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Lorain County Storm Water District

October 7, 2013 Chair James Cordes Lorain County Administrator 440-329-7260 Ken Carney Lorain County Engineer 440-329-5586 Bill Holtzman Chief Deputy Engineer 440-329-5590 Donald Romancak Director, Lorain County Community Development 440-328-2323 Jerry Innes Assistant County Prosecutor 440-329-5370 John Born Soil & Water 440-653-0315 Mark McConnell Township Trustees 440-647-3427 Howard Born Business Owners 440-965-5675 Rick Carlson Farm Bureau 330-483-3521 Rich Beran Developers 440-236-3975 Pat McCaslin Environmentalist 440-647-2533

Dear Trustees, The Lorain County Storm Water District is providing funding Opportunities for storm water infrastructure projects. This is the second year that funding is being made available. Storm water infrastructure projects include but are not limited to:     

Storm water detention projects; Integration of green in infrastructure into public facilities (i.e. township halls, parks) such as pervious pavement, rain gardens; Acquisition of easements for stream buffers, wetland protections; Improvements to public storm water conveyance systems including culverts, pipes/tile, and ditches. Other needs as identified to improve storm water systems

Applications are due on January 6, 2014. A tentative schedule for the process is:    

Review by SWAC Sub-Committee with recommendation by January 16; SWAC to review, discuss, and advise on applications to rank for funding on January 16 meeting; Approval of select projects by Storm Water District Board; Develop and enter into agreements by February 28.

The projects should be able to be completed within two years with the termination/close out date of June 30, 2016. Currently it is estimated that approximately $150,000.00 is available. This amount may change based upon funds available, number and quality of projects, and funds requested. The Storm Water District and the SWAC encourage a wide variety of types of projects to be submitted. Certain projects such as detention basins may be of benefit to multiple townships and an application from a consortium of townships for one project is allowable. Any questions, please contact Don Romancak at Community Development (440) 328-2323. Thank you for your participation. Sincerely,

Watershed Coordinator

226 Middle Avenue, 5th Floor Elyria, OH 44035 440-328-2323

Donald Romancak Assistant Director Lorain County Storm Water District

Stormwater District's Community Grant Application Cover Letter