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Danfoss Recruitment Concept © Copyrighted by Gokhan Tufekci – Lorenzo Ghini

Danfoss Recruitment Concept Danfoss Recruitment Offline and Online Communication Concept

02 – 12 – 2010

Editor: Gokhan Tufekci Lorenzo Ghini

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Danfoss Recruitment Concept © Copyrighted by Gokhan Tufekci – Lorenzo Ghini


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Danfoss Recruitment Concept © Copyrighted by Gokhan Tufekci – Lorenzo Ghini

Team Background Lorenzo Ghini Lorenzo Ghini graduated in Pisa University (Faculty of Communication Sciences) and later came to study in Università della Svizzera Italiana where he started a master in Technologies for Human Communication. He is currently working since february in ticinoinfo sa as Online Manager Assistant. From 1st January 2011 his position will be Online Junior Manager.

Gokhan Tufekci Gokhan Tufekci graduated from Faculty of Economics in Turkey. He is currently studying the master in Management in Università della Svizzera Italiana. He worked for one and a half year in Arkas as Marketing Assistant.


Danfoss Recruitment Concept © Copyrighted by Gokhan Tufekci – Lorenzo Ghini

Executive Summary In this project our aim is to rebuild the Recruitment System for Danfoss. We targeted several key messages in order to attract new talented and passionate people to work for the company. The most important messages are: 1. Feel Free to Create 2. Danfoss cares about you 3. Danfoss is open to innovation 4. You come to us (offline) 5. We come to you (online) During the first phase of the project we focused on the needs and dimensions of Danfoss Company, as it is a company with 26.000 employees with departments all over the world that needed basically a recruitment concept for three categories of workers: 1 – Engineers 2 – Economists 3 – Blue Collar (China) We therefore developed the two parts of the document: The offline proposal that goes to fulfill the needs of an Application Recruitment Strategy focused on the University Channel and Educational Institutes. The online proposal that meets the Danfoss needs of discovering the use of alternative media channels such as: a. Employment Online Agencies (public or private) b. Business Oriented Social Networking Sites c. Business Oriented Websites d. Web 2.0


Danfoss Recruitment Concept © Copyrighted by Gokhan Tufekci – Lorenzo Ghini

Both in the first and in the second case we intended the Recruitment Danfoss Concept as a challenge. In the first case the challenge is between Universities and Students. In the second case the challenge is the development of a unique innovative system to manage online Job Worldwide. As a result, we designed a concept that takes advantage and integrates offline and online media.

Offline Communication Concept for Danfoss Offline recruitment ideas are very important in order to find the most suitable employees for the company. Especially if the company is targeting talented people, offline recruitment ideas are useful to make elimination between several candidates. This is a long and difficult process; however the results and the efficiency are higher. In this section we listed several ideas for making the offline selection and possible ways to increase the efficiency of this process. On the other hand we provided some ideas for the optimum timing and how to attract people to these projects. During these parts we are sticking to Danfoss brand image and try to direct our key messages for the recruitment. “Danfoss cares about you” and “Feel free to create” are the two main messages that we decided and we are trying to find best possible ways to give this message. In offline recruitment our ideas based on the mentality of “you come to us” methods. According to that offline and online communication methods are working together, we will inform the people about the opportunities in Danfoss and make them contact with us. Below we are listing several packages which even can be applied one by one or as a whole.


Danfoss Recruitment Concept © Copyrighted by Gokhan Tufekci – Lorenzo Ghini


a. Strategy This idea comes from choosing talented people who are continuing their education in universities. Danfoss can make a competition between the students of the best universities and also gives reward for the best project. Mainly we are focusing on attracting white collars such as engineers with these kinds of projects. Before planning the challenge we need to choose several universities to focus and we decided the institutes which are related with our aims. Lately we need to find a contact with these institutes and call them for collaboration, so that they can direct their students to our challenge. We can use our online communication channels to reach more students worldwide combined with university radio and university newspapers. Online communication tools will inform the students about such an opportunity and challenge via social communication channels such as Facebook and Youtube. The challenge can be about finding alternative energy sources and producing new energy engines and we will not set specific goals and rules for the competition, so that we can give the message of “feel free to create” to the participants. In order to increase the attractiveness of this challenge Danfoss can set a reward for the winner. During this competition we will ask the participants to create a prototype of their proposal and send it to us. So that we can decide on the best and most feasible project discovering talented people in the universities. b. Execution As we mentioned for this project the communication with universities and institutes are mandatory. All the universities are in need to proving their talented students so this competition is a good chance for them to participate. Regarding that our main communication channel is a project coordinator who can contact with the universities and inform them about such a challenge. This project coordinator should define about the institutes and the professors to contact and make the connection, inform them about the event. Also this idea should be published in the online channels because maybe it is not possible to find contact with all the important universities and students worldwide. Before the connection with 6

Danfoss Recruitment Concept © Copyrighted by Gokhan Tufekci – Lorenzo Ghini

universities we should create a jury which will test the ideas and set the rules for such a competition and this jury should be made up off from engineers and economist inside the Danfoss Company. According to the rules and regulations of the challenge, project coordinator will collect the first applications and eliminate the ones who are not adapt to Danfoss concept and take the others to the second phase which is creating the prototype that will be evaluated by Jury in order to decide a final winner. Considering that we are focusing on students and we also require a prototype the deadline should not be short term and we can give eight or ten weeks for applicants to finish the project. On the other hand the communication process, defining the goals and rules and making final decision will also take around six to eight weeks. For the process we don’t need to diversify a department or employees for the challenge however we can publish some documents, handouts and posters for universities and this can be perceived as the major cost of the project. In addition to that cost we will also give reward for the winner which we will decide according to the size and the concept of the project and we will have offline communication costs. c. Adaptation This project works global so that we don’t need to make different adaptation approaches for the different countries. However we can say that mostly the universities in USA will interest with such a challenge due to competition between each others. Also in Denmark, Danfoss has the chance to show that it is as strong as before and even have possibility to support university students. d. Expected Result Basically what we expected from this challenge is to find out talented engineers and economists who are still continuing their education in universities. We inform the students and institutes about such a competition we take their attention and we offer them a reward for their projects. Even if they don’t participate they will remember the Danfoss name in the future and in their professional career which is a plus for Danfoss. Secondly we provide several CV and data from the participants and we can contact them if there will be a need for 7

Danfoss Recruitment Concept © Copyrighted by Gokhan Tufekci – Lorenzo Ghini

recruitment. Moreover, we have seen different project and prototypes and the way the students worked together. This method is very efficient especially in order to see the abilities of engineering students. The competition helps us to create a brand image among university students who are studying in the same field with Danfoss and show them what they can do if they work for Danfoss. We can send our messages directly to the talented students, let them create something for Danfoss and we make them know about how innovative and creative we are. This was one of the main points when we were thinking about reshaping Danfoss recruitment concept: “feel free to create”. Another reason to make us believe that this competition is suitable for Danfoss is that we are not only looking for talented people but also passionate students who are in desire of creative and innovative ideas. FIELD PROJECT a. Strategy Field projects are another method to find out the students who will be the future employees of Danfoss. As we already know in the universities these field projects are perceived as courses in order to give students experience about what kind of problems they will face in the business life and how to solve it. The difference from University Challenge is that Danfoss will give a specific problem to the students and wanted them to find a solution for the problem. The contact with institutes and professors are important in field project due to fact that the field project are done with a group of students and a tutor. After we had the connection with the institutes and they accept to take us their field project group we will give a specific problem to the students. University will decide on a group of students to work for us and with these students Danfoss employees will make several meetings in order to share ideas and find possible solutions. In that process our aim is not only to make them solve our problems or give us consultancy but we have the chance to test how quick they are in creating solutions.

b. Execution This process does not require any media tools to use. However, if we inform the local newspapers and radio in the end of the project we can give the impression that “Danfoss care 8

Danfoss Recruitment Concept © Copyrighted by Gokhan Tufekci – Lorenzo Ghini

about your ideas”. As we mentioned field projects are perceived as a coursework so it should consists one academic term which is around twelve weeks. We will only direct one human resource analyst and one employee who is connected with the department where we decided the field project take place. Students will work in their universities or places and with the company they will only make several meetings so we don’t need to specify a group of employee for this package. However our aim is to analyze the students and get information from them so that one human resources analyst must take place in the meetings. Moreover, Danfoss has no costs in this project other than the transportation cost of the students from the university to where the meeting will take place. The meetings can take place in one office of Danfoss depending on the project and what we demand from students we can prepare very small amount of budget for the unexpected costs. c. Adaptation The adaptation process doesn’t differ from different cultures and nations. The only problem is the academic calendar and which universities accept field projects. d. Expected Result The communication with the university students helping them to know about Danfoss is the main expectation from this project. We will have a group of students who work for Danfoss and we will have direct communication with them. We can justify some of the students who are eligible in problem solving and who has managing skills because group works always need a team leader. Moreover we have chance to tell them what is Danfoss and we should keep in mind that in fact we are not only telling this to one group of student but all students in the same university with the effect of “word of mouth”. We let them to see the working environment inside the company. These kinds of projects are attractive for institutes of economy, management and marketing.


Danfoss Recruitment Concept © Copyrighted by Gokhan Tufekci – Lorenzo Ghini



In scholarship we require direct communication with the students and the level of communication is higher than all the other methods except internship project. The process will work with several steps like:  Danfoss will announce its scholarship budget for the successful students per academic season or per year.  Direct the student to an application office with their curriculum vitae, with a cover letter and with their transcript from the university which shows their grades in the university.  Danfoss human resources department will make elimination and provide several scholarship possibilities for the students who are successful and have a good educational career.  On the other hand with the help of Danfoss Information Filtering System (page 17) we will record the CV of the applicants to use in the future.

b. Execution For this process we need to have one coordinator in order to contact with the students directly. As we already mentioned scholarship process requires one to one contact and also the coordinator should keep following the students. Because giving scholarship is an ongoing process and afterwards coordinator needs to follow the student and his/her grades. This employee can be someone from human resources department because we also need to eliminate the applications and choose the best possible applicants and this process is directly linked with human resources department. On the other hand scholarship budget can be decided by the managing board and the human resources department should be informed about this budget in order to decide the number of students.


Danfoss Recruitment Concept © Copyrighted by Gokhan Tufekci – Lorenzo Ghini



Adaptation and differentiation for different regions is mandatory for this package. Because different countries have different GDP and this should affect the scholarship fee. For instance in USA and in China the average student expenses are very different. The coordinator must take into consideration all these different factors in order to decide the optimum level of scholarship for the students. Despite the fact that we are giving funds for students, we should also keep in mind that these funds are directed to the education costs. d. Expected Result “Danfoss cares about you”. This is the main theme and aim of giving scholarship for the students. We are informing the students about possible scholarship opportunities and we are expecting them to contact us. By the way we can collect their curriculum and we can make a bridge between Danfoss and talented students in the universities. We can use those bridge even after these students are graduated from their programs. When we are helping them with their educational costs we are also proving the idea that Danfoss is concerning about social problems. These students can be our employees when they are graduated from their universities. INTERNSHIP a. Strategy Long term internships are useful method to find new employees for the company. When people are studying in universities we can offer them internship possibilities. With this program we can have more curriculum vitae in our database (page 14) and also we provide employees who are willing to work for Danfoss. The idea of giving internships is effective because it works like trial period so that in this process we can see if the intern is eligible with Danfoss Brand.

b. Execution


Danfoss Recruitment Concept © Copyrighted by Gokhan Tufekci – Lorenzo Ghini

Internship programs work similar with recruitment process and we don’t need to assign more employees for this program. Human resources department will take the control and can use several communication tools such as online and offline media communication. c. Adaptation Internship project is very similar with direct recruitment so it should be adapted to the local regulations. In several countries interns are not getting payment during their internship however if Danfoss provide some funds for them, this can increase the attractiveness of internship applications for the company. d. Expected Result When we are offering internship positions we are recruiting people for a specific period. What we expect from internship is that students can get into Danfoss, meet with the Danfoss culture and brand and this will be a good experience for them. Meanwhile if these students are suitable for Danfoss in the end of the internship process we can hire these people as normal employees. INCREASE THE ATTRACTIVENESS OF DANFOSS Nowadays people would like to work in a company where he or she can feel himself more important. The company which cares about its employees is a good image for attracting new people. As we mentioned before mainly we were focused on two main messages for Danfoss:  Danfoss cares about you  Feel free to create The aim of these messages is to show them that Danfoss is concerning about its employees. From university years to their educational costs and from their social life to health and insurance systems Danfoss is giving the impression that the company is always behind the employees. This message is important in order to attract white collars and also blue collars. We need to know what is important for the applicants when they are looking for jobs and what they wanted to know. If we provide them what they are looking for this should be the main reason of creating a new recruitment concept. In order to achieve this satisfaction we can suggest several tips like: 12

Danfoss Recruitment Concept © Copyrighted by Gokhan Tufekci – Lorenzo Ghini

 Danfoss can prepare a budget for the education of its current employees. If there is anybody in the company who wants to continue its education in higher education, Danfoss should support this employee. This doesn’t require a media contact however it has a huge word of mouth affect.  Innovation and improvement should be the keywords. Danfoss must create a brand image in its field. This brand image will bring the passionate people who are working in the same field with Danfoss to the company.  Danfoss is giving opportunities to its engineers in collaboration with universities or other companies or such as public research centers.  In our company feel free to express your feeling, because Danfoss cares about you. This message is important to satisfy the current employees and also effective in attracting new employees who are not satisfied in their previous work places.  Danfoss is not only focusing on engineers and economists but also try to find blue collars especially in the production fields in China. As the golden rule of multinational companies the idea should be “Global thinking, local acting”. If you want to attract blue collars and if you have specific region for that investigate the possible communication tools for these people and investigate what they need. For instance if Danfoss requires Chinese blue collars the method should be using traditional offline communication methods. We should focus on advertising in local or national newspapers. Moreover we need to know what these people are expecting from their workplace. If we make research about China we clearly find out that the Chinese blue collars are in need of social security and health systems for them and their families. Danfoss has advantage if it can provide this favors for its employees.


Danfoss Recruitment Concept © Copyrighted by Gokhan Tufekci – Lorenzo Ghini

Online Communication Concept for Danfoss The message that better represent the online concept for Danfoss Recruitment Strategy is “We come to you”. We come to you means that with the use of the online tools which will be explained afterwards, Danfoss will be the first company worldwide and be able to make an online targeted marketing on the web for Curriculum Vitae that better fits according to the requirement and needs of the company. The idea for the online recruitment concept bases of a system that will be both: -

Local because it is perfectly adaptable to local requirements


Global because we address the web

The development of the Online Recruitment Concept will have the following benefits on Danfoss business: 1- Find and select the most talented people worldwide 2- Build a unique tool for Danfoss employees 3- Demonstrate that Danfoss is back on track and can strongly invest in excellence 4- Coordinate innovative solutions


a. Strategy The first step of the online Concept for Danfoss is to build a solid database of Curriculum and profiles. There are four channels where Danfoss can search: a. Employment Agencies (public or private) b. Business Oriented Social Networking Sites (i.e. Linkedin) c. Business Oriented Websites (i.e. In order to reach people from those different channels Danfoss needs to: 14

Danfoss Recruitment Concept © Copyrighted by Gokhan Tufekci – Lorenzo Ghini

1- Create the announcement for the vacant position 2- Advertise on single channels 3- Analyze all Curriculum and Profiles coming from the channels which were listed before We therefore come here to propose the adaptation of a system that automatically spread the advertisement of the job announcements on different websites. This process over different websites will give to Danfoss: 1. A lasting instrument for communication 2. An innovative tool without enforces in implementation 3. A real time saving system

b. Execution The execution of this phase of the project will be divided in two parts 1- Development of Web Services and Electronic Feeds In order to communicate with several platforms we will need to create a standard format for the online advertising. The development of this format will be included in an online flexible structure (XML) that will give the possibility to the creator of the announcement (Danfoss) to communicate with website platforms and institutional database. Here is a graphic representation of all the processes involved in the creation of this online system for Job Recruitment: 1 – Communication between Danfoss and Website Platforms 2- Danfoss spread automatically the opened job position over different website platforms 3 – Curriculum Vitae come to enrich Danfoss Database


Danfoss Recruitment Concept Š Copyrighted by Gokhan Tufekci – Lorenzo Ghini

2- Recruitment Management System Partnership The development of web services that was described before will give Danfoss the possibility to communicate and advertise on thousands of online networks. There are in fact several websites that are providing these kinds of services. The most famous industry leading browser based multiport and recruitment management systems are: -








Danfoss will only have to decide on which of those channels it should operate. A graphical representation of the process:






Danfoss Recruitment Concept © Copyrighted by Gokhan Tufekci – Lorenzo Ghini

c. Adaptation The Recruitment Management system will be at the disposal of Danfoss in its worldwide locations. It will be available for job posting on multiple online platforms and multiple countries. Adlogic for example allows the possibility to post in Job Offers in Australia, United States and Canada. d. Expected Results The recruitment Management System adaptation will fulfill by Curriculum Vitae and Applications the central Danfoss Database DANFOSS FILTERING SYSTEM

a. Strategy “An Information filtering system is a system that removes redundant information from an information stream using (semi)automated or computerized methods prior to presentation to a human user. Its main goal is the management of the information overload and increment of the semantic signal-to-noise ratio” (Wikipedia) The creation of the Danfoss Filtering System is the second step to move towards the development of a concrete and powerful tool for recruitment. It is the most important part of the application and it will be designed specifically to meet Danfoss needs. Danfoss wants to select talented, motivated, passionate candidates. It is important to underline that we suggest the development of this tool customized for Danfoss as we do not want to entrust the selection of candidates to third parties services. b. Execution In this step we suppose to have the central database full of recruitment. The information Filtering system will therefore be able to: 1- Index the keywords contained in the Digital Profiles and Curriculum 2- Multistep Filter Curriculum and, even more important, Motivation Letters 3- Set up a ranking system based on Quality Criteria that will be specified by Danfoss 17

Danfoss Recruitment Concept Š Copyrighted by Gokhan Tufekci – Lorenzo Ghini

4- Create an automatic selection of Candidates coming to Danfoss

The main advantages for the creation of this system will be: -

The opportunity to develop a tool for online recruitment selection that will be useful over time


The opportunity to develop an innovative instrument that will be designed for Danfoss reducing costs for Human Resources analysis and selection

Below we provide a graphical representation of the Information Filtering System

Curriculum Profiles

Motivation Letters

Selected Candidates 18

Danfoss Recruitment Concept © Copyrighted by Gokhan Tufekci – Lorenzo Ghini

c. Adaptation Danfoss Filtering System will be at the disposal of different Danfoss departments worldwide. It will be interfaced to a central Database for filtering and programmed for compatibility with different departments, languages, locations worldwide d. Expected Results Danfoss Filtering System will give only accurately selected and filtered candidates profiles for Danfoss Company. They will be people perfectly fit to work in Danfoss environment SOCIAL MEDIA DANFOSS RECRUITMENT

a. Strategy Facebook Facebook is the leading social networking site with over 350 million users worldwide. We decided to use Facebook channels with different purposes: 1- Create a support for Danfoss University Challenge offline recruitment 2- Aggregate news relative to Job Opportunities for Danfoss 3- Enable the possibility to submit a CV via Facebook platform 4- Advertisement about the Danfoss University Challenge Youtube Youtube is the leading website platform for video sharing worldwide. We therefore are planning to use this potential in order to: 1- Create a support for Danfoss University Challenge Offline recruitment 2- Communicate key messages “Danfoss cares about you” and “Feel free to create” 3- Communicate success stories of Danfoss Employees 4- Provide information about Danfoss culture and work environment


Danfoss Recruitment Concept © Copyrighted by Gokhan Tufekci – Lorenzo Ghini

Flickr Flickr is the leading website platform for photo sharing worldwide. We therefore are planning to use this potential in order to: 1- Create a support for Danfoss University Challenge Offline recruitment 2- Communicate key messages “Danfoss cares about you” and “Feel free to create” 3- Communicate Danfoss brand Twitter Twitter, according to Danfoss requirements, will be used either to: 1- Reveal the human side of Danfoss company 2- Provide useful information that won’t get anywhere else 3- Respond to comments, feedback, requests, complaints in real time 4- Have a platform for announcing and promoting the offline Danfoss University Challenge 5- Attract new job applications 6- Automatically Manage new Job Opened Positions on the web

b. Execution Facebook First of all Danfoss needs to start branding. The creation of a Danfoss Facebook page is needed for this purpose. We will ask internally to every Danfoss employee to like the Facebook page and we will start from a network of almost 26.000 people worldwide. The Danfoss Facebook page will have a tab exclusively dedicated to Open Job Opportunities provided by Joburst. In addition, we will predict the possibility to submit a CV file directly.


Danfoss Recruitment Concept © Copyrighted by Gokhan Tufekci – Lorenzo Ghini

The Danfoss Facebook wall will be used to provide news about the Danfoss University Challenge. In addition, the Danfoss University Challenge will be promoted through Facebook channels, which give the opportunity to target people by their interests, age and Locations. Youtube We will open a Youtube channel where we will collect: 1. Video of the projects developed by Danfoss 2. Video of Danfoss success stories of the employees 3. “Making of” from the participants to the Danfoss University Challenge In the first case we will produce videos that better explain Danfoss projects on details. In the second case we will ask best employees by Danfoss to tell their story in the Company. In the third case we will require students, previously to the participation on the University Challenge, to produce their own videos and deliver them together with project and prototype Flickr We will activate a Flickr account where there will be loaded: 1 – Photos of Danfoss employees 2- Images of Danfoss Departments all over the world 3 - Photos of Participants o Danfoss University Challenge (single and team groups) In the first case we will submit an internal questionnaire to the Danfoss employees asking what it means working for Danfoss. Every photo will be enriched with a description of maximum 2 lines length. In the second case any photo will contain a title and a description of the Danfoss image. In the third case we will ask students, previously to the participation on the University Challenge, to explain their expectations and hopes from the participation. Every photo will be enriched with a description of maximum 2 lines length.


Danfoss Recruitment Concept Š Copyrighted by Gokhan Tufekci – Lorenzo Ghini

Twitter Twitter is a social networking and microblogging service that enables its users to send and read other users updates which are text based posts of up to 160 characters in length. In order to use this service for job recruitment Danfoss will need: a. Sign Up to b. Brand






username c. Start following people Twitter is mostly used for business and people are commonly following profiles that have in common experiences and passions. This is the reason why we suggest to start from Danfoss company network of employees on twitter and add follow them on the profile When those operations will be accomplished, we will be ready to use Twitter as a powerful tool for job online recruiting. We will rely on two main services in order to disclose online opened job positions: 1- Twitjobsearch 2- Tweetmyjobs The first service is a job search engine really simple to use for recruiters. If we want Danfoss to be indexed by search engine we simply need to provide them, as it is fully explained on this link, an XML feed that can convert all jobs into tweets. We can reuse the previously created web services and electronic feeds to accomplish this task. There is a full explanation of the Twitjobsearch service by this video. In addition, another video description comes to explain how to post jobs for free with twitter and Google Docs. The second is a payment service but the function is the same. We provide an electronic feed that is automatically converted in a Job Opportunity and indexed by the system. Obviously there are some advantages respects to the first option: 1- Jobs are posted on our previously created Twitter page, Tweetmyjobs vertical channels and site instantly and automatically 22

Danfoss Recruitment Concept Š Copyrighted by Gokhan Tufekci – Lorenzo Ghini

2- Tweetmyjobs take care of removing inactive job tweets ensuring brand protection and a positive user experience 3- The jobs are fed to major aggregators 4- They provide a strong distribution also on Facebook and Linkedin via Joburst. Here you can see an example 5- Analytics to measure ROI and results

c. Adaptation The social media for Danfoss recruitment (Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Youtune) can be adapted in worldwide. The workers categories that will be more close to this kind of communication will be Economists and Engineers while for blue collars (China) we decided to drive communication on traditional media d. Expected Result The social media for Danfoss recruitment concept will drive advantages both for Danfoss brand, University Challenge Communication and Job Recruitment solutions. Danfoss brand and key messages that the company wants to share will be easily transmitted and perceived by users. Facebook, Twitter and Youtube will also support actively the University challenge. Twitter will be used professionally for job recruitment and will increase the Central Database of Job Applications.

Intellectual Property We do not have any intellectual property information regarding possible patents, trademarks or copyrights.


Danfoss Recruitment Concept  

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