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The Cabrini women’s basketball team huddles befores their home opener against Eastern University on Tuesday, Nov. 20.

Hoop Scoop: Lady Cavs must keep ‘team wins’ coming BY KEVIN DURSO Sports Editor

Perhaps it was early-season nerves but the Cabrini women’s basketball team played like a different team on Tuesday night. After two games of shaky shooting - the Lady Cavs averaged 27 percent shooting from the floor in their first two games - the Lady Cavs outplayed Eastern with their best shooting game of the season. On all other fronts, the team operated like a well-oiled machine. They brought their usual stifling defense that held Eastern to just 29 points. They forced 24 turnovers, including 15 steals. If the best offense is a good defense, the Lady Cavs have the formula to operate on that policy. Still, what stood out was the team aspect. There was constant rotation of players on the floor. All players on the floor touched the ball at numerous times. One of the things the Lady Cavs proved they can do is move the ball around the floor. The Lady Cavs got 24 points off the bench, 24 points off turnovers and 42 points in the paint. This is a team

capable of dangerous things. But they would have to operate as a team the whole way. “There was contributions from starters, subs, freshmen and seniors,” head coach Kate Pearson said. “We’re just happy that it was a great team win. Everybody did their part.” Having to play as a team shouldn’t come as a problem to many of these players. They clearly were playing for more than bragging rights. They were playing for each other. Clearly this is a team with experience. Clearly this is a team that knows their surroundings on the court. They run plays with crisp passes, excellent speed and a controlling pace. Defenses are forced to conform to their style of play and offenses struggle to escape the tight coverage that the Lady Cavs exhibit. And despite their 2-2 record through four games this season, their losses have been close and their fight on the court has been spirited. This Lady Cavs’ team means business and are a force to be reckoned with. The task of opposing this team becomes

all the more daunting for conference opponents, who get their first look at the Lady Cavs next week. The Lady Cavs will play their first CSAC game on Monday, Dec. 3, against Notre Dame of Maryland and host their first CSAC match two days later on Wednesday, Nov. 5, against Immaculata University. For the Lady Cavs to be the last team standing in the CSAC this season, they need to continue this quality of play. They need to keep the teamwork at high priority. And for a team that is quite familiar with each other - two sophomores, four juniors and three seniors are on the 16-player roster - experience will also go a long way.


Hoop Scoop: Men’s basketball in spotlight BY BETHANY BIGENHO Staff Writer

The men’s basketball team must still be on that last season high. They have shown up ready to play every game so far, and are still playing with that national championship attitude. With a record of 3-2, the games that the men have lost have been against ranked opponents. The latest loss against Scranton ended in heartbreak losing the game by one point in overtime. The team lost some very key players that were seniors last year. Without AllAmerican Cory Lemons and star shooter John Boyd, there are holes to fill. For a team that did so well last year with the players that they had, it must be hard to be missing members of the original unit. And in some cases, it is evident on the floor. Chemisty is a huge aspect to the Cavs’ success. While they are still working out the kinks that come with having new faces - nine in total - they have to meet some lofty expectations. Let’s be honest, whether it’s right or wrong, Cabrini’s men’s basketball team is definitely the school’s favorite sports team. I mean let’s face it. Just about a month ago the men’s and women’s soccer teams both won the CSAC championship. The women’s field hockey and volleyball teams made the CSAC Final. If you asked a majority of students if they even knew about that, they would

probably say no. Last year for the men’s basketball team, there were busses to away games. And for the final championship game, there was a school wide send off for the team. What did the soccer teams get this year? Hardly any recognition compared to what the basketball team got and gets. That’s not to say that the recognition is not warranted. The men’s basketball team did what no other team on campus has ever accomplished. They played for a national championship. They came up just three points short of the school’s first national title. For that, the Cavs have the floor, literally. They will draw crowds and they will have high expectations. But it also comes with a price. There is pressure to deliver. There are tougher games and opponents. The Cavs have a massive target on their back. While they may still be the class of the CSAC, they are now expected to also compete on a national scale. That’s more than any other team on campus can say, even after all four fall sports played in their respected conferenec championships. But perhaps that is too much to ask. Perhaps people need to think of campus sports as a whole and not just the men’s basketball team. It’s easy for success to go to your head, especially when you’re a fan. But keep in mind that what happens on the floor is what really matters and a


The 2011-12 Cabrini men’s basketball team was honored before the home opener on Tuesday, Nov. 20, for reaching the national championship game in March. record-setting season can become quite meaningless very quickly. The Cavs have tipped-off the 2012-13 season. Perhaps it’s time to shift the focus there and stop talking about the past. What’s done is done and even though the Cavs gave Cabrini national recognition, the focus has already shifted for the players and coaches. Although there is still a lot of work to be done and many more games to be played. If the team continues to play with the pas-

sion that they have now, they should be heading in the same direction as they were in at the end of the season last year. And that’s just the news the Cabrini fans should be looking for.


Nov. 29, 2012 issue 12 Loquitur  
Nov. 29, 2012 issue 12 Loquitur  

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