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Going to the beach or to the city? Traveling to the mountains or to the country? It doesn't matter where you go, you just have to enjoy the destiny and visit all the touristic places. With this magazine we are going to help you to find the best way to travel.

Fiji: an amazing place Are you interested in travelling through an amazing place? Let me tell you about this incredible country. Fiji, or officially named as Republic of Fiji, is an island country in Melanesia in the South Pacific Ocean. It is located at the northeast of New Zealand and it is near Vanuatu, France's New Caledonia, Tonga, the Samoas, etc. The archipielago was originated by volcanic activity in the past, and it is composed by 333 islands with beaches, coral gardens, and rain forests. Most of its population lives on Viti Levu, where the capital, Suva, is located. Fiji's culture is full of Fijian, Indo-Fijian, Asian and European influence. Its traditions, politics, language, food, costumes, systems and architecture are a result of the fusion of the just mentioned cultures. Fijian society has also introduced more recent traditions, causing the mixture of the various cultures and creating a unique multicultural national identity. This place is a stage of incredible facts. For example, in New Year’s Eve, women play a typical game named “kick the orange”. If you pretend to visit the islands, you can’t use any hat or sunglasses because the only one allowed is the village chief. And finally, Fiji is located in the international line of date change. In Taveuni there is a point where you can have a foot in the current date and one foot in yesterday. If you love relaxing plans or extreme sports, you must visit Fiji. This is full of different hotels and resorts where you can spend an amazing time. This is an original destination with an extraordinary history that is a result of the mixture between cultures. Please remember that this country is what you have been looking for! This is sustainable tourism so if you visit Fiji, you enjoy and you help Francesca Laghi

Ilha Grande Have you ever think to go to a beach so relaxing? Here I introduced you to this island, a place that you would never imagine.

This place is an island located in the coast of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The island is largely undeveloped and noted for its scenic beauty, which includes tropical beaches, luxuriant vegetation and a rugged landscape. There is only one way to get on the island but first of it you have to arrive at the Rio de Janeiro international airport (Galeão), and then you will have the options of car, bus to get to Angra dos Reis (the city where is located the island). In case of coming from his private plane or helicopter, in Angra dos Reis there is a small airport that can be used to arrive. Finally there is a boating harbor from where a ferry sailing to the island. I choose Ilha Grande because it’s incredible and it’s like a dream come true, where you can have fun. You can do lots of activities here for example boat navigation, jungle walks, go kayaking, surf, camping, mountain biking, fishing, acrobatic dances in the beach, diving in and having fun with animals (dolphins). In this wonderful and magical beach, there are more than seventy five hotels where you stay, there you fun and leave the sea as the waters are warm and the sun shines from 8 am.

Maria Isabel Arredondo

Best option to travel? Bora Bora Are you interested in one place you want to go before dying? If you read this article I’m sure you will be fascinated and convinced that this is the perfect place. It doesn’t matter if you are single or married the fun and the best memories will be at BORA BORA. Bora Bora is part of Sotavento archipelago in French Polynesia, in the North of Tahiti, between Australia and South America. Not only taking sun baths it´s available in Bora Bora, besides of the hotel games, eat, and stay in the sea, you can visit and enjoy with the beautiful landscapes and water parks. One of the most beautiful and important places is Otemanu Mount, a volcanic mountain of 727 meters high that was the origin of the island. It is covered with crystal waters where animals like turtles, sharks and fish live. You can swim with them at the marine park “Lagonarium”. In the afternoon, you can visit Vaitape, the principal town of Bora Bora, and the Museum of the Marine Fanuui, which exhibits 40 models of legendary ships like the "Kon-Tiki", "Bounty" and "Calypso" also the tomb of Alain Gerbault, a famous navigator who went around the world solo in 1929. If you go in July, you can celebrate with the habitants of the island “Heiva party” with traditional dances and traditional foods that combine vegetables Well… if you go to Bora Bora you will wish to return to this paradise with crystal waters suspended in a vast range of green and blue colors it is amazing! I think this is the best place to travel because you can make different types of things, depending of your taste. If you like culture you can visit places and learn, but if you want relaxing experiences, you can stay in your bungalow terrace reading or just looking at the beautiful landscapes. Bianca Drago


Bruges is called: 'the Venice of the North'. This splendid medieval city is one of Belgium's crown jewels. In no other European city the feel and the look of medieval times are present as here in this city close to the North Sea. This city is located is located in the northwest of the country. If you are visiting Bruges for a limited time or if you have a special area of interest, consider taking a guided tour of Bruges. A variety of tours can be organized within and around Bruges, including itineraries on art, beer, chocolate and more. A tour not only gives you a chance to explore as much of Bruges as possible in a short period of time but it also gives you the chance to be lead through the cities streets, history and culture by professional guide. Bruges has a poor reputation for its weather. The weather in Bruges is colder than the rest of European cities like London or Paris. The summer visitor should always be prepared for rain in Bruges and that warm and sunny weather is not constant during that season. Here you will find some places you can visit for example some of the most famous museums are Sint Janshouse Mill, Historium Bruge, Salvador Dali Exhibition which is a big square with a lot of galleries, Choco-Story - The Chocolate Museum, Diamant Museum,

If you want other kind of activities we recommend you some things to do: Grote Markt and Belfry Climb, Tour boats, Bruges Ballooning and more. I hope this information can be useful if you are planning a vacation somewhere, Bruges guarantees you a lot of fun with family or friends, also important history data, great landscapes and incredible natural sceneries. Lorena Portugal

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