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5 Topics: 1. Iron Curtain 2. 38th Parallel 3. Inchon Landing 4. H-Bomb 5. Rosenburgs Article One One major issue of the Cold War was the Iron Curtain. The Iron Curtain was a statement created by Winston Churchill in 1946 because the Soviet Union had created a big area of communism in Europe. After Winston Churchill’s speech, Joseph Stalin got word of it, and spread Churchill’s words around to his people to help persuade that the United States and Great Britain were enemies of Soviet Union. This became the excuse to rebuild their military strength.The re-building of the Military of Soviet Union shattered the Soviet Union countryside. The reason why Winston Churchill created the word “iron curtain” because after World War II, Stalin wanted to gain control over Eastern Europe. When Stalin was trying to gain control in Eastern Europe, he was using whatever means necessary. Some countries that were in the Iron Curtain were East Germany, Hungary, Poland, and Yugoslavia. The Iron Curtain was a symbol of communism because Churchill had said it symbolized the wall or separation of East Europe between West Communist Europe. Today, the Iron Curtain does not exist because the Iron Curtain was a term, not a real thing and most nations today are not communist.

Article Two Another major issue of the Cold War was the 38th parallel. The 38th parallel was the line that divided North Korea and South Korea. They made the 38th parallel line because the North part of Korea was communist, while the South part of Korea was anti-communist. With the 38th parallel being created, it stopped the North side from entering the South side. Since the 38th parallel was created, it didn’t stop them from fighting.Both Kim II Sung and Syngman Rhee wanted to bring the two halves together.But in the end, it never occurred and North Korea eventually ordered troops to invade South Korea, which led to the Korean War of 1950-1953. Today, the 38th parallel is still a part of the world map, but it doesn’t mean a lot to North and South Korea except for the border of each others land. North Korea still remains communist and South Korea still remains capitalist. Currently, there has not been any actions or plans to reunite the two.

Article Three The third major issue of the Cold War was the Inchon Landing. The Inchon landing was a plan made by MacArthur. The plan was that the UN forces make an amphibious landing behind North Korean lines at the port city of Inchon. The area of Inchon was a very unlikely place for a assault, but to MacArthur it was a brilliant place for a assault. To many people's amazement, the plan actually worked! Within 24 hours of the landing on September 15th, 70,000 troops held ground for a solid time and re-gained ground they had lost. This helped bring changes in fortunes in South Korea. After the Inchon Landing, North Korea didn’t even stand a chance again the UN. Since the Un had moved all the way to the south and North Korea followed, their defense line was very thin and was basically powerless for fighting. Overall, there were no negative outcomes about the Inchon Landing. Only good outcomes.

Article Four Another major issue of the Cold War was the H-Bomb otherwise known as the Hydrogen bomb. The hydrogen bomb is a bomb kind of like the atom bomb but much more stronger and powerful. The hydrogen bomb was a weapon of destruction being studied throughout the Cold War era. Even though we had never used the Hydrogen bomb during the Korean war, it still was being tested in many different locations like New Mexico and Nevada. The anatomy of the Hydrogen bomb was that when it would explode, it would get its power from the fusing of hydrogen atoms. Since fuzion is more powerful, it would create a blast hundreds of times more powerful than the atomic bomb. Today, there are a lot more bombs similar to the Hydrogen bomb but way more powerful. Back then, they didn’t have some of the technology we had today. But the Hydrogen still stands as a powerful bomb that started the real movement to study more about nuclear warfare.

Article five Lastly, yet another major issue of the Cold War are the Rosenburgs. The Rosenburgs are two people, both female and male, that were convicted of telling Soviets some U.S secrets. Since there brother was part of the Manhattan Project, he knew a lot more stuff about the U.S nuclear warfare tactics. So since he knew about their nuclear warfare tactics, he told the Rosenburgs. Eventually, they got in trouble for spreading secrets to the Soviets and were later executed in 1953. Also, the Rosenburgs were the first U.S civilians that were executed for espionage. Espionage is basically saying your communist. Today, the Rosenburgs play a big famous role in the Cold War since secrecy during this time was a big deal. Even the littlest thing can turn big and cause many problems for anyone.

Devin Perkins Cold War Project Block 2 Mrs. Cole  
Devin Perkins Cold War Project Block 2 Mrs. Cole  

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