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Board Meeting Minutes - 21-05-14 - BOA - Vivek Nagarkatti Location -SR Nova Private Limited, 36 South end road, Basavangudi Bangalore 560 004.

Board Member : -

Mr. Vivek Nagarkatti

AIESEC Members.: -

Ankith Abraham Lorenze D’Souza

Time: 02:00 PM Agenda: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Updates since JBM Current state of social incoming exchange Project Roshni Support for social events Endorsements from Board for AIESEC and Project Roshni

Bio data: Mr. Vivek was inducted into the board in 2010 by Ankith Chowdary. He was referred to AIESEC Bangalore by Mr. Ram Jalan. Recommendations: -

Be visible to clients Find out what the National Committee Presidents value-add to each Local Committee is. Find out about Jet Airways Partnership VP Finance should be very precise For transitions, every single detail of an event/project/client should be written down Put full effort into Project Roshni Try to get Bhaskar Bhat, Pradeep Kar, Bunty as speakers for the Y2B.

Follow up: -

Mr. Vivek Nagarkatti as a speaker for Y2B on 5th July 2014 Send written endorsements to Mr. Vivek to sign Set up meeting with corporate exchange department Send AIESEC Bangalore an inventory of spare furniture.

Minutes vivek nagarkatti 21 05 14