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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Funny Fest delivers laughter gianna shikitino

asst. features editor

Laughter broke out when nine contestants experienced their five minutes of fame while performing in the second comedy competition, Funny Fest, where the winner landed a five-minute gig at Comedy Cabaret in Northeast Philadelphia. Jake Verterano, junior English and communication major, received the most votes and earned the crown as king of Funny Fest. The stand-up comedy battle sponsored by Cabrini’s radio station, 89.1 WYBF-FM The Burn, brought students and locals together in amusement on April 3. The Burn’s general and executive staff helped set the stage in preparation of a successful show. “We decided to give it a second run and it was really successful,” Caitlin Friel, English and communication major, said. Friel is the promotions director for The Burn and was in charge of planning the event. Heather Fullerton, general manager of The Burn and Jessie Holeva, junior communication major, thought of the event last semester. “About 115 people were in attendance and we had nine contestants,” Friel said. “That is awesome and I could not have asked for a better Funny Fest.”

The host for the evening, young and rising comedian John Poveromo, broke the ice by performing stand-up for the attendees and contestants. Poveromo has been featured in The New York Times, Comcast On-Demand stand-up, Sirius satellite radio and a part of Punchline Magazine’s 2008 Comedian’s New Year’s Resolutions. His energy and sense of humor made the contestants feel comfortable and at ease to take the stage. Poveromo participated as a judge for last semester’s Funny Fest. Students cast their votes by placing tickets into bags that displayed the names of each contestant. The atmosphere of the event is perfect for students to come out and show off their humor by entertaining their classmates and friends. “For anyone who wants to start stand-up, this is the best environment to do it,” Poveromo said. “The Funny Fest is just an all out fun event to promote our radio station and give the students a good laugh,” Friel said. “It is a good event because people get to let their funniness shine on stage while their friends get to watch.” All of the contestants who participated share a love for comedy. “Stand-up comedy is my favorite thing on earth. All I watch is

gianna shikitino/ asst. features editor

Funny Fest host John Povoramo poses with WYBF staff members, juniors Gillian Davis (far left), Jen Wozniak (left) and senior Megan Pellegrino (right). Comedy Central,” Billy Bacovin, senior human resources management major, said. Bacovin was one of the nine contestants to take the stage. “I might do stand up as a hobby after college to keep my publicspeaking skills.” One contestant stood out from the rest by performing a rap song that he created. “I did the song for my boss and he really liked it,” Spencer Henry, freshman English and secondary

education major, said. “Everyone from my work convinced me to do it for Funny Fest and I thought I had nothing to lose.” After all of the contestants performed their best to make the audience laugh, a winner was chosen. Verterano will perform a five minute stand-up act at Comedy Cabaret. “I thought the event was very good. I was pleased and had a great time,” Joe Windt, senior

criminology major, said. “I didn’t expect it and I thought the contestants were very funny.” “It’s a good event to have each semester because it gets the students involved and it promotes the radio station to the college,” Friel said. “This is a really nice little get- together. It’s great how many people come out and how classmates support each other,” Poveromo said.

Entertainment industry brings hope for future alumni sami godowsky

asst. features editor

Cabrini is home to many aspiring entertainers, as well as alumni that have achieved fame. Cabrini offers several classes that benefit students that may want to pursue a career in the entertainment industry, such as radio broadcasting, acting, advanced acting and video production. Joe Zahn, 2008 graduate, not only is a DJ, but runs his own DJing company known as DJZmusic. Zahn has worked at big events such as the “MTV Video

Music Awards” held in Las Vegas, NV. “DJing opened my eyes to beat-making and producing. It is because of my beat-making abilities that I was able to work my way in with a local artist by the name of Jet Phynx to opening for Flo Rida and DJing the VMA After Party in Vegas,” Zahn said. Zahn has a lot of plans for the future; he plans to expand his business by supplying clients with everything they would need to host a party including photo/ videographer props, prizes and other services at a wholesale cost.

Zahn also wants to incorporate a fundraising service primarily for elementary schools. “This fundraiser would be a sponsored trivia contest utilizing questions from the school’s curriculum, for every question a child gets correct their sponsor will donate X amount of money,” Zahn said. So how did Cabrini prepare him for the entertainment industry? “My major at Cabrini was in elementary education. Much of the information I learned in so many of my classes was how to keep children engaged. This is a

sami godowsky/asst. features editor

2008 Cabrini graduate, Joe Zahn can be found DJing at Ardmore’s Brownies 23 East in the night

vital tool when DJing children’s parties, school dances and Bah Mitzvahs,” Zahn said. Another alumn from Cabrini who is currently working her way up into the entertainment industry is Diana Ashjian, who graduated from Cabrini in 2006. Currently Ashjian is working towards getting her master’s degree in theater. “I felt that the communication department prepared me for the entertainment industry by really just pushing me outside of my comfort zone. I felt encouraged to do things I never knew I was capable of, like manage a team and write about things for which I felt compassion,” Ashjian said. There are undergraduate students at Cabrini that are interested in going in the entertainment industry when they graduate as well. “My ultimate goal is to win an

Oscar for best actress,” Janene Gibbons, senior English and communication major, said. Here at Cabrini, Gibbons has been involved in radio, video, journalism, creative writing, behind the scenes and crew work. Gibbons also produces her own talk show at Cabrini. “I am an executive producer for my own talk show now and it literally gives me a natural high,” Gibbons said. With all Gibbons’ experiences at Cabrini in the entertainment field, what are her plans for after graduating this May? “I hope to get a job in something I love. I recently applied to the Walnut Street Theater in Philadelphia. The position sounds perfect for me. After saving up my money for a year, I plan to move to Los Angeles, Calif., get an agent and start auditioning,” Gibbons said.

2008-09 Issue 23 Loquitur  

2008-09 Issue 23 Loquitur, Cabrini College student newspaper, Radnor, Pa. 19087

2008-09 Issue 23 Loquitur  

2008-09 Issue 23 Loquitur, Cabrini College student newspaper, Radnor, Pa. 19087