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1331 River Road December 2017

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“Changing The World, One Leader At A Time” Our 11th Annual Youth & Government Bill Hearing Night was such a success! We are so proud of all the hard work our kids put into their speeches. Special thanks to First Bank for sponsoring our dinner, YMCA donors, our YMCA staff for volunteering at the event and let’s not forget our wonderful Bill Hearing judges: Jeff Miller, Jasmine Herrera and Giselle Sorial, We appreciate all the feedback received and will continue working on our bill as we prepare for Sacramento in February!

QUESTIONS, COMMENTS, IDEAS? Contact Shaunie Duncan, the editor at

QUESTIONS, COMMENTS, IDEAS? Contact Shaunie Duncan, the editor at

For over 70 years the California YMCA Youth & Government program has empowered youth to strengthen their communities by becoming active and responsible contributors who lead and create meaningful change through leadership, policy reform, critical thinking public speaking, debates and team work! 1

Recent News Veg-Fresh Food Donation Various YMCA Sites, December 1 Veg-Fresh Farms is the gift that keeps on giving! These blueberries and tomatoes looks absolutely delicious! Our families can't wait to enjoy them. Thank you!

Kids Rock Free 3rd Annual Winter Spectacular Corona Civic Center December 2 Bravo to all the performers at the 3rd Annual Kids Rock Free Winter Spectacular! These talented kids showed off all the hard work they put into practice and rehearsals and had the crowd rockin’ to classic holiday tunes!

Lakeshore Toys Presentation YMCA Administrative Office, December 5 We would like to give a shout out to Dominic Morales, Regional Manager for Lakeshore Learning for giving such an informative presentation on some of the awesome learning tools, materials and supplies available to kids at our YMCA youth centers. We love the awesome goodie bags as well!

Adventure Guides Holiday Party Corona Public Library, December 11 The YMCA Adventure Guides held their annual Holiday Party on Sunday and it was full of holiday cheers! Moms and daughter were able to enjoy food, Holiday-themed art & crafts, games and a picture with Santa! The Adventure Guides program is an excellent way to for families to build stronger bonds and meet new people. Special thank you to our YMCA Youth & Government delegates for volunteering at the event!


JURUPA YOUTH CENTER MAXIMIZES FUN BEFORE HOLIDAY BREAK Infants - The infants will be painting on different materials to provide a different sensory activity. Due to the windy weather, the infants are limited to the amount of time they can go outside. They will enjoy playing “train� as we crawl around the classroom and build our for gross motor skills. Toddler - The toddlers are painting with nature the children will use different items that have been picked up on their nature walks to paint with and collage. We are working on our find motor skills by tearing and cutting paper. The highlight of our week will be experimenting and exploring our weather and especially the wind. Preschool - We will be exploring the weather children will be able to go out for a brief time when the wind blows. We will continue to explore the outdoors and play in the worm farm we have created. Also the children will continue to play small games with matching memory and puzzles. The children will study weather as the weather is windy and cold. We will do some exploring of our surroundings with walks in the cold weather. Children play Simon Says and other indoor games for gross motor skill development in the event we cannot go outside.

School Age - We are preparing for their 3 week vacation for the Holidays. The children will do some creative activities, stem engineering activities and go on a few field trips during this holiday break from school. They will also be doing some nutrition activities and cooking activities in the class.

The YMCA Youth Center @ Jurupa will be fundraising for the Tamales and Tequila fundraiser starting December 15th FUN COMES IN ALL SHAPES & SIZES AT THE INFANT CENTER Here at the Infant center we finished the month of November by learning and experimenting with our senses by opening a pumpkin and taking the seeds out, children had a lot of fun in the process. We also welcome all the new babies and families coming back with their siblings. The toddlers are using their artistic abilities to create different types of fruits and vegetables by coloring and painting them. The infants are exploring with balls of all shapes, sizes, and textures. Many of our infants are now walking as well!


MERRILL KNOCKS OUR SOCKS OFF WITH THEIR FUN HOLIDAY ACTIVITIES Merrill continues their study on clothes. The classes have been discussing how their clothes get cleaned. The children have been sharing what happens when their mom or dad goes to the laundromat or when they wash their clothes in the washing machine that they have at home. The teachers were able to let the children wash the dolls clothes and let the children hang them up on a clothes line. The children have made shirts, pants and socks out of construction paper, painted them and then decorated them with the materials the teachers provide them with. The children are still having fun with the story, Buttons, Buttons Who Has Buttons? Many of the children now realize after having the story read to them several times, all the features their clothes have.

SEASON’S GREETINGS FROM THE YMCA TEEN CENTER! Hello from our YMCA Teen Center! This week our teens had a great time doing many fun activities like ornaments, snowflakes and popsicle sticks airplanes. To end our fun week we watched a nice movie and enjoy some delicious popcorn. Next week our teens are going to have lots of fun making mason jar snow globes, penguins out of recycle plastic bottles, holiday wreaths, water color paintings and much more. To end our fun week we will enjoy a fun game of team charades, apples to apples, Just Dance and Karaoke! Fun, fun, fun! Don’t miss out and come and join our teen center Monday-Friday 2-6pm. Tutoring: Wednesday’s and Thursday’s from 3:30-4:30pm Homework Help: Monday-Friday from 2:00-6:00pm


THE MAIN YMCA YOUTH CENTER KNOWS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON Calvert: The past few weeks the children have been little scientists recording and observing carrot tops. We talked about what will happen to the carrot tops when we add water to them. They also have been recording the process of the changing carrots on poster paper. For the month of December we have started with the letter of the month, which is letter "C" and working with the number 6. As a math activity we have been doing on-to-one correspondence. As a class we have also been having a discussion on clothing and what type we need for winter time. The children are excited as we prepare the classroom for our Winter Wonderland. Our class theme is Gingerbread house! We hope to see you all there! Jerry: We are reviewing our ABC's and studying our numbers. We have been practicing the AB patterns, as well as AABB patterns. We are focusing on preparing for our Main Y's Winter Wonderland and creating holiday crafts, paintings and patterns to display on our walls. Our theme for our classroom is Elf on the Shelf! We hope to see all of our families there. School Age: It's beginning to look a lot like Holiday! School Age is gearing up for this Holiday season with festive craft making, holiday games, and Holiday themed entertainment. This week is also our Winter Wonderland gathering . Our theme is Dr. Seuss', "The Grinch Who Stole Holiday". We are all about healthy living and positivity her at the YMCA. We will partake in t activities that help us in physical education such as relay races, and tag team games. We will be playing games this week to enhance our sportsmanship and cooperation skills. We look forward to seeing you all at the Winter Wonderland and don't forget to stop by the School Age room that day to see Santa!! Two's: We will be creating winter fun in our class these next few weeks. We are experimenting with shaving cream and food coloring. We will be painting winter themed craft paper, and practicing our fine motor skills with holiday puzzles. Our theme for Winter Wonderland is Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, and we hope everyone comes dressed, and ready for fun.

Supervisor's note: We are excited for our Winter Wonderland Festival! All of our classes are decorating their walls, windows and creating themed crafts to show off for our Main Y family and friends. We hope to see everyone there. As the Grinch put nicely, "What if Holiday he thought, doesn't come from a store. What if Holiday, perhaps, means a little bit more." Dr. Seuss reminds us, that during the holiday rush for presents, and decorations, to slow down and enjoy your family and friends and the little simple things in life. Happy Holidays, from the Main YMCA. 5

CITY PARK YOUTH CENTER IS ROCKIN’ AROUND THE HOLIDAY TREE! Happy Holidays from City Park. The children have been hard at work making garland and different ornaments for the Holiday Tree. They also had fun picking the right place on the tree to put their ornament. On Friday, December 22, we will be having a holiday party with snacks, music and gifts. Everyone is encouraged to wear red that day. A reminder that we are having a raffle for 2 big Teddy Bears and a large Marshall from Paw Patrol. Tickets are a dollar each and the drawing will be on December 15th at 4:00 p.m. Good Luck! All the proceeds will go to purchase supplies for our Tamales and Tequila fundraiser.

WINTER HOLIDAYS AROUND THE WORLD: HOME GARDENS YOUTH CENTER IS LEARNING ABOUT DIFFERENT WAYS TO CELEBRATE THE HOLIDAYS Here at the Home Gardens Youth Center we’re celebrating the holiday season AND learn how others celebrate as well: Holiday, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Ashura, Pongal, and New Year’s! Throughout the week leading up to winter break we’ll be discussing: What are some holidays we celebrate? Why do people celebrate each of these holidays? Which holiday is celebrated in other countries?  Which ones are unique to our country? 

 

Point out that some holidays honor religious beliefs, while others celebrate specific cultures or countries. Choose one holiday and have students brainstorm things that come to mind when they think of that holiday. Point out that every holiday has its own traditions, like rituals, symbols, foods, and songs. Children will make their art project of choice.


SCHOOL’S OUT FOR WINTER! CITRUS CIRCLE YOUTH CENTER PREPARES FOR HOLIDAY BREAK The children at Citrus Circle are anxiously awaiting for the holiday break. They will be off of school for 3 weeks. Hurray! No more homework. When the children are not busy finishing their homework, they have been making holiday decorations for the school. They are in the process of decorating the Holiday tree. They have made paper chains out of construction paper and a few ornaments using some of the puffy paint to put on the tree. The children also cut out snowflakes.

HARADA YOUTH CENTER LEARNS ABOUT LENDING A HELPING HANDS DURING THE HOLIDAYS For the next two weeks, Harada staff and children will be celebrating the Holidays and it’s the best time of the year because the children get so excited and impatient. Staff will discuss and encourage children to learn how to be respectful polite ,share and care about other children. Celebrating the holidays helps us realize the many things we can do for others in need. We will also have holiday-themed activities including a special lunch with the kids and staff and have a movie day on Fridays leading up to Holiday. Cheerleading class is over , next session will start the second week of January. We will be sure to keep you all updated. Special thanks to all Harada parents for their support. We are working hard to continue providing the best service as possible to our YMCA families.

Happy safe Holidays to all and best wishes next new year 2018!



Timely - Whether it is good news, a regular update, or a bad situation getting worse,

communicate with parents often and regularly. Share both exciting and difficult news at the first opportunity. When parents see you as open and approachable, they will more likely share information with you in a timely manner as well. 

Reciprocal - Expect to learn as much as you share as you communicate with parents. This

means listen at least as much as you speak (and maybe more). Avoid approaching parents about an issue with the solution already clearly defined in your mind. Leave room in your problem-solving for parent feedback and suggestions. Make certain that both your actions and words reflect your goal to form a partnership with them. 

Constructive - The purpose of parent/provider

partnerships is to provide one another with valuable information, insights, and knowledge about the child. This is best achieved by offering suggestions, asking for feedback, and joint decisionmaking. As a professional, you should avoid venting, criticizing, or patronizing parents. 

Honest - Tell parents what you really mean because you

want them to tell you what they really mean. If you do not know how to position their child so he can easily play with toys in the water table, be honest enough to say so. It may seem easier to talk around an issue, but a direct approach is more likely to lead to positive outcomes. 

Respectful - Be slow to judge and quick to give parents the benefit of the doubt. Let

families know you respect their privacy and their opinions. Be especially sensitive about cultural, language, and social differences. Let parents find in you an attentive partner in the care and education of their child. 

Confidential - As you develop trusting relationships with parents, you may be told or

given information that they do not share with everyone. A child’s diagnosis, medications, therapies, educational goals, or what is happening at home right now are examples of information you should keep confidential. Whenever you describe a child to someone other than the child’s parent (s), confidentiality is jeopardized. While it is natural to want to share events of the day, a child’s progress, or concerns you have, being a professional requires you to maintain confidentiality and guard each family’s right to privacy.


Karate DATE: Monday & Wednesday TIME: Beginners: 6:15-7pm Intermediate/Advanced: 7:15-8pm LOCATION: Main Y FEE: $35 Members $45 Non-Y Members INFO: (951) 736-9622

Karate classes at the Y are a fun and safe way for children to learn control and self discipline while focusing on developing a new skill

Youth Sports & Fitness DATE: Tuesdays & Thursdays TIME: Ages 4 - 6, 6:15-7:00pm Ages: 7-10, 7:15-8:00pm LOCATION: Main Y FEE: Y Members: $45/month Non-Members: $55/month INFO: Main Y: 951-736-9622



Cheerleading DATE: Thursdays TIME: 6:15-7pm: JR Starts (ages 5-7) 7:00-7:50pm: SR Starts (Ages 8-15) LOCATION: Youth Center at Harada INFO: 951-817-0237

We’ve Got Spirit! At the Y, students will learn the fundamentals of cheerleading and perform at sports games, parades & more!


Get a great cardio workout that strengthens your core, flexibility and improves your confidence! “For any one that feel nervous about taking Zumba, I say just give it a try!” - Zusei, Zumba Instructor 10

THIS IS YOUR Y! DATE: Monday – Thursday (Main Y) Mondays - (Community Center) TIME: Main Y: 4PM-8PM Community Center: 2pm-6pm LOCATION: Main Y & Community Center FEE: Main Y - $20 Members, $25 Non-Members Community Center: $25 Members $35 Non-Members INFO: Main Y: 951-736-9622 Danny Verdugo is one of the professional music teachers for our YMCA Music Program. He has over 40 years of experience and performed with Grammy Award winning artists! Call our Main Y Youth Center for info on enrolling in music classes at the Y!

WATERMELON HOLIDAY TREE INGREDIENTS ¼ of whole seedless watermelon 1/3 cup of favorite yogurt (blueberry, strawberry, banana, etc.)

DIRECTIONS Step 1 Cut the watermelon into slices, and then cut each slice in half Step 2 To make the base of the Holiday tree, slice the watermelon rind into thirds and then trim off the pieces from either side so you are left with one “tree trunk” in the middle Step 3 Place your Holiday trees on a lined tray that will fit in the freezer Step 4 Add yoghurt to a piping bag and decorate your trees. If you don't have a piping bag, simply fill a snap lock plastic bag with yoghurt and cut a very small piece from the corner Step 5 Place tray in the freezer and allow the yoghurt to freeze for 1-2 hours 11

Corona Farmers Market Open Every Saturday! 8:30 AM-12:30 PM

Fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, honey, flowers, plants and much more. 6th and South Main St. in Corona ( Hunny's parking lot )



FESTIVE & FUN HOLIDAY CRAFTS “Candy Cane Reindeer Ornament� MATERIALS NEEDED brown felt, scissors, hot glue gun and glue sticks red and/or black pom-poms, pencil, googly eyes, 1/4" wide ribbon, mini candy canes ATTACH NOSE & EYES Hot-glue a pom-pom nose onto the bottom of one of the reindeer heads (Image 1) then attach two googly eyes to the face, above the pom-pom nose (Image 2). CREATE POCKET FOR CANDY CANES

Cut 2 small felt ovals for ears and attach those beside each eye. Hot-glue the two pieces of felt together, keeping the top portion of the head open. ATTACH CANDY CANES & RIBBON To create the antlers, hot-glue two mini candy canes inside the top of the reindeer's head (Image 1). Hot-glue a 1/4-inch wide piece of ribbon to the back of each candy cane to create a hanger. Once glue cools, hang reindeer ornament on the tree (Image 2). Tip: These cute critters would also make great gift toppers!

@ymcacornor Since 1974, we have been providing people and families from all different backgrounds with programs that promote their health and well-being. We strive to nurture the potential of kids, provide affordable child care services, improve our members' health, and provide opportunities for people to give back to their neighbors. 14

December 2017 Newsletter #1  

The holiday celebrations are in full force at the Y! See what we've been up to!

December 2017 Newsletter #1  

The holiday celebrations are in full force at the Y! See what we've been up to!