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Islamic Capital Markets


Products and Strategies Kabir Hassan & Michael Mahlknecht This book covers all Islamic derivatives and structured products, including state of the art Islamic short-selling methods used by hedge funds, and gives a comprehensive overview of current Islamic capital markets. It takes a practical approach addressing practical issues in risk management and investing for both Islamic and non-Islamic readers. 9780470689578 • Cloth • 464 pages • Feb 2011 • £45.00 / €54.00 / $75.00

Islamic Banking How to Manage Risk and Improve Profitability Amr Mohamed El Tiby The guiding principle of Islamic finance has existed throughout Islamic history, yet modern Islamic banking has been around for a relatively short period of time. Author Amr Mohamed El Tiby is an expert in this field, and with this new book, he reveals how you can benefit from the use of Islamic banking strategies in your financial endeavours. Filled with in-depth insights and expert advice, this detailed analysis of Islamic finance will help you gain a firm understanding of how effective this proven approach can be. 9780470880234 • Cloth • 240 pages • Dec 2010 • £47.50 / €56.00 / $70.00

The Art of Islamic Banking and Finance Tools and Techniques for Community-Based Banking Yahia Abdul-Rahman The Art of Islamic Banking and Finance is a modern take on what it means to incorporate Islamic finance principles into everyday banking and investment techniques by introducing a new brand of banking for all people of all faiths: The Riba-Free (RF) banking. The author explores the concept of Riba (or interest) and how Islamic finance rules prohibit the use of interest in banking techniques. He discusses how this rule works, how it affects consumer behavior, and how it changes the role of the banker/financier. The Art of Islamic Banking and Finance also includes a discussion on the culture of Islamic finance today (the rules versus reality), as well as a number of case studies done in Malaysia and the UK. The book also covers joint ventures, asset and portfolio management, home mortgages, personal financing, and the equity markets (the fastest growing market within Islamic finance). Finally, the author shows the readers how to incorporate the Sharia into the American financing and banking systems while still obeying both Islamic and American laws. 9780470449936 • Cloth • 352 pages • Jan 2010 • £47.50 / €56.00/ $70.00

Islamic Financial Products and Concepts Nik Norzul Thani & Aida Othman

The Stability of Islamic Finance Creating a Resilient Financial Environment for a Secure Future Hossein Askari, Zamir Iqbal, Noureddine Krichenne & Abbas Mirakhor The book’s main focus is on the question of the sources of financial instability which seems inherent in the conventional system. As a core component of this focus, the book will consider episodes of turbulence and instability in a historical context recalling the occurrence of such events from mid-19th century to the present. It will present various theoretical explanations along with solutions and alternative financial systems that avoid instability provided by various scholars dating back to mid-19th century to present. 9780470825198 • Cloth • 256 pages • Apr 2010 • £33.99 / €39.10 / $57.50

Takaful Islamic Insurance Concepts and Regulatory Issues Edited by Simon Archer, Rifaat Ahmed Abdel Karim, & Volker Nienhaus

Islamic finance is a global phenomenon that is now embodied as an integral component of global finance. Islamic Financial Products and Concepts is an essential reference tool for the Islamic finance industry and discusses the Islamic financial products currently available in the marketplace. It analyzes the Islamic concepts, as well as the modern application of these products. The book is a unique and comprehensive guide to the concepts and applications of modern Islamic products as developed and provided by Islamic financial institutions.

Authors Rifaat, Archer and Volker bring an international perspective to the growing Islamic Insurance industry. Drawing on contributions from leading experts around the world, they present a comprehensive view of the very issues governing the industry and its future direction. As top financial institutes around the world seem to enter the lucrative Takaful markets, this timely book offers crucial background information and advice, invaluable for any serious player in the market.

9780470824221 • Cloth • 320 pages • Jun 2010 • £55.00 / €63.30 / $95.00

9780470823521 • Cloth • 300 pages • Sep 2009 • £80.00 / €92.00 / $130.00

Islamic Finance Feature Author… Brian Kettell Brian Kettell has a wealth of practical experience in the area of Islamic banking and finance. He worked for several years as an Economic Advisor for the Central Bank of Bahrain where he had numerous Islamic banking responsibilities. Subsequently, Brian taught courses on Islamic banking and finance at a range of financial institutions including the World Bank, National Commercial Bank (Saudi Arabia), Global Investment House (Kuwait), Noor Islamic Bank (UAE), the UK Treasury, the Central Bank of Iran, the Central Bank of Syria, the Securities Investment Institute, the Institute for Financial Services and Scotland Yard. Brian’s vast academic expertise in Islamic finance is highlighted by his role as former Joint Editor of the Islamic Finance Qualification Handbook and his past teaching work at a number of top universities worldwide including the London School of Economics, the City University of Hong Kong, the American University of the Middle East in Kuwait and London Metropolitan University Business School. Brian’s impressive list of publications include over 100 articles in journals, business magazines and the financial press including Islamic Business and Finance, Islamic Banking and Finance, Central Banking Journal, Euromoney, Securities Journal and International Currency Review. He has also published 8 books on Islamic banking and financial markets. Brian is currently based in London and works as a specialist trainer and consultant in Islamic banking and finance. He can be contacted at

Introduction to Islamic Banking and Finance

Case Studies in Islamic Banking and Finance

Brian Kettell

Brian Kettell

Introduction to Islamic Banking and Finance is a complete guide to the key characteristics of Islamic banking and finance, and how they differ from their Western counterparts. It looks at all aspects of Islamic banking, including detailed chapters on its creation through to explanations of Murabaha and Musharaka contracts, Ijara and Istisna a financing methods, as well as Salam and Takaful insurance. Finally the book takes a look at Sharia’a law and Sharia’a boards, indicating the roles and responsibilities that come with membership.

The first case study based guide to Islamic banking and finance. Based around 13 individual cases, the book stimulates discussion and develops the reader’s understanding of Islamic finance by contrasting their existing theoretical knowledge against practical examples. Each case concludes with a set of questions designed to test the readers understanding of each case, with suggested solutions at the end of the book. 9780470978016 • Paper • 192 pages • Feb 2011 • £39.99 / €48.00 / $65.00

9780470978047 • Paper • 256 pages • Feb 2011 • £34.99 / €42.00 / $60.00

The Islamic Banking and Finance Workbook Step-by-Step Exercises to help you Master the Fundamentals of Islamic Banking and Finance

Two Volume Set includes...

• Introduction to Islamic Banking and Finance • The Islamic Banking and Finance Workbook 9781119989950 • Paper • 394 pages • Feb 2011 • £55.00 / €66.00 / $90.00

Three Volume Set includes...

The Workbook includes a full answer, key and brief chapter summaries and learning objectives, making the information that readers attain from An Introduction to Islamic Banking and Finance that much more valuable.

• Introduction to Islamic Banking and Finance • The Islamic Banking and Finance Workbook • Case Studies in Islamic Banking and Finance

9780470978054 • Paper • 144 pages • Feb 2011 • £26.99 / €32.40 / $45.00

9781119989967 • Paper • 594 pages • Feb 2011 • £90.00 / €108.00 / $145.00

Brian Kettell The first practical workbook of its kind that promotes the understanding of Islamic banking and finance by allowing readers to self-test their knowledge of Islamic finance and banking concepts.

Frequently Asked Questions in Islamic Finance Brian Kettell In Frequently Asked Questions in Islamic Finance, industry expert Brian Kettell answers some of the most frequently asked questions from his many years experience in working and teaching in Islamic finance and banking. From knowledge of the Qu’ran and Sharia’a Law, to new and old Islamic financial concepts, Islamic terms, and Islamic financial instruments and services, this book covers all the key areas that practitioners need to understand Islamic finance. The book addresses individual questions such as “what is Takaful?”, and provides answers with a clear overview of the product or service, and an example, or illustration where appropriate, of how they work in practice. The book also features a question and answer section for readers to test and build their knowledge of the area. Light, entertaining and varied in its approach, Frequently Asked Questions in Islamic Finance will prove popular for experienced practitioners and novices alike. 9780470748602 • Paper • 192 pages • Mar 2010 • £19.99 / €24.00 / $32.50

Islamic Finance in a Nutshell A Guide for Non-Specialists Brian Kettell Islamic Finance in a Nutshell is a practical guide to the core-principles of Islamic Finance and how the Islamic Financial markets work. Designed as a quick read for practitioners who need to pick up the basics of the industry, it enables readers to understand the differences between Islamic and Western finance. Starting with the rise of Islamic finance, the book highlights the key areas which practitioners need to grasp to understand the marketplace. This includes Islamic financial statement analysis, Sharia’a law, making money in the absence of interest and also covers the Islamic financial architecture. The book also provides readers with a basic guide to Arab terminology and a guide to the top financial institutions within the Islamic markets. This is an ideal guide for anyone with an interest in how these financial markets work, but who do not want to be bogged down in complex and unnecessary terminology. 9780470748619 • Cloth • 192 pages • Apr 2010 • £16.99 / €20.40 / $27.50

A Guide to Islamic Investing Brian Kettell A Guide to Islamic Investing is the first book dedicated to showing investors the range of Islamic investments out there, and how to invest in them. Beginning with a brief introduction to the tenets of Islamic finance and structure of the capital markets, the book looks at the different asset classes available to investors. The book also features a number of case studies which illustrate how the markets operate in practice.

9780470978023 • Cloth • 224 pages • May 2011 • £29.99 / €36.00 / $50.00

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New Issues in Islamic Finance and Economics

Understanding Islamic Finance

Progress and Challenges

In Understanding Islamic Finance Muhammad Ayub introduces all the essential elements of this growing market by providing an in-depth background to the subject and clear descriptions of all the major products and processes associated with Islamic finance. This book is not only an important text for all banks and financial institutions entering this particular market with a commitment to building Islamic financial solutions, but is also essential reading for undergraduate and postgraduate students of Islamic finance.

Hossein Askari, Zamir Iqbal & Abbas Mirakhor New Issues in Islamic Finance and Economics: Progress and Challenges provides a review of the main issues and challenges facing Islamic finance. The application of Islamic finance is currently limited to banking. This book starts with an overview of the factors and motives behind the development of Islamic finance. A critical review of issues facing the industry is provided followed by a detailed analysis of areas where further attention is required. The book offers some original thinking on issues pertaining to governance, institutions, public finance and economic development within an Islamic financial system. 9780470822937 • Cloth • 320 pages • Dec 2008 • £80.00 / €92.00 / $130.00

Globalization and Islamic Finance

Muhammad Ayub

9780470030691 • Cloth • 542 pages • Oct 2007 • £32.50 / €39.00 / $55.00

Islamic Money and Banking Integrating Money in Capital Theory Iraj Toutounchian

This book is the first serious attempt to study the affiliation between the current trend of globalization and the development of Islamic finance. It explores the potential convergence of Islamic and conventional finance as these systems continue their progress in designing and developing better risk-sharing structures and an expanded menu of financial instruments. The authors offer innovative thoughts on the future of Islamic finance in the wake of globalization. References and comparison of the historical financial globalization episode and today’s globalization are made. In addition, it also looks into the legal, institutional, governance, and financial preconditions that must exist for globalization and Islamic finance to succeed.

In Islamic Money and Banking, Dr. Iraj Toutounchian re-evaluates the principles of liberal capitalism. He shows how the global crises which have emerged from fluctuations in the success of this economic system throughout time could have been avoided if the underlying values of a truly humane economy had been taken into consideration. Rebuilding the framework of Islamic banking as a system which potentially can generate profit and keep national economies running to the good of a global economy, whilst at the same time being based on virtue and benevolence, Toutounchian provides a compelling case for the fundamental need to reconsider the global economy, going back to the fundamentals outlined centuries ago by Francis Hutcheson, Adam Smith and other theorists of liberal capitalism.

9780470823491 • Cloth • 240 pages • Nov 2009 • £33.99 / €39.10 / $55.00

9780470823194 • Cloth • 350 pages • Jun 2009 • £60.00 / €69.00 / $100.00

Convergence, Prospects and Challenges Hossein Askari, Zamir Iqbal & Abbas Mirakhor

Also from Wiley… Islamic Business books!

Marketing to the Muslim World Reaching 1.5 Billion Consumers Roy Haddad & Michael Maedel

Islamic Branding and Marketing Understanding the Global Muslim Consumer

From a marketing perspective, the growing influence of Islam is bound to have a widespread effect on Muslims’ consumption, yet many brands and their marketers are failing to connect with consumers who have combined disposable income in excess of $170 billion per year in the United States alone. Based on a study conducted by J. Walter Thompson, this groundbreaking work presents research findings that explore how Islam is reflected in the attitudes, behaviour, and preferences of Muslim consumers and identifies which brands and products they are more likely to favour, which ones they avoid, and which factors determine their choices.

Paul Temporal

9780470825594 •Cloth • 256 pages • Feb 2011 • £33.99 / €39.10 / $57.50

9780470825396 • Cloth • 256 pages • Mar 2011 • £23.99 / €27.60 / $39.99

Islamic Branding and Marketing is a groundbreaking book based on research conducted at the Oxford Centre for Islamic studies in Oxford Said Business School. There is a demand from Muslim majority and minority countries for a book that details how conventional branding and marketing knowledge and skills can be adapted to the business world of Islam – there is no other book which covers the topic more comprehensively than this one.

Islamic Finance

An Introduction to Islamic Finance

The Regulatory Challenge Rifaat Ahmed Abdel Karim & Simon Archer

Theory and Practice 2nd Edition

The book aims to provide readers interested in the international financial services and their regulation with an in-depth evaluation of recent developments in the Islamic banking system. It addresses the need for banks to develop common Islamic international accounting and auditing standards that harmonise the differences between Syariah rulings, standardization of acceptable banking practices, the development of standardized financial products, and the role of the Syariah Boards in establishing common rules regarding the permissibility of financial instruments and markets.

Zamir Iqbal This timely book offers comprehensive coverage on the fundamental theory of Islamic finance and banking, according to the core concepts of Sharia’a Law. The authors explain clearly the distinct features of an Islamic financial system and how it compares with conventional systems. There have been a number of interesting developments in recent years and the authors discuss these fully, along with emerging issues that will influence future developments in Islamic finance. 9780470828083 • Cloth • 350 pages • Mar 2011 • £33.99 / €39.10 / $57.50

9780470821893 • Cloth • 350 pages • Mar 2007 • £80.00 / €93.80 / $130.00

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