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Lorain County Storm Water District News Release for Immediate Release November 5, 2013

Funding Opportunities for Stormwater Infrastructure Projects The Lorain County Stormwater District is providing funding Opportunities for 2014 stormwater infrastructure projects throughout the District. This is the third year that funding was made available. In 2013, the District received a total of 10 requests totaling more than $252,000, of which 7 were funded at a total of $144,000. These 7 projects were awarded funding:       

Columbia Township; Joyce Drive to Root Road Eaton Township; Gore-Orphanage Road Culvert Henrietta Township; Vetter Ditch Improvement Penfield Township; Curtice Ditch Rochester Township; Gore-Orphanage Road Culvert Wellington Township; Charlemont Log Jam Wellington Township; Wellington Creek Log Jam

Last year, the Storm Water District funded 5 infrastructure projects in the amount of $56,985.00. In total the District has awarded grants totaling in excess of $225,000. Stormwater infrastructure projects include but are not limited to:    

Stormwater detention projects; Integration of green in infrastructure into public facilities (i.e. township halls) such as pervious pavement, rain gardens; Acquisition of easements for stream buffers, wetland protections; Improvements to public storm water conveyance systems including culverts, pipes/tile, and ditches.

Lorain county residents who live in the unincorporated areas are encouraged to contact their local trustees with potential projects. For further information contact Don Romancak at 440-328-2323 or To report flooding or inform the District of Illicit Discharges into the storm water system contact the LCSWD Hotline at 440-328-2333. An illicit discharge is defined as "any discharge to a municipal separate storm sewer that is not composed entirely of stormwater" (except discharges resulting from fire fighting activities and a few other categories). Common sources of non-stormwater, dry weather discharges in urban areas include apartments and homes, car washes, restaurants, airports, landfills, and gas stations, to name but a few. These so called "generating sites" discharge sanitary wastewater, septic system effluent, vehicle wash water, washdown from grease traps, motor oil, antifreeze, gasoline and fuel spills, among other substances. Although these illicit discharges can enter the storm drain system in various ways, they generally result from either direct connections (e.g., wastewater piping either mistakenly or deliberately connected to the storm drains) or indirect connections (e.g., infiltration into the storm drain system, spills, or "midnight dumping"). Illicit discharges can be further divided into those discharging continuously and those discharging intermittently.

Respectfully submitted: Virginia Haynes Lorain County Community Development 226 Middle Ave. Room 551 Elyria, Ohio 44035 440-328-2362

Stormwater Project Infastructure Funding Opportunities  
Stormwater Project Infastructure Funding Opportunities  

The Lorain County Stormwater District is providing funding Opportunities for 2014 stormwater-related infrastructure projects throughout the...