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‘LEBEN AN UND MIT DER ELBE’ : Study of an housing unit in Magdeburg | Academic Year 2008/2009 in collaboration with Irene Graziano Supervisor : Profesor Antonio D’Auria | Assistant supervisor : Arch. Roberto Masini After an historical research on the evolution of housing in the latest two centuries and an analysis of contemporary society and trends, me and my partner selected 4 points or concepts on which to develop our project: -FLEXIBILITY -MINIMIZATION OF CONNECTIVE SPACE -EQUAL PRIVILEGES FOR ALL THE UNITS -DIVERSIFICATION the first two points present a continuity with the research started by modern architecture while the last two are reflecting major needings of our time. A typological analysis followed, to find out the best distribution scheme to respect both our points and the limitation of the selected project area. The result was a linear arrangement. We first studied the idea of a deck access to the apartment and we defined: -USE OF DUPLEX, to save connective space -USE OF A SERVICES AREA, to improve flexibility The final step was moving to the central corridor distribution scheme, that allowed best space use, and studying various design option for granting same privilege to all apartment.

Deck access typology

Two of the studied distributions

Final Solution : Base Housing Unit

Units typology

Possible combination of Units

Possible evolution of the Units depending on family changes

After defining our modular system theoretically, we wanted it to fit the concrete situation of our housing project for the German city of Magdeburg. The area of the competition was situated on a little island in the middle of the river Elbe, at the border with the main park of the city. The metaphorical reference that we decided to adopt is with the Citadel, the most important fortress of Magdeburg, that was originally located in that area but destroyed many times like the whole city. We wanted to underline the importance of the military theme, a major issue in the history of the city, so strategically situated on the main ford on the river Elbe. We gave the complex a pentagonal form, typical of Renaissance’s fortresses, and we designed the façades toward the city as a zinc armour with castle-like windows. The idea of destruction instead, comes with the upside down part that contain the cultural centre. The fortress was instead completely opened toward the river and the park, to grant a connection with nature and with the history of the city with a spectacular view of the dome of Magdeburg. Because of that, we used glass for the façades looking on the square, a reference to the river and a reflecting surface that multiplies the green area of the park. The façades show as well the modular dynamic of the internal composition, with a little outward movement of the units. Finally, some units were removed to reduce the idea of impenetrability of the complex and invite people to discover what is on the other side of the wall.

Elevation of the western faรงade

Concept of the faรงade facing the square and the river

Elevation of the northern faรงade

Concept of the faรงade facing the city

Transversal Section of the northern block

Transversal Section of the eastern block Plan level +57,3 m

Section of the differents levels of the square

Works done during the intership by Stephan Braunfels Architekten, Berlin | year 2008 Allplan / Illustrator / Photoshop

Plan,section and Polystyrene Model for the University of Kassel’s competition

Plan and Sections for the Schloß Berlin competition

Sections for the Theater of Köln’s competition

Works done for LOC Arquitectos, Madrid | year 2010 Autocad / Rhinoceros / Vraz / Photoshop

Renders of the PAD House, Mallorca

Renders of ICEX stand at Barcelona Fair

Plan and elevation of the Balearic Islands stand at Madrid Fair

Competition Aperto 2012, “Abitare minimo sulle Alpi” | year 2012 with Ana Rodriguez Cabañas

Competition to create a minimum size, self sufficient and sustainable shelter in the Italian Alps. Gathering around a fire is one of the most ancient way of being together. The central element of fire brings the idea of circle, a space that hugs and protect you. Starting from the idea of a central element like source of heat, we devenloped the main idea of the project, a multifunctional space for four people that could be used like a place for beeing together, cooking, eat and sleep. At the entrace you can leave your backpack and wash or drink drinkable water from the integrated sink. The same furniture hide all the technical element.

lato nord completamente chiuso. l’ asse può ruotare max 10° est o ovest


2 3 4

sfruttamento dell’energia solare fotovoltaica. pannelli fv (1), regolatore di carica (2), batteria di accumulo (3), inverter (4)

la presenza di materiali a cambio di fase (pcm) aumenta l’inerzia termica della copertura mantenendo più a lungo l’ambiente a una temperatura di comfort isolante/impermeabilizante in fibra di legno. reciclabile e non tossico. il volume compatto evita perdita di calore

3 2 1

sfruttamento precipitazioni (pioggia e neve): vasca di accumulo (1), depuratore (2), lavandino (3).

vetro a controllo solare evita perdite di calore attraverso la finestra

Competition Boiart 2012, “Case sugli alberi per la Malga Boiara” [Cles, TN] | year 2012 with Officina S.

The composition of the hanging tree huts with the overpassing walkway reflects the structure of a music score, an homage to the music festival that every summer take place outside the “Malga Boiara”. The roof access gives the hanging units maximum floor usage, and create an outside space that can be used like a gathering point to eat or drink. The unit offer a 130 cm wide bed with storage space under it, and a panoramic window were yuo can sit with your feets flying over the forest ground! Climbing down you can find the bathroom unit, common to more units. The materials used are all natural and offer a perfect comfort in summer and mid-season.


Design of a Workstation for an Modular Office-unit | Academic year 2007/08 Rhinoceros / V-Ray / illustrator / Photoshop

Entrance Working Space (22 mq) Screen for presentations

Team work (2)

Shelves for manuals and archives Relax space/informal meetings/ welcome place (14 mq) Air conditioning cold/hot Shelf for common use devices -fax/printer/scanner/photocopy -espresso machine -microwave and food

Individual work

Team work (6) /Meetings

Individual work


Team work (6) /Meetings

Design project for a new theater seat at Komische Oper, Stephan Braunfels Architekten, Berlin | year 2008 with Annamaria Cattaneo

gebeugte Holzabdeckung auf der Aluminium Kanal für jede Reihe (20 bis 40 Stühle) Radius min = 10 mt


Äußerster Stuhl

jede 3-Stühle-Gruppe : gebeugte Holzfournier jeder Stuhl: Radius min = 10 mt einzelne gerade Rücklehne

Polster 30


60 490

30 490









550 Armlehnentiefe


gebeugte Holzabdeckung (30x10 mm) auf der Aluminium Kanal montiert



Äußerster Stuhl



Figaro System: Aluminium Kanal + gebeugtes Holzfournier Schutzhaube (ganze Reihe) (3 Stühle)

50 580




gebeugtes Holzfournier (3 Stühle) einzelne Rücklehne mit Holzfurnier bedeckt (jeder Stuhl) R=2.38 mt.


gebeugte Holzabdeckung (ganze Reihe)


450 Sitzhöhe



einzelne Rücklehne mit Holzfurnier bedeckt (jede Stühle)


350 820


H I E D R A, the climbing lamp | year 2011 Autocad / Rhinoceros / Photoshop / Illustrator

H I E D R A, is a led reading lamp, that like a climbing plant, use existing structure to held itself, adpating its structure to different kind of furniture. The lamp is made of a soft silicon hose with a wire in the inside that permit the user to form the lamp to any shape he likes, giving a creative component to the object. The switch is integrated in the head (you just have to press the screen) and the transformer is integreted in the plug. There is as well the possibility of a portable version and a colored collection.

M O V I N G , design of a bookcase/box system for quick moves | year 2011 Autocad / Rhinoceros / Photoshop / Illustrator

- You don’t have to move the content from the shelves - the units componing the bookcase are used like moving boxes





















31,8 62









The materials used (Re board and Dibond) are extremily light and resistent. They are SUSTAINABLE for environment, because they are made from recicled material and they are fully recyclables. DETTAILLE CIERRE DETTAILLE CIERRE They can be directly printed, giving a wide range of design and customization posibilities.

MODULO B 32 x 32 cm 1,4 kg


MODULO B 32 x 32 cm 1,4 kg

MODULO A 32 x 64 cm 2,5 kg

O N L I N E , design of a bench for working in public spaces | year 2010 POG ARCHITECTURE O N L I N E is a public bench which flexible design, permits different uses for different pople. It can be used like a normal bench or like a table, for working outside with your laptop or to have lunch in a park. It’s a modular system that permit a wide range of combination. The hole in the upper part permit the integration of different elements (like lamps, ashtrays, solar panels) and the variety of color for the seats break the greyness of the city.



O N L I N E es un b gracias a su extrem de usuarios.

O N L I N E es un s desde un asiento in

O N L I N E permit zos, que lo pueden AdemĂĄs el asiento y urbano.

“SUN LAB 2011” Exposition of ON LINE bench in the outdoor furniture fair SUN in Rimini (IT) POG ARCHITECTURE

HANG ON, design of a modular shelves system made of recycled wooden clothes hanger - AVIABLE ON-LINE POG ARCHITECTURE HANG ON is a shelves system designed to give a new use to dismissed clothes hangers.

Its meant to be used in retail, where its eye-catching shape and its presence alone can give a personality and a new look to a room or a shop window. Assemblying more or less 4-hangers modules gives a different deep to each unit. You can join more units to create a personal composition to fit your space. The construction system is easy and fast and consist in making two holes at the tips of the hanger to join more elements with a threaded bar and a screw. The connection between different units take advantage of the already existing hooks.

“SINTESI 2011” Exposition of the project HANG ON, a modular shelves system made of recycled wooden clothes hanger POG ARCHITECTURE



Corporative elements for PERFUMES LOEWE s.a., LVMH group | Year 2011/2012 I was asked to devenlop a series of corporative elements that should resist in time and permit to expose and glorify different fragances of the label. The color code is a transition between the old and the new image of perfumes Loewe, to permit is colocation in new and old stands. The metal flap permit to update the visual at every launch, simply changing it trought a magnet system .

Counter tester holder for PERFUMES LOEWE s.a., LVMH group | Year 2011/2012 The old counter tester holder had to be expanded in order to occupy the whole counter surface and gain visibility. I devenloped a distribution that permits a better and quicker understanding of the products lines, putting the new launch in a central position with masculine fragances on one side and femenines at the other. The logo indentify the brand and the blotters holder make the use of testers easier. Every product line has its own transparent base backlighted directly from the counter’s light and with a dark black frame that correctly glorify all of the products. A more compact solution was also devenloped for smaller counters.

POS elements and LAUNCH spaces for the line “La Colección” for PERFUMES LOEWE s.a., LVMH group | Year 2011/2012 “La Colleción” is an exclusive line that Loewe designed specifically to be sold in fashion butiques that was launch in Harrod’s (London). I had to design the launch space and help devenloping the POS elements: a counter glorifier and a standing glorifier. The choosen reference was the exclusive packaging designed for the product.

LAUNCH spaces for the line “Quizás, Quizás, Quizás Pasión” for PERFUMES LOEWE s.a., LVMH group | Year 2011/2012

Adaptation of the art deco concept designed for launch spaces for two particular spaces in Madrid Airport. The big space was intended to give the sensation of actually entering the tv spot (that was playing on a big screen), thanks to material and spot’elements. The small one had to be a 360° visible and appealing element.

LAUNCH spaces for the 40th aniversary of PERFUMES LOEWE s.a., LVMH group | Year 2011/2012 For the 40th aniversary of Perfumes Loewe, the company planed a series of events and a specific collection of historical fragrances repacked for the occasion in 40 ml bottles. They requested ideas for two promotional spaces in Sephora: one in Barcelona and the other in Madrid. The proposal intend to transform the given space in a cronological gallery that take the costumer down the history of the company trough devenlopment sketches of bottles, old advertisement and fragances that made Perfumes Loewe so popular allover the years.


Renders for a Structural engineering Thesis | Freelance work | year 2009 Rhinoceros / v-Ray / Photoshop

Renders for a 3d visualization exam| Freelance work | year 2011 Rhinoceros / v-Ray / Photoshop

Renders for an Architecture Thesis | Freelance work | year 2012 Rhinoceros / v-Ray / Photoshop

Renders for an Architecture Thesis | Freelance work | year 2013 Rhinoceros / v-Ray / Photoshop

Renders for an Architecture Thesis | Freelance work | year 2013 3D studio max / v-Ray / Photoshop


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