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2012 Year of Freedom Freedom prayer written by Loreto Australia Year 12 Captains 2012 Trusting God, You give us freedom within our hearts so that we may grow in self-acceptance to serve others. Through this liberty You allow us to embrace the gift of life and see the good in all your creation, and so we give thanks. Grant us the strength to act out of love and not fear. Instil in us the inner freedom to surpass our own limitations, to see beyond the narrowness of self-doubt and personal interest. In times of hardship, guide us in our quest for inner freedom and allow us to be who we truly are. Give us the courage to admit our faults, to learn from our mistakes and grow in Your unwavering love. Through this freedom, grant us the power to stand up and speak out for the betterment of ourselves, our school and the wider community. Enable us to develop a sense of identity that is inwardly free that fosters the values of Mary Ward in the true Loreto Spirit. Amen

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Double Life This Year 10 battles the surf after the school bell rings


The new faces of the Senate These 10 students are already putting their mark on the Senate


Our million dollar lifesaver Dr Michelle McIntosh is making a difference in 3rd world countries


College Council Report            


Once a Loreto girl…                        Our College Captains Molly & Taylah sum up the year gone by


Graduation Mass                          16 Anticipated all year by our graduating class, Father Justin Driscoll writes about this beautiful tradition Just Briefly: College News


2012: Year 7 in review Our Year 7 reporters sum up their first year at Loreto College


Past Pupils




Thank you Ed


And you are?


Cover Picture: Dr Michelle McIntosh with Professor David Morton. Courtesy of Monash University Photography: Matt Hustwaite, David Torrington. Supplied photos from Sophie Thomas & Tayla Hughes. Photos of Dr Michelle McIntosh courtesy of Monash University Design: Mud Group Pty Ltd Contributions to Verity can be sent to Loreto College Development Office 1600 Sturt Street Ballarat VIC 3350 T 03 5329 6100 E


Graceful girl...

Coming from a family of basketballers, it was never expected that Tayla Hughes would go in a completely different direction. This beautiful ballerina though is now jetting off to New Zealand, taking her one step closer to realising her dream of gracing the world’s biggest stage… more page 24

Editor’s note What a year! It only seems like yesterday that the staff and students were walking through the gates for the start of Term 1! 2012 has been an action packed year but there is no time to rest, as 2013 is nearly upon us. Term 1, 2013 brings us the important International Women’s Day, and with it the ever popular International Women’s Day Breakfast. To be held at the Ballarat Lodge (Mercure) on March 8, keep an eye out on our website for more information closer to the event. It isn’t long until preparations for reunions of the classes of 1963, 1973, 1983, 1993 and 2003 commence, and we look forward to welcoming these alumni back to the College. From the team here at Verity and everyone at Loreto College Ballarat, we wish you a safe and enjoyable holiday season!

Judith Potter Principal’s Message As one school year draws to a close and another awaits just around the corner, I often ponder if it is possible for the new year ahead to be as rich, dynamic, and exhilarating as the current year. The answer to this question, as it was for 2012, is always a resounding ‘yes’! Our school burst joyfully into life the instant the 2012 school year commenced. It was a particular delight to see students in the new uniform.

‘[Mary Ward’s] most profound understanding of freedom was grounded in her sense of personal relationship with God, her belief that each one of us, in our ordinary experience of life, has access to God’s loving care. … It is an inner freedom, accepting of self, open to others and trusting of life.’

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The challenge to us on each and every day is to enjoy the moment but also plan for the moments to come. A year at Loreto College has so many glorious moments to ponder and reflect back upon with a smile in one’s heart. Some of the very special moments are those in which challenges and obstacles were overcome with courage and perseverance and a willingness to accept support and guidance. I commend all community members who look back upon such moments with pride and a sense of a very real achievement. Our current and past pupils have continued to inspire us through their effervescent spirit, commitment and openness to new people and new opportunities. Leadership at Loreto College must always be a leadership imbued with the gospel values, a leadership which values each member of our community, a leadership of service, hard work and that very special Loreto sense of fun. Our Senate, ably lead by College Captains Taylah

Blake and Molly Fisher, and supported by Year 12 students, have given good example of this in 2012. They have turned the most mundane of tasks into a fun-filled activity. Their laughter will echo in the corridors long after they have graduated. The strong Loreto spirit of our students across all aspects of life at Loreto College energised us all throughout the year! The cheerful and open manner in which our Year 12 students celebrated the final week of secondary school classes was reflective of the approach they have taken to all aspects of life at Loreto College. I have great confidence in a future in which the Class of 2012 will be leading, in smaller and larger settings. I express a strong commendation to all members of staff for their commitment to supporting each student to be the best she can be. I pay tribute to Mr Ed Murphy who retires after 28 years of noteworthy service at Loreto College. His significant contribution includes eight and a half years leadership and service in the role of Deputy Principal and one and a half years generous steadfast service as Acting Principal. He is highly regarded as a teacher, inspiring many students to continue their studies. I extend our appreciation to all staff who will be departing Loreto College at the end of 2012 for their commitment and dedicated service. I thank Mr Sam Bell, Miss Bridget Brady, Ms Diana Burgers, Ms Katie Ferguson, Ms Renee Fraser, Mrs Felicity Knobel,

“I wish you all … a very happy Christmas and a holy and bright New Year with God’s blessing resting on it, not only for yourselves but for all who are dear to you.” (Loreto Schools of Australia Mission Statement)

Ms Marj McKenzie, Ms Leah Moneghetti, Ms Yuka Shichiri, Dr Danielle Tranquille and Mrs Jennifer Walsh. I thank Mrs Stephanie Mansell for her contribution to the English Faculty during Term 4 and Mrs Christine Gawne for her contribution to the Technology and Arts Faculties during this term. I express particular thanks to Mrs Anna Casey (PA), and the members of the Leadership Team: Mr Pat O’Shea (Deputy Principal), Mrs Tricia Cosgriff (Deputy Principal), Mr Jeff Primmer (Business Manager), Mrs Mary Dow (Daily Organiser), Mr Peter Rix (Director of Faith & Mission) and Mrs Linda McDonald (Head of Teaching & Learning, Term 3).

Our College Council, led by Mr Shane Carey, has worked diligently this year, with a key focus on moving the dream for the Mary’s Mount Centre closer to a reality. Much has been achieved by the members of our College Council and members of the College Council Committees, each of whom has generously gifted their time and expertise: Council Review, Development, Finance & Audit and Property, chaired by Mr Shane Carey, Mrs Maria Myers AO, Ms Naomi Eddy and Mrs

This year has seen the heritage cottage inside the front gate transformed into the Province Archives Centre. Our full school community joined together on 15 October in a Liturgy to celebrate the contribution of the Loreto Sisters to education in Ballarat and their ongoing journey. The Loreto journey in Ballarat continues as the Loreto Sisters move to their new home in Webster Street. We are blessed on a daily basis by the prayers and encouragement of the Loreto Sisters in Ballarat. I extend the whole-hearted appreciation of our students and staff to Sr Yvonne Lamerand ibvm (Community Leaders) and the Loreto Sisters in Ballarat for their steadfast support and encouragement.

Geraldine Frantz respectively. The governance of a secondary school is complex, bringing with it a range of responsibilities and accountabilities. I thank Mr Shane Carey for his unstinting service to Loreto College and considered focus on the finer details along with the larger picture. We have much to celebrate of the Loreto Ballarat 2012 story and even more to look forward to in 2013!

... in the lead up to the state titles I will be out on Lake Wendouree practicing my boarding.

Double Life What happens after the school bell rings? By Sophie Thomas (Yr 10)

I’ve always loved the sea. When I was little, my cousins and I used to be in the water all the time and now you can’t keep me out of it! I’m not sure exactly what it is about the sea, it is just the way it’s always been. Both my brother and I compete, he is an iron man in under 19’s and I am an iron woman in under 17’s. We have a house down at Torquay that we spend a lot of time at, which got us exposed to the sport. Dad was a big influence as well; he was an Olympic kayaker at the Seoul Olympics.

He doesn’t compete anymore, but he coaches and does Masters about once a year. My P.E. teacher Ms. Baird says my family has “serious pedigree”!

I’ve won the state

You can start out in the sport as a 7 year old in nippers and you compete in your first competition that same year, although it is more running races than proper swimming. It is at under 12’s when it begins to be more about competition. Now in under 17’s it is a bit more serious and I have to train harder since I have more opportunities to race.

the first state

Verity Vol. 21 December 2012 Pg 6

championship for my age division for the past three years. It’s pretty cool to do so well. You get to compete at different beaches each year too, championship I won for example was at Lakes Entrance. It was really nice to receive the junior encouragement award from the Sportsmen’s Association of Australia recently, especially because it was my teachers who nominated me. We get so much support at Loreto!

Winter is horrible. Because of the cold and other commitments, I don’t get to the beach as often as I would during summer. It’s a bit unusual to be an iron woman and not live on the coast, but I train 3 days a week in the pool, and in the lead up to the state titles I will be out on Lake Wendouree practicing my boarding. I also play netball and swim competitively, but they don’t compare to iron woman. I guess because it’s something different, it beats swimming up and down a pool following a black line! The social

scene is great and laidback too. Because it’s not the biggest sport all the different clubs are pretty close. My aim is to compete at nationals and the Nutri-Grain series. The athletes at these events are inspirational; they are so down to Earth and on our level. They are not big-headed at all! There’s also a really good Marine Biology course in Warnambool that I would like to study. I guess you’ll never keep me away from the sea!

Following the Year 11 Leadership Day, 10 new faces took the reins of our student leadership team known as the Senate, and they’re off to a flying start.

The new faces of the Senate They are a diverse group of students. 10 girls who have different interests, different talents and different friendship groups. Yet they come together to form a team, all with one thing in common. “I really love Loreto and wanted to give something back to it! I also wanted to make people happy.” The above comment by Barry Senator Pip Griffin sums up the sentiments of all of our new Senate members for 2013. Led by College Co-Captains Aimee O’Brien and

Matilda Seery, the new Senate consists of Kate Brierley, Eilse Beynon, Penny Compton, Eliza Danaher, Edwina Frost, Pip Griffin, Jess Kelly and Ella Pipkorn. This dynamic group of students have already hit the ground running, with many social and fundraising events already having occurred. “We have already organised heaps of exciting things, like the Melbourne Cup teachers race and the girls night in for Year 11” says Penelope.

and support for young people in Ballarat and there were some fabulous ideas being proposed” said Jess. “We have also been involved in the ‘Assist-A-Sister’ Day to raise money for Loreto families in need, once again donning our aprons for a traditional sausage sizzle.” Another common goal of the Senate is to continue the efforts of the 2012 team in all areas.

“We wanted to focus on our year level early on to encourage them to continue to embrace each other, especially for our last year together” adds Edwina.

“As our value for 2013 is justice, we feel it is only necessary that we start within our own community” said Kate.

2013 is the year of justice for all Loreto Colleges in Australia, and the girls are already taking the theme on board with the activities they organise. The girls night in doubled as a fundraiser for the Cancer Council, and they plan to broaden their scope for social justice.

If the Senates of previous years are anything go by, the students of Loreto College are in for quite a ride in 2013. Aimee wants to bring a smile to everyone’s face, enjoying the activities and ideas that 2013 brings, and Ella sums up their ambitions by saying that they all would “like to think we will be able to unite the school and have fun together throughout the whole year, making school an enjoyable and memorable experience.”

“The Senate was approached by Youth Service Providers to be guinea pigs in their new survey program to help provide better facilities, activities

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Our million dollar lifesaver Class of 1991 graduate Dr Michelle McIntosh is leading ground-breaking research to save female lives in third world countries, and now everyone from Hilary Clinton to Bill Gates is paying attention.

Verity Vol. 21 December 2012 Pg 10

When I was in second year at Uni I realised that I was more interested in a career in the pharmaceutical industry rather than working as a more traditional pharmacist in a community or hospital setting. “I remember her!” recalls Loreto College science teacher Graham Thurgood. “What a lovely, hardworking student. She really knew what she wanted and chased it. I would love a class full of students like her!” That hard worker was Dr Michelle McIntosh, the Warnambool born, Ballarat bred girl who recently received a $1 million grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for ground-breaking research that will save female lives in third world countries. But she didn’t always envisage this career path. As a Year 9 at Loreto College Ballarat, Michelle had every intent on becoming a paramedic, a direction that she had been heading in since becoming a member of the Ballarat division of St John Ambulance from age 11. This interest evolved into career interests in health care. “When I was growing up I was planning on a career in health care. This led me to enrol in a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree at Monash University” said Michelle. “When I was in second year at Uni I realised that I was more interested in a career in the pharmaceutical industry rather than working as a more traditional pharmacist in a community or hospital setting.” Michelle’s family moved to Ballarat from Warnambool when Michelle was in grade 3. After completing primary school at St Thomas More in the Ballarat suburb of Alfredton, Michelle became part of the Loreto family.

I loved my time at Loreto College and am extremely grateful for the education and opportunities I received from the school.

Verity Vol. 21 December 2012 Pg 12

Her academic aptitude was well catered for, studying chemistry, biology, physics and double maths during Year 12. “I loved my time at Loreto College and am extremely grateful for the education and opportunities I received from the school. I was fortunate to be able to serve as the school vice-captain with Jodie Thompson in 1991” says Michelle. Testament to her success during her years at Loreto College, Michelle was the recipient of the Constance May Christie Award in her graduating year. A prestigious award within our community, Michelle’s win is even more special to her, as it was the only award presented by the College at the time. Following her undergraduate BPharm (Hons) degree and PhD at Monash University, and a 7 year stint at the University of Kansas in the United States, Michelle re-joined Monash University as a Senior Lecturer in 2006, along with another new researcher, Dr David Morton. “David and I both joined Monash and his background was in engineering dry powders for inhaled delivery” recalls Michelle. “David and I had been working on a couple of projects with Dr Richard Prankerd who specialised in understanding the physicochemical properties of drug molecules. The three of us were talking one day about what we could give to a student from Botswana who wanted to come to Monash to study his Masters degree. Richard thought oxytocin would be a good candidate for inhaled delivery and that was the beginning of the project.” The project Michelle refers to is Inhaled Oxytocin PPH. Born from the above mentioned Masters with the aim of making a dry powder aerosol

It was an honour to meet with the Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton. It lead to a considerable amount of publicity for the project and created a number of opportunities for collaborations with other researchers in the area and that was invaluable.

containing oxytocin, Michelle and her team responded to an open call from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) in 2010 aimed at improving maternal and neonatal healthcare in developing countries. Oxytocin is widely used to rapidly induce a contraction of the uterine muscle after birth, preventing potentially fatal excessive bleeding. By developing oxytocin for aerosol delivery it would remove the need for refrigerated storage and allow women to inhale the drug immediately after childbirth, removing barriers in developing countries. The first grant they received from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was a 2 page application for Phase I funding of $100,000 in 2010. This was followed by Phase 2 funding of $1 million in November. Inhaled Oxytocin PPH received more financial support in 2011 from the Saving Lives at Birth Challenge (SL@B). Through this challenge, Michelle also met and received endorsement from the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. “It was an honour to meet with the Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton. It lead to a considerable amount of publicity for the project and created a number of opportunities for collaborations with other researchers in the area and that was invaluable.” Despite her successes and incredible achievements so far, Michelle is always looking to the future. “I hope that we are able to progress the development of inhaled oxytocin and have a product on the market that empowers women in developing countries to make decisions around their own healthcare. I hope that I can direct more of my research efforts into projects aimed at improving global access to medicines.”

College Council Shane Carey with his daughters Caitlyn, Jacquline and wife Yvonne

As another year comes to a close, I am pleased to report on what has been a very exciting and busy time for Loreto College. Many decisions made by College Council last year have come to fruition in 2012, including the introduction of our new uniform and the expansion of our Year 7 intake from five streams of 27 last year to six streams of 26 this year. I am very happy to report that the Province Archives Centre is ready for occupation, providing a state-of-the-art facility whilst also providing a welcoming environment to visitors. Planning for the Mary’s Mount Centre has come along in leaps and bounds this year. This performing arts complex is highly anticipated by our entire College community. Many staff have worked diligently over the course of the year on planning for the design of, and fundraising for, this project. I thank all who have been involved. We look forward to engaging our current College community more with this project in 2013. I wrote in an edition of Verity that the Mary’s Mount Centre development is “a reinforcement of Loreto Colleges commitment to educate young women for the 21st century”. I extend our deep appreciation to the Loreto Sisters who have so generously supported and encouraged us with this project. This is a strong indicator of their love for all in the Loreto College community and their commitment to the education it provides to young women. During the September school holidays, the Loreto Mary’s Mount Community moved to their new home in nearby Webster Street. The celebration by the full school community of the contribution of the Loreto Sisters in Ballarat was a very special and memorable occasion. Loreto College is a dynamic and multifaceted organisation and I would like to thank everyone who contributes to managing the many and varied aspects of running this school. Particularly, I would like to thank my fellow Council members, the members of our committees (listed below) who do invaluable work, and finally Ms Judith Potter, her Leadership Team and all of the Loreto College staff. The dedication and commitment of all of these people allows our students to be given the opportunity to achieve their best and develop their sense of self as young women of the 21st century. Verity Vol. 21 December 2012 Pg 14

As a busy year comes to an end, Chair of College Council Shane Carey reflects on the year 2012. College Council Members 2012 Mr Shane Carey (Chair), Mrs Geraldine Frantz (Vice-Chair), Sr Yvonne Lamerand ibvm, Mrs Maria Myers AO, Ms Naomi Eddy, Sr Denise Desmarchelier ibvm, Mr Shane Dodd, Mr Chris Dunlop, Mrs Trudi Kannourakis, Ms Judith Potter, Mr Jeff Primmer. College Council Committee Members 2012 Council Review Committee: Mr Shane Carey (Chair), Mrs Geraldine Frantz, Sr Yvonne Lamerand ibvm and Ms Judith Potter. Development Committee: Mrs Maria Myers (Chair), Miss Meg Barry (President PPA), Sr Denise Desmarchelier IBVM, Mrs Trudi Kannourakis, Ms Jan Stephen, Mrs Jane Valpied, Sr Cynthia Wright ibvm, Ms Judith Potter, Mr Pat O’Shea and Ms Kerry Foss. Finance & Audit Committee: Ms Naomi Eddy (Chair), Mr Shane Carey, Mr Simon Cornwell, Sr Denise Desmarchelier IBVM, Mr Paul Elliott, Mr Stephen McArdle, Mr Matt McCabe, Mrs Cathy Oakley, Mr Peter O’Connell, Ms Judith Potter, Mr Jeff Primmer and Ms Julie Pollock. Property Committee: Mrs Geraldine Frantz (Chair), Mr Shane Carey, Mr Shane Dodd, Mr Chris Dunlop, Mrs Carmel Flynn, Sr Yvonne Lamerand ibvm, Mr Matthew McIntyre, Ms Min Myers, Ms Judith Potter, Mr Jeff Primmer, Mr Gerard Viccars and Mrs Tricia Cosgriff.

The year has come to an end and so has Molly and Taylah’s time as College Co-Captains. They share their thoughts as they continue on as “Loreto girls”.

Once a Loreto girl... By Molly Fisher and Taylah Blake College Co-Captains

How quickly 2012 has passed us by, and what a year it has been! This year has been a very busy and exciting year with Senate meetings bursting with ideas, in order to keep each and every Loreto girl enthusiastic and keen to get involved and have a go. The success of the year also meant Senate run activities raised hundreds of dollars for charity. Whether it was the Breast Cancer Netball match against our rivals St. Patrick’s College, or the more recent Hockey match raising much needed funds for prostate cancer research, the list goes on and on. The Senate itself has been the most wonderful group to work with and together as Co-Captains we feel truly blessed to have been given the opportunity to collaborate with them and have so much fun with such a fantastic group of girls. Our Senate has gained so much enjoyment from attending numerous functions and getting to know both past and upcoming students. We have also had the opportunity to put our entertainment skills

to the test for Gonzaga Barry Day and assemblies throughout the year. With the musical talents of Katherine Kuek, the average BBQ cooking was formed into a senate sing-a-long! Our year would not have been possible without our Senate being aided by the wonderful Mr O’Shea, who never doubted any of our silly ideas, like having a Year 12 Easter egg hunt in the front gardens with our own Loreto Easter bunnies. Mr O’Shea’s love for Loreto really means he was our 11th Senate member. Ms Mandy Carroll, was always there to keep our spirits high, and all of Year 12 are thankful for her support throughout the year. Matt Hustwaite and Kerry Foss in the Development Office have also been a very important part of the Senate team with their assistance in all things advertising! We would also like to take this chance to thank Ms Judith Potter, because without her Loreto would not be the school that it is, and as a Senate we would not have been able to achieve and undertake as much as we have without her ever constant support and encouragement. We sign off as Co-Captains this year with a great deal of sadness for leaving this wonderful school. However, we walk out the front gates for a final time leaving with memories and friendships that will last forever, because “once a Loreto girl, always a Loreto girl.”

A night of prayer, reflection and celebration, Graduation Mass is a night that our graduating class anticipate all year. Father Justin Driscoll shares his homily with us.

Graduation Mass By Father Justin Driscoll

Each year the Year 12 Loreto Graduation Mass is one of the highlights here in the Cathedral. The Cathedral continues to be a gathering place for rites of passage, for important life moments and community celebrations. Over Term 4 each of the Year 12 students from Ballarat’s three Catholic Secondary Colleges graduate from this Cathedral within the context of the celebration of the Eucharist. Throughout this past year, in addition to the weekly celebrations of Sundays and weekdays and the regular rhythm of births, deaths and marriages there have been more than the usual run of special events. Verity Vol. 21 December 2012 Pg 16

Good education enables people to make and keep life human for themselves and others...

For the first time since 1916 we celebrated the ordination of a Bishop here in this Cathedral, our new Bishop, Paul Bird CSsR. The Cathedral was also the place in which Sr Natalie Houlihan was professed as a member of the Loreto Sisters. Loreto College Ballarat is one of 140,000 Catholic schools throughout the world, serving almost 50 million students. These young women graduating tonight are part of a global Church ministry of education and evangelisation. But if we are ever tempted to take such opportunity for granted or become complacent about the importance of this, we need only refer to the headline from earlier this year: Pakistani girl shot over activism in Swat valley. At that time, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton praised the young Pakistani girl. “She was attacked and shot by extremists who don’t want girls to have an education and don’t want girls to speak for themselves, and don’t want girls to become leaders,” she said. The graduating Year 12’s of Loreto College are young women who have had a wonderful education, can and will speak for themselves, and these are young women who are and will be leaders. The late Benizir Bhutto often stated that she would never have entered politics

Verity Vol. 21 December 2012 Pg 18

or become the first female prime minister of Pakistan if she had not gone to Jesus and Mary school in Karachi, from kindergarten through to high school. One of the key characteristics of the Catholic education at Loreto that these young graduates have is service to the common good, a defining aspect of our Catholic social ethics. All education is a work of humanization. Good education enables people to make and keep life human for themselves and others, or in more spiritual terms as St Irenaeus said, “to become more fully alive to the glory of God.” The universal vision for all Catholic schools is the coming of God’s reign. Our vision must be God’s vision, which calls for an education for the realisation of God’s will of fullness of life for all on earth, regardless of the path students take home to God. The education that these young women have received has taught them about “realistic optimism,” about their inner goodness and potential. To say that we are made in the likeness of our creator affirms the dignity, equality and value of every person. It means that all people deserve the highest respect and possess inalienable rights and responsibilities. You have, we have, an inner vitality, a soul for learning,

As the Class of 2012 graduate from Loreto College, we pray that God, who has begun the good work in them, will bring it to fulfilment! creating, and shaping our world and who we become. You possess an innate capacity that enables you to know and disposes you to choose that which is true and that which is good. You are capable of being partners with God within human history, of improving, by God’s grace, our own and other people’s lives, and of working for the coming of God’s reign in the world. Because our Catholic view of the world holds a tremendously positive outlook on life, the world, on creation and on culture, Loreto education disposes students to choose life and prepares them to have a life, as well as make a living. It ought to shape imaginations to see the potential and possibilities for themselves and for society, educating them to pay attention to life and the world around them, to look at everything with curiosity and appreciation and then to look through it all as well, ever alert for “the more than meets the eye.” It is to give a deep sense of stewardship toward nature, empowering partnership with God in caring for creation and enabling it to flourish. The Loreto education calls to build up community in both society and Church, teaching a profound respect for everyone, promoting people’s rights as neighbours and our responsibilities as

neighbours in ways which transcend ethnic and racial barriers, being open to the ‘other’, forging solidarity with all people.

For us to be faithful to our mission in Catholic

While constitutive purpose of all education is to promote knowledge – Edwina Gately suggests that education is more than knowledge and that it is knowledge and humility which lead to wisdom and that wisdom and love will lead to compassion. Humility, knowledge, wisdom, love and compassion, the humanising endeavour that it is Catholic education.

and if we have not given a preferential option for

education, every graduate of a Catholic school should emerge with a deep commitment to promoting the quality of life, to justice and protecting the integrity of creation. If graduates emerge with social biases and prejudices, then we have not given them a truly Catholic education the poor then we have been unfaithful to our mission. At its foundation, a Catholic school such as Loreto is education in faith in God as revealed to us in Jesus Christ. Plato described the function of the teacher as ‘turning the soul’ of students toward the true, the good and the beautiful, educating students to bring their lives to their faith and their faith to their lives. The first reading at Graduation Mass called us to live lives worthy of our vocations. Your vocation is found in that place “where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” As the Class of 2012 graduate from Loreto College, we pray that God, who has begun the good work in them, will bring it to fulfilment!

Just Briefly Catch up on snippets of news from around the College

Order of Australia Association Award Pat O’Shea Georgia Wren, a Year 10 student, is committed to social justice and student connectedness. It is these qualities that earned her the Order of Australia Association Student Citizenship Award, presented to her by then Mayor of Ballarat Cr. Mark Harris on Friday 5 October. Georgia is a very active member of the Loreto College social justice group, JPIC, where she has been a key organiser for several fundraising activities. She has ventured to St Albans to help with tutoring of Sudanese students, continuing a long family connection with African education. Georgia’s enthusiasm and positive approach to all school activities makes her a valuable contributor to her House committee.

Young scholars Matt Hustwaite Year 10 students Casie Jones and Lily Corboy are taking their academic enrichment further in 2013, having been selected for the University of Melbourne’s Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars Program. The Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars program is an academic enrichment program designed to support high-achieving Victorian and select New South Wales and South Australian border school students in realising their full potential. The program provides access to events, activities and resources to give students a head start into university. The program was established in 2007 and is named in honour of eminent scholar, leading educationalist and former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Melbourne, Professor Kwong Lee Dow.

Verity Vol. 21 December 2012 Pg 20

Year 10’s give back to the community Helena Spencer Our Year 10 students spent the last week of Term 3 giving back to their community and learning about different aspects of community service. The girls received visits from St Vincent de Paul, Caritias Australia and the REACH Foundation, along with spending the day with Conservation Volunteers cleaning up Victoria Park. They also were busy making packs to be distributed to those in need. The packs have been made from recycled materials and contain food, toiletries and handmade gift cards. Community Service Week concluded with their sleepout, as the girls put themselves in the shoes of the homeless. It was a cold and windy night and the girls found it to be a real eye-opening experience.

Art and design on display Matt Hustwaite

Loreto’s sporting stars take the spotlight Bridget Brady On 15 October, Loreto held its annual Sport Awards Night. It is a great chance to recognise those who have not only excelled in sport but also those who have actively committed to representing Loreto in the after school sport program for 2012. Guest speaker Nick O’Brien of the Essendon Football Club gave an insight to the girls of what it is like to be a professional athlete. He also had a clear message that no matter what your dream is, you should strive to achieve that. There were many awards given on the night that recognised commitment to sport, outstanding achievements in sport as well as the Year Level Sport Awards. This year’s recipients were: Year 7 Sportswoman Award Isabel Fraser Year 8 Sportswoman Award Lucy Wheatland Year 9 Sportswoman Award Greta Stevens and Ella Catterson Year 10 Sportswoman Award Millie Martin, Steph Mundy and Sophie Thomas Year 11 Sportswoman Award Elise Beynon and Annie Poulton Year 12 Sportswoman Award Cassie James Senior Sport Award Cassie James Pierre de Coubertin Award Anna Kelly It was a fantastic night and it is great to see that there are so many girls having a go at every possible sport from netball and rowing to croquet and lawn bowls. Mrs Megan Poulton is to be commended for the amount of time and effort she puts into this co-curricular program. It is evident from 2012 that next year will be an even bigger and better year for sport at Loreto.

A highlight of the College year, the VCE Art Exhibition and Fashion Parade took centre stage on Tuesday 16 October. Featuring works from Art, Studio Arts and Product Design & Technology students, the array of talents on display were testament to the quality of our Arts and Technology programs. Beginning with the launch of the Art Exhibition, special guest Ms Shelly Hinton, the Director of the Post Office Gallery, joined us and talked about her experiences and observations of the art world. Artworks on display ranged from canvas paintings and soft drink can animals to a unique art installation piece consisting of delicate paper birds.

The Mary’s Mount Centre Appeal Kerry Foss Excitement is building for the highly-anticipated Mary’s Mount Centre. As we move into the final stages of securing the building permit, we hope to hear news at some stage in Term 1 of when we will ‘break ground’. The Mary’s Mount Centre, with its 500 seat auditorium, music, drama and dance classrooms and studios, and a multi-media laboratory, will be state of the art. It will be a learning environment, a venue for College events and gatherings, and a space for creative contemplation and exhibition. While we are yet to formally launch the Mary’s Mount Centre Capital Appeal, we have been overwhelmed by the generosity of many families and past pupils who have already made contributions toward this project. We are well on the way to ensuring that our dream for the Mary’s Mount Centre is realised. Parents and past pupils will be invited to attend functions and information sessions in 2013. For further information please contact Kerry Foss, Fundraising and Community Relations Manager on 0428 743 599 or

The crowd then moved down to the hall for the Fashion Parade, where the skills of our Design & Technology and Studio Arts students were showcased on the catwalk. The imaginations of these budding designers must be limitless, as the outfits included a dress made of Starburst lolly wrappers and an environmental themed dress complete with its own water feature!

2012: Year 7 in Review Our Year 7 reporters give us the highlights of their first year at Loreto College Ballarat.

Year 7 Camp

Summer uniform

It was Term 1 and all the new Year 7’s were getting excited about their first Loreto camp. We got split up into Ward and Barry and Mornane and Mulhall. We were all excited and nervous about meeting new people, even though we knew it would help us.

This year at Loreto we have been given a new uniform. Currently, the Year 7’s have been wearing and showing off the lovely outfit and the rest of the school are gradually getting their own new ones.

At camp the Year 7’s participated in numerous fun activities that required teamwork and communication skills to make and meet new friends!! Some of these activities included canning, rock climbing, ropes courses, dances, skipping, treasure hunts and much more! “It was fun and there was always a lot of time to make friends” said Madison Venner. The aim of the camp was to be encouraged to make new friends and to put us out of our comfort zone and old friendship groups.

By Rachael Parrot, Stephanie Costigan, Chloe Peeters and Isabelle Freeman

On this camp many students succeeded in making new friends including those who were particularly shy. The teachers were helpful and supportive through this new time. Overall we had a fantastic camp full of adventures and lifetime memories.

Verity Vol. 21 December 2012 Pg 22

The dress is a blue colour with gold stripes running down it. It is a button-up dress with a nice collar at the top. We also wear the new, darker blue jumpers that have our crest embroidered in gold. The blazers have stayed mostly the same, but with a touch of gold added. “The Year 7’s are liking the new uniform as it is something different to try!”

Fun subjects At Loreto, Year 7’s study two languages – Japanese and French. After trying both of the languages throughout the year, you have to choose one to go on with from the following year. Meg Miller of 7 Blue enjoyed learning Japanese in 2012, choosing to continue with it in 2013. “Some find this language easier because of the number patterns, once you learn the characters you basically know all the Japanese words” she said. “Japanese is a great subject to learn. I’ve had a fantastic time studying Japanese and am choosing to continue on with it next year.” In Year 7, you also get the chance to participate in Materials Technology. This is really fun and something that most of us had not done before. In the one semester we took this subject we worked towards making a pair of boxer shorts and then a pencil case. When second semester begins you finish some subjects and start new ones. During semester two, 7 Yellow enjoyed doing Art with Ms Leigh. One of the pieces they completed was a Picasso face. They did this by drawing a large face with one side happy and one side sad, using color and triangles to create the effect. “We really enjoyed doing the Picassos” said Grace Mahar.

A ballerina since the age of four, Year 10 student Tayla Hughes has long aspired to be on the stage. She is now one step closer, having been accepted into the New Zealand School of Dance.

Graceful Girl Coming from a family full of basketballers, it was never expected that Tayla Hughes would go in a completely different direction. “I started playing basketball at age five, because my family are all about basketball. I just wasn’t good at it!” laughs Tayla. Around the same time though, Tayla’s parents put her in ballet classes as something to keep her occupied, and now from this, a career waiting to begin has sprung with Tayla being accepted into the New Zealand School of Dance. Verity Vol. 21 December 2012 Pg 24

Tayla comes across like any other Year 10 student. She is a little bit quiet, certainly unassuming and very much one to go with the flow. Beneath this relaxed exterior though, is a driven and disciplined performer, who dedicates hours and hours a week to her passion. An average week for Tayla involves jazz and song & dance classes on Mondays, with a group practice on Tuesdays. On Wednesdays, Tayla would leave school at lunchtime to take part in a special extension class run by Melbourne professionals, running until 8pm. Thursdays is a class for ballet exams, Fridays is a stretch class and the weekend involves all day classes. Looking at this near 20 hour schedule, it’s easy to forget that she is also juggling full time Year 10 studies as well. “It can be hard” says Taylah. “Every break I get at ballet I am studying, and if my classes start later I try to fit as much as I can in after school. Mum and Dad are good; they keep on me about keeping up to date with my homework.” The New Zealand School of Dance has a 45 year tradition as an intrinsic part of the country’s national heritage, established to prepare dancers for the Royal New Zealand Ballet. Life with this company is full time, with the days of intensive training commencing at 8:30am and finishing at 5:30pm. At just age 16, Tayla is the youngest member of the company, with many of the other performers being 18 and up and having completed school. This will make life somewhat different for her, compared to the average 16 year old. “I still plan to do school via long distance and I will live in a dorm, but not on res” explains Tayla. “I’ll be going over by myself, as my family are staying here in Australia. I’m really excited to be going over there at the moment, but I think once I get there it will hit me. I haven’t gone over there yet, my first time will be when I start.“ Since dedicating herself to the competitive side of ballet as she worked towards a career, Tayla has grown a strong appreciation for family time, something which can be scarce considering her schedule. “I don’t really have time for many other interests, my life is all about dance” she says. “But I love to spend time with my Dad. We just go for bike rides and walking to wind down and relax. I like to take advantage of all of the family time I can get.” Like many ballet aficionados, Tayla has seen countless ballets. Her favourite ballet is the classic Swan Lake, for its spectacular nature. As for an idol though, it is a ballerina closer to home that Tayla looks up to. “Olivia Bell is the principal at the Australian Ballet Company. She is really tall like me!” says Tayla. “I’ve never met her though, she actually has just had a baby so she isn’t dancing at the moment, but when I go to the ballet I enjoy seeing Lucinda Dunn and Madeline East performing.” At the rate she is going though, it would seem that it may not be too long until Tayla is gracing the stages, perhaps with her idol by her side.

Verity Vol. 21 December 2012 Pg 26

Every break I get at ballet I am studying, and if my classes start later I try to fit as much as I can in after school. Mum and Dad are good; they keep on me about keeping up to date with my homework.

Past Pupils From the Association President


It’s December and the season of farewells and “moving on”. The Liturgy to mark the end of the presence of a community of the IBVM in Sturt Street was filled with memories and thanksgiving and appreciation. Our Loreto story enfolds us in the stones and bricks of our beautiful buildings and chapel and in the living stories and values of a 400 year tradition of the education of women. I spoke to the Year 12 girls as they were about to move into the future and asked them to look at the sculpture of Mary Ward as she strides towards the front gate. This intrepid woman carries a backpack. What will be in the Loreto backpack they will carry throughout their lives? We trust that their backpacks will be crammed with happy memories of their schooldays, of friendships and the love of learning and that the values of justice and freedom will be a light burden to sustain them.

In 2013, the reunion weekend will be Saturday May 25 and Sunday May 26. Every year we hold First Year Out, 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 year reunions. If you are from the Class of 2012, 2003, 1993, 1983, 1973 or 1963, we would love to hear from you. It is important that we find lost friends to ensure that each person receives an invitation. If you are interested in helping or just want to get in touch, please contact the Development Office via email at development@ The Past Pupils Association AGM will be held on Sunday May 26.

Our annual November Mass of Remembrance was attended by a small group as we remembered all those of the extended Loreto family who have “moved on” to eternal life. We enjoyed a light meal and were told of the varied activities of the current school community by Ms Potter. I was delighted to introduce the recipients of our Visual and Performing Arts scholarships, Charlotte Crowley and Anna Foo, and to “interview” them about their plans for the future. Our older past pupils appreciate this opportunity to meet and chat with the girls. A recent “tradition” is the signing of Christmas cards to be sent to the Sisters who have “moved” into aged care facilities. With December our thoughts turn to the offering and receiving of gifts. Our committee will present the gift of a lasting floral arrangement for the community dining room of the Sisters’ new residence in Webster Street and a gift to the new Archives Centre in the former Kindergarten building. Let us remember that Christmas is not just about boxes and parcels wrapped in colourful paper and ribbons. Let us share, in friendship, a word, a visit, a telephone call, an email but, above all to share freely the gifts and talents nurtured during our years at Loreto. Meg Barry - President

Doing great things Verity Vol. 21 December 2012 Pg 28

Stretch out your hand and help the pupils of today become the leaders of tomorrow Maria Myers OA (1964), Jill Fenwick (1964) and Jan Stephen (1965) invite all 1950-1979 past pupils of Loreto Abbey Mary’s Mount, Loreto convent Dawson Street and Loreto College, Ballarat, to join them in a celebration of friendship and to hear our Principal, Ms. Judith Potter, talk briefly about the ‘Mary’s Mount Centre’.

Sunday 17 March 2013 From 6.00-8.00 pm At St Mary’s College, Swanston St, Parkville Mark the date in your diaries, contact your old friends and arrange to come together. Invitations will be sent out in the New Year.


2012 could easily be described as a dream year for an archivist, as our own Michael Taffe explains.

By Michael Taffe - Loreto College Ballarat Archivist

What an exciting year to be at the archives of Loreto College Ballarat! After the excitement of the Mary Ward quarto-centenary, 135th of Loreto Ballarat and Australia in 2009 and 2010 I would not have believed that we could have a more exciting year. But 2012 has been marked with significant milestones. The first part of the year saw several significant donations made to Loreto Ballarat. The first of these was the Bell bequest of letters, documents and images of Loreto 1890s-1920s. This is a remarkable school/family archive which shows the relationship between one family and the Loreto lifestyle through two generations. This was followed by the gift of a Nornie Gude portrait to the College. Nornie and her sister had been students here and their father Walter, Director of Music for many years. Added to this, there are members of the extended family students here today. The third major donation was a well-documented photo album of Mary Martin Loreto Abbey Ballarat. This album had some wonderful images of Loreto Ballarat in the 1920s including photos of Lucy Kerley who has herself been a great benefactor to the College. It has been a blessed year for donations.. In March we had an official farewell to our Bishop, Peter Connors following the first Mass and Assembly for 2012. The second half of the year saw a change of pace and the highlights included the visit from the Schools Special Interest Group from the Victorian Society of Archivists. This visit in August brought a new appreciation for what we have and the work we do here at Loreto College Archives. This visit was followed by another historic event in the departure of the sisters from Loreto Convent Mary’s Mount and the farewell from all here at the College. In the meantime we had the building of a new congregational archive and a new Loreto Province Archive Centre, with the old St Anne’s primary school and kindergarten restructured as an interpretive and display centre. The new face of the Archive will now be at the Loreto Province Archive Centre by the front gate. The state-of-the-art archive offers functional research capability, especially for staff, past pupils and their families. In October a new Bishop of Ballarat was installed with Loreto College girls represented in the choir at the episcopal ordination. That was 2012 and Christmas is upon us. What can the archive tell us of Christmas at Loreto Ballarat over the years?

Thank you Ed After 28 years of dedicated service we farewell Mr Ed Murphy, an educator who has left an undeniable legacy First and last, Ed Murphy is a committed educator. Just two days before his retirement he was still sharing expertise in professional development sessions. Talking to two former students of Mr Ed Murphy, who have both gone on to become teachers of psychology, you see their faces light up. They speak about how inspiring an educator he was and how he enabled them to believe in themselves and what they could achieve. It is stories like these, and the many more

that the hundreds of students, colleagues and parents who have interacted with Ed have, that justify his reputation as an admired and respected educator. “I taught my first class, grade six boys, in 1969, so you could say that I have been a teacher for 43 years” said Ed in his speech to the audience at his farewell. “In that time you think that I would have accumulated trunkloads of wisdom, yet as I finish my career I am struggling to think of any pearls that I can

Verity Vol. 21 December 2012 Pg 30

pass on to you, the younger generation.” Ed is certainly understating himself though, as his career as an educator has left an undeniable mark on the lives of many. It comes down to one of his key values as a teacher – “know why you are doing the job”. He grew up in a migrant family with 3 siblings who he says had two things going for them. Those two things were parents who believed in hard work and education and teachers who believed in hard work and education. “For four decades my personal mission has been to give working class kids the opportunity of

something better. That mission gives my career meaning” says Ed. “It was hard work and education that got all four of my parent’s kids to lives of relative ease and wealth.” Ed joined Loreto College in 1985, after writing a letter to then Principal Sister Bernadette Ziesing. She remembers receiving the letter in the middle of the year, a busy time, but she also remembers the response from fellow Catholic principals when she mentioned his letter. “Don’t let him slip through your fingers! The feedback was all positive” she recalls.

Ed would go on to become a Deputy Principal, Head of House, Year Level Coordinator and Acting Principal of 18 months, amongst many other responsibilities. He also leaves a legacy with the loved Loreto rings, and our property at Nowhere Creek. Now, he is ready to begin a new phase of life. “I look forward to the next stage in my life. I would like to thank all those who have made this stage so enjoyable and fulfilling” he says. “I have long thought that life had only three stages: childhood, adolescence and busy-ness. I am looking forward to discovering the fourth…. It will be called peace and serenity.” Everyone at Loreto College Ballarat thanks you Ed. We salute you!

And you are? Get to know members of the Loreto community that you may not be acquainted with yet. This edition, we get to know our Rowing Coordinator Mr. Nathan Sims. Verity: Give us an overview of the Rowing Program Nathan. Nathan Sims: Rowing at Loreto has grown from strength to strength with 1 in 7 girls at the school trying out for a spot in the program. We are fortunate enough to have 25 volunteer coaches who devote many hours to the program. The boat shed now has 9 rowing boats, 4 motor boats and an array of other rowing equipment. The girls from Years 8 to 12 train both morning and nights in all conditions. Verity: Did you have a background in rowing before taking this position? Nathan Sims: Before starting at Loreto I rowed and coached at the secondary school that I attended and looking back I have just ticked over 15 years of being on the lake. Verity: How do you approach coaching our crews? Nathan Sims: I once had a rower that said I was like a duck on water, everything is calm on the top however underneath my legs are working at a great pace. I try and continue this approach everyday of keeping cool-headed, composed and professional so as the rowers and coaches can get on with the job that needs doing.

Verity: As well as heading up our Rowing Program, you are also our Activities Facilitator. What does that role entail? Nathan Sims: This is a great role that I also do within the school. It involves preparing for and supervising various camps, retreats and excursions. I then attend these activities to assist with supervision. Verity: It seems you are always getting dobbed in by the girls for their entertaining exploits. This year we’ve seen you dance at assembly, get soaked with water and taking the stage at the arts festival.

Nathan Sims: Yes Verity, it’s been a busy year and let’s not forget winning the hobby horse race recently. Verity: How could we forget! This is certainly different from a normal workplace, how do you find this working environment? Nathan Sims: What’s not to enjoy about working at Loreto? My role allows me to watch the sun rise from the lake at 6am and then be inside later in the day listening to talented young women sing, dance, play music and laugh. Everyone’s main focus is centered on the girls getting the most out of themselves. Verity: What are you most looking forward to this rowing season? Nathan Sims: All I ever ask of the rowers is to try their best and we will see what happens. Last year saw us finish one point behind the premiership at Head of the Lake day and hopefully get that elusive victory. Apart from this I am looking forward to seeing the girls develop and learn some lifelong skills from rowing.

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Verity - December 2012  

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Verity - December 2012  

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