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This prayer was found in the Sepulchre of the Lord Jesus in the year 1709 and was sent by the Pope to the Emperor Charles on the eve of his departure to fight his enemies and by him sent to St. Michael in France. Whoever reads or wears it on him will never burn or drown, nor will any poison affect him. He will never be a prisoner of war, nor will he ever be vanquished. When a woman has labor pains, let her wear it, and she will immediately be delivered, and when the child is born, let her place this prayer on the right side of the child and it will be safely preserved of 82 accidents. Whoever carries this prayer with him will never have any epileptic attacks and if you see one having fits, place the prayer on his right side and he will be cured immediately. “Whoever writes this prayer for himself or for others, I will bless,” says the Lord, “but whoever scoffs or laughs at it will be doomed.” When the prayer is in the house, the house will be safely guarded from thunder and lightning and whoever reads this prayer daily will be warned three days before his death by a Holy Sign of of the Cross. “Oh Lord, Almighty, You have suffered death on the cross for our sins. Oh Holy Cross of Jesus, be my true light. Oh Holy Cross of Jesus, fill my soul with good thoughts. Oh Holy Cross, help me in my salvation. Oh Holy Cross, safely guard me against unholy thoughts and worldly dangers that I may worship the Holy Cross of Jesus of Nazareth Crucified .Have pity on me. Oh Holy Cross of Jesus, be my hope. Oh Holy Cross, have mercy on me, Forever and ever Amen.” In honor of the precious blood of Jesus and His fearful death and resurrection and His glorification which leads to everlasting life. As true as Jesus was born on Christmas and crucified on Good Friday, as true as Joseph and Nicodemus took Jesus down from the cross, as true as Jesus ascended to heaven, may He preserve me from my enemies, visible and invisible, forever and ever. Amen. Lord Almighty, into Your hands I give my soul and my body. Oh Lord Jesus, grant me strength to bear the cross as Yourself. Teach me to bear with humility all the trials, that the Virgin may fill me with holy spirit. Preserve my soul and lead it to life everlasting. Amen. 110502042010 malorelpsanchez

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cross prayer  

a prayer that's been with our family since i was a kid

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