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3 Essential SEO Tips For Fine Results In 2013 The word ‘change’ can be thought as the signature of this world. Right from the ancient stuff, change is something which has made it way to modern tech too. The latest release of google update is a strong symbol of frequent change in IT platform. These changes (updates) have vital effects on functioning of every IT company. For instance, the new algorithm of goggle has made people to adopt new strategies for SEO, online marketing & inbound link generation. For those who have not updated their work criteria, here are few tips from industry’s expert which must make a place in your SEO rule diary. Scatter Scope Of Keywords Gone are those days when a pro SEO company used to inserts words like ‘Buy new stuff’ as a natural phrase in title. As per the new Web Designing Services Algorithm, this can be easily grabbed for suiting the spam list database. Today, one has to be very authentic & genuine in use of matching keywords. Instead of exact words, try to use its synonyms that best describe it in natural form. By the way, ‘natural’ will mean human language style, not the one that computer understands. Tip – Use lines expressing meaning of a keyword, instead of precise keywords itself. Real Quality Links Until now, people were very much comfortable about the link generation. One, who reads way of generating back links, try to practices it with 10000 sites & end up with unexpected results at the end. If there are abuse one the site, rating falls drastically after which people wonder how rating fell so quickly. The new google algorithm strictly takes such link submission with tough hands. So, one has to be very realistic in approach. Tip – Do not generate back links in bulk; say 20000 a day, at least until new Algorithm is on petrol. Also, diversify your links to avoid threat. Widen Your Traffic Source

People who are dependent on Google for their only source of traffic might have to suffer in future. The recent updates for Google may find out if you are overnight (means, within very short time) rich in term of SERP ranking, all your traffic comes from videos, blogs & Google sources. Then, wait for sudden rank drop as soon as you get notice for it. One has to think beyond Google for its traffic source. It would be better to include few independent sources which have no relation with Google profile. Tip – Optimize your website for other than Google resources, no matter if it takes time & money.

Although, latest Google tools are highly advanced & able to be used for perfect optimization, one has to look for something extra to minimize risk. The diversification of keywords & link generation is a must follow tip for all SEO companies. Google is on the path to be natural in its accent. Hence, all the updates are getting smarter than it previous ones. In addition, they are stricter for any forced promotional effort. In other frame of view, one has to be alert regarding google news. This will ensure quality SEO work for fine results.

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These changes (updates) have vital effects on functioning of every IT company. For instance, the new algorithm of goggle has made people to...

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