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Common injury that often occurs on road accidents Whiplash causes pain, stiffness and loss of movement in the neck. A person may also experience headaches, muscle spasms and pain arms or shoulders. It is usually short lived and self-limiting, but in a small percentage of people, symptoms persist beyond six months when the condition becomes chronic. Common whiplash symptoms include neck pain, tenderness over the neck muscles, painful neck movements and headaches. Less whiplash symptoms include lower back pain, dizziness, tiredness, blurred vision and vertigo. Injury lawyers provide legal assistance when a person wants to file a claim regarding the injuries. The lawyers must also be knowledgeable about tort law and also have tried handling such cases. When a person experiences civil wrongdoings because of car accidents or products with defects then this is tort law. In times when one becomes a victim to such wrongdoing then together with their lawyers they can ask for damages. Bodily harms, mental illness and other reasons can grant the victim compensation. Claiming compensation for whiplash injuries Whiplash compensation could be used and claim by someone who have the harm. Whiplash claim is not that as great as car accident compensation claim nonetheless it is enough to suffice the wants of treatment for the pain. Car crash claims have become popular in UK going back few years because they have showed victims a level of uncompared fairness. 74% of all personal injury notifications in the first half of 2011 involved road traffic accidents. Car accident claims are a choice any faultless victim of a car accident who has suffered injuries can opt for. If the claim in question works, then the victim can receive a substantial compensation that should replace with all the pain and suffering that a person has gone through. This process can be long and enduring however with the help from a personal injury solicitor, it can run smoothly.

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