to experience residual hauntings. A residual haunting is

where energy continues to move as it always did in real life, but the spirit can’t - or won’t interact. It is compared to watching a recording of what happened on the property in the past. The energy just keeps moving without any real purpose or ending.

4. Fear seems to provide negative spirits with more energy. Haunting victims acknowledge more activity occurs as they become more afraid of the activity.

5. There is more than one type of spirit.

There are ghosts, shadow people, poltergeists, angels, demons, to name a few. Different cultures and religions have different types of spirits acknowledged in their communities. Ghosts are typically described as the spirit of a person or animal who has died. No one really understands what shadow people are, but they appear as fully-clothed silhouettes, sometimes with human face features and sometimes with red eyes. A poltergeist is described as an entity that can create physical disturbances. They can make loud noises, move objects, even cause destruction.

Angels are those most in the Judeo-Christian community believe protect and guide humans. Demons, sometimes called fallen angels, are the same type of spirit as angels, but are bent on destroying humans.


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GHOST HUNTERS Homeowners have a clear idea of who to call for an intruder in their house, except when it’s an intruder they can’t see.. Ghost Hunters of Southeast Texas is a volunteerbased organization whose mission is to aid individuals being affected by paranormal activity. Founded in 2011 by Matthew Winn,“GHoST” grew to a team of 11 individuals eager to help in hauntings. Two team members of GHoST, co-founder Reichal Winn and historian Stephanie Brady,shared what life is like for a paranormal investigator. A haunting can occur for several reasons: the person may not realize they are dead, they may be scared to move on because of repercussions, or their spirit may be attached to the location or homeowner. Another more sinister reason for a haunting could be that a person was experimenting with a Ouija board or witchcraft and inadvertently conjured a spirit. “Kids think that it’s just a game, but this innocent game they’re playing is really opening the door to good and bad,” said Brady. There are three stages when dealing with spirits interfering with the living, including haunting,oppression, and possession. A haunting is where an entity will manifest itself regularly and become disturbingly present. Oppression begins when the entity interacts with the living and can take over the person’s mood

or thoughts. Possession, the most serious, occurs when the entity alters the physical, mental, and spiritual functioning of a person through the entity’s own energy. If the entity haunting a person or house is human, perhaps a deceased loved one, the team can try to help its spirit move on to the next life, but efforts may not work. “You don’t lose your free will, we can ask it to leave, but if it wants to stay it’s going to stay,” said Brady. Encountering a demonic entity is quite a different matter. A demonic entity has never been human and can call on its own energy to manifest itself without using the energy of a living person. In a case of demonic possession, the team will perform an exorcism on the house or person.

issue 2 | February

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“We’re basically sending it back where it came from,” said Brady.

“We have lots of little gadgets and toys,” remarked Winn.

Before assuming the disturbance in a client’s house is paranormal, the investigators take a scientific approach. The homeowner fills out a questionnaire with information about the land the house is built on and a description of what sort of disturbances have been happening.

Before and after the team enters a house to be investigated, they say prayers as a form of protection as well as bringing holy water, holy oil, and salt. Salt works as a barrier to the spirit world and, while holy water and oil can get rid of an entity, salt prevents it from coming back.

“We’re looking for energies that are attached to the location and that gives us a lot of insight,” added Winn.

Once the equipment is ready, everyone sits in the dark for two to three hours asking questions and taking pictures.

At the first meeting, a baseline reading of the house is collected to ensure there are no wiring or frequency problems. Research is also done on the land and house by the team before the preliminary meeting with the client.

“There’s a lot of silence where we just let the equipment do its work,” said Winn.

Once the actual investigation begins, cameras and audio recorders are used. All equipment used is sensitive to the changes in atmospheric energy and temperature.

When the investigation is over, GHoST will let the client know of any feelings a team member had, if contact was made, or EVP recordings (Electronic Voice Phenomenon). An EVP recording can pick up voices, music, musical instruments, and many otherworldly sounds.

issue 2 | February

The team offers to do a cleansing of the house with the holy water and oil before leaving. In the week following the investigation, the team analyzes the video and audio recordings and compiles them for the client. They will check to ask if disturbances are decreasing, if the client is sleeping better, and if their life is returning to normal. Should the team’s findings prove to be a haunting, the team arranges a final meeting with the client to decide a course of action. Recently GHoST had a case where an entity was starting to separate a husband and wife by becoming more noticeable each time they fought. “We actually didn’t get rid of this one and that was the client’s decision. He was OK with the fact that it comforted her,” said Winn. Although GHoST is based in Texas, they will help people get in touch with a paranormal investigator in their own area. For more information visit

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LOVE By Karmic Divine Unconditional love has nothing to do with what we're accustomed to believing, about life, yourself or about others. Whatever suffering you have had to undergo until now, no matter how unloved you feel or how little love you can give has nothing to do with unconditional love. You are not defined by your roles, activities, the things you’ve acquired, or by how others see you. Unconditional love is not something you get or even what you give, you can, however, achieve both. Okay, here's the kicker, unconditional love is what you are! Unconditional love requires no other commitment, then your understanding that you are 100% made up of the energy that is unconditional love. It is perfect love without fear, without limitations, and without end. There is nothing you can do, no “sin” that you can commit that could separate you from the fact that you are unconditional love. In other words, “We are who we are.” no-matter-what! Once you have fully accepted, that you are the unconditional love, you will strive to do your best in all situations and for all people. We can glimpse the awesomeness of this fact when we endeavor to vibrate on a higher level. When we become aware that everything is spiritual, we want to move closer to higher vibrational values such as beauty, truth, love, kindness, gratitude and service to others.

issue 2 | February

Think about what it takes to be…you. The probability of life its self, let alone the likelihood of YOU? A-one-of-akind-never-before-unique-wonderfulYOU! Unconditional love is the “glue” that holds our cells, our world and universes together. Unconditional love is the energy and power that holds our visible world together. Unconditional love fills in the blanks or what we consider space. That is “what” unconditional love is now for how it works. To give and to receive unconditional love means just that. When you fully give of yourself unconditionally, you do it with no expectations of a particular outcome. You give of yourself for the joy of giving. Okay, maybe you do, maybe you don’t get all this so let’s look at it another way: A puppy is what? DARN CUTE that's right! More than that a puppy is an independent living soul. When most people bring a puppy home, it fills their lives and their hearts. If a puppy were to, say chew a hole your pillow or piddle on the rug you would be upset by the actions and disappointed with the damage, but you would still love the puppy. If a puppy were to, say chew a hole your pillow or piddle on the rug you would be upset by the actions and disappointed with the damage, but you would still love the puppy. This example is a very oversimplified description of a very complex idea, but I think you get the picture. You are the heart that connects infinite energy to the universe; hence the term you get what you give. If we give from our heart, unconditional love, expecting nothing in return then our vibration increases. That increase in positive energy is released out into the world. This positive energy extends out to each and every being without expectation, conditions, or demands. Cultivating and developing love, service, and gratitude for both the giver and the receiver.

issue 2 | February

issue 2 | February

Children lost to tragedy getting help in death Perhaps it’s the sadness that makes the ghosts appear. Among the historic tombstones and monuments of Civil War heroes of both the Confederacy and the Union at Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis, Ind., is a section that identifies one of the worst times for America’s children. The time was the early 1900s through the Depression. The children were orphans. They were orphaned either through severe financial hardship where their families couldn’t care for them; through sudden death of parents to diseases like scarlet fever prevalent at the time; through loss of a father in World War I. These children of various ages were put on infamous orphan trains headed for orphanages. While these orphanages touted their purpose as helping those forgotten by society, most were horrible places where children faced further neglect and were often used as slave labor. One of the most shocking endings to the story of the orphans is Section 37 of Crown Hill, known as Community Hill. The graves do not have names, but are numbered. Historians say officials stripped children of their names, and their identity, when they arrived at the orphanage. Instead,

they were given a number so they could be tracked like a product. As the 699 children of Community Hill died of starvation, neglect or abuse, their bodies were dumped in this mass grave and their number was the only thing tying them to this Earth. Eyewitnesses claim noise of children playing can be heard on a playground where they used to spend better moments. There is some solid EVP evidence gathered while a documentary was filmed there in 2007 and by the Indy Ghost Hunters in 2008. The audio evidence is harrowing for it is of, to those who have studied it, hundreds of children crying in pain. Some believe the children are still searching for their parents, are still asking for help out of their awful condition. Their advocate came when a college student doing a research project in 2006 discovered the mass grave. The student took on the challenged to find the identities of all these buried children. A plaque was placed in front of Section 37 with the names so far discovered and room to place the others as their identities are found. Perhaps giving their names back will help these lost 699 souls rest. Or perhaps, it will just allow them to properly introduce themselves as they walk among the Civil War heroes at Crown Hill Cemetery.

issue 2 | February

A Traveler’s Guide to the Spooky Places of America EVERY STATE HAS SOMETHING TO OFFER FOR THE CURIOUS The following is the first in a series of haunted and unusual places in every state. Look for more articles in future editions of TruthSeekers News Magazine. It is a picture permanently etched inside of our subconscious. The abandoned house sitting high atop a hill at the edge of a desolate town. Forget the blood sucking, widow-peaked night crawlers from Transylvania. Ignore those European castles filled with humpback henchmen and lavish laboratories. There are plenty of eerie phenomenas in our own backyards with some dating back before our country started. Join me on a road trip of horror as we explore haunted houses, hotels, theaters, roads, lakes, beaches, bridges, cemeteries, churches, warehouses and prisons throughout the United States. We kick off the ghost stories in our October edition. Happy Halloween! Huntsville, Alabama - The life of Sally Carter was cut tragically short while visiting her sister, weeks shy of her sixteenth birthday. Carter passed away inside of Cedarhurst, a mansion built circa 1823. She was buried on the premises. Fast-forward to 1919, a young man staying at the residence claimed Sally Carter came to him in a dream. She asked him to straighten her tombstone that had fallen over during a storm. Once inspecting the grounds, he noticed the tombstone was exactly as she described! Ongoing vandalism on the grounds forced property owners to exhume her body and move it to an undisclosed location. Those involved with the property today said the relocation did nothing to curb ghostly activities. Oddly enough, the 15-year-old ghost of Sally Carter still haunts the stately Cedarhurst! Scagway, Alaska - Gold and environmental treasures have lured many a fortune seeker to the dark wilderness and unbridled coastlines of our fiftieth state. Scary Mary tops the list of spine-chilling phantoms obtaining legendary status. The would-be bride of a prospector met an untimely end, but still lives on in the minds of many.

issue 2 | February

issue 2 | February

According to the story, Mary set up housekeeping in the Golden North Hotel awaiting the arrival of her fiancé, Klondike Ike. Alas, her fiancé never arrived. Heartbroken, Mary eventually locked herself inside the hotel room. It was too late when the staff finally realized what happened! They found her dead body wearing the gown that never witnessed a wedding. Scary Mary is still an active resident of the Gold North Hotel. Some surprised female guests have seen her hovering above as they sleep, allegedly making sure Klondike Ike hasn’t returned to the wrong bed. Others claim to see the betrothed

staring out the hotel window, pining for her lover who has yet to say, “I do.” Devil’s Highway, Arizona – The highway running through four states, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona was destined for urban legends. Its original, official name was Highway 666, but most referred it as the Devil’s Highway or the Highway to Hell. Although it was renamed Highway 191 in 1992, Devil’s Highway remains a source of much mystery and intrigue. Desolate during the day and mind numbing at night, tourists report strange shenanigans. Some of those stories include a strange

black sedan that chases drivers in the dark, supernatural “hounds of hell” that can run as fast as a vehicle can speed, mysterious car problems followed by an evil semi-truck driver that seems bent on hitting stranded travelers. The stories don’t stop many from traveling the highway either out of practicality or in a search of a paranormal adventure. Here is a list of dos and don’ts when traveling this part of the southwestern United States: Do keep your eyes on the road and your hands upon the wheel. Don’t pick up hitchhikers! Do watch for crazy drivers sneaking up behind you. Don’t swerve and crash trying to miss animals, objects or other visuals in the road.

issue 2 | February

Preppy Pet We Welcome All Size Dogs and Breeds Cats, birds and small animals,too! We offer climate controlled play areas for different size dogs and you can even watch your dog playing on our PETcams while vacationing. Preppy Pet Wilkes-Barre is open 7 days a week with convenient hours and location. Close to Mohegan Sun Arena, Mohegan Sun, Kings and Wilkes University. We promise to do everything possible to make your pet stays with us fun, safe and affordable. Pet Lover and Franchise Owner of Preppy Pet Wilkes-Barre, Ruth Smith.

Do keep your doors locked and your windows shut tight. Maintain your vehicle before the trip to make sure it doesn’t overheat. Little Rock, Arkansas - The Mount Holly Cemetery is widely known for activity occurring on and beyond the grounds! It’s the final resting place for many high-ranking Confederate soldiers and an Indian chief ’s wife. Final is the operative word, as for some curious reason, many people were reburied there in the early 1800s. Graveyard visitors report hearing flute music. Some swear certain statues move around the premises. These restless monuments sometimes end up in different parts of Little Rock without explanation.

Pet Stays Your Way® 570.270.3711 Fax: 570.270.3720 Preppy Pet Wilkes-Barre 245 N Sherman Street Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702

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How To Handle A Haunted House We’ve all laid wide-awake, covers drawn with pillows perfectly positioned beneath our heads, ready for a good nights rest. Then the walls begin to creak, the pipes begin to rattle and a constant drip can be heard coming from the kitchen sink. Are these symptoms of paranormal activity or just a reminder of an aging house? The answers may surprise you. Below is a list of possible symptoms of a haunting with ways to handle strange events. Feelings of being watched are common, but may warrant a second thought. If these feelings persist, are more prevalent in a certain part of the house, or cause erratic behavior among roommates, you may be on to your first clue. Logically, there could be a high electromagnetic field in a section of the home and that can cause this feeling, even hallucinations if the electromagnetic readings are high enough. Radon can also cause these types of feelings. You can buy a radon detector or a machine that measure electromagnetic energy to see if your home has high levels of either. There have been scientific tests to see if people can tell if they are being watched. The results of those are fifty-fifty, which indicates it is possible for your brain to see something different than your peripheral vision. Pets acting strangely are another indication of a possible ghostly presence. Animals are very perceptive to sight, smell and

sound. A dog can hear higher frequencies and can detect delicate movements with its eyes. A canine’s sense of smell can be up to 10,000 times greater than that of a human

(Disappearing Object Phenomenon). It’s like when looking for something in a specific spot, followed by looking somewhere else, then finding the object is

being. Feline senses are also razor sharp. Cats have long been revered as a link to the supernatural. So be warned... Fido or Fluffy might be trying to tell you something!

in the first place after all. Perhaps you’re just not good at finding things... then again maybe someone else needed what you were searching for.

The difficult part in understanding your pet’s response is comprehending what they are feeling. They could be reacting to a natural sound, like a trash truck or dog barking, in another neighborhood. Some animals feel storms, or even earthquakes, long before we can see or feel them. Some things you can do is document when these incidents occur to see if there is a pattern. Events occurring at the same time of day or week may indicate there is a natural cause.

Document when these incidents occur. Mark down what you were doing when you lost the object. You may find this occurs most when you are in a rush. Or you may also find a common denominator among the objects. If you do need to call a haunting professional, documentation will be key in an investigation.

Items disappearing, then showing up again is known as the DOPler effect,

Shadows in the corner of the eye can be very scary. Numerous reports verify the existence of shadow people. While some believe these are ghosts, others are open to the possibility of time travelers. Whichever

issue 2 | February

back issues you can look through, but most libraries have old publications on record. Whenever possible, speak to previous occupants and owners. So you’ve heard the rumblings in the basement. You’ve recorded sounds from the top of the stairs and penciled in the dates and times they’ve happened. Now what? Know you are not alone! Gallup polls show three out of four Americans believe in the paranormal. Once gathering data to substantiate your claims, a call to a qualified professional is in order. There are many of these listed on the Internet, but a proper vetting is of the utmost importance!

the case, they either dart by when you least expect it or shuffle pass in your mind’s eye. Neither makes sense and could indicate uninvited visitors. Again, this symptom could be connected to things like radio or a high electromagnetic field. It is also possible that deep sleep causes confusion between dreams and waking hours. Document when and where this happens. If it happens in a certain room or corner, you may have a haunting. Residual Hauntings can be as frightening as any other paranormal activity, but don’t involve ghosts. These are more like scenes playing over and over again, as someone doing an action they did while living. These sounds and visuals happen the same way every time, like the involved parties are stuck in a time warp. These are harmless and these types of hauntings never interact with people.

The most important thing in any of these situations is to document. What seems trivial now may not be in the long run. Remember to be aware of your surroundings and remain alert of strange changes. This isn’t to promote fear or paranoia, but will give you a better understanding of what is happening and, ultimately, gives you more control. Keeping a journal of occurrences is never a bad idea. A recording of strange noises will also help to strengthen your case. Make notes of repeated happenings. Identifying a pattern of events could prove helpful in a bigger scheme of things. Securing a complete history of the premises will give you information otherwise overlooked. If you own the home, your title will have the age. You can also find histories of homes and properties at the tax assessor’s office or the local library. Sometimes, community newspapers have

Make sure your expert is a serious adult with a long list of credentials. Testimonials from previous clients are a plus and they should possess a healthy skepticism. Stay away from Ouija boards and séances because they could open portals that shouldn’t be opened and bring unwanted spirits into your life. Priests and psychics should be used as a last resort, as it is best if the research is scientifically handled. In short, all reasonable explanations should be ruled out before embarking on a full-scale paranormal investigation. Like the living, not all spirits are bad. A ghost is still a person, just a different form of energy. If they were decent people in life, they will likely do no harm to you in the spiritual world. Others who were evil in life could pose a danger to you and your family, even though they are deceased. Many doing this type of field work believe there are other types of spiritual beings as well that could pose either a series of problems or offer protection. Qualified personnel are always the best bet to determine who and what you’re dealing with. Above all, be safe and good luck ghost hunting!

issue 2 | February

Are You Psychic?

The Answer Might Suprise YOU!

Clairvoyance - Clear-Seeing (SIGHT) The ability to "see" images, concepts, spirits, and events. It is seeing them like pictures in your Mind's Eye, or as some believe in your Third Eye. Your Third Eye, located in the middle of your forehead between your eyes, two inches in and two inches down from the top of your skull. Sometimes clairvoyants are called Seers. Clairaudience - Clear-Hearing (SOUND) The ability to "hear" ideas within your Mind's Eye. This area where you "hear" is not with the ears, rather the knowing area of your mind. Sometimes it is actually "hearing" voices, sounds or ideas in your “Psychic Ear.” Clairaudio also seems to be more subtle in illustration, requiring the ability to translate not only your thoughts but those of Spirit, Guides and knowing thoughts. Clairsentience - Clear-Sensing/Feeling (TOUCH/TASTE/SMELL) is the actual term for being able to feel psychically through the physical senses. Clairsentience is a high ‘knowing’ deep within you. Clairsentients are also able to reach out and feel as if they physically are the ones in the event. Intuition brings all of the psychic senses together. Everyone has all of these abilities to one degree or another. You may not know where the information, idea, a knowing, or a gut feeling come from. It is your solar plexus. This is your intuition. You can ask if your interpretation is correct and you will sense the answer through your foreknowledge. People who naturally have a strong sense of these abilities and can easily work with a portion of each are called Empaths.

Definitions of Types of Psychic Abilities

Becoming psychically or spiritually aware is to delve deeper into your inner truth and wisdom. Learning you are boundless could mean the difference between living a limitless life or a limited existence. Becoming open and aware of how to employ your intuition regularly is both exciting and liberating. The following will help you understand that is it you who tunes into the world around you. Being more in tune with life's experiences allows for you to be acutely aware of the path you travel. Open to your natural abilities! You're going to love where you are going!

Another word associated with psychic abilities is ESP or ExtraSensory Perception. ESP is a heightened physical sense and there are similarities to psychic senses. "Channeling" is related to ESP. Channeling is a modern form of spiritism or mediumship where a person allows spiritual and other information to come forth from somewhere else within. Most channelers are not aware of what goes on during the exchange, but some are very much awake. It is different from Clairaudience in that the information does not come from an inner knowing, but outside the person.

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Brown Mountain Lights Create Curiosity By Chris Montgomery

North Carolina is known for many things: Andy Griffith, Doc Watson and Dean Smith were famous Tar Heels. The first manned aircraft was flown off the coast of Kitty Hawk. Black Beard ran the Queen Anne's Revenge aground just a stone’s throw away in the Pamlico Sound. Want to go?: The lights can be somewhat temperamental and don't appear every night. It is still worth the trip if you can make the time. Take Blue Ridge Parkway exits 301 and/or 310. You can also watch along NC Highway 181, which was recently improved for the sole purpose of spectators.


rispy Kreme Doughnuts were born in Winston-Salem and Pepsi Cola in New Bern. And the state motto Esse Quam Videri translates from the Latin, "To be, rather than to seem,� bringing up an interesting philosophical point. Those traveling on any autumn night between Morganton and Linville, N.C., can determine what is to be, or rather to seem. The Brown Mountain Lights can be seen hovering for fifteen feet or so, then dropping below the horizon. They have mystified scientists, Native Americans, writers and musicians, reporters and photographers, oldtimers and greenhorns. While everyone agrees the best viewing is done from Table Rock or Wiseman's View, most disagree when citing a reason for the eerie phenomenon. The closest anyone ever came to determining a cause was in 1922 and was met with a backlash from Mother Nature. It was then a U.S. Geological survey was conducted. The survey concluded the source of any abnormal activity were lights from automobiles, trains or simply fires.

Shortly afterward, a massive flood struck the area eliminating electrical power, making trains inoperative and washing out automotive bridges. The only thing that wasn't altered were the Brown Mountain Lights. Eyewitnesses reported the lights were brighter and stronger than ever before! More colorful explanations come from the Cherokee. Folklore tells the lights are the souls of women who lost their husbands battling the Catawba Indians. Another tells of a man and his slave separated while hunting. The man was never found, but the slave returned every night to search with a lantern. The slave continued to do so, even beyond the grave! This was such a popular story that it was turned into song. Brown Mountain Light was written by Scott Wiseman. Wiseman and wife Myrtle, both North Carolina natives, performed it live on a Chicago radio program in the 1950s. Some attribute the mysterious orbs of light to swamp gas. But this theory also has a few holes.

One is there are no swamps in the Brown Mountain region! The Brown Mountain Lights are such a widespread anomaly they were mentioned in a 1999 episode of the paranormal show, The X- Files. The fictional main character associated the lights with UFOs. The lights were also the premise for the 2014 move, Alien Abduction. Esse Quam Videri, "To be, rather than to seem." You be the judge. Join the ranks of scientists, Native Americans, writers and musicians, reporters and photographers, oldtimers and greenhorns. Slaves and souls, floods and swamps, orbs and lights. Maybe you can prove, or disprove the latest regarding this North Carolina ghost story!

Have You Ever Seen Anything Unusual? Let Us Know at ~

issue 2 | February


I recently asked a group of bikers why dogs chase motorcycles. In retrospect, I should have anticipated their response. After looking at me for what seemed an eternity, all of them replied in unison, "Because they can." According to a 2012 study conducted by the National Safety Council, motorcyclists accounted for fifteen percent of all traffic fatalities, eighteen percent of all occupant deaths and four percent of all occupant injuries. These alarming statistics are compounded by the fact motorcycles make up only three percent of all registered vehicles and only seven tenth of a percent of all vehicle miles traveled in the United States. As uninformed the group of bikers seemed to have been, there is a likely chance they were on to something much broader. Decidedly so, most experts believe vehicle noises lead certain dogs to play the chase away game. The actual sound of wheels making contact with the pavement, summons a dogs senses to protect from the threat of danger. That coupled with owners who unknowingly allow their pets to romp in a yard next to busy highways can prove catastrophic!

Have fun and ride safe.

Animals chasing after vehicles can can initiate a riders automatic response system. This scenario heightens the chance of fatalities. If thats not scary enough, further research shows that a medium sized dog careening into the side of a moving vehicle can hit with a force of fifteen hundred  pounds. Obviously, that much force can cause serious injuries, damage to the vehicle and possible death for both the rider and the dog. I took this as a wise piece of advice. I now take extreme precaution when approaching an oncoming animal. It is a maneuver known as "Stop and Go." This proper technique, according to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, advises the rider to slow down as if to stop, but don't. Then accelerate quickly past the dog. Dogs can anticipate speed, distance, and trajectory. The change in speed with "Stop and Go" will quickly vary your location, and throw the dog off your path of trajectory. Simply put, "Stop & Go" can temporarily fool the dog and allow time for safe passage. In conclusion, it pays to remember some crucial facts for motorcyclists. First, dogs have an uncanny grasp of math, better than most humans. And secondly, "Stop & Go" is the best approach to avoid an accident.

issue 2 | February

Six-String She was my first love. She felt perfect in my arms as I'd caress her neck. Some days, she would require more attention than usual. I'd painstakingly rub her down, relieve any tension and place her square on my lap. Her hourglass shape always brought a smile. She fit as comfortably as an old pair of blue jeans. The music that we made felt right.

This isn't the beginning of a five-and-dime romance novel. It's a story about connecting with your inner self and the tools you need to get there. My tool was a $10 yard sale guitar riddled with road wear. The sixth string had a bad case of fret buzz, but I was oblivious to her shortcomings. She was new to me, so we formed a bond. Our souls connected. We would test each other's limits. She brought out the best in me, while I wished to give more. That obsession started a journey that has lasted well over thirty years. I can't explain the positive vibe generated by simply stroking a single string. It's electric, even when it's acoustic! The energy I mean. It is an unsolved mystery that inspires me. I wanted more, so I bought another one. And another, and another and another. My collection grew to the point that I finally opened a music store. Calloused fingers and a crippled ba nk account were small prices to pay for the joy of instant gratification. I started to notice each of the guitars subtle differences. Their shapes and colors were unique; their sounds and feels were special. Like the trees that birthed them, these seemingly simple pieces of wood took on a life of their own.

My path however, led to a Martin D-16. She eclipsed my first love. How could that be? I found myself helplessly falling down a rabbit hole in my search for the perfect guitar. Early morning ramblings were the best. Everything seemed to flow once I allowed the muse to enter. I finally figured out the secret of life is not really a secret at all. It's finding something to encompass you. It has to be something bigger than yourself. You can find it by sitting still. But don't think too hard. Let your inner self rise the occasion. It's waiting to be found, brimming at the top, ready to explode if you allow it. It would stand to reason that I stumbled upon my muse. However, I don't believe in coincidence. There were reasons I found that yard sale, reasons it took place well over thirty years ago, reasons for my journey and reasons for the rabbit hole. I don't pretend to know the ending. I do believe to have filled i n some of the blanks. Whenever doubt begins to settle, I pick up the Martin. She comes alive in my arms. The vibe, the muse and the energy start to churn inside me. As comfortable as an old pair of blue jeans, the music feels right.

Fill in the Blanks ~Use the Instructions Below!

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GROWING YOUR OWN FOOD IS LIKE PRINTING YOUR OWN MONEY The Independent Gazette Sits Down with Marjory Wildcraft

Seeing “homegrown food on every table” is Marjory Wildcraft’s vision. Wildcraft has been called “the Martha Stewart of self-reliance,” as she teaches others how to simply and easily grow their own food, heal themselves with their own medicine, and find the perfect survival retreat. A regular guest on many national radio and television shows, and, most recently, featured as an expert on sustainable living on the National Geographic television channel, Wildcraft is not only an author of several books, but is also widely recognized for her popular video series “Grow

issue 2 | February

Your Own Groceries.” The series shows ordinary people how to create an organic, food-producing paradise in their own backyard, and is widely used by homesteaders, survivalists, universities, and missionary organizations around the world. The Independent Gazette recently had the rare opportunity to visit Wildcraft at her Bastrop, Texas, home, garden, and farm while on a trip to launch our sister publication, the San Antonio Spy. Bastrop, thirty miles southeast of Austin, Texas (the state capital), is a quaint town with a

issue 2 | February

population of slightly over 7,000. It lies nestled on the banks of the Colorado River, and is home to the picturesque, 75-acre farm where Wildcraft lives with her husband and family. Sitting at her kitchen table munching on freshpicked garden vegetables, Wildcraft shared with the Gazette that after years of working in Austin as a professional money manager, putting together high-yield investment partnerships in the real estate market, she became increasingly concerned about the looming financial crisis facing America, and the implications it posed. “Pivotal in that process was my reading of G. Edward Griffin’s Creature From Jekyll Island—about the Federal Reserve—in 2001,” she said. “I realized that the printing of fiat money by the Reserve was just not sustainable, and that the issue is not if, but when, an inevitable collapse will take place. When the collapse occurs, the ability to obtain a reliable food source will become paramount. Most people don’t realize that a large portion of the food on grocery shelves today travels an average of 1,500

miles, with maybe a four-day supply [of food in the entire supply chain at any one time], according to the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture. Interrupt that flow, and we have big problems. That is when I decided that the best source of reliable, nutritious food for myself and family was in our own backyard.” Wildcraft went on to explain, “I am an electrical engineer and my husband is a mechanical engineer by trade, so we went about this plan to become totally self sufficient,” she smiled, “But as far as gardening, well, I had little experience. I tell people all the time: just start, learn by mistakes, educate yourself, and a more rewarding experience you will never have.” Follow this column over the next few months as we discuss companion planting, free fertilizers, how to build a rainwater collection system, homemade insecticides that work, basic seed saving, catfish ponds, hydroponic gardening, and so much more. Our collective aim: to become food independent.

Visit to purchase a copy of Wildcraft’s “Grow Your Own Groceries” DVDs.

issue 2 | February

issue 2 | February

Healthy Salt, Minerals & Hydration Ordinary table salt, sodium chloride, a mineral, does not support the body’s overall health. The public awareness information has been relentless on this, but the body does need a balance of salt and minerals. The only part of the message, “Don’t eat table salt!” has been loud and clear. The confusion has caused a lot of illness because the body does need salt. The right kind of salt is critical. Processed table salt is extremely high temperatures (over 1600 degrees), bleached, then the primary and trace minerals are removed, and anti-caking agents are added. This process creates a product that is harmful to health. Substitute salts are considered better for you than regular table salt. Although there are many different substitutes most individuals get too little potassium in their diet that protects against high blood pressure, stroke, and heart

arrhythmia and kidney problems. It is commonly suggested by healthcare providers and large commercial salt companies that sodium–free substitutes that contain 100 percent potassium chloride (instead of sodium chloride) or lite salt (50% reduced sodium) is better than regular table salt, although potassium is needed, and people are often deficient, they are still not the best substitutes because they are commercially processed the same way as ordinary table salt. The best salts that provide a balance of trace minerals, raw, unprocessed, ready for the body to utilize are Himalayan sea salt (pink salt), Celtic sea salt (gray salt) and RealSalt (from the ancient seas in Central Utah). They are the most natural and support the body’s overall health for lowering acidity, regulating healthy blood pressure and providing over 80 trace minerals.

For more flavor and tremendous natural health benefits, add more herbs and spices to your meals. There is a generous list of the most common herbs and spices in the Herbs & Spices tab of my website, explaining how they support good health and in what dishes they are best used. A few more healthy salt substitutes include Chef Paul Prudhommes Magic Salt-free Seasoning, Salt-free Spike, Mrs. Dash, and The Zip Blend by Spice Hunter. Another popular hybrid sea salt/herb product is Herbamare, a blend of sea salt and 14 organic herbs. These changes to daily meals and snacks add an enormous amount of healing properties by supporting the blood pH balance and supplying a variety of bio-available minerals and nutrients in the best combinations for absorption. Don’t forget iodine. Humans need iodine for normal metabolism of cells, the process of converting food to energy, and also for the production of thyroid hormones and normal thyroid function. Many individuals have a compromised thyroid and are on medication which creates a situation that does not allow them to use products with iodine added or foods high in iodine; but most people need iodine and are ill without it. So if you are using a replacement for table salt, be sure to and a natural

issue 2 | February

source that contains iodine. Synthetic iodine added to processed salt is not readily utilized by the body. All minerals and nutrients must come from photosynthesis (simply put: made from sun + green plants) to be absorbed and properly utilized in the body. That is why with a holistic approach to health, whole food supplements are a must. DON’T go crazy on salts and then forget to drink water! For an easy plan to support proper hydration, ll a pitcher with water, slices of lemon with a 1⁄2-teaspoon of sea salt and put it in your refrigerator. Drink through the day and make sure it’s gone before you go to bed at night. You can also have balanced hydration by adding a pinch of natural sea salt to bottled water. Either choice will detox the body while supporting the blood, fluids, and proper function of glands and organs. Many people drink lots of water without salt and minerals. This is a mistake; you need the pinch of sea salt to balance your electrolytes. This is why you have seen the rise in popularity of pH water available in stores. It’s important yes; but you can easily make it yourself and enjoy it all day, every day with little cost or effort. Athletes use baking soda and water, called soda doping, to recover the body from large amounts of acid

generated during extreme bouts of exercise and exertion. It aids in their recovery time and stamina. There are thousands of stories on the Internet about people that have recovered from chronic and terminal illnesses by alkalizing with baking soda and water. A simple way to monitor the body for dehydration is with the first urine elimination of the day. If it is light yellow like lemonade, you are hydrated; if you have dark urine and urinate frequently, you are dehydrated. Another healthy choice for the kidneys and pH balance is a cup of warm water with a squeeze of juice from a lemon before going to sleep. It’s relaxing and nourishing at the same time. Dehydration is typically a condition, which causes exhaustion, accelerated aging and illness; stay mindful of the body’s needs and develop healthy hydration habits.

issue 2 | February

The Appalachian foothills hold many secrets. Once such secret is of gold and silver treasure hidden somewhere among broken tree limbs, running creeks and white clapboard churches in Bartow County, Ga. ~By Melody Dareing

Northwest Georgia Still Holds Secret Treasure Linda Gossett Cochran, a Native American and genealogist, said the Cherokee living along the Etowah River had silver and gold mines they used to buy necessary items. One was near the City of Euharlee, a well-known spot for the Cherokee. Euharlee, which in the Cherokee language means “she laughs as she runs,” was rich with water, fish, deer and fertile land when the Native Americans lived there. Apparently, Cochran said it was rich in metals also. One of the area’s most well known murder cases stemmed from greed over precious metals. A man, named Henry McGee was murdered over silver, Cochran said. “Henry McGee was a half-breed,” Cochran begins. “He had a blacksmith shop down near Raccoon Creek Baptist Church. Racoon Creek was a small community at that time. He made his own coins.” Although McGee was always careful about his visits to the mine, word eventually leaked that he knew where to find silver. Three white men came to him in 1810 and tried to force him to reveal the location of the mine. They killed McGee when he wouldn’t take them to it. McGee’s white wife and their two children fled in fear to Tennessee. They later moved to join other Cherokee people in Oklahoma. One thing the murderers didn’t account for was there was someone else in the house who knew the location of the mine: McGee’s young daughter. McGee took his daughter with him whenever he visited the mine. Although he took a different trail each time out of fear of being followed, the young child remembered the way.

Cochran said the family visited years following their escape. They would always get silver to take back to Oklahoma, but never mentioned the mine. Her own grandfather, a sharecropper in the late 1800s, hid his Cherokee heritage out of convenience. He also hid the route to an area filled with silver, she said. “My grandpa, when he was little, he would sneak off and go down to Pumpkin Creek and pan. He always came back with a nugget,” she said. The legend of the silver and gold in the countryside goes back before the Trail of Tears. In fact, the discovery of gold in North Georgia is the catalyst, according to Cochran and other historians, leading to the federal government forcing Native Americans away from their Southern lands and into Oklahoma. The Native Americans took their secrets of gold and silver mines with them, she said. She believes the legendary gold mine was something more than a mine. Unlike the silver mine, which produced nuggets, people going to the gold mine came back with more processed gold. .

“There was a lost gold mine somewhere along the creek,” Cochran said, pausing before clarifying. “I don’t believe it’s an actual gold mine but a cave or somewhere where gold was hidden.” Native Americans created their own map to find the spots. It was a map only they could decipher and included natural codes of broken tree limbs, rock formations and flatlands that white people would pass by without noticing. The code was destroyed decades ago with clear-cutting timber, Cochran said. “There’s not any record of anyone finding it, so it’s still lost,” she said Even her grandfather, who understood where the silver could be found, never could find the gold mine, she said. “Grandpa searched and couldn’t find it. Only a few knew and it was passed down all orally,” Cochran said

“My grandpa, when he was little, he would sneak off and go down to Pumpkin Creek and pan. He always came back with a nugget,”

issue 2 | February

issue 2 | February

The Seeker Magazine ~ Open the Door Issue 2  

Most of the universe is made up of mysterious forces that drive the accelerating our never-ending quest to find answers.This issue of The Se...

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