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Lorenzo Carta Civil Engineer – Architect Engineer University of Pisa 2013

mail: Skype: lorenzo.carta.87 Date of birth: 08 February 1987 | Nationality: Italian WORK EXPERIENCE February 2013–July 2013 Research stager in the field of hybrid composite structures University of Liege - Department ArgencoChemin des Chevreuils 1, Sart Tilman, 4000 Liege (Belgium) Stage of 5 months working on Inno-Hyco research project, with Erasmus Consortia Placement program. I studied the behavior of an antiseismic structure formed by reinforced concrete wall with steel link embedded profile. February 2014–Now Civil engineer at TE.SV.AM. srl, company of bioengineering systems located in Sassari (Italy). I am studying the behavior of structural wood systems and working on architectural design projects. I am also working on the program TerMus developed by Acca, for energetic certification of building. COMPUTER SKILLS Advanced knowledge of: .Office .Autocad (2D and 3D) .3DSM .SAP2000 .Matlab .Mathcad .Photoshop ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Availability Willing to travel/relocate within Europe Personal Interests Reading, football, basketball, spearfishing.


PERSONAL SKILLS Mother tongue: Italian Other languages: English:B2 (Level 4 University of Cambridge) French:B1 COMMUNICATION SKILLS .good communication skills gained through my stage experience in Department Argenco .good exposition skills gained through the university studies ORGANISATIONAL/MANAGERIAL SKILLS .Leadership (gained with projects made with other students, often more than 4 people, during the university) .Organization and teamwork (gained through 13 years of team sports as midfielder in a football team) JOB-RELATED SKILLS During my stage experience at University of Liege I gained a good knowledge on: .interaction between composite steel-concrete materials .seismic analysis of composite buildings .european normative (Eurocodes) During my university studies I gained a good knowledge on: .structural design .architectural design .rendering program DRIVING LICENSE A1, B

EDUCATION AND TRAINING September 2011–December 2013 Master degree in Civil Engineering University of Pisa - Engineering school, Pisa (Italy) Dissertation :"Modeling and analysis of dissipative hybrid steel-concrete composite structures", Advisors: Prof. Walter Salvatore - Prof. Hervè Degee Principal subject: Seismic static non-linear analysis (pushover) of hybrid steel-concrete building, interaction between steel and concrete elements, behavior of steel profile embedded in concrete walls September 2006–March 2011 Bachelor's Degree - Civil Engineering University of Pisa - Engineering school, Pisa (Italy) Dissertation: "Preliminary design of a nursery located in Sassari (Italy)" Advisor: Prof. Ernesto Lorenzetti Principal subject: Architectural design, interior design, internal spaces disposition 10 September 2001–20 July 2006 High school diploma (classical studies) Liceo Ginnasio D.A. Azuni, Sassari (Italy)

3D modeling – Jasper Morrison Chair (2011)

Design, 3D modeling and rendering of architecture studio (2011)

From picture to 3D model (2011)

Pisa, Lungarno Galilei

Structural design of steel structure (2012)

Structural design of steel structure (2012)

Structural design of r.c. structure (2012)

Structural design of r.c. structure (2012)

Design and urban disposition of a nursery (2013)

Design and rendering of a nursery (2013)

Natural illumination and trees disposition (2013)

Study of interior natural illumination (2013)

Study of architectural barriers (2013)

Security plan for fire events (2013)

Environmental protection (2013)

Thank you. Skype: lorenzo.carta.87

Portfolio and Resume of Lorenzo Carta  

Here you can find my resume and a summary of some works made during the University.