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Everything starts with a question, in this case it was: what is design? How is it possible to define it?

So I visualized design as a journey, as a way to shape feelings

In other words, as the reflection of what we need.

EXPERIENCES: Rome, Italy Assistant of Adriano Caputo lighting designer Studioillumina 3 months, 2015

Rome, Italy interior design and furniture design site manager Rossomattone 7 months, 2017 Rome, Italy Architectural design manager and assistant site manager Ellecidi ingegneria srl 3 year, 2014-2016


Rome, Italy La Sapienza UniversitĂ di Roma Master of architecture 1 year, 2011-2012

Rome, Italy IED, Istituto Europeo di Design Bachelor in interior design 3 year, 2014-2016 graduated: 106/110


LANGUAGES: Italian: native speaker English: C1 French: B1

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Rhinoceros 5





Arts & Crafts follower Woodworker Artisan of the 7th art Minimalist Lighting designer

Lorenzo Ciolina Date and place of birth: 11/November/1991 - Roma Address:Via Girolamo Segato 29, 00147 Roma E-mail: Mobile: 07549615964 +39 3298997263 Linkedin:

University selected works

Montessori School Bachelor research project The site is located in Lecce (LE) Puglia - Italy. The project started with various meetings with Montessori Italia architects and responsables. They have explained me the meanings of the Montessori teaching method and the importance of a linked environment. Montessori said that children are like sponge who absorb everything around them, from feelings to the most meaningless things. Therefore their experience should follow the criterion of the “oversight freedom” as happens in nature with puppies. They feed their brain constantly and nobody could claim what is right or wrong for them. In a Montessori school is impossible to find the conventional teachers, textbooks and classrooms. Everything is different: teachers are just supervisor, textbooks are replaced by certified school set created by the very M.M. and the classrooms are generally deconstucted to join children of different ages between them. By the plan it is possible to see how my idea of space works: I have created many “Laboratories“ which help to simulate the different habitats of the our planet in order to stimulate the child’s curiosity to explore it. The plan has only one principle: to dematerialize every kind of boundary. This project has been published by the Fondazione Montessori Italia: Plan


Laboratory assonometry

Learning space assonometry

PVC pipe

Toilets Sink and tap side

Axonometric cross section

Tartan environment

Sink water


Struttura tubolare 0 50mm, sostegno copertura patio Struttura tubolare 0 50mm, sostegno vegetazione

Entrance sight

Librerie esterne,modulo clas calcestruzzo

Pedana esterna, -tavole di teak -morali 10x12 cm Tavoli esterni,modulo classe calcestruzzo

Sistema dren

Reflection concept

Cross section

Libreria interna,modulo classe 350x260x50 -lamimnato

Laboratorio musicale, -laminato Terrario #1, -vetro -vasca calcestruzzo -telaio alluminio -vetro

Terrario #2, -vasca calcestruzzo -telaio alluminio -vetro Ingresso

Lavagna 170x250


naggio acque

Tavoli interni,modulo classe -laminato

Assole innesto tavoli, 5x5x1/5x10x1/10x10x1

Pavimento di parquet, Massetto impianti -ciliegio Massetto autolivellante

Intercapedine Plinto di fondazione

Guaina impermeabilizzante

Carter rivestimento pilastri, -polipropilene

Vasca calcestruzzo



Sound lab. sight

Internal sight

Quadruple cross section perspective

Private Residence Holiday apartment The project requirement was to create an housing solution of 100 m3/33 m2 (3531 ft3). That kind of living space was hard to create, thus I started thinking on the minimun measure needed, sketching some plans of each room in order to obtain the best diposition of each space for an ergonomic lifestyle. Combining between them the layouts obtained, the plan took shape. Customized furnitures play a key role in the project, beeing helpfull to divide and shape the habitat. The house had been placed into a natural park on the Alpi wood range. I thought to make it “invisible“ to limit its environmental impact so I found solution in an hypogeum development.


Internal sights

Macro contemporary art m u s e u m Permanent private exhibition Settled in the north side of the center, the curator required help for the new permanent exhibit. The collection is composed by a great number of pieces, of different size and kind: there are sculptures and paintings, skeletons and short films. The main issue was to find the way to show them all at the same time. For this reason I took modularity as the key concept for the project. Production line and slaughterhouses inspired my vision. Hence I’ve created the Rail who will sustain and let slide two kind of exhibitors, respectivly hanging panels and pedestals.

Plan Axonometry

Perspective section

Awarded pictures

Furniture works

Closet with doors and drawers Customization for attic livingroom Made entirely with lacquered plywood, the doors and drawers have invisible handles. The main body is backlit, to connect the structure with the beam which is the pivot of the environment. The Golden Section settles the whole structure, in fact, to underline the importance of the shape I had creat a shelf who pop out from the main body.

Render images

Railing desktop with hatch and drawer Customization for double-height flat The desk is composed by an iron glazed sheet and a multifunction solid oak box. This project was born by need of getting liveable a walkway that joins the stairs with the bedroom passing through the livingroom.

Render images

3D visual

Modeling and rendering Works inspired by Franco Purini - architect and illustrator -

Original illustration


Original illustration


Original illustration


Lorenzo Ciolina


Portfolio by Lorenzo Ciolina  
Portfolio by Lorenzo Ciolina