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Name _________________ Rubric for “Brother, Can you Spare a Dime” Digital Scrapbook Category Content

A All of the content is present and well organized

25 pts possible

Appearance 10 pts possible

Effort (based upon checks during work time)

Slides are well designed. Words, colors, and graphics are appealing.

Full effort—no reminders necessary.

B Organization could have been better. Possibly some content missing. Could have done a few things differently. Possibly a few errors in spelling, poor choice in graphics… etc. Effort is good —maybe a reminder or two necessary.

C Organization was not as good as it should be. Missing more content.

Effort could have been better. Reminders needed.

Effort was poor. Many reminders needed. A distraction to others.

Descriptions and explanations are present— needed a little more thought.

Descriptions and/or explanations are missing or definitely needed more attention.

Parts are missing. Hard to tell if student understands the connections.

Needed a little more time on design and/or spelling and punctuation.

15 pts possible Understanding Descriptions and Accuracy and explanations 20 pts possible are present and accurate.

Total Points:

_________ out of 70

D Poor organization. Content is missing and there are gaps in scrapbook. Didn’t seem like much thought went into the design and/or spelling, etc.


1920's united states

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