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End of TPS will change lives of many Salvadorans   By: Lorena Jaimes

Temporary Protective System (TPS) will change the lives of many Salvadorans when President Donald Trump decides to end it. Over 200,000 Salvadorans are at risk of being deported back to their homeland in El Salvador where they haven’t been for a long time. They have been here with a legal permit. They shouldn’t just get that taken away and get deported to a place they don’t even know. Salvadorans applied to TPS in 2001 when they were forced to leave El Salvador because two earthquakes struck. Between “30,000”, and “40,000” people died, many homes were destroyed and many people moved to the United States for refuge. They were able to apply for TPS and get a work permit to work here like a legal citizen. Nearly 200,000 people came to the United States looking for a new place to stay. People see the United States as their homeland and find will find it difficult to move back to El Salvador a place they find unsafe. “I consider this my country,” said Cortez, who came to the United States when he was 28.” He now is 46 years old and has a job as a construction worker. Ending TPS won’t only affect him, but also people that depend on him. "Behind us there are children and wives and nephews and nieces and mothers and fathers who depend on us," Cortez added. "It doesn't affect one person. It affects a ton of people." Until something is done about TPS Salvadorans are worried about what they are going to do. They brace themselves for the worst worried and thinking what they are going to do if they get deported. They don’t want to return to a country where there's a lot of gang violence, and killing. They’re worried about their kids what’s going to happen to them. Their education and especially their safety is what worries them the most. Many have decided to leave them in the United States, but many find it difficult to let them go. Since they are so perturbed about everything they don’t want to go out of their houses not even to go buy groceries or to take their kids to school.

Salvadorans are facing really tough moments with everyone turning their backs on them like Canada. At first, Canada sent out a tweet saying that they would welcome any immigrants seeking refuge, but when they heard about Trump’s decision about TPS they stayed muted. They had a hope of being able to move to Canada but the Government shut down that offered and they won’t be able to move there unless they apply legally for permission to stay there. TPS is very important to Salvadorans, they are very mad about what has happened. Many are scared to come out of their houses but many are taking a stand and speaking up for themselves and others protesting on the streets and many get arrested, but that doesn’t stop them they want something done about it because it’s a very serious matter for them. Overall, TPS is important to many Salvadorans. It helps them have their jobs and move around like any other legal citizen. They can’t just go back to a county they have never been to or don’t even know about. It’s not reasonable to deport them just like that. They shouldn’t get their legal permit taken away and get deported like if they are illegal immigrants.

End of TPS will change lives of many Salvadorans  
End of TPS will change lives of many Salvadorans