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About Us Leicester Outdoor Pursuits Centre is set on a 15 acre site next to Leicester’s River Soar, making it the perfect venue for a wide range of adventurous activities. Activities are available to individuals with varied experiences and for all ages and abilities. Our site is easily accessible and we have a hoist to enable individuals with reduced mobility to take part in water activities. The Centre is run by fully qualified Instructors, who are all CRB checked. We endeavour to be as flexible as possible to ensure your visit is highly enjoyable, and hope you will want to come back again and again!

Kit List Advised Clothing for Land Activities    

Training shoes or walking boots T-shirt, long sleeved shirt or jumper Tracksuit trousers or similar Lightweight waterproof coat

Advised Clothing for Water Activities     

Old canvas-type shoes or trainers Tracksuit trousers or similar Lightweight waterproof coat Extra layers to keep you warm Full change of clothes

Clothing is weather dependant What Not to Bring  No open toed shoes, wellingtons, sandals, heeled shoes, crocs, flip-flops or other inappropriate footwear

 No Jeans  No jewellery such as earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces or watches. N.B. Fencing requires long trousers, shorts are not permitted for this activity.



LAND ACTIVITIES Air Rifle Shooting *Minimum Age 8 Learn how to shoot a 0.177 air rifle safely in our shooting range. Instructors will teach individuals how to control and load the rifle safely and be taught to aim accurately at the target. A steady hand, patience and concentration are needed, ideal for teaching individuals responsibility. Air Rifle Shooting can also run indoors depending on the weather.

WATER ACTIVITIES Bell Boating *Minimum Age 5 A bell boat is a stable twin-hulled boat with a deck in between. The boat holds 10 individuals and one Instructor. This is a great way of journeying along the River Soar and learning to work as part of a team. We have 2 boats available and these are ideal for individuals of all abilities. A hoist is available on request.

Archery *Minimum Age 5 How good is your eye? How steady are your hands? Try your aim at our Olympic style archery targets. We offer a range of bow sizes and can accommodate all ages and abilities. Archery can also run indoors depending on the weather, or we can bring this activity to your venue.

Canoeing *Minimum Age 8 In an open canoe you can either sit or kneel. Open canoe paddles have one blade unlike a kayak paddle that has a blade at each end. We have a large fleet of open canoes that are ideal for groups of people who want to have fun and learn how to handle a versatile and steady boat. More stable than a kayak and allowing up to 3 people in a boat, team work is essential.

Fencing *Minimum Age 5 Fencing is a classic sport with a huge history. Wear the protective clothing, put on your mask and learn how to handle a foil and beat your opponent. The Instructor will teach you the right techniques and terminology of the sport. This exciting and physical activity will warm you up and keep you alert. We can bring this activity to your venue.

Bushcraft *Minimum Age 5 Learn how to build a shelter or cook on an open fire. We may not be Ray Mears or Bear Grylls, but we can certainly provide you with the basic skills needed to survive in the outdoors. We can bring this activity to your venue.

Kayaking *Minimum Age 8 Take to the water and learn how to paddle forwards, backwards and turn around. Learn to walk the raft without falling into the water or simply journey up the river watching out for wildlife (look out for the Kingfishers). Kayaking lends itself well to developing confidence and independence in young people. We also have Sit on Top Kayaks available, great for new paddlers and for those nervous about capsizing.

Raft Building *Minimum Age 8 Orienteering *Minimum Age 5 Forget your Sat Nav, this activity teaches you the skills of map reading and navigation. Ideal for developing independence, self-reliance or just learning the skills required to find your way around a new place. We can bring this activity to your venue.

Team Building *Minimum Age 5 Take part in a series of team building challenges, focusing on your problem solving and communication skills. Activities include the Liquid Challenge and the Nightline. The Liquid Challenge is a problem solving activity for the whole group. Each activity has a target amount of water to collect in order to complete the final challenge. This activity is both physical and mental. We can bring this activity to your venue.

Raft building is a great activity that has proven to be very popular over the years. The task is simple – design your raft, build it, float it and return to the riverbank. If it falls apart, try again and make some improvements. If you’re getting good then maybe try racing it against another team in your group. A brilliant team building exercise, especially in the summer months.

Bridge Building *Minimum Age 12 Similar to Raft building another great team building activity. Build your bridge as a team and try to get across the river without falling in. Instructors will set a target point for you to reach by building the bridge as a team. This is a brilliant summer activity.

Trebuchet *Minimum Age 8 A team building challenge where communication and problem solving skills are needed. Build the trebuchet as a team, test the trebuchet with different payloads. Evaluate the trebuchet’s performance and make modifications to complete a number of skilled tasks. This activity is great for corporate events and for school and youth groups. We can bring this activity to your venue.

The ability to swim is not a requirement as all participants wear buoyancy aids when on, near, or in the water, however, confidence in water is useful. Nervous participants will be helped and encouraged so this should not be seen as a barrier to participation.


Land & Water Activities at LOPC

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