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Peace One Day is a non-profit organisation with the objective to raise awareness of the International Day of Peace that occurs on 21 September each year. The objective of the organisation is to foster Peace Day as "a day for wide-scale community action, and a day for UN agencies and aid organisations to safely carry out lifesaving work.

Guerrilla marketing is a strategy used to advertise which involves low cost but if the tactics are used well it is very effective. This type of Marketing involves high energy and imagination, it is all about catching peoples eyes, making a different impression and to be unusual creating social buzz around the society. Guerrilla Marketing results many times in greater reputation within the consumers thoughts as it campaigns look to make consumers realize instead of overlooking and to be the change!

TOYOTA – ‘PROTECT WHATS BEHIND YOU’ CAMPAIGN’ Toyota Belgium in collaboration with marketing agency, ‘Happy Brussels’ and street artist ‘Ernest Zacherevic’ hope to drive awareness to this danger by highlighting the positive effect of rearview cameras. Zacharevic invaded a parking lot in Brussels (Q-Park Lepage) and turned the walls into interactive murals bordering street art. The artist painted children on the walls with a unique interactive element such as soccer balls, shopping carts and other toys.

As a group we’ve developed lots of ideas for this project. We came up with distinct ideas for thinks that could bring everybody together, so we started designing a few logos and posters. One of our ideas was to show a bond through strings of different races which were holding either end of the string. This was to show unity through different cultures, communities and races. We worked around the idea of uniting everybody together as peace is about agreement and understanding despite the differences.

This idea consists of posters being put up in public transport to spread awareness of Peace One Day. It includes the date the event will take place. It also includes peace symbols to make it clearer what the event is about. We used the signature colour of blue to promote peace. We also took a more artistic approach to promoting peace one day and decided to have something other than poppies that form a peace one day logo – boring. Instead, we created the concept of having artwork that shows the contrasts between war and peace set in public places around the world.



The Make A Stand billboard consists of sand being sprinkled down onto a sandpit which children can gather around and play in. This is a way that appeals to the younger generation. The human hamster ball is an idea that will bring together different races. It is an activity that everyone can take part in. it is not just a normal human hamster ball, it is shaped and decorated like the earth, and the person inside it represents the coming of the people with the earth, peacefully as one. The fun activity which consists of racing, will make sure the participants will have a fun time whilst their donations will make a difference as they will go to charities.

The peace mask event consists of people who support Peace One Day wearing a mask whilst going about their daily routines – going to work, school, on a walk with their dogs. This event will raise awareness of Peace One Day and have people all over the world participating. We thought that badges and wrist bands are too cliché, and sometimes little badges go unnoticed, and wristbands can get covered up, and don’t stand out as much. So what’s the first thing someone notices when they see you? Your face. Therefore we constructed an idea which applies to the concept of wearing something on your face to raise awareness of the event. We painted it as the earth to support the Peace One Day event and for it to be recognized.

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