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Mrs. Cole American History Xavier LaDouceur

Little Rock In 1957 the High school Little rock central high. There was a group of 9 African Americans who were enrolled in Little rock high. The first day of there new school The Arkansas national Guard didn’t let them enter the school and if that wasn’t bad enough thee was a mob of people following the students shouting about lynching. The mayor of Little Rock Woodrow Nilson Mann ad contacted President Eisenhower and had him send federal troops to escort the Little Rock 9 into the school. By 1957 the Little Rock 9 were permitted to enter Central High These students included Ernest Green, Elizabeth Eckford, Jefferson Thomas, Terrence Roberts, Carlotta Walls LaNier, Minnijean Brown, Gloria Ray Karlmark, Thelma Mothershed, Melba Pattillo Beals.

The Berlin Wall is a massive connection to the “Cold War�. As tensions rise, the urge of tearing the wall down builds. But why was the Berlin Wall put up in the first place? The building of the wall was mainly because of the fact that East Berlin became under the Communist power of Khrushchev. As the wall was being built U.S did not agree with the building of it. United States put tanks against the wall declaring the wall be tear down. Soviets had also set up tanks of the Eastern part of Berlin to have the wall stay up. If action were to take place, the risk of war would be huge. Communist and American tensions were so large that the smallest amount of damage done by the U.S could have sparked a nuclear war. Looking back to those times from the Berlin Wall makes me really reconsider what the action had happened. Soviets and U.S were just instigators technically.

Not only was many of these topics racial filled, divided, but they were also family filled. What is the one playland that is universally for families? You guessed it. Disneyland was the answer. Disneyland was created by Walt Disney. Originally Disneyland was suppose to be 8 acres of land next to Burbank studios. Disneyland would just be a place where him and his family and employees to relax. Walt ended up getting 160 Acres in california near Santa Ana Freeway. If Walt didn't like the design he would do it himself. Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev was in the United States for a visit with President Eisenhower and wanted to see Los Angeles and what it had in store. So Nikita wanted to go to DisneyLand but when he went to get into DisneyLand he found out was not allowed to because of the public safety he was furious. Nikita left LA the next morning.

Sputnik, or more known as the Soviets NASA. The competitiveness of the United States was unbelieveable. If the United States nemesis is going to space, so will the U.S. Of course Sputnik beat NASA in the developments and trials into space. Sputnik I, the first artificial satellite to be sent into space was only about the size of a basketball believe it or not. Weighed in at 183 Lb’s. Because of the Sputnik I being launched many military developments were soon underway. Thus creating NASA and the battle to get the first man into space. NASA or more commonly recognized as the Space Act was ok'd by Congress. NASA was practically created under the heat of the Space Race. The American public would not let the Soviets progress in front of the U.S. It was an embarrassing move from the U.S that the greatest enemy Spetnaz is more advanced.

The Bay of Pigs invasion was one of the most devastating invasions ever planned. The U.S promised to bring in Air forces to solidify the operation. Cuban exiles and cuban Civilians were apart of this plan. But as you know Bay of Pigs does not exactly work out. U.S pulled out of the plan literally the day Bay of Pigs was in action. After that everything involved fell apart. Cuban Civilians can Cuban Exiles were all the hope left to overthrow the Communist Government held by Castro. Promises not only by U.S were not kept in this invasion. Cuban Civilians backed out as well leaving only the Cuban exiles. Castro’s forces were too large for such an invasion by this small group of 1,400. It was similar to a massacre. Over 100 dead and 75% of the forces captured as P.O.W’s. The Bay of Pigs was an failure for an uprising.

We didnt start the fire Xavier Ladoucer  

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