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The H-Bomb The H-Bomb is a nuclear weapon that was tested first on an island called the Marshall islands on November 1, 1952. The H-Bomb stands for Hydrogen Bomb. This bomb was one hundred times more powerful than the Atomic Bomb, it was that much more powerful because the way the United States made it, it was created the same process as the energy of the sun and stars. President Truman did not want the Soviet Union to build their own Hydrogen bomb because the Soviets might have bombed the United States. The Hydrogen Bomb is 15 megatons or bigger, this is equivalent to one million tons of TNT. This bomb was to be brighter than the sun's light by 500 suns. When the hydrogen bomb exploded the mushroom cloud measured to be 8 miles across,27 miles high, and 100 miles wide. After the bomb had stop exploding, the bomb had vaporized 80 million tons of the Earth. Marshall Rosenbluth, a United States theoretical physicist was on a boat 30 miles from where the bomb was dropped. While he was in the boat, there was horrible white stuff come down on the people in the boat. this white substance was calcium from vaporized coral, after he was hit with that Marshall had gotten 100 chest x-rays from the radiation. This was to be known as the most powerful bomb made in history.

Disneyland Walt Disney was the creator of the amusement park. Disneyland was first created in 1953 close to Los Angeles. Most people could not believe Walt was creating such a spectacular place, where a family could go and just have fun! To prove this was going on Walt and the finances broadcasted it on television. Throughout the park there were sections or so called “places around the world”. Such as Main street, which was to bring back happy memories and turn the clock back to when you were young, Adventureland was an extoic land that was to seem like you were far from your home, Frontierland was to seem like you were a pioneer and how the country lived before everything started to develop into more moderate, Fantasyland was to make you believe that dreams could come true and anything would be possible, Tomorrowland would make you feel like you were in space or into the future with high tech. technologie. Nikita Khrushchev, the Soviet Premier was visiting the United States during the Cold War and wanted to see the famous Disneyland in California. But was denied because of the security reasons. Disney thought it would be too dangerous to have a soviet leader throughout the park because he would like it so much he wouldn’t leave. Khrushchev wanted to visit Disneyland to meet John Wayne, Hollywood’s top box office draw.

Little Rock Little Rock was a small town in Arkansas but soon to be known all over the world. Racial discrimination had been part of the United States for a long time and had gotten even bigger during the Cold War. Most white people had thought they were better than African Americans, Asian or Latin American people. Pretty much everything in America had been segregated from African American to White people such as, buses, schools, bathrooms, and even drinking fountains! In 1957, the government had decided to take nine African American students into an all white school. However, the government didn’t realize how dangerous this would be for the African American students. September 4, 1957, when the nine students walked into the school, many white students were crowded around them and yelling and screaming to go back to their own school. Some of the students got so mad they confronted them, but soon enough the national guard was there to help the nine students into the building. Around the world, many people would look at picturing and see the national guard holding guns and wearing gas masks. This made people not want to come to America. This made America look weak and judgemental. President Eisenhower had been notified that th a problem in Little Rock so he put a stop to it at once.

Kennedy During the Cold War John F. Kennedy had been elected President of the United States and big responsibilities ahead of him. Kennedy was married to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and had two children named, Caroline Bouvier Kennedy and John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr. Many people loved seeing pictures of the children playing under their father's desk while he was working. Most of the time Kennedy was making speeches about freedom of African Americans. He believed that everyone should be equal and not separated. Kennedy also battled against communism spreading throughout the world. Most of the time the Soviet Union wanted the United States to become communism but we did not want our country to feel like they are trapped and have no freedom. Kennedy also went through the Cuban Missile Crisis. Cuba and the Soviet Union started to build bases for missiles, this made it easy to bomb the United States. But that didn’t stop the United States. A U-2 plane flew over Cuba and took highly photographic photos of the missile bases during construction. Kennedy had asked Cuba to dismantle the missile base, to make it official, the United States made a peace treaty with Cuba stating how they would not attack it.

MoonShot Kennedy wanted the United States to have the reputation of the first man on the moon, which they did on July 20, 1969. Neil Armstrong was the first man to step on the moon. But Before that was even possible, the space program, NASA was created. NASA was a space program to study the stars, planets, asteroids, and anything else that is in space. Of course Neil Armstrong wasn’t alone. Edward Aldrin and Michael Collins were Neil’s assistants. Neil and Edward walked on the moon for three hours while Michael Collins stayed in orbit around the moon. Neil Armstrong had put the first American Flag on the Moon while Collins took pictures of them. Armstrong had also put a sign on the moon representing the United States had been on the Moon. Armstrong had also picked up rocks and dirt while he was there. They returned on July 2, 1969. Kennedy was satisfied with the reputation of the United States being the first man on the Moon.

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