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I do not sleep for a football game. But now they are healed. You can think when a psychologist analyzes all bringing back all childhood or adolescence. In my case it did. It was a Sunday, i think fall, I had followed in love one of my classmates, i had eyes only for her. Green eyes, beautiful face , it was almost ' magical ' . Maybe too much for me . I sent them a ticket blunt ' I like to go crazy ' , not even hoping to be reciprocated . It did not. He told me to visit her. He lived in a village between Florence and Siena. There was a problem, it was the day of Juventus- Fiorentina . I came to her, kissed her , and it was beautiful. Start the game. She told me: "Look Fiorentina like me ... let's make a time for a ... ". In a few minutes the Fiorentina took 2 to 0. I took this girl and we rolled filling up with kisses onto the rear garden dell'Acli. It was perhaps the happiest day of my first 15 years. Then turned back on the radio , Juventus drew at that time . End spell. She about it: " Go , so it's not like before." I picked up the radio and m'incollai... at some point a launch, Toldo came out of the neck DelPiero, who built the outer 3 to 2 to lob. Those sweet kisses became bitter, the dream turned into a nightmare. She did not understand and you get mad ' in silence. I was furious with Del Piero. Cracked my first story with a girl. This is football , this is Fiorentina - Juventus and this is me... purple force. My first love: Elisa or Fiorentina?


Soccer and Love: Elisa and Fiorentina

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