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Images & Tattoos- Size Matters Image Hosting is all about uploading, storing and sharing of images on the internet. There are many Best Image Hosting websites available. They allow you to upload images from your computer, store them on server and even share them with the public. Users can even link their images with some other websites. HTML, clickable thumbnails and BB codes are the means through which images can be linked to other websites. In simple words it is like if you click on an image, a website will be opened. But if you want to upload images on image hosting websites you need to be careful about the size of your images. Most image hosting sites have restrictions on the size of image. Not only this, these sites also consider the maximum bandwidth required to upload, store and share these images. This is because of the reason that band width has cost. If you are using an image hosting server then they permit restricted band width per page. But if you are ready to shell out some money then you can opt for paid image hosting servers that do not put any restrictions on the size as well as band width of the images. Thinking of getting a new tattoo? At the same time you can’t think of any good ideas what to get and where to get it. Internet has the answer to all your questions. You can search for various tattoo design ideas. But while selecting any tattoo design try to be imaginative. Do not stick to what is on the internet. Your tattoo says a lot about your personality. So keep your personality in mind when you are thinking about the latest trends in the To get a better idea, ask the tattoo designer to make that design on paper before getting yourself inked. There are too many tattoo idea pictures on the internet and many of your friends will also suggest their ideas. At this point of time you need to do yourself a favour - be sure of what you want and not what others think what you want. Not only the picture in the tattoo is important but the size and placing of the tattoo is equally crucial. Think about what sort of clothes you mostly wear. This is also very important so that your tattoo is properly visible when it needs to be seen.

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