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In Memory of Jack Anderson 1931 - 2017 Jack was Chair of LOPF from 1996 to 2003

Chair’s Report Chairing Leeds Older People’s Forum and the Time to Shine Partnership Board continues to be very rewarding and interesting, although at times somewhat exhausting! The Forum has been extremely busy again this year and made real progress in all of its areas of work. Chairing is made much easier by having such an active Board of Trustees and a superb team of staff. Over the year the Forum has continued to be actively involved with all of the relevant strategic boards in Leeds, including the Ageing Well Board, Making Leeds the Best City to Grow Older in Board, LCC Housing Strategy Group, the National Housing Champions Board and the Leeds Equality Hub. We have developed close working relationships with the Centre for Ageing Better and are starting work with them on Transport. Our main areas of work have focused on Health and Social Care, Housing, Dementia, Social Isolation and Loneliness and Intergenerational Connections and we continue to give a voice for older people and our many member organisations. Our three main projects have been Time to Shine, Forum Central and Dementia Friendly Leeds. Time to Shine has completed two years of its programme, with four years still to go, and reached 2,600 people this year to try and reduce loneliness and social isolation. This was the first year of our involvement with the Four Forums Partnership to deliver the Forum Central project through which we are supporting

our members to engage with the wider health and social care agenda. Dementia Friendly Leeds aims to empower people with dementia and their communities to make a difference. The newly developed DEEP (Dementia Engagement and Empowerment Project) group has given people with dementia a stronger voice. Next year the project will expand to support the development of new Dementia Friendly Communities. We have also retained our key involvement in the International Day of Older People and associated events and ran a new LGBT+ project through the Four Forums Partnership. We are continuing our work on investigating hospital discharges and changes to Social organisations to argue strongly for improved services for older people. We are seeking new funding sources in order to develop new areas of work and meet the many challenges that emerge every year. At the centre of all of our work we try to ensure that the voices of older people are heard loud and clear throughout Leeds. Many thanks to all the individuals and organisations that support us including Leeds City Council, the Clinical Commissioning Groups and the Big Lottery Fund.

Out of the Shadows: Time to Shine Time to Shine is working towards four ambitious outcomes.

Out of the Shadows: Time to Shine is managed by Leeds Older People’s Forum (LOPF), led by core partnership members and funded by the Big Lottery Fund’s Fulfilling Lives: Ageing Better programme. Time to Shine selects partners across Leeds to deliver unique and creative projects that reduce social isolation and loneliness amongst people over 50.

Older people: 1. Are less isolated 2. Feel confident and able to participate in their communities 3. Are actively involved in the design and delivery of Time to Shine

Evaluation is a major part of this research programme and, by following a test-and-learn approach, findings are influencing the direction of Time to Shine, in particular for Round 2 of Commissioning in 2017.

Organisations: 4. Work better together to coordinate services and support for isolated older people


A review of Time to Shine projects in November 2016 gave good insight into the breadth and depth of learning gathered by a diverse range of delivery partners and detailed some of the fantastic outcomes for the people involved. In January 2017 plans were put in place to test whether two community-based Time to Shine projects could be replicated successfully in other parts of Leeds.

“There are so many people of the same age group who are going through the same loneliness — a person as special as Mrs. H (volunteer) makes all the difference to our lives.” Raat di Roti


Age Friendly Work If Leeds were truly an age friendly city older people would feel more confident to access social opportunities and would therefore be less isolated. On the other hand if buildings, outdoor spaces, transport or community health services present barriers, older people will hesitate to engage.

On behalf of Leeds City Council Cllr. Charlwood endorsed the final version which was launched in October via a number of celebratory events. Carrying on from that work we recruited a Steering Group to identify priorities from the Charter. Approximately 15 people have met monthly since January 2017 identifying a handful of important areas of focus from the Charter:

With that in mind, Time to Shine incorporates dedicated age friendly work into its strategy for overcoming social isolation in Leeds. A core part of that work was the creation of an Age Friendly Charter, for the city of Leeds, by and for older people. Through focus groups and written questionnaires we engaged with 175 older adults across Leeds to get their input about what they wanted to see in their city following the eight World Health Organisation Domains of Age Friendly Cities and Communities:

● Timely repairs to pavements ● Age friendliness of bus drivers ● Accessibility of information ● Seating available in businesses

● Housing ● Outdoor Spaces and Buildings ● Community Support and Health ● Communication and Information ● Transportation ● Respect and Social Inclusion ● Social Participation ● Civic Participation and Employment


Over the coming months the Steering Group will continue to give input on effective strategies for realising the aspirations of the Charter.

We will transfer the learning from this event to other events in the future such as Light Night 2017. One Age Friendly Steering Group member posed an important question: “For any citywide large event shouldn’t there just automatically be an Age Friendly space?”

We report the activities and the initiatives of the Age Friendly project back to the Time to Shine Core Partnership and to the cross sector Ageing Well Board.

We think that’s a great idea, and maybe with our help it can just become standard, rather than a special offer.

In August 2016 along with our LGBT project partner Sage, Time to Shine co-sponsored an initiative to make Leeds Pride more age friendly based on the feedback of older people who find the event inaccessible because of the crowds and the lack of seating.

“For any citywide large event shouldn't there just automatically be an Age Friendly space?”

We hired the first floor space of a Lower Briggate bar with a great view of the action down below but with seating and a nice mellow atmosphere. People looking for an escape from the melee could find seats, refreshments and some activities.

Age Friendly Steering Group member

Older people told us that it made them comfortable attending Pride and having a quiet accessible space made all the difference in helping them feel included. One person who came along described it as “Great – I can’t survive for very long on the street! This is the same space but still feel part of it all. Keep up the good work and thank you.”

Plans for the future Guided by the Steering Group the Time to Shine Age Friendly project will be: ● Encouraging businesses to offer older people a seat where they can come in and rest ● Working with WYMetro and bus operators to bring the Charter transport pledges to life ● Partnering with Leeds City Council to make Light Night more age friendly ● Contributing to the consultation for the re-commissioning of Leeds's information portal (currently Leeds Directory) 7

Learning Facilitation Project The Learning Facilitation project provides training and awareness to help both older people who struggle with loneliness and social isolation and the staff and volunteers who work with them.

Over the past year: ● 17 training sessions delivered by the Learning Facilitator ● Over 200 local stakeholders contacted ● 143 people attended training and workshops - 108 of whom were not already involved in Time to Shine ● The Learning Facilitator worked with five older volunteers to create a short film entitled 'Loneliness and Me'

The Learning Facilitation project has had a busy year launching new training and supporting older people and staff and volunteers across the city. We run regular training programs through the year.

Valuing our Skills Helping older people to recognise their value and see how the skills they have can be used to connect them to their community.

‘To help me I want to be shown what to do and not be told. To allow me to do things independently I need people to speak to my face, not behind my back because of my deafness’. A participant on the ‘Valuing our skills’ course at Armley Helping Hands

What is Loneliness and Social ‘People do not want to be lonely or by themselves. They want to be with their peers; talking and Isolation? reminiscing. They want to watch people coming This is a bespoke training session looking at what is meant by these terms and going, not staring at four walls. They do not and the causes and consequences. want to be a burden on their families; they want This course looks at how social isolation to be out in society enjoying themselves.’

and loneliness impact older people living Sharon Rall, a participant in one of the information sessions in Leeds. 8

Transitions into Later Life This course supports people ahead of retirement. The main focus is the emotional aspect of retirement, rather than practical (finance, housing, care etc), giving the participants tools and tips to strengthen their emotional resilience and prevent social isolation in later life.

“I feel more confident and aware of what is available for my retirement.� A participant on our Transitions into Later Life course

The project will continue to deliver its established training programme with additions in the pipeline for 2017.

Loneliness through a Lens

Volunteer Listeners

A photography exhibition to highlight individuals stories of loneliness from across Leeds and how people have become more involved in activities and groups. It will show both the hardships that isolation causes and the positive steps that can be made to become part of the community.

Volunteer listeners are largely older volunteers who will be trained to go out and collect stories from participants about their experiences of the projects they are involved in.


So far our next year is already looking full: we aim to reach as many older people as we can to increase our knowledge of social isolation. We also aim to support the staff and volunteers who work on our partner projects to understand how their work tackles the issue.

Dementia Friendly Leeds Dementia Friendly Leeds aims to increase support and understanding of dementia amongst people living in Leeds. This has been implemented in three key ways. Firstly through raising awareness in our newsletter, press releases, events and social media. Secondly by encouraging organisations to join the Dementia Action Alliance and stating actions they will take to improve their services/staff awareness. Thirdly we support the growth of dementia friendly groups, information sessions and events. The desired outcome is that people with dementia can continue to stay independent for as long as possible, enjoy meaningful activities and contribute to their local community. Dementia Friendly Leeds encourages people with dementia, not just to be understood, but to be empowered and have a voice. For example, from October 2016– March 2017 we supported a pilot DEEP group (Dementia Engagement and Empowerment Project) where local people with dementia met to discuss and be directly involved in dementia friendly changes in Leeds. Our events are also dementia inclusive.


Key Achievements over the past year ● 34 new Alliance members joined, including banks, universities, churches, transport, tradesmen and doctors surgeries ● Dementia Friendly Leeds’ volunteers have made 310 dementia friends across organisations in Leeds

“Good for encouraging one another that together we can make a difference.” Quote from Feb 2017 event

● We’ve held six building environment checks ● Our twitter membership has increased from 1,000 followers to 1,453 ● We set up a DEEP pilot group for six months and produced ‘dementia friendly top tips’ sheets ● Three press releases in Yorkshire Evening Post and two articles in North Leeds Life

“I don’t do woodwork anymore, now I use watercolours. And I never used to, but now I give talks about dementia. I still lead a good life.”

● The steering group has been sustained and includes members from diverse backgrounds

DEEP member living with dementia

● We held a successful networking event for organisations, over 50 attended and feedback was very positive with 100% stating it was useful or very useful, and 32 actions taken away

“It will definitely prove useful, thank you.” Quote from dementia friends session attendee

● Four dementia friends champions supported to set up dementia friends sessions across Leeds

Plans for the future ● We intend to continue and expand the DEEP group so their voices are at the heart of the campaign ● We intend to recruit more volunteers ● We intend to hold more networking events for our Dementia Action Alliance members ● We will hold a pop-up choir event involving people with dementia to raise positive awareness about dementia, show solidarity and fun, and tackle stigma ● We will undertake a research project into dementia friendly groups and produce a report to help groups share ideas and challenges and support each other to be sustainable 11

LOPF 2016/17



Leeds LGBT+ Mapping Project The LGBT+ Mapping Project is a short piece of exploratory work commissioned by Leeds Community Foundation in conjunction with Leeds City Council as part of their commitment to making Leeds an LGBT+ friendly city.

activity and assets to provide a snapshot of the city and to build an understanding of the following:

This research was undertaken by Anne-Marie Stewart, Community Development Worker at Leeds Older People's Forum, on behalf of the Four Forums Partnership, between November 2016 and February 2017.

● How to build on and grow existing LGBT+ assets and activity in the city

● The levels of LGBT+ community activity and capacity in the city

● The challenges and exclusions facing LGBT+ people and communities in Leeds ● What LGBT+ people value in Leeds and what they consider necessary to ensure LGBT+ people and communities are supported

The work involved asset mapping and consultation with LGBT+ communities in Leeds. By looking at both formal and informal LGBT+ networks and infrastructure in Leeds the Leeds LGBT+ Mapping Project sought to map out LGBT+ While the project is concerned with LGBT+ people of all ages, it ensured the voices and experiences of older people were given space and weight. The Project Advisory Group convened to oversee the work included three older LGBT+ people. We ensured that older LGBT+ people who did not have access to the internet were mailed paper copies of the community survey — this was done with the assistance of the TTS Sage Project.

The Leeds LGBT+ Mapping Project succeeded in: ● Engaging with LGBT+ people in Leeds, collecting 126 responses to the LGBT+ community survey ● Identifying assets and strengths of LGBT+ communities in Leeds ● Identifying needs and challenges related to health and wellbeing and community safety

The project regularly updated Leeds Community Foundation and Leeds City Council on progress and a Project Advisory Group was set up to offer guidance and anchor it in the work with LGBT+ communities.

● Producing the Leeds LGBT+ Mapping Project report ‘A snapshot of LGBT+ assets and challenges in Leeds’ — the report highlights challenges and strengths, experiences of LGBT+ people in Leeds, and recommendations for how to best support and resource LGBT+ communities

LGBT+ is acronym for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans. The + signifies it is also inclusive of other non-heterosexual and trans experiences and identities such as agender and asexual. 14

Plans for the future The Leeds LGBT+ Project has received continuation funding for an additional six months. This time will be used to scope options for an LGBT+ community centre, to engage decision makers in Leeds with the findings of the research, and to continue to consult and engage with LGBT+ communities. 15

International Day Of Older People 2016 The International Day of Older Persons (IDOP) is held each year on the 1st October. This is the 18th year in which Leeds Older People’s Forum (LOPF) has celebrated the event. The theme for IDOP 2016 was Mental Wellbeing with a focus on arts and culture. As is now customary we celebrated IDOP in Leeds with a week of community events. 18 of these events were awarded grants of up to £200 by the IDOP Planning Committee.

IDOP 2016 Community Events included: The Fashionable Lounge

The Scribblers: Notes from a Small Room

An intergenerational drama project bringing together members of The Fashionable Lounge, a group of older people (60+) and primary school children. The group came together and worked in (intergenerational) pairs to work on drama techniques. The event was facilitated by Leeds Grand Theatre & City Varieties Music Hall.

A celebration event for the publication of a book written by Scribblers, Age UK Leeds’s creative writing group. Contributors read extracts of their work and copies of the book were available to purchase.

City Snaps City Snaps was a photography session facilitated by Skippko. Using their own camera, camera phone or one borrowed from Skippko participants were encouraged to capture interesting photographic images that reflect their interests and personality.

Movie Night A chance to revisit those days of cinema from the early 20th century in a nostalgic journey into some of the most iconic films in Asian history. People taking part had the opportunity to connect with each other through shared memories of their favourite movie scenes, songs, screen icons and fashions of the day. The event was facilitated by Association of Blind Asians

“Everyone who attended enjoyed the day and went home with a smile on their face and are still talking about it.” Sandra Clibbens, Hawthorn Mill Sheltered Housing


Spreading the IDOP 2016 Message via Social Media IDOP Leeds Community Events were promoted and highlighted via several forms of social media such as Twitter and Facebook. We had our own IDOP hashtag (#IDOPLDS) which was used to highlight all the tweets posted by organisations hosting IDOP community events. This also helped us to promote Leeds as a ‘City for all Ages’ and to demonstrate the wonderful contribution that older people make to Leeds.


Communications LOPF continued to expand its communications across all of our projects in 2016/17 including an increased focus on blogging and attending events. We continue to make extensive use of social media such as Twitter and Facebook and our regular ebulletin.

that affect older people and we have had the opportunity to be involved in several pieces of important consultation: Transport LOPF helped to promote and facilitate two workshops on the future of transport in Leeds. These were part of the Leeds Transport Conversation set up by Leeds City Council to look at all aspects of transport in Leeds with an aim to producing a strategy for the future. The workshops were held at Moor Allerton Elderly Care and Richmond Hill Elderly Action.

We got out and about far more than we ever have. The Time to Shine Project attended galas and festivals at Kirkstall, Holbeck, Otley and Hunslet. Time to Shine also staged an older people friendly space at Leeds Pride, which proved very popular, allowing people to enjoy the event but avoid the crowds.

Community Meals Consultation

Dementia Friendly Leeds also got out into the community attending meetings with organisations and businesses keen to sign up to the scheme and make Leeds a dementia friendly city. They also now have a volunteer who regularly updates the dedicated Dementia Friendly Leeds Twitter page.

LOPF was asked by Adults & Health to seek the views of older people as part of the consultation on proposals for the future costs of the Community Meals service if a subsidy was removed. LOPF facilitated a meeting of a group of our Trustees to discuss this issue and we put together a response which was sent to Adults & Health.

Getting out to these events and regularly updating social media has proved to be a very good way of reaching people we wouldn’t normally contact through our usual channels and making them aware of issues affecting older people.

It’s good to know that statutory agencies see LOPF as a focal point for contacting older people’s organisations in Leeds when they are doing consultations. I believe that this demonstrates we have good systems of communications. We aren’t going to get complacent though and we continue to review how we communicate and are always looking to improve our systems and iron out any mistakes that are made.

The Time to Shine project recruited several community correspondents (all aged over 50) to write articles, reviews and blogs. One article written by a community correspondent even made it into the Yorkshire Reporter newspaper. LOPF continues to work closely with Leeds City Council’s Adults & Health Directorate on issues


Forum Central 2016/17 was the first year LOPF delivered its core work in partnership with its sister Forums: Tenfold, PSI Network and Volition, as part of a wider contract for third sector health and social care infrastructure support for Leeds. LOPF has maintained its focus on key issues for older people and supporting its membership to engage with the health and social care agenda, whilst leading on particular areas of cross Forum Central work such as communications and has supported the Third Sector Health Leaders network. LOPF uses its position on the key decision-making boards to give a voice to older people and member organisations that have been involved in engagement activities. LOPF has membership on the main boards focused on ageing in Leeds. They are The Ageing Well Board, Leeds: Best City to Grow Old in Breakthrough Project Board, and the Health and Wellbeing Board via Forum Central.

Key achievements ● Listening to and progressing members issues including; housing, care home provision, meals on wheels provision, hospital discharge, transport and the review of the Neighbourhood Networks ● Maintaining a strong influence on the Leeds Plan and the Sustainability and Transformation Plan and communicating developments with members on a regular basis ● Providing regular opportunities for members to network and support each other ● Keeping members informed via LOPF’s three-weekly newsletter reaching 300+ people

Plans for the future ● Launch the Forum Central website and refresh LOPF’s website ● Continue to have a strong voice in plans for health and social care in Leeds ● Continue to champion member issues such as hospital discharge 19

Volunteers and Partners Trustees LOPF has always relied to a certain extent on volunteers and never more so than with our Board of Trustees who make a massive and extremely valuable contribution to the work of the Forum. We are lucky in that we have a very pro-active Board who have a wide range of skills and expertise, who care passionately about issues affecting older people both in Leeds and nationally and who are always willing to support the staff. In 2016/17 the LOPF Trustees gave 1,012 hours of their time, an average of 84 hours per month (just under 19.5 per week). Volunteers and Interns LOPF gets assistance from volunteers and also from interns (who are all listed on the back page). Like the trustees these volunteers and interns have brought a wide range of skills and knowledge and as well as giving a lot to the Forum we hope that they have got a lot back. Time to Shine has mobilised 811 older and 38 younger volunteers via delivery partners. LOPF strives to make volunteering at our organisation a positive experience by offering support and line management and having the right structures in place to ensure that this happens Roles Volunteers have covered a wide range of roles including festival and event volunteers, Dementia Champions, social media, administration, community correspondents, volunteer listeners and research interns. Top: Rebecca Matthews Bottom: Rhian Last

"It is a fantastic experience working as a volunteer for LOPF. As part of a team of volunteers it is lovely for me that we have all gelled so well together."

"I'm happy to say my life has more meaning now and I’ve made some true friends who I’m sure I will keep in touch with."

Rhian Last, Leeds DAA social media volunteer

Peter, a volunteer with Walking with Confidence


LOPF Meetings & Events April 2016 Leeds Older People’s Consortium Event (LOPF gave admin support to this event)

October 2016 Age Friendly Charter Launch

July 2016

MAECare Transport Workshop (part of the Leeds Transport Conversation)


November 2016

Older People and Housing Listening Event (in partnership with Care and Repair and Public Health)

RHEA Transport Workshop (part of the Leeds Transport Conversation)

August 2016

Dementia Friendly Leeds Connections’ Event

Meeting with Cllr. Coupar to discuss possible effects of Brexit on older people in Leeds

March 2017

February 2017

Older People's Third Sector Forum

Leeds Pride Safe Space Meeting with Cllr. Charlwood Time to shine attended the following festivals to highlight the issues around social isolation among older people in Leeds: Kirkstall Festival Otley Festival Hunslet Festival Holbeck Festival

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Age Action Alliance (AAA) "Money Matters" working group

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Care & Repair England's National Older People's Housing Champions Network

Future Years (Yorkshire & Humber Forum Ageing) 21

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Forum Members 2016/17 Leeds Older People’s Forum’s 93 members are all voluntary sector organisations who provide services for older people Action for Gipton Elderly

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Ageing Without Children

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Hawksworth Wood Older Persons Support (HOPS)

Otley Action for Older People

HCT Group (Windmill Transport)

Pudsey Live at Home Scheme

Alzheimer's Society

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Relatives and Residents Association

Armley Helping Hands

Holocaust Survivors Friendship Association

Richmond Hill Elderly Action

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BHA Skyline Leeds


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Wetherby In Support of the Elderly Women’s Health Matters


Neighbourhood Elders Team (Garforth & Villages)

Feel Good Factor Leeds

North Leeds Friendship Centre

Growing Old Grace-Fully

North Seacroft Good Neighbours Scheme

Aireborough Voluntary Services to the Elderly (AVSED)

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Leeds Older people's Forum Annual Report 2017