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Loras College Biology Newsletter  2005   

The Loras College Biology Program Newsletter

October 2005 Vol. 7 Tom Davis, Editor and Program Director   

The members of the Biology Dept. continue to be active in research, teach excellent classes and serve Loras, Dubuque and world communities. Current and past students in the Biology Dept. are also using their curiosity, knowledge and experience to do some amazing things in some even more amazing places. All alumni are invited to visit campus to talk to current students about your experiences in “Life after Loras”. Please send your latest accomplishments, jobs, or exciting news items to for inclusion on our Biology Dept. website at and in our next departmental newsletter.  

Contents of this Newsletter: • • • • • •

Announcements   Campus and Department Update   Faculty Update   Student Update   Health Science and Graduate School Acceptances for Fall 2005   Alumni News 



The Annual Biology Dept. Homecoming Chili Feed    was cancelled this year due to several timing conflicts with several Biology faculty members.  However,  Dr. Davis and Dr. Eagleson circulated among alumni at the Saturday Homecoming tailgate session before  the football game Oct. 15.  Each of us enjoyed our conversations with various alumni.  Several people  said that they were sad that the Chili Feed was cancelled this year.  Others said that it was too difficult  for them to get back on Friday night so they enjoyed the opportunity to see faculty at the tailgate.  We  will evaluate the feedback about the Chili Feed and make a decision about its future in September next  year.        Campus and Department Update  •

The Rock Bowl looks pretty NICE! New artificial Field Turf, new press boxes, new bleachers and a new scoreboard with a digital jumbotron are all functional and look great! The track has also been resurfaced and will receive it bright purple top coating!

Loras College Biology Newsletter  2005   

The football and soccer teams have enjoyed the new surface so far. Next year Wahlert High School will play their football games here too! The big field lights will be installed next spring to light up the field for these games and other evening events. You have to come back to see it ! President Collins announced last week (Oct. 21) that groundbreaking for a new 2500 seat basketball arena will take place in May. This facility will contain a new weight room and wellness center along with locker rooms, coaches offices, and athletic training facilities. It will be used for much more than athletic events as the college hopes to draw music performances, concerts, speakers, and many other events to the campus. The National NCAA Div. 3 Wrestling Tournament will be here in 2007. The structure will be placed south of the tennis courts on the practice football field and be connected to the Campus Center by an elevated glass walkway. You can read more about it in a recent Lorian article on line at Plans for the old Fieldhouse have not been revealed yet.  

Faculty Update Dave Czarnecki ‐  “Dr. Diatom” was very active this summer in the Lake Ithasca State Park region where he taught an aquatic plants course. He also gave a series of talks to state park visitors, Friends of lake Bemidji, the Minnesota DNR, and at Bemidji State University on his recent studies on “Cladophora” Lake Balls. His work generated a 10 minute radio interview and a front page article on the Bemidji Pioneer newspaper. He submitted 5 research grants and a paper titled, “Fatty acid profiles of ten Craticula cuspidata strains” by P. Zimba, M. Weaver, D. Czarnecki & M. J. Sullivan, presented at Annual meeting of the Phycological Society of America, Williamsburg, VA.  Dr. Czarnecki was recently diagnosed with cancer and his recent chemotherapy is going well. He has a great positive attitude and continues to teach all of his classes this fall semester.   Tom Davis – Dr. Davis continues to advise many health science students. See the list of acceptances below. He also visited Costa Rica in January 2005 for a week with 10 other college biologists to learn about tropical forest ecology and investigate the feasibility of leading a Loras Biology field class there. He enjoyed seeing and learning about the rain forest and all its components. He added 21 new species of birds to his list, learned about leafcutter and acacia ants and brought back a case of the chiggers that lasted about 3 weeks! It was a great trip. A Loras field trip to Costa Rica is in the works!   He also led another successful field trip to Florida over spring break.   The group got very wet in St. Augustine (as usual) but thoroughly enjoyed their visits to Sanibel, Corkscrew, the Everglades and the Keys. The campsite in the Keys has been sold and will be converted to condos before the next visit. Very Sad! It is such a beautiful spot at the foot of the 7 mile bridge. But Dr. D. has found an even better campsite at the other end of the bridge on Big Pine Key that features key deer wandering around the site!   Gerald Eagleson - Dr. Eagleson presented some of his research at several conferences including work on the developmental genetics of early pituitary development at the 22nd European Conference on Comparative Endocrinology, Uppsala, Sweden August 23-29th

Loras College Biology Newsletter  2005    Uppsala, Sweden (2004). He gave a talk at Clarke College on his research on genetic studies of vertebrate forebrain development. He had several groups of elementary students come to Loras to learn about neurobiology as well as science in the laboratory.   Dr Eagleson is proud of his past students who have recently published their own papers related to their Ph.D. research. See the list of publications below.     Fred Schnee – Dr. Schnee continues to be active in teaching genetics,   microbiology and introductory biology for majors. He published a paper titled   Application of the Hardy-Weinberg Model to a mixed population of Bar and wild-  type Drosophila in the Proceeding of the 26th Workshop/Conference of the  Association for Biology Laboratory Education (ABLE).      Dave Shealer – Dr. Shealer continues to involve students in his research on population ecology of Black Terns. He conducted field research with several students and local volunteers at Horicon National Wildlife Refuge in east central Wisconsin. He received several grants to support his research in the field as well as in the lab. He was recently elected President-Elect of the Waterbird Society. He presented a talk on his recent work at the 2005 Waterbird Society meeting in Jeckyl Island, Georgia. He also published several papers:  Shealer, DA, JA Spendelow, JS Hatfield, and ICT Nisbet. The adaptive significance of stealing in a marine bird and its relationship to parental quality. Behavioral Ecology, in press.  Shealer, DA, JE Saliva, and J Pierce. Annual survival and movement patterns of roseate terns breeding in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Waterbirds, in press.    Student Update    

Student Awards and Activities            Six students received Schulte Scholarships for the 2004-05 year including Brenda Arens, Peter Baur, Jessica Gerlach, Megan Meus, Matt Schemmel and Stepahnie Theisen Three students received McElroy Research grants including Matt Schemmel who did turtle egg work with Dr. Davis, Jon Heiar, who did Black Tern reproductive ecology with Dr. Shealer, and Stephanie Theisen who did genetic studies of forebrain development with Dr.

Loras College Biology Newsletter  2005    Eagleson. Each of these students presented their work at the McElroy Research Colloquium at Wartburg College in May 2005. 

Health Science and Graduate School Acceptances for 2005 graduates Nick Sullivan was accepted to Des Moines University Osteopathic medical school Abby Vanderah and Megan Meus were accepted to Optometry School at the Illinois College of Optometry Cortney Kettmann was accepted in to Physician’s Assistant school at DMU Jarrod Phelps (04) was accepted to Physician’s Assistant school at DMU and Barry University in Florida. Angie Pitts (04) was accepted in Nuclear Medicine Technologist Program at Mercy in Des Moines. Chris Ehlers was accepted into Veterinary School at Iowa State Alumni News October 2005 Jennifer (High) Peters ( ), Ph.D. recently received a position at the Kansas City Medical Center where she will pursue her postdoctoral studies and instruct physiology to medical students within the Center. She recently published an article titled Melatonin regulates circadian electroretinogram rhythms in a dose- and time dependent fashion in J. Pineal Res. 2005, 38:209-215. She was in the Department of Biology and Center for Biological Clocks Research at Texas A&M. Nicole Westphal ( )was first author on a paper titled GnRH Regulates Corticotrpin Releasing Hormone-Binding Protein (CRH-BP) Expression via Multiple Intracellualr Signaling Pathways and a Multipartite GnRh Response Element in alphaT3-1 Cells in Molecular Endocrinology, 2005, She was also second author on a paper titled Distribution and Acute Stressor Induced Activation of Corticotrophin-Releasing Hormone Neurones in the Central Nervous System of Xenopus laevis in J. of Neuroendocrinology, 2004, 16:880-893. She is in the Neuroscience Program at the University of Michigan. Peter Schlueter ( ) was second author on a paper titled Targeted Knockdown of Insulinlike Growth Facort Binding Protein-2 Disrupts Cardiovascular Development in Zebrafish Embryos in Molecular Endocrinology, 2005 19:1024-1034. Peter is in the Department of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology at the University of Michigan. By the way, Nicki and Peter are studying endocrinology together, so to speak, as husband and wife! Sarah Weichert (05) is working as an intern in the “swamp” filled with birds and many other animals at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago and applying for veterinary school. She is enjoying her work immensely!

Loras College Biology Newsletter  2005   

Marca Wosoba ( ) married her friend Allan in September 2005 and enjoyed her honeymoon in Ecuador! She and her hubby continue to live in London where she is working for McGraw-Hill. Elisabeth (Gustafson) Wagner (01) has one year remaining at the University of Iowa to finish her Ph.D. in the Department of Biological Sciences studying the development and function of intercalated disks in cardiomyocytes. Mary Fran Cullen ( ) is teaching high school biology and coaching cross country and track at The Bishop’s School in La Jolla, CA north of San Diego. She sent pictures of herself atop Mt Whitney on a backpacking adventure trip! Melissa Zeimet (04) married Luke Casey ( ) in summer 05. Luke is a PA at Mercy in Dubuque. Melissa is applying for PA school and taking care of their new baby, Nathan! Jessica Duetmeyer (02) was married in April 04 and is using her past experience from the National Mississippi River Museam and Aquarium to work as a temporary full time aquarist at the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific in CA. She is learning how to culture micro algae, rotifers, artemia and mysip shrimp. Jessica and her husband, a pharmacist, recently bought a house in Long Beach near a community known as “Iowa by the Sea”! Micah Reuber (04) has a job with the Fish and Wildlife Service In Pierre, SD. Tanya Conrad ( ) is teaching 9th grade environmental science and biology at Hempstead High School in Dubuque. In Novmeber 2005 she will be leading a high school group to Pigeon Key in Florida to study Mrine Biology for 3 weeks! She is also taking classes at UNI to get her Masters in Science Education. Amy Montgomery, D. O. ( ) is practicing medicine for Medical Associates at the Family Pratice in Elkader, IA and Monona, IA. Bryan Snyder ( ) is working on a Masters degree in Human Nutrition at Kansas State University. He is also teaching a basic nutrition class too. Christa Spielbauer ( ) finished a Masters in Public Health from Des Moines University in May 2005. Jesse Potebaum ( ) reported in a year ago and informed us that he had survived another hurricane in Orlando. He said that all the dolphins were fine and everyone is invited to visit when they can. He is the Head Dolphin Trainer at Discovery Cove at Seaworld Orlando. Abbie Meyer ( ) works for the Driftless Land Stweardship in Glen Haven, WI as a Restoration Technician Supervisor. She is working in all aspects of ecological restoration including design of management plans, burn plans, seed mixes, private

Loras College Biology Newsletter  2005   

property consultation, tree clearing, invasive species control and many other things. She said that she hasn’t spent a single day indoors for 2 months! Lennie (Johnson) Meeter is a PA at Medical Associates Clinic in Dubuque in the Musculoskeletal Unit. She is enjoying all of her day to day activities and she has been giving some Loras undergrads some shadowing experience lately as well. Angie Ponguta ( ) is in her 3rd year of a Ph.D. program in Molecular Biology at U. of North Carolina – Chapel Hill where she is studying molecular mechanisms of prostate cancer. She returned to campus in Spring 2005 to give a talk on her research to the students in Biology senior seminar. John Arient (98) is teaching high school biology and physiology in San Bernadino, CA and enjoying every minute of it. Lindsay Wright (04) is in her second year of medical school at the University of Illinois. She said that she is very busy but enjoying it. Can you believe it - she is still friends with _______ Hughes!! Jenny Arens (04) is starting her second year of graduate school in Reproductive Physiology at the U. of Wisconsin – Madison. She is investigating molecular mechanisms of ovarian cancer biology…….(and she is engaged…to a fellow Nebraskan!) Jenny Martin (03) received a Masters in Forestry last spring and is now starting her work on her Ph.D. in Forestry at the U. of Wisconsin-Madison. She is teaching a graduate class in forestry and doing research on carbon cycling in the boreal forests of Canada and several forest sites in northern Wisconsin. Nick Pauly (02) is in his 4th year of medical school at the U. of Iowa where he plans on getting a residency in Anesthesiology next year. Ann (Miller) Kruse ( ) is a physical therapist in Dyersville. She is working on taking a few more courses to get her Doctorate in PT. She and her husband Brad, who is also a PT, have 2 boys. Ryan Dempewolf ( ), Mark Johnson ( ) and Matt Rauen ( ) all graduated from the U. of Iowa Medical School in May 2005. Ryan has accepted a residency in Otolaryngology at Iowa. Mark has started his residency in Radiology at the University of Michigan. Matt will be a resident in ophthalmology at Iowa. Christian Schultheis, M.D. ( ) is in the oncology practice at Medical Associates in Dubuque. He came to talk about end of life issues in Dr. Davis’ MOI class this fall and did a great job.

Loras College Biology Newsletter  2005   

Mark McKeon, M.D. ( ) is back in Dubuque working in the Emergency Room at Mercy Medical Center. His wife, Stacey M.D., works in Acute Care for Medical Associates too. Chad Morarend, D.D.S. ( ) is currently attending orthodontic school at the U. Of Iowa. He was in a general dentistry practice for several years in Dubuque with his office on JFK Rd. He should be back in Dubuque within the year. Joe Jacquinot ( ) graduated from the U. of Iowa Dental School in May, 2005, got married a month or so later, and is now working with the Bierie dental team in Dubuque.

Please send Dr. Davis an email at to update your latest activities and news!     

Biology Newsletter 2005  

Loas College Biology Newsletter

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