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Facebook Offers Distribute special discounts and rewards through your Facebook Page

Creating offers on Facebook is an easy way to encourage sharing between your fans and their friends, which creates stories that can be seen in the news feed on both desktop and mobile.

Facebook Offers can help you:


Drive people to your business


Reach new people and engage your most loyal customers


Get discovered as people share your offer Customers will see your offers on desktop and on mobile

with friends

How Facebook Offers works 1

Create your offer

Customers claim your offer



Customers redeem your offer

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Anatomy of a great offer

Make offer compelling: Substantial offers, such as "buy 1 get 1 free", or discounts of >20% work best1. Specs: 60-90 characters work best.

Use engaging images: Photos of people using you poduct peform best. Specs: 100 by 100 pixels.

Make your offer exclusive to Facebook: Exclusivity to Facebook increases engagement and loyalty.

Set a reasonable expiration date: Allow time for your offer to spread by word of mouth in people's news feeds.

Re-share every 2-3 days: Re-share your offer instead of creating a duplicate one so you can easily track its success using one set of metrics.

Keep things simple and direct : Lead with the terms of the offer and avoid adding confusing terms and conditions.

How to create your Offer 1. Create a great offer through your Page Select "Offer" from the Page composer box and enter your offer details, run date, terms and conditions.

Offer photo

Offer cap Offer terms

2. People claim and share with friends Customers will receive an email confirmation with the offer that they can use at your business.

This email also allows people to share the offer and like your business on Facebook

Offer details

End date

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Promoting your offer Promote your offer to customers and their friends 1) Think of your target customers 2) Use ads and sponsored stories to distribute your offer 3) Use Page Insights in the admin panel of your Page to view engagement for your offer 4) Check the offer itself on your Page to view claim rates

Go to: to learn more about ads and sponsored stories

How ads and sponsored stories will help you reach more customers 845 Million People on Facebook

Use ads and sponsored stories to reach your fans' friends

Reach some fans through your Page

After creating and posting your offer on your Facebook Page, your fans will be able to see and claim it on your Page and in their News Feed. However, Pages on Facebook organically reach only about 16% of their fans on average * Solution: Ads and sponsored stories ensure that more fans, their friends, and even people who aren't yet your fans will see your offer. *An average over a 7-day period. Weekly reach varies by Page.

Checklist 1. Train employees about your offer Ensure a great customer experience. Make sure your employees know how to honor your offer. 2. Advertise your offer Reach more potential customers and drive further engagement through ads and sponsored stories.

3. Pin your offer to the top of your Page Pin your offer to the top of your Page to make it more visible and accessible. 4. Learn what's working with Page Insights Pay attention to the metrics on your offer to learn what kind of discounts customers respond to.

5. Respond to customer questions and feedback Respond to questions or feedback from your customers on your Facebook Page.

Facebook Offers Guide  

Create offers on Facebook - Manual

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