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Loquitur- Friday, October 30, 1981

Cabrini's shadowed BY PAM CLARK and JEANNE PROKO

Unexplained. A young girl dressed in white walking towards you in the dead of night. Unexplained. A wisp of hair caresses your face when you're sleeping, and a smell of rum and bananas permeates the room. Unexplained . A whispered lament for a child long-lost. For years the Cabrini legend has ·been ·a controversial issue on campus for students and faculty alike. Carter Craigie, professor of social science, is the man to talk to about this issue. Craigie, a talented story teller, has been entertaining students with the Cabrini legend for several years . Craigie will once again entertain the students at the annual Halloween dinner. A popular legend on the campus concerns the romance of the wealthy daughter of one of the families who used to live in the Mansion and a stable boy in what is now Grace Hall. The innocently romantic beginning and tragic twist of its conclusion form the basis of the story's popularity . The romance was doomed from the beginning, for the weaithy · daughter's and the stable boy's love could never be accepted according to the rigid social standards of their society . The secretive romance contin -

ued for several years, until the daughter discovered she was pregnant. Attempts to conceal her pregnancy were unsuccessful. The stable boy realized all was lost once the father found out. So rather than face any confrontation, the young man hanged himself in what is now the tower in Grace Hall. · There are two versions of what happened to the young woman . One is that she jumped off the inside balcony of the Mansion and died instantly. Craigie said a blood stain appears under the carpet on the anniversary of her death. The second version is that she carried the baby to term. The child was stillborn and the woman buried the baby in the apple orchard behind the Mansion . Cabrini students have for years been reporting several "unexplainable" occurances. One such story concerns the Rudy Rooymans Counseling Center, which used to be a womens' dorm . Craigie related that one year before a vacation, a mother was resting in her daughter 's room waiting for her to return from a class. As she was resting, she felt strands of hair brush across her face. The mother heard a small cry of a woman's voice saying , "My baby, my baby. Where is my baby?" As the voice died away , (sorry for the pun), an aroma of

past returns to .haunt several times in Woodcrest. "If my memory serves me correctly," Craigie paused, "It was on the first floor.'' He added that these sightings occurred in a room where the doors • and windows were locked . Once more the woman questioned, "My baby, my baby . Where is my baby?" And once more the rum and banana smell drifted through the room. On the first snowfall of the year, although not for the past three or four years, footprints have been seen leading from the Mansion to Grace Hall. Nothing unusual in that, right? Perhaps we forgot to add that a tall man dressed in black was reported walking in that direction making the tracks. Again, nothing unusual. However , someone once went up to him to speak and this man, who's face has never been seen, vanished .

ACCORDING TO LEGEND, this is the Grace Hall tower where a

young stable boy hung himself. (Photo by Debbie Jablonski) run and banana swept the room . " That smell has yet to be explained, " Craigie remarked .

A woman with long dark ·hair dressed from neck to toe in a white nightgown has been· reported

Even though Craigie has never seen the tall man nor the young woman, the footprints, the bloodstains, heard the voice nor smelled the rum and banana aromas , he remains open-minded . As he says, "There's nothing to tell me not to believe it , so ... " And so , the next time you are walking across campus at night and an unknown sound makes you quicken your pace, don't look over your shoulder . Run .

Career and family mix for Serotta BY JEANNE PILCICKI

A familiar person running around campus , involved in everything, and making time for everyone is Carol Serotta . Carol Serotta, a five-year teacher at Cabrini, maintains a successful teaching career and a busy home life. Serotta is considered a part-time teacher in the math department as well as being coordinator of the secondary education majors . Serotta was born and raised in South Philadelphia . She attended South Philadelphia High School and the University of Pennsylvania for her undergraduate work, master's degree, and she plans to obtain her doctorate degree from ~he University of Pennsylvania . Serotta first heard about Cabrini

College through another mathe matics teacher at Cabrini, Mr . Robert McGee, while doing math ematics research at the University of Pennsylvania towards her doctorate. Before coming to Cabrini, she taught at West Philadelphia High · School, Beaver College, and the University of Pennsylvania. "I prefer a small college to a large college because it seems to have a friendlier atmosphere ," Serotta said . .Aside from her work at Cabrini Serotta devotes most of her time to her family. She is involved in just about every sport with raising three boys . The license plate upon her car reads JAWS which stands for her three sons; Judd, Andrew, and William Serotta.

Serotta was involved with man y things in high school and college . She was officer of her high school class, captain of four varsit y teams , president of her college sorority , and a member of ever y major society . Serotta 's eager participation is seen not only in Cabrini , but also within her community of Lansdale where she is active within the gifted program in the school system and other community affairs . She has traveled all over the world, enjoys playing tennis, anp working with calligraphy. She shares with others her sense of humor, especially in her classes . She is energetic, enthusiastic, and dedicated to her CAROL SEROTTA'S personality also shines in the classroom. family and career as a teacher.

(Photo by Liz Kanaras)

Will you stop cracking your knuckles? quirk is enough to make your BY SHEILA FANELLE Was there ever someone that quiver. your truly admired from afar, and Have you ever been pulled away suddenly your admiration turned from something important by to replusion when you caught them someone who talked about nothing quirk? for an eternity and then has the A quirk is a peculiar way of act- nerve to say, "Well, let me go," as ing. It can be anything from a sudden twist or turn, to an annoying habit, or even a goofey facial expression . Have you ever seen a person who talks with their hands , not Have you ever tried to have a with the grace of an Italian but serious conversation with someone with the jerky motions of a robot? and they were obsessed with examining their nails, stroking their hair and playing with their gum? This quick is enough to start a if you were holding them at gun quarrel. point. This is a quack, I mean a Have you ever seen a person who quir~. talks with their hands, not with the grace of an Italian but with the For your dining pleasure, gaze jerky motions of a ro)>Qt? This around you in a cafeteria and look

out for that certain someone who viciously seasons her food with salt and pepper . Prime examples of quirks are the di~torted expressions that appear m front of the serving line wl}enmaking that ultimate choice . One freshman girl, who would like to remain anonymous, would appreciate it if that special someone would give her a smile and a hello rather than his quirky chin raised slightly. Another irritating quirk is over reacting by breaking into a hysterical fit of laughter and clutching one's rib cage. You would be surprised at what kind of noises come out of individuals, yet they are still termed as a laugh. Beware, someone may be laughing at your quirk right this minute.

Ghosts, goblins invited BY RITACALJCAT

Early childhood education majors at Cabrini College are scheduled to sponsor a Halloween party for young children on Oct. 28 in the Little Theater . The students planning the event are members of the student Pennsylvania State Education Association. The purpose for the Halloween party is twofold . First, the party provides for the joy and excitement of young children . Many of the children who will take part in the festivities are from the Children's School at the college. Friends and children of Cabrini students are also invited to share in the activities. Second, the party involves the members of PSEA in planning and executing activities for young children. The planners have to be

sure that the act1v1t1esare exc1tmg and fun-filled . To ensure success , puppets, magicians , ghosts and goblins will be there . Andrew J. Litavec, assistant professor of education , is t he faculty advisor for this event. He said that the co-chairpersons, Kathy Mignogna '82, and Lisa Fitzgerald '82 , are working diligently to ensure the success of the PSEA Halloween party. "They have worked closely with the Children's School to plan the activities for the party," said Litavec. The attitude on campus is rather a positive one. Yvette Foye , '82, plans to attend with her cpild. "I'm going to bring my little one to the party because it seems as if it will be a good time for him," ~ Foye said.

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Oct. 30, 1981 issue 03 Loquitur  

1981-82 issue 03 Loquitur Cabrini College student newspaper, Radnor, PA 19087 Oct. 30, 1981

Oct. 30, 1981 issue 03 Loquitur  

1981-82 issue 03 Loquitur Cabrini College student newspaper, Radnor, PA 19087 Oct. 30, 1981

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