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DAILY FILMING SHEET (CALL SHEET) Date and time: Saturday 16th March 2013 10am – 2pm ________________________________________________

Location: Marks Gate , London Storyboard scene no.s: 8-21 (see shooting script) Cast: Amber Quadling (Leah) and Emily Jane (neighbour) Crew: Sarah Lewis as camera operative, Lorelle Thompson as director and Kalkdian Brook as the Producer Equipment: Camera, Tripod and Memory card Props: Keys, bag, results letter, clothes, toiletries and phone Reminders: Rule of thirds, 180 degree rule Travel arrangements: Lorelle Thompson and Amber Quadling will meet up for 9:30 am, at grove bus stop and get the 362 to Rose Lane where you will meet up with Kalkidan Brook. Contact Numbers: 07943267484 / 07553274957

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Call sheet

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