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Feedback collecting ideas I have a variety of feedback collecting ideas, my favourite idea is to create a personal interview setting where people are interviewed whilst watching the clip, their reaction at certain parts of the video is captured and it cuts between the multiple viewers and then after they can then be asked questions concerning the video. This idea is similar to the ‘Teens react to …’ by TheFineBros videos on Youtube.

This is the header and below is an example of a teens reaction to part of the clip, as you can see the setting if very intimate, and although this will be very time consuming the outcome is very professional and informative.

The latter section of the clip is when questions are asked to the interviewees about their opinions and view of the clip.

Another effective and cost efficient method of collecting feedback is a questionnaire. To create this would be less time consuming, but it could lead to the results being biased or slightly forced, by recording instantaneous reactions we can ensure genuine and certified responses. It also allows people viewing our blog to also enjoy the feedback and the video is more entertaining to view then to read like a standard post. Here are some of the questions I would ask either in the questionnaire or during the question time segment of the interview. -Is this an opening sequence? How do you know this? Titles? - What parts did you like if any? -What did you gather from the plot? -What genre would you give the film? -what aspects would you change or improve? -What did you feel during the film if anything? -What films would you liken the opening sequence to? What are the similarities?

Feedback collecting ideas  

My possible methods on ow i aim to collect feedback from our opening sequence